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San Francisco, CA– When I asked Donny Lalonde, then the WBC light heavyweight (175 lbs) champion why he was willing to fight “Sugar Ray” Leonard at 168 lbs., a weight he hadn’t seen in a couple of years, he said at the San Francisco Airport Hilton Hotel, “That’s the only way Ray will fight me.” Now while I’m the first to recognize that Manny Pacquiao is a “great” fighter, and let me add there is no doubt that sans the Pacman there would little if any real interest in the fight game right now.


That being said, the crap Ray pulled on both Donny Lalonde and then again Thomas Hearns (162) in their 1989 rematch that ended in a draw, a fight Ray would later all but admit he lost, is the same s*it Manny is pulling on opponents by having them fight at unnatural weights. Throw out the Antonio Margarito fight, although it was a catch weight of 150 lbs., this for a 154 lb. paper title, as Margarito was a limited brawler who may have won all of his major bouts with “loaded” gloves. But Pac insisted Miguel Cotto scale 145, and rumors have it he will ask his next foe, one Juan Manuel Marquez, a featherweight who unlike Manny never really grew out of the 126 lb. weight class to weigh between 143 and 145!


As legal proceedings (slander) brought by Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Floyd Sr. roll on, I’m stumped as to why Manny Pacquiao, the “baddest dude” in boxing by many is pulling a sissy move by suing the Mayweather bigmouths instead of sticking his fist in Jr.’s face and for a record purse that might make each guy $50 to $60 million each, maybe more who knows how much. So why not just fight this bigmouth and shut it mano y mano?


Look, I saw him cry after suffering his second to last amateur loss in 1996, that night in losing via upset at the Olympic Trials in Oakland, California, Floyd had tears pouring in near child-like fashion. Rebounding, Floyd won the “box off” and go the Olympics in Atlanta, winning a Bronze medal. Lately, as a writer all you can do is appreciate some of his rarely seen talents.


I could see Mayweather falling into a Roy Jones way. In other words, too few fights, 34, inactivity, hadn’t been tested really in years and then pow it was Antonio Tarver knocking him all but dead. Then Glen Johnson drilled Roy in his next fight, now Roy has been KO’d in recently twice.

Could Floyd Have Lost It like Roy?


All of a sudden you’re not that “guy” anymore, from inactivity, being in your mid 30s and fighting stiffs, like Roy you’ve lost that championship edge. I think fear is great fuel, being scared is a good motivational mindset and should be the rule in fighting, not an exception. Floyd might have some doubt in his inner soul regarding his possible fear of Manny.


Before I get besieged by buffoons stating that Manny has agreed to “random” drug testing for a fight with the aforementioned Mayweather, let me set the ******* record straight once and for all. When cornered in New York a few months ago by Michael Marley of, Manny stuttered, stammered and mumbled an answer that seemed to indicate he would be willing to take the random tests without any 14-day window, grace period, call it what you want. Unless he has changed his mind in recent days, Manny is suing and not fighting over a 14-day period.


The “king of catch weight” fights told Phil AM News upon his return to the Philippines that he still wanted, and I will quote him for you, a “14 day” window of non-testing before a fight with Floyd Mayweather.


Thus, instead of shutting Mayweather’s big and obnoxious mouth with his fists, he and his master aka promoter, Massa’ Bob Arum have sued both Mayweather’s because they thought what a lot of people in boxing that Manny Pacquiao has used Performance Enhancing Drugs.


American Filipinos, like the islanders, they all love Pacquiao. But some of them are stumped, like me as to why Manny would rather take Floyd to court instead of taking him into a ring and kicking his ass? I think it is plain and simple to some. Some see Mayweather’s style presenting a pugilistic risk to Pacquiao and his legacy, that he chose court over the ring. Who knows, there maybe a lack of confidence to take on Mayweather. As to whether it is because of “random” drug testing or not, we may never know.


Again, and for the 400th time, the fight was set for March 13, 2010, but Pacquiao after demanding Floyd give up $1 million US dollars for every pound he might be over 147 and Floyd agreeing, Pacquiao would not agree to “random” drug testing by the USADA. So you Pacman fans can say all you want about what an asshole Floyd Mayweather is, and he is, it wasn’t Floyd that nixed the March 2010 fight, I think it was Manny Pacquiao!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Why didn’t Manny take the tests after Floyd agreed to his $1 million per pound over 147? It’s called give and take, and Manny wasn’t giving in on taking the tests period. Now he hims and haws about the testing. If he wanted to end the confusion, he’d issue a press release that says:

    “I Manny Pacquaio agree to random drug testing without any 14-day windows or cut off dates.”

    He has had 1 & 1/2 years and he hasn’t done so.

  • Mayweathers’ been badmouthing even before the lawsuits filed against them, and floyd Jr’s been ducking eversince about the fight with manny, so the problem is on Floyd. Chicken! Pluk-pluuuuk!

  • I`m tired of all the whining about the catchweights. Back when Terry Norris fought Meldrick Taylor at a catchweight, all people were saying is how wonderfull it is that two marquee fighters had found a way to make a big fight irrespective of weight divisions.

    Anyway the arguments are completely invalid. I don;t believe for a second that an in-shape Cotto is any worse at 145 than he would be at 147. In fact I believe a couple of pounds less might salvage a little bit of much needed quickness – and in fact I believe Cotto`s form was as good as it possibly could have been in that fight.

    Pacquiao didn`t need the catchweight at all, it was mostly just Roach being a douchbag, insistent on winning something in the negotiations … and maybe having HIS own lingering insecurities about going to Weltherweight, just as he had lagged behind behind Manny and his Philipino team in makin the moves to 130 & 135 when they had been calling for long before Roach & Arum signed off.

    As for the Margarito fight, every pound over 147 was in fact an advantage to Margarito – a concession sacrificed for the sake of putting a bogus belt on the line – besides who cares about that fight, it was just a ritual stonning of Margarito for his past crimes.

  • I agree with jeusutheprophet, with Mayweather being much more of a textbook and scientific fighter than Jones Jr was, he figures to age much better and to degrade in much smaller increments as long as his work ethic remains intact.

    If anything catches up to him it would be the sheer length of his career if you include the amateur and youth levels. But he has probably offset some of that wear & tear by his relative inactivity in recent years, as well as an extended“working vacation` where in the time between Castillo 2 and Judah, he took a big drop in competition that couldn`t have taxed his body much at all.

    Rather it would be Manny Pacquiao who is well advised to get difficult matchups over with while he`s still close to his prime because he is much more DEPENDEDT on purely athletic factors, in particular how quickly he gets off. He will be the one to pay more for stuff he can get away with while he`s still extremely explosive, plus the style and temperament dictates a substantial increase in punishent once he has slowed by more than a fraction.

    Plus, while Pacquiao didn;t have the long amateur career, he did turn pro a very long time ago and basically spent several years learning on the job with almost no defense to speak of, so his long term wear is probably much greater already.

  • Pacquiao has been building a legacy of greatness on:
    – Weight drained fighters
    – Over the hill fighters
    – Damaged fighters
    – A combination of all of the above.

    The first live dog he fights will give him serious fits. I’d like to see him against Mike Jones, Andre Berto, Devon Alexander and Bradley, basically fighters that are neither shot, nor weight drained, nor psychologically damaged. His latest victories against handicapped opponents have made him very confident; but that confidence was built beating sub-par opposition. Perhaps Manny will come to the same realization that the fictional Rocky Balboa came to when Rocky fought Clubber Lang; he had no superpowers.

  • @Dave. Do you know what Floyd said? He will whip this one dimensional midget and an easy work. Why need an even level playing field if that’s the case?

  • to all those who say Floyd just has to fight this guy Manny without tests, including Marvin Hagler, why dont u look at Miguel Cotto. This is a guy who was undefeted and fought Margarito “Margarito who Mayweather was “scared of”, and he got bit by someone who had illegal plaster like wraps.
    Cotto goes on to fight Pacqiuo, who every logical person knows he is on something and got bit. In my eyes Cotto is undeferated. H ewasnt as clever as Floyd to ask for tests.
    Marvin Hagler is the typical black guy who is envious of Mayweather and wants publicity. For someone like him to criticise someone who wants a level playing field is not only ridiculous but stupid.
    Mayweather supposedly beat up his kids but watching the Mayweather -Ortiz press conference, u could see how the children were so confortable with Floyd.
    Mayweather, u r the best

  • Well Pacroid’s head has grown almost to the size of that of Barry Bonds, if he is cheating why face him without the test, beside he is the flag of the sport why not help get rid off the peds in the sport? The sport has done a lot for Manny he can give something back and make sure that the sport is clean and he doesn’t have to do it the way Canseco did with baseball.

  • I doubt FMJ will lose it as quickly as RJ. RJ coming down in weight after the Ruiz farce is what did him in. But if and when Pac-FMJ happens, the peak of interest in that fight is long gone. It will still attract the casuals, but many hardcores are sick and tired of this stuff. Fight or don’t fight. This behind the scenes stuff is getting boring.

  • Pedro and his boys still have the magic,

    I love it! All they have to do is mention Pac and May and all the winers come out of the wood-work. Until they fight each other I hope both get their butts tore up in the forum. I will say that I disagree with ther R.J. analogy. Floyd is a boxer. He relies on his reflexes yes, but also his defense and jab, and that’s the difference between him and r.j. When R.J. got old, he didn’t have enough tricks (ala hopkins) to keep him going at an advanced age. Floyd knows what he’s doing and so does Pac. They don’t need us to defend them, but while I’m at it, let me just say that both Floyd and Pac can blow me for wating for this fight for so long. If they fight though, all is forgiven :)

  • Funny how no word is mentioned of Floyd demanding all his opponents move up in weight also. They mention how Marquez is a natural 129 lber yet Floyd fought him at 142 also! What is the outrage on Floyd??

  • “The will must be greater than the skill”- Ali

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Offense is the best defense.

  • A few points,

    All the biggest fights in recent history, Bowe-Holyfield, Lewis-Holyfield-Tyson, Vlad-Haye, Bradley-Alexander, Mosley-Margarito, Hopkins-Tito, Vargas-Tito, De La Hoya vs. everybody he fought, etc, had one thing in common. No blood testing up to the date of the fight. Think about that for a little while. And for the capper, who ACCUSED Manny of PED’s? Same guy who is SCARED to death of him.

    Remember, Floyd is a guy who RETIRED rather than face the guys at welter who were at the top, you know, Williams, Cotto, Margarito, Mosley, Wright, Clottey to a lesser extent. How do you MISS fighting these guys??

    One last point, some of the greatest fighters in history gave everything away to get another guy in the ring. Hagler conceding all to get Leonard, Leonard to get Duran again, etc. Judah, although not a great fighter, gave Spinks the works to get a rematch. If Floyd was so confident he could beat Pacman, we would have seen the fight already. Fact is he is scared, period. Nothing else to say. I wish Mayweather had the courage some of his disillusioned fans had.

    A small rumor has Pacquiao dropping the suit if Mayweather signs to fight.

  • Based on natural boxing talent and abilities I reckon Floyd will beat Pacquiao. But I could sense a fear factor in Floyd . I have not seen a boxer as skilled as Floyd in recent times. I have also followed very closely Pacquiao since his early days of boxing since he was 16 years old. At that time I said that Pacquiao will not last long in boxing because of his agressive style that he got easily hit a lot of powerful shots. When he fought Torrecampo on “blow by blow” that seemed to confirm my suspicion of his vulnerabilities when he got knocked out by a wicked right. He was overweight at the time so he had to don heavier gloves. I saw also how he was knocked out in Thailand. He was so drained out then that he could no longer perspire during training and cried without tears coming out. Honestly I am amazed at how he rebounded from those setbacks with such determination. Now I believe that if ever Floyd and Pacquiao gets to fight, it will be this same determination that will get give Floyd a run for his money and probably defeat Floyd.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Sonny, you are so stupid that you din’t even read the first paragtaph. Below is my quote from the first paragraph.

    “Now while I’m the first to recognize that Manny Pacquiao is a “great” fighter, and let me add there is no doubt that sans the Pacman there would little if any real interest in the fight game right now.”

    Benny, with the AOL address. the “RING TALK” “Clown of The Week award is all yours.

  • Pedro you are a hater, Manny Pacquiao is the flag bearer of the sport and without him the sport is virtually dead. Floyd Jr could easily have agreed to the fight and we would have the biggest fight of our lifetimes, but he chickened out knowing he cannot beat Pacquiao. Manny is all wrong for Floyd being faster tougher and a southpaw. i hope Pacquiao goes ahead and wins his lawsuit and Floyd Jr & Sr. have to pay him $50 million because both are bad for the sport and will end up penniless

  • pedro take all the names down who talk $hit about manny. 1 day, floyd will fight pacman. he’s already preparing. and all the people on here talk trash is gonna run like cotto, clottey, and mosely when pacman wins. book mark it pedro. floyd has no power to ko pacman, doesn’t throw enough punches to win by points, and has shown a 38 yr old shane mosely could catch him and nearly ko him. remember this post.

  • Jon, you make a great point.

  • Why wouldnt there be unrestricted OST in the biggest fight in boxing history?

  • Another attention grabbing article by Pedro…..using his favorite whipping boy, the great manny pacquiao. Imagine this website without Manny Pacquiao for Pedro to kick around with baseless accusations? Perhaps struggling to maintain his website….

  • Is the case BS? Absolutely not for me. Dave and Diao Ni’s prove that.

  • There is no hate in this article, it is the truth and is what it is, manny either is ducking Fraud or he is taking PEDs, the other guy agree to the one million dollar pound, why pac can’t agree for a random test that will help clean up the sport.

  • @ TITO… You are SPOT on with your comments!

    @ Dave, Where do you get your information? Floyd Sr? Because of Mayweathers…, the perception of Manny being a PED user has gone mainstream, ustream they all stream. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Key word, OPINION. Not fact, not truth. Something Floyd had a chance to do last Friday, but failed to do.

    For the record… FLOYD Jr did not officially weigh in or step on the scales for JMM fight. Now that is total BS. Just like this lawsuit is BS, but If I had the money and I knew deep down inside I was not a PED user, I would do the same thing just to shut up Floyd and make him backup his claims.

  • Dave, You make no sense. Manny won every round on the of the three scorecards and knocked Mosley down, something only Vernon Forrest was able to do. If you want to say Shane was shot, that a good assessment, but it’s hard to say a guy is slipping(or in your case off roids) because he didn’t stop Mosley. Mosley didn’t even come to try and win. It’s hard to stop a guy who won’t even engage. Your assessment that Manny stopped using roids for one fight is just plain silly. If you believe he’s on PED’s fine, but don’t say all of sudden he stopped because I saw nothing in his performance that told me he’s slipped all that much for you to consider such. As far as Khan…He been fightign exactly the same way all along. He has a bad chin, fades in all his fights and throws pitter pat punches. He looked bad against MC Closkey because he’s a mostly defensive minded fighter. You are borderline crazy with your theories.

  • Pedro why don’t you address the fact that some people are uncomfortable with having blood withdrawn, let alone a few or 24 hours before a fight? From what I’ve read it is not an insignificant amount of blood and I’ve read several boxers and trainers say that they wouldn’t do it either.

    Plus, what is your fear? If Manny agreed to everything except a 14 day window, that is still an effective drug test. What drugs do you fear he’s taking? Is your paranoia that he’s going to gobble copious amounts of PEDS and HGH in the 14 day window before the fight exclusively? Would that even do anything?

    Steroids enable athletes to train harder and build more muscle over time. Being on PEDs for two weeks wouldn’t do anything.

    I have the exact opposite opinion–Mayweather is terrified of Paquiao and this whole thing is a smokescreen so he doesn’t have to fight him. Mayweather’s whole thing is his speed; Paquiao is probably even faster, a southpaw and 10 times as aggressive. Mayweather knows that if he didn’t get KTFO he would at least be in for the hardest fight of his entire life.

    Mayweather is the one who invented the extra condition, not Paquiao.

  • Manny can go to hell. He is a cheat and has used steroids since the second Morales fight. He was scared in the first Morales fight because there was drug tests before the fight and he lost. He has used steroids since then.
    But Pedro, i have a feeling that when Manny fought Shane Mosley he wasnt on steroids. Having watched the fight again, u could see how ordinary and clueless he was, how he missed Shane with those wild punches. I think Manny tried to fight clean against Mosley, but we all know how useless he is without steroids. At the end of the day Manny is just above the journeymen tag

    His mate , Amir Khan tried fighting without steroids again against McClosey and performed badly. Now he is back with the King Of Steroids, Ariza. These guys suck including the “blind” fans that support them.

  • Pedro my dude, the difference in Leonard and Manny is Manny fought @ 47 before Cotto and after Cotto. It’s not like Ray went up to 170 after Lalonde or Hearns. Pac was clearly trying to handicap Cotto. He knew Cotto was a wounded warrior which is also why he insisted Arum get him at that time. Also you had a typo cause it wasnt 1 million Manny wanted PPOTL from Floyd he wanted 10 million PPOTL which was retarded.
    This BS lawsuit does nothing but assure us that the fight will never happen. Sorry Pactards but your boy’s testicles are failing him when it comes to Floyd.

  • Jesustheprophet


    I agree with most of this story. However, I don’t see any similarity b/t Floyd and Roy Jones style. Floyd is fast, but for the most part Floyd fights with his hands up and doesn’t just rely on his speed to win fights. I also think Floyd has a better chin than Roy Jones.

    Roy Jones always fought with his hand down and rely on distance and reflexes to avoid punches. Roy defense was always shaky, is just that he was so fast and strong comparte to his competition.

    Floyd is like a Bernard Hopkins. I ring general. A master boxer who knows every trick in the book…The only opponent that beats Floyd is father time and I agree his skills are not what they used to be.

    I think Pacman has also reached his peak and has more wear and tear than Floyd. I think Floyd beats him if they both take random tests. I think Floyd beat him badly, maybe winning 10 rounds of the 12.

    I don’t think either guys KOs eachother.

    The one thing Pacman learned from Americans is to sue…Pacman as a congressman should set and example and say I will take random tests and fight Floyd for 50-50 purse split. If Floyd says no…than call Floyd a coward…untill then, the one acting scared to Pacman.

    Floyd will make 40M fighting Ortiz so it shows that he doesn’t need Pacman. Pacman doesn’t need Floyd either as he made 25M against Mosley….

  • wake up pedro! cant u see, floyd wont fight him. besides, floyd fought jmm at a “catchweight” but nevertheless 2 lbs heavier than the agreed weight. why the hate on manny peter?

  • Pedro , I ve Always been a fan and supporter of yours.But why are you still writing about this?? Can we move on. Mayweather is history, Pacquiao has a couple fights left in him. Lets try to enjoy them. He truly is an altime great. Theres lots of other fighters that really deserve some attention.

  • one point on cotto….cotto weighed 146 vs clottey. so a catch weight at 145 wasn’t going to kill him.

    you can add that ray leonard avoided aaron pryor too.

  • Pedro,

    You’re stumped as to why MP not just take the test and fight FMJ for an obscene amount of money but not question why FMJ not forget about the test and fight MP already and get paid obscenely also???


  • Hello Pedro,

    Did it ever occur to anyone that if Pacquiao is indeed a PED user, he would not have had the temerity to file that lawsuit? In court, the defense could challenge the plaintiff for preponderance of evidence that could include random testing up to the night of whenever his next fight is! I’m certain his lawyers forewarned him of this possibility.

    What say you, Pedro?



  • I feel intense hatred with this article. What’s with the hatred Pedro?

    I think Manny is not afraid of Floyd. I don’t know with Bob Arum. I don’t like the caption in the picture “The God”. He is not a God.

  • I think Mayweather is not an option for team Pacquiao. I hate to say this but Manny is reluctant answering what he thinks about Floyd when ask in a show yesterday. It’s something about his lawsuit against the Mayweathers that may hinder the fight to happen soon.

    It’s just may speculation. Anyway as far as i understand Manny now is willing to take the test up to the day of the fight. Hope Floyd will not retire again if he wins against Ortiz so that it’s clear that there will be a negotiation for team pacquiao and mayweather.

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