San Francisco, CA– Let’s set a few things straight. 1. We live in an era where steroids and performance enhancing drugs are abundant in the sports world. 2. No fighter, or athlete for that manner has ever moved up so much in weight and enjoyed the success Manny Pacquiao has. 3. Never before has an athlete gained so much weight and not added an ounce of water weight and or fat. 4. The guy works out longer than any boxer I can recall in my tenure in boxing.


Many medical & boxing professionals feel that it is highly unlikely that Manny Pacquiao is NOT doing something with performance enhancing drugs. Here was a guy that got tired with Juan Manuel Marquez 20 lbs ago at 126, and now he’s ripping through welterweights with increased power, speed, and endurance.


When you look at the greats, Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran, most recently Felix Trinidad, these guys all got fat and or soft as they climbed weight classes. Hell, look at the aforementioned Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Floyd Mayweather? Marquez had excess around his waist and he had only 16 lbs, not 40 like Manny.


The lamest of Filipino bloggers keep saying, “Floyd never asked for this with any other fighter.” That could be answered both true & false. While Floyd hadn’t asked anybody prior to Pacquiao to take steroid and EPO tests, he demanded the same random testing that Pacquiao refused and Shane Mosley, his May 1 opponent, an admitted steroid user has agreed to. Prior to Pacquiao, no fighter has ever risen so far in weight sans water weight, fat, etc., therefore it was a smart move by Mayweather to demand Manny be tested randomly.


We need not get into the silly excuses Manny and or his promoter Bob Arum have come up with to stave off drug testing. Scared of needles, superstitious, a blood test will weaken the Filipino icon. Christ, the most ignorant of humans should be able to see through the bull s*it here! In the opinion of many, not only is Manny Pacquiao the best fighter pound for pound in boxing, he has now taken the tile of being the “best bull s*itter” in boxing away from none other than mouthy Floyd Mayweather.


In closing, both Arum, Floyd, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, and the Pacman as well, they all know that styles make fights and based on that, Pacquiao has little chance in defeating the slicker and faster Floyd Mayweather.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Hey Pedrrito!, you are such a nonsense writer! you should quit writing….you should start a new business, lets say…ummm how about beauty parlor? and make your girlfriend gayweather a beautician…

  • Dave,

    im waiting for your reply, u said that pac should face the law, well, he did file charges against the mayweathers in a court of law. thats what u want dont u? and its the right and best “place” to prove his guilt or innocence. do u agree with me? i hope whatever the court’s finding, u and all the pachaters/doubters should accept it as i myself would.

  • Willy, Dave

    Pac is & will face the law, they filed charges against the Mayweathers et all, didnt they? It should be the other way around, the mayweathers & other accusers should face the law. they should prove that pac is roiding. This means that pac is not afraid to face the law!

  • the most ignorant of humans should be able to see through the bull s*it here>>>>

    of course there is that youtube vid after the morales def of pac saying the blood test weakened him so this is nothing new. Fact is there was 10 days separating there “cutoff dates” if either wanted the fight it would have been made.

  • Duck…duck…floyd!!! When Cotto was the #1 contender for floyds belt,guess what he did? Ducked! Then Margarito became the mandatory,anybody wanna take a guess? Ducked! Then people started questioning if floyd was fighting the best competition available at welterweight,floyd answered those critics by retiring!!! Months pass…Margarito fights Cotto,Cotto loses.Margarito cheats. Floyd returns!!!??? How convenient. Picks on the lightweight champion JMM then comes in over the agreed upon weight limit. Name one fighter on floyds resume that could have beaten Cotto???

  • Floyd is, was, and will always be about himself. He doesn’t care about cleaning up boxing, he just wants to try to claim that he is doing something good for the sport, while he goes around defaming people with unproven allegations. Floyd is a punk. Fight the top fighters and stop ducking true competition if you want to be called great. Just be honest with people and stop trying to front like you care so much about the sport. All you want to do is sway public opinion and get a psychological advantage over Pac. He better get ready for that old fashion ass whippin’ on May first. Talk about a BS artist!!

  • boxing was reportedly a dying sport and being buried by MMA. floyd instead of reviving it, abandoned boxing by retiring!!! in contrast, pacman despite his speech problem, tried his best to save boxing by climbing up weight classes and challenging bigger guys just to get the world’s attention back to boxing. people laughed at him, calling him insane, and said he might be killed due to his stupidity. he had to go through so much insults and indignities, but he had to endure it because boxing has to live. it is the sport he loved so much and made him…and it was time to give back on the sport that gave him a sense of belonging and saved his family from starvation. and the impossible happened. he was (and still is) beating bigger opponents and his path of destruction at higher weights was awesome. as boxing revived, floyd came back…announcing he is the best, the greatest, and all roads lead to him. not content in trumpeting himself, he insulted, downgraded and destroyed pacman’s reputation on a mere say so…and claimed he is on a moral crusade at par with that of MLK and MALCOLM X…and all the idiots of the world believed him.

  • If Pacquiao was on steroids or any PEDs he would not be filing a defamation lawsuit against his accusers! Thats like floyd sr sueing people for calling him a drug addict. Guilty people DO NOT escalate the issue!!!When in the history of boxing has a fighter dictated the terms of testing??? Ali,Hearns,Leonard,etc. all agreed to the protocal..but not lil floyd because he’s bigger than boxing.Where would boxing be if it wasnt for lil floyd running around the ring like Usain Bolt???

  • Ron u are a classless azzhole how do refer to somebody as a gimp knowing their affliction. I’m no pacnut but thought u should be called out for such a stupid remark

  • one question, what is there to hate with pacman? he doesn’t go around proclaiming he’s the best all-time yet picks questionable opponents..he doesn’t go around proclaiming it’s all about the money and takes your money while smiling all the way to the bank..he doesn’t flash expensive jewelry or berate his oppnonents..but what pac does though is do his best to entertain the fans and hope get their money’s worth..treats his opponents with class..and lastly, fights the good fights..all that is out the window just because the mayweathers of all people decided to make an accusation.. im not sure how anyone can take the mayweather seriously because all they’ve been doing for the last few years has been b*llhsi*ting

  • The fact is that the gimp knows Pacquiao will get an ass whipping and will and has done everything to keep his child out of harms way by avoiding Maywheather at all costs. Who the hell is Pacquiao to make demands. I have already forgotten him!Motherf….. has to prove himself to me by fighting the best and not second raters, coward punk

  • You know Pedro , telling the truth hurts and all this sh.. will all pan out . Pacquiao will be exsposed for the hype that he has become and boxing will ride off into the sunset of new tallent. Pacquiao will probable never face the real champions and I for one will forget his hyped up carreer.

  • WhenWeWereKings (Ian)

    Manny “Steroid” Pacquiao Is the Most Overrated / Overhyped
    Hypocrite Boxer In The History of Boxing.

    (Mosley is the 2nd Most Overrated. Tito is the 3rd Most Overrated)

    Never in the history of boxing has there been a boxer that has been so overhyped and is clearly overrated as the steroid junkie-Manny Pacquiao.

    Pac claims to be the “best” and that he’ll fight “Anybdy, Anytime, Anywhere”, yet he has ducked more contenders and more fighters than anyone else

    Pac has ducked:

    Humberto Soto
    Juan Diaz
    A 3rd Marquez fight
    Edwin Valero
    Joan Guzman
    Shane Mosley
    Foyd Mayweather Jr.
    Michael Katsidis
    Nate Campbell

    and a host of other fighters.

    Pac came close to fighting Mayweather Jr.,but because Pac doesn’t want to take random blood tests (to avoid being caught using steroids), Pac fought a “fixed fight” against Joshua Clottey, while Floyd takes on a tougher challenger (Mosley), whom Pac also ducked.
    The Pac-Clottey fight was FIXED!!! Joshua Clottey took a “DIVE” and is getting bribe money by Pac’s co-promoter (Golden Boy Promotions), paid in monthly installments. And those monthly installments will continue, so long as Joshua stays silent about the bribe he took and the Fixed Fight.

    How can Pac be considered as “best P4P”? , if Pac has ducked tough prime fighters, and has only gotten by with lucky wins over Old Mexican Legends (weight-drained Morales, and a distracted Barrera), with the help of Pac’s undetectable Steroid uses.

    This is funny. Pac needed Steroids to beat Old Mexican Greats Morales and Barrera (in spite of the fact that both had pre-fight problems)

    This will go down in history. That Pac chickened-out from a Mayweather Jr. fight, and a 3rd Marquez fight.

    Pac has also ducked Humberto Soto for more than 3 years. Soto brutallly KO’d Pacman’s brother-Bobby Pacquiao, and Pac was too scared to avenge his brother’s KO loss. What ever happened to “family honor”?

    Pac just goes around handpicking weight-drained champions, has-beens, and b & c-level fighters like Clottey, Jorge Solis, Hector Velazquez, etc.

    Pac uses Steroids and avoids detection of the illegally banned substance and stamina booster named EPO, cause EPO can only be detected within 46 hrs. of its use with a certain blood test, which none of the boxing commissions do, because the boxing commissions only perform urine tests, which cannot detect EPO, and other newer strains of designer Steroids.

    Who knows what other designer steroids Pac uses. Only his team-Alex Ariza (formerly of B.A.L.C.O.), Freddie Roach, and Arum only know.

    And thanks to Arum’s manipulative ways, Arum has “milked” Pac’s career with an easy path through his boxing career, by having Pac dodge the tough challenges, and handpicking “shot” fighters, weight-drained champions, and c-level opposition.

    Heck, Pacman didn’t even bring 55,000 persons to Cowboys Stadium for the Pac-Clottey FIXED FIGHT.

    It was Margarito that brought in close to 30,000 fans. Arum ticked many Mexican fans into beleiving that Margarito would be on the undercard of the Pac-Clottey fight, then Arum, with his manipulative lies, betrayed those Margarito fans by cancelling Margarito from the card, and made those Margarito fans be stuck with non-refundable tickets, since one of the the ticket sale terms are ,,,”Card Subject To Change”.

    The rest of the 15,000 tickets were free-giveaways.
    UFC President Dana White gave away about 1,000 tickets. Even though the website said 10 tickets, its more like 1,000. Other business also gave tickets away..

    Pac has been so overhyped that when it finally came down to trying to make a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, Pac chickened-out. This is what happens when a fraud like Pacquiao is falsely “bulit” to make the public think that he’s a “great fighter”, when evidently he is not, because Pac is a fraud, a fake and an overrated champion that has gotten by with steroids and avoided detection throughout his career, against Elderly Mexican Greats, Weight-Drained Champions, C-Level competion in between like Clottey, Jorge Solis, Hector Velazquez, etc.

    And now Pacman want to retire, cause he says that he wants to “go into politics”.
    Pac is also using the “My Mommy Does Not Want Me To Fight Anymore” excuse.,,(Bullshit!!).

    Pac wants to retire cause he’s SCARED to fight a real fight and is WORRIED that he’ll get caught using STEROIDS.

  • Manny will knock out Floyd? But couldnt knockout Clottey??? Yeah Right!!

  • Fight Aficionado

    Fact: During the Pacquiao-Floyd negotiations, Pacquiao’s camp approved the Olympic style drug testing under the condition the NSAC handled it. GBP’s Schaeffer brought this to Floyd for approval and he never called back, according to the Associated Press. The ball was now in his court and he dropped it like a hot potato.

    Why? Because Floyd’s camp used the drug testing misinformation as an escape route. When Pacquiao called his bluff he longer had an excuse to duck Pacquiao. The boxing press ate Floyd’s excuse hook, line and sinker but the AP reported the facts — which has been widely ignored in the boxing press.

  • First, I think Pac was juicing for Cotto, not so much for Clottey. Physically, he looked a hell of a lot less ripped for Clottey.
    Second, I think the Clottey fight was never really intended to be a fight at all. I couldn’t tell you whether or not Clottey was paid to lose, but everytime he punched, he landed, then backed off. I doubt that Pacman knew, but Arum sure as shit did.

    On the steroids issue and how it makes Manny perform: Steroids do not make you stronger, a better athlete, fighter, take punches better, or even make you more muscular. What they will do is allow you to train MUCH harder by increasing the amount of testosterone or growth hormone in your body and at the same time decrease the time it takes for muscles to repair. Being able to train harder will definitely increase all of the items I listed above. With regards to giving him a better chin and taking welterweight punches, while training harder doesn’t necessarily give you a better chin, it will give you more confidence, which can translate directly into taking punches better.

    I could see Manny taking some sort of Testosterone/Winstrol cycle, which accounts for the consistant lean muscle gain with little-to-no water weight or fat.

    Last, I don’t see any value in a test AFTER the fight is over. All a positive test will do after the fight is change the official outcome. The official outcome doesn’t change the beating that the non-roided fighter will have already received.

  • i think everyone missed a key piece of this article.. it says “Many medical & boxing professionals feel that it is highly unlikely that Manny Pacquiao is NOT doing something with performance enhancing drugs”.. yet pedro decides to take the mayweather’s side.. i’m not sure how that reflects on pedro

    bolero there’s a simple reason for the no weight penalties clause(at least not publicly), because clottey does not have a history of coming in over the CONTRACTED weight.. not like some people that dictates the weight limit and comes in overweight anyway.. marquez is actually lucky it was a max weight limit and not a “minimum” weight limit

  • why is pac going to settle for $40mil when he can double that… $40 mil win outside the ring vs gbp/mayeather(lawsuit) and $40mil win inside the ring vs mayweather… that’s $80mil for “money” pacman.. pure genious

    damn, floyd is about to get bent over 3 times.. “money” passing the tests and the 2 wins against floyd..

  • it amazes me how easily some get swayed what the mayweather sr and jr says.. pac speaks better english that mayweather sr. — not sure but maybe the same education level as well.. remember the duke lacrosse player vs the whore? the whore was lying wasn’t she?

    its also amazing how one blindly stays as a loyal floyd fan when all he’s been doing the last few years is scam you with his mismatches and grabbing your hard earned $50 while proudly proclaiming it’s all about the money to your face.. you can admire his talent but at some point you’ve got take a step back and realize what he is doing…

    i was a floyd fan when he was 135lbs and under.. 140 and over was just pure extortion to his fans..

    agree fully to force the commissions to change the testing standards..and it should be innocent till proven guilty..

  • pedro, intead of accusing and wasting your thoughts on writing these articles, why don’t you concentrate your efforts on sending numerous letters and petitions to the nevada and other commissions to modify their rules and enforce drug testing methods.. at least there’s a possibility that an initiative might come out from those state commissions..

    btw, pac was willing to take the tests just not on fraud’s terms

  • Innocent until proven guilty. Not the other way around.

    Welcome to America.

  • Pedro Fernandez,
    You have only suceeded in one thing through your article-polarized the thinking of people and make them fight. Let me ask you one thing. Have you yourself gone to the boxing commission and made an appeal personally to revise the blood test procedure? If not do it otherwise you are just barking up the wrong tree and displaying your subjective nature and causing people to swear.

  • Hi Pedro, I wrote a comment today about your write up and it has not been published todate If you are hiding the truth, then so be it. “DO GOOD UNTO OTHERS SO THAT OTHERS WOULD DO THE SAME TO YOU.” People nowadays are mostly computer literate and they usually visit all websites pertaining to sports they love and evaluate the facts available at hand. They know if your write up is based on truth or just merely based on a biased presumption to slander other athlete. Sports writers who are geniunely true to their vocations always give praise wholeheartedly to an athlete who deserves it. However, some writers with some vested interest in some promoters/fighters’ welfare would write the opposite just to please that person that fed them. If you portrayed Pacquiao as a cheater based on your presumption, then tens of thousands of Pacquiao fans would ipso facto portray you as a biased promoter/fighter’s writer. Truth sometimes hurts, my friend.

  • There’s a lot of sh– talkers and excuse makers but the main reason why the intelligent know Manny is on something is his unwillingness to submit to testing. What does he have to hide and why doesn’t his fans want him to submit to random testing? What are you people afraid of? Nobody on this planet can give a legit reason why Manny won’t submit to random testing. This is the biggest fight in boxing history. We don’t wanna know whether or not he’s clean after the fight.

  • “In closing, both Arum, Floyd, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, and the Pacman as well, they all know that styles make fights and based on that, Pacquiao has little chance in defeating the slicker and faster Floyd Mayweather”… the problem is your guy’s afraid to fight the PacMan by putting an unrealistic demand just after they both agreed verbally..

    I bet you, Peter Fernandez, PacMan will knock Mayweather out in the 7th round. That is, if ever, your guy will find courage to fight the PacMan…wanna bet?

  • THIS IS THE STEROID & EPO ERA OF SPORTS!….so what? is this enough reason to slander Manny Pacquaio? how much is your reputation cost? seems to me reputation to you is so cheap. You have no other proof to show other than to say that this is the steroid & EPO era in sports. And you are patently unfair without any proof to show for it.

    BOTH PAC & HIS FANS IGNORE REALITY!…..the reality is you got no proof to show and just relying in insinuations…and thanks Pac fans for making this site interesting. Can you say that to mayweather fans at all? slanderer!!!

  • I Dont Understand any Of This Nonsence, Many has Taken Drug Test Right Before The Fight Is Announced, Month Before the fight And A Test Right After The Fight, and he has yet to be Tested Positive, Floyd Knows he Cant Beat Pacman, Everyone Knows, he Declined a 40 Million Dollar PAYDAY that tells u something. I Come to the conclusion that this writer is a MAD HATER

  • Boxing Expert Mr. Pedro Fernandez. LOL are you brain damage? Manny Pacquiao has been fighting at 144lbs since 2008 he only add 6 lbs when he move-up to welterweights. in other words pacman is fighting weight drain at 130lbs/135lbs/140lbs because his natural weight is 149lbs.

  • I have yet to hear one of you pachuggers, say anything about Manny not asking for a weight clause against Clottey like he did against PBF! Clottey was at least 15 lbs. overweight, but you never heard one word from Freddie(Cock)Roach or PED Pacquiao! This is another reason why i know that he wants NO part of Floyd!

  • Pedro,….Floyd Sr has apologized to Pacquaio publicly after hearing of Pacs multi million lawsuit he has said he was only joking and said he didn’t mean anything serious by it Are you now saying you in your infinite wisdom you know something more than The Nevada State Athletic Commission.There is not one shred of evidence that using steroids gives you a big head,in all his years in boxing Pac has never tested positive for steroids.But can you prove any of your nonsense you have wrote, No all you accusations are based on ignorance,judging someone because he moves in weight classes easily or performed great in the ring has other reasons but nothing to do with steroids….

  • The people that look at Manny and say he climbed the weight classes and “gained” 40 pounds are not paying attention. First of all, he was in his teens to early 20s when he fought up to the 122 pound range. Even hen, he was unbelievable skinny. He started to reach his physical prime in the late 90s early 2000s when he got up to about 126. However, if you look at his “fight night” weight, not weigh-in weight, you will see that he was very big for the weight class from 126-up til 135. His ring weight (the weight at which he steps into the ring on fight night) has been between 138 and 143 for the last 4-5 years.

    He has transformed his body and e has filled out. He is simply fighting at his natural weight. That’s why he is not soft in the belly. Think about it… he is pretty much the same height as Cotto and Mayweather (give or take a few inches), why does he have to look fat? If he moved up to middleweight, it would be a different story.

    Stop listening to the crap that this dude is spewing. The fact that he has gone up the boxing scales means nothing, especially when you start looking at the “actual” scales when he fights.

  • no fighter in the world can emanate magnificent career that pacman does. Simply Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What is wrong with all you Pac Haters? Some drug dealer ex con starts a rumor and all you mindless drones fall right in line behind him. Have you all been invaded by aliens? Every current record holder in every sport has done something that no one else before him has done. THAT IS WHY THEY HOLD THEIR RECORD. But according to Pedro, anybody who has done something no one before him has done, MUST BE ON ROIDS. What a moron. It is a waste of time to even read this guy’s articles. Roids give you big bulging muscles. Did you see any big bulging muscles on Pac? I would like a list of all the Pac haters who actually believe that Floyd is on a crusade to clean up boxing. I have a bridge I want to sell them all.

  • when the great Henry Armstrong went up in weight he did not look fat nor bloated.
    Pedro your dislike of Manny makes me wonder.

  • Well said David, I don’t think Floyd is gonna get past Mosley either. Mosley by a decision or late round KO. Too skilled, too strong and now with Brother Nazim training him he is back to using his jab and setting up the straight right and left hook. Shane’s father was not the right trainer for him as his career progressed. He forgot what got him there. I was in Vegas for Shane vs. Winky 2, and I also was at the Garden when Shane lost to Cotto. If Shane would have jabbed in the Cotto fight instead of loading up with right hands he would have one the fight hands down. The Garden was filled with Cotto supporters and and many of them said to me that they felt Shane won a close decision. After watching the tape I thought Cotto won a close decision. When Cotto started back pedaling in the later rounds most people thought he was trying to stay away from Shane and win the fight. We now know when Cotto does that, that he is really hurt (like against Margarito, and Pacman).

    Also to Qdigga: Manny gets hit because he is not afraid to engage. If you throw punches in bunches you will get hit (unless you’re fighting Clottey). Here’s the thing; Manny is an action fighter, he doesn’t sit back and try to pot shot you like Floyd or Roy. By the way, Manny has walked through punches for a long time like Marquez, Morales, Barerra, Hatton and Cotto. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been hurt. All of the guys I just mentioned stung him real bad especially JMM and Morales. He just has a good chin. Any of those fighters could KO Pac if they caught him with something he didn’t see. Having been in the ring myself as an amateur fighter with over 20 plus fights and over 20 wins. I can tell you the hardest I was ever hit was by a guy that had average power, but he caught me with a left hook coming out of an exchange that I never saw and was not prepared for. Steroids don’t give you a stronger chin. If it is proven that Pac is on roids, I will be the first to condemn him. Let’s wait and see what happens. I think the Pac vs Floyd fight is a moot point anyway because I believe Mosley has the skills to make Floyd fight for 12 rounds (if it goes that far) and force him to engage. And when that happens, I think he will get hurt. Mosley’s chin is granite and he will force Floyd to fight, he won’t let him sit back and pot shot him and win rounds. It’s funny how people think Floyd is the greatest defensive fighter in the world, rolling your shoulder is a common practice when you are a fighter. But real skilled world class fighters know how to counter that and you will see on May first. Feint with the right and slide to the left with a left hook, ALL DAY. And when that left hook starts to connect to the top of Floyd’s head by his temple, you’ll see what’s going to happen. And to top it off, Mosley’s left hook is probably his most dangerous weapon. FYI, Sweet Pea was the best defensive fighter in the last 30 years hands down.

  • Antonino dog!!!!!!!News flash Evander Holyfield was said to be on them as well.Him and shane was named in the report.

  • Are you guys crazy??? Manny started out at 106 lbs.. Not 126… And as floy says noone starts out an “ok” fighter and then becomes a super fighter in his 30’s!!!! It’s stupid to even have the argument… He did not want to take the test!!!!! That alone speaks volumes!!!!!! If he’s so afraid of needles, why is he plastered with tatooes??? C’mon… Look he didn’t flatten clottey do u know why??? I’ll tell u why… He’s gonna lay off the sauce and accept floyds request to do the testing…. And they’ll fight in September or October!!!! Remember Edgar told you so!!! And FLOYD will crush manny.

  • You Pactards anti-mayweathers can say what you want about Sr. but HE WAS THE ONE WHO said first accused Shane of being on roids at the press conference of Mosley-delahoya2. and everyone called him a sore loser, etc. but what did Shane admit to before a GRAND JURY years later???? Being JUICED UP FOR THAT FIGHT!!! You guys can sayn what you want about the Mayweahers but as boxing pros …THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN MORE ABOUT BOXING THAN ANY OF US WILL EVER KNOW!! He knows a steroid user when he sees one, he’s been around boxing gyms his entire,life.

  • Mosley is knock out PBF so all this is pointless! Floyd, everytime, I have heard asked, when he says that he “is the greatest of all time” who are your greatest wins against normally at the top of his list. So is saying his greatest feat in boxing was you beat “past his prime” part time fighter and barely st that! Mosley fought De La hoya twice( prime Oscar) although personally, I thought DLH beat him the sec tome. Coincinadentally, it was around the time Mosley’s 2nd fight where he was “juicin”. It made him a less effective as a fighter. Mosleys’ best weapons are his speed, unbeleievebale chin(never been knocked out amateur or pro, knockedown 0nce Forrest 1) and that is it. If you have noticed Shane over the last few years has “leaner look” than he did 03.04,05, where had that “power lifter look” and his style changed for worse, throwing less punches, no seeting up, and loading up! Now he is back to what made him back to being “Sugar Shane” boxing, uses jab, throws combinations not “pot shot”, and he is devastating body punchers. Floyd is always running his mouth about Mosleys’ 5 losses. Lets take a closer look, 2 were to the Late RIP Vernon Forrest who won an Olmypic Gold, was ^ feet tall who an awesome left jab with descent power in his right. IMHO, he would have whooped Floyd’s ass also. Floyd never fought anyone like that, and that big. And Shane’s 2 other losses to “Winky” Wright for awhile also on the LB for LB list and natural 154-160 LB who won every roung against “hall of famer” Trinidad and fought Hopkins at 170, he also beat Shane twice. And remember Shane started out as a 135 lber. Have either Pac or FMJ ever fought fighters that big AND SKILLED. I don’t think so, And Mosleys’ other loss was to Cotto, a loss in which more ringside observers thought Shane won. The same Cotto that Floyd ducked! Then Mosley fough Margarito, the man everybody avoided, and Mosley beat him down by being the boxer/puncher that he was before the roids” This guy will whip Pac and PBF. And for the record, I think Floyd would have beaten Pacqauaio, maybe even stopping him the later rounds. Mayweather has never fought a guy anywhere close to level of Shane Mosley,. I magine what Mosley would have done to Hatton or a “blown up JMM” Mosley has been knocking guys a like Vargas 2x junior middle, Mayorga, unorthadox big physical fighter who can punch. I have friends in the boxing biz, so I will believe this fight will happem when I see FMJ in the ring on May 1st. Something tells me that Floyd come up with an injury and then subsequent postment, and if I was Floyd’ legal advisor, I would try and find away to fight Pac-Man first. a- biggest money fight and b- win is probable, then fight SMM. But he I am telling everbody, Mosley will walk thru Floyd because Floyd can’t hurt Shane. And all of that ,slippin,slidin,shoulder rollin, that Floyd does to avoid being hit clean is not going to work against a fighter like Mosley, who even at 39, is as fast with his hands as Floyd, but with much more power. Even if Floyd were to catch Mosley and hurt him, Mosley knows how to survive, and been caught by before by much bigger punchers than Floyd. I see this figth going like Jones/Tarver2. The only really question going into this fight is Floyd’s chin. He did tale Castillo’s punch but that was at 135 and both Corley and Judah were able to stun him but not skilled enough to follow up. Mosley is going to finish him.

  • Ngrave: You should read before posting. I already posted a video with Pac,Roach and Ariza saying he is naturally 135 pounds. Fighters don’t just walk off the street and fight they train and if your training vigorously your gonna lose weight so your theory is pointless. Do you think Pac would’ve thrown 1200 punches if Clottey really came to fight? I don’t and to throw 1200 punches at a 20% connection rate is nothing to brag about is it? I guarantee you one thing Manny aint gonna hit Floyd as much as he hit Clottey and Manny will get hit far more than Clottey and Cotto together hit him. Floyd is 100% right for demanding this light-wt walking through welter-wts submits to testing even though Floyd beats him on the juice or off.

  • PAC is 5’6 147 pounds of muscle. How is that hard to believe? Its freakin normal. Yes he fought at a lower weight but always walked around at at 140-145lbs. This is ridiculous. Floyd was scared and got out of the fight by making this fairytale up. And what do you think Mayweather is going to do to pac? No way he can pot shot his way to victory against pacman. Floyd will lose. Even by decision. 1200 punches thrown.

  • I took noticed of Pacquiao when he first knocked out super bantamweight champion, Ledwaba in 2003 followed by Barrera, morales, and Marquez, all “Hall of Famers”. Cus D’Amato once said: “Heavy handed punchers are inborn not made”. Accusing Pacman of Cheating based on presumption without any iota of evidence is wrong. Good writers always do not presume, they usually seek for truth based on facts not falsehood. Last fight of Pacman at lightweight vs. Marquez, though he weighed 135lbs at weigh in, but at fight night, he would weigh 145lbs. In over 2 years, he would leap frog to higher weight divisions and would add only over 4lbs. at fight night. Where is the weight discrepancy you are talking about? Mayweather weighed 106lbs when he was 16 so was Pacquiao. Look at them right now, Mayweather even fought Oscar at 154lbs, while Pacman could hardly weigh 150lbs. against Clottey.
    Based on article written by Patrick English, esq. of SecondsOut, you can learn from them as these doctors specialize, researched and experimented on Steroid, Ped and HGH and would explain based on their findings. Pacman Agreed to 24 days & after the fight blood test. Steroid remains in our body for 30 days or more but no definitive test to detect HGH by using blood or urine test. Boxers derived their power primarily from their ankles, and Pacman possesses ankles comparable to middleweight fighters. Cotto has 12″ ankle but Pacman has 15″ ankle just for comparison.

  • To all those saying manny is clean answer me this ok: why has nothing more come of the lawsuit against mayweather and GBP? Why when Teddy atlas said on FNF that he has a source that saw emails that confirmed manny was dirty (as did Tom smith of the new York daily news) not have a lawsuit filed against them? Why?

  • Amen brotha, preach it!

  • Whats so funny to me about these people who claim that Manny is on “roids”, is that they know nothing about boxing! Manny often weighed between 135lbs and 145lbs when he was fighting at lightweight. In his last fight against Marquez he wore 142lbs on the night of the fight (and that was at 130lbs). He wore 145lbs against Clottey! where is all this weight you people are talking about? He’s the same guy. It never crossed your mind that maybe he was too big for those guys? He isn’t starving himself anymore to make weight idiots!

  • In this era i wouldnt be surprised, and if indeed Pac comes out to be dirty for whatever reason, or even show later in the years, I say take the same actions that were taken on McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds. None of these will be elected into the hall of fame and McGwire is having trouble getting in despite being in the ballots more than once, I think it will be appropiate action.

  • Jrock: Don’t know what fights you are watching but I watched Manny damn near crush Cotto and Hatton with one punch. He didn’t stop Cotto but Margacheato didn’t even hit Cotto that hard with one shot. You named a list of great all around fighters which Manny isn’t. None of the fighters you named get hit at will like Manny does. Manny is a very easy target to hit he just all of a sudden has this super ability to walk right through the big punches. You can be as naive as you’d like but there is clearly a reason why a lot of people feel this way and on top of that a reason why Manny wont submit.

  • WhenWeWereKings (Ian)

    Jrock09, It isn’t just Mayweather making allegations. Even Teddy Atlas has accused Pacman of using steroids. Here’s a story:

    ESPN’s Atlas should drop vendetta against Pacquiao!
    Michael Marley

    There’s nothing personal about this for me as I respect Theodore “Teddy’ Atlas as a person. I only wrote 748 glowing items about him in The New York Post and in boxing magazines when he was trying to make his “bones” in the fight game. I didn’t pump Atlas’ profile up because we’re related, I did it because he was colorful, quotable and because the Legendary Johnny Bos was his publicity rabbi so to speak. Unfortunately, somewhere along the years, Atlas lost Bos’ phone number. When Atlas got canned by Donny Lalonde, later to fight and deck Sugar Ray Leonard and pick up a neat $5 million purse, the trainer was livid. He came up with a classic line about the “suicide blond” Lalonde and the late, great manager and writer (he penned the superb Connie Hawkins’ basketball book, “Foul”) Dave Wolf. Wolf may have sometimes walked on a rug but he always wore one. “One dyes it,” Atlas cracked, “and the other one buys it.”
    But Atlas becomes an insufferable blowhard on any topic involvin…….

    Look, I’m not saying Pacman is beyond criticism not by any means. But how about valid, sensible criticism?
    The ESPN shouter has an axe to grind against the Pinoy Idol and I don’t know why.

    Maybe Theodore blames Manny because that he’s never been able to produce that “mystery emaill” in which he reported someone representing Pacman asked what would happen if he came up dirty on a random blood testing for a super bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Neither has another good New York boxing guy, Daily News scribe Tim Smith on whose coattails Atlas rode on that story.
    Someone asked Atlas if he would apologize about that story and he petulantly told the reporter “to get an apology from Smith first.”

    It may be revealed at some future time that Pacman has been loaded to the gills with illergal drugs, that his marvelous feats were all chemically induced.
    I kind of doubt it but I would not go into any Sugar Shane shock over such bad news.

    But it will never be revealed that anyone representing Manny sent such an email to Mayweather’s reps because it never transpired.
    I’m not questioning Atlas’ boxing IQ as he is usually pretty sharp.

    He’s been a student of the game for a long while going back to his Cus D’Amato understudy days in Catskill, when Michael Tyson was barely a teenager.

    In fact, I hired Atlas when he needed a boost. I brought him in to train hevyweight hopeful Shannon Briggs when the Brooklyn fighter was turning pro. Briggs had great talent but a lack of discipline and he agreed with me that Drill Sargeant Atlas would put a boot up his backside. Keep in mind Briggs was about 19 then but acted like he was 12.

    No wonder Shannon and I clicked immediately, lol, we had the same emotional maturity.

    I convinced my co-manager Marc Roberts to give Atlas a contract, a rarity for trainers then and now, a salary and lease him a car.
    Atlas was a solid trainer then and is one now.

    But, when it comes to Pacman, Atlas seems to work off a personal agenda.
    First, he was lambasting me for having the audacity to question his reportorial skills and now he is saying that Pacquiao got hit too much, too easily by the bigger, stronger Joshua Clottey.

    Did Atlas expect the phenomenal Pacquiao to pitch a no-hitter for 36 minutes?
    His observations about those six or seven crooked left uppercuts that Clottey landed squarely on Pacquiao’s jaw and under his eye is accurate but, as Tedster would put it, so freaking what?

    I just saw Not So Fast Eddie Chambers hit giant Wlad Klitschko with some flickering jabs, maybe he bruised WK’s cheeks and what is the point of all that? That bout ended with Chambers surfing the ring mat in the 12th and final round.
    Atlas said that shows him that Manny is easy to “touch.”

    Does he think Mayweather will lean in close like Clottey occasionally did?
    That’s not Mayweather’s m.o., not in the least. Mayweather is not going into the shoulder roll and then leaning in with that sort of punch.
    Working at close quarters is exactly what Mayweather will never dare to do against Pacquiao By unless it’s late in the fight and he believes Manny is tiring.

    Atlas and colleague Brian Kenny rapped out about Clottey-Pacquiao on ESPN Friday Night Fights and Kenny made a cogent comment about Clottey against Miguel Cotto.
    When Cotto flung Clottey to the floor early on in a rassling move, it is true that the Ghanaian told ref Arthur Mercante Jr. he wanted to quit at that point. Mercante told me that chastized Clottey and told him to battle on which he did, going the 12 round limit.

    Credit Kenny with a sharp eye and/or sharp ears and digging for a story. His father was a New York cop so maybe investigatory work runs in the family, I don’t know.

    Kenny has taken some rips from Mayweather but he’s never taken it personally. Mayweather’s remarks have rolled off his back quite easily.

    But Atlas is, or comes across as, carrying a grudge against Pacquiao.
    Some would say he carried a grudge against Tyson as well but I don’t see any comparison. Atlas left the Tyson situation on his own accord as far as I know.

    I don’t expect neutrality or total objectivity from Atlas. He gets paid for his opinions just like I do although I probably make subway fare compared to his pay rate.

    At this rate, I’ve a better chance of making a loan from Uncle Jerry Jones than from Tedster even at Staten Island “vigorish” rates.
    I joke, I josh, I lampoon.

    But I think we can, we should expect, Atlas to try to hit the ball down the middle of the fairway once in a while.
    Even I do that, once in a very blue moon.

    And I do it, even though I work in the filth-ridden sewer of the Internet as opposed to the pristine environment of television.

    I could care less if Atlas predicts Mayweather demolishes Pacman in one round, he’s entitled to do that as a paid pundit.
    But put the Pacquiao hatchet away, will you please?
    Give it a try, Theodore, give it a try.

    -Michael Marley

  • finally someone telling the truth. floyd is in the right asking for random blood testing. the usual case is that when a great fighter moves up, his KO percentage declines. the trend happens to all the greats including floyd. but not manny! manny with the help of alex ariza, freddie roach and god have had a perfect ko record since moving up from 130. this is why floyd vs manny will never happen cause manny will never agree to random blood testing. so bob arum is gonna set manny up with margarito in november. wait and see!

  • The reason I think he was or is on peds because all the Bull$*t excuses, stepping back from $40 Millions, I don’t think so! His head is bigger than that of Barry Bonds, the guy is dirty until proven clean and this is too late for most fans, althought I have to admit he is being match carefuly at WW, first a damage and drain Cotto and then a gunshy Clottey.

  • WhenWeWereKings (Ian)

    Craig,,, it does not get old, it gets interesting and it is VERY IMPORTANT to get to the bottom of these steroid scandals involving boxing champions, because to not do so, will only cause more steroid usage among more boxers to go unnoticed and ignored, and will only corrupt boxing more than it is now. And Pacman is not the only one that uses steroids. Evander Holyfield, James Toney, Edwin Valero (which is why he’s now having steroid/hormone rages, which caused him to get arrested for domestic violence), Roy Jones Jr., Shane Mosley, Hopkins (against Kelly Pavlik), Nate Campbell (against Juan Diaz). If Steroids gets ignored, more and more will use, and boxing becomes more fake. EPO is boxing’s “fountain of youth” nowadays, and it’s not fair that a few have gotten away with using the banned substance.

  • Kp I was saying 1 punch ko’s hommie

  • Another interesting point: Paq’s primary weapon is his speed. It isn’t his power. It’s his speed. Cotto said he could see the punches coming but he couldn’t get out of the way. Other opponents have all said the same thing.

    Speed in boxing is nebulous. It’s a hard thing to get. It seems most fighters are simply born fast or not.

    Would steroids even help a fighter like Paquiao have great hand speed?

  • Qdigga and Dave: You guys must be a part of CSI or something. We all can get on here and espouse our thoughts, but until someone is proven guilty, they are innocent. Why do you find it impossible for a naturally smaller man to beat a bigger man? It happens all the time (Roy Jones vs. Ruiz, Chris Byrd vs McCline, Holyfield vs. Douglas, Leonard vs. LaLonde, Duran vs Barkley, etc etc). In order to sustain the weight he has to eat more based on the intense way he trains. You Pac haters are not being too realistic. Pac wins by his speed and accumulation of punches, he is not a one punch KO artist especially at the higher weights (Hatton got caught by a punch he didn’t see). Great fighters move up in weight and dominate all the time. Oscar, Floyd, Leonard, Hearns, Toney, Jones, Holyfield, Hopkins, Whittaker, and the list goes on and on. Some fighters styles make them more apt to knock people out; Manny is fast and throws a lot of punches and he has good power. Pernell Whittaker was fast with less pop and was a defensive genius. His attributes weren’t that of a fighter that KO’s people. Hell ODLH was knocking guys out from 135 to 154 all the way up the ranks. Appreciate greatness while it’s here, if he turns out to be a cheat I will blast him as well; but let’s wait and see.

  • I agree that boxers ought to submit to drug testing. But I don’t think it’s fair to single out Pac. If one guy gets tested, everybody gets tested. Aside from his performance in the ring (and the reasoning: “Nobody could do that, unless he were on the juice”), I don’t see any reason to suspect Pac. His body does not look steroidal! Roy Jones looked steroidal. Fernando Vargas and Evander Holyfield looked steroidal. Bonds, McGuire and Sosa looked steroidal. But Pac does not. He is muscular, to be sure, and lean, but his physique is not so extraordinary that he should be subject to special scrutiny that is not applied to anyone else.

  • I cant really say it any better than alot of folks already have in this thread, Pac is suspect. He defies the norm to an almost rediculous point. People have mentioned others gaining weight and making comparisons, these comparisons are flawed as the percentage of gain along with the quality of mass over the period of time are the true parameters.

    The most astounding thing I think is the combination of pure mass gain and substantially increased endurance, one or the other can be explained away but the pair together is a giant red flag. This coupled with the refusal to submit to standard USADA testing tells me the man (or at least his camp) has something to hide.

  • Qdigga, u r the man. Thanks for this thread. I like the part where Manny says ” i have to eat more because if i dont eat more i will become small”. Qdigga u should work for the FBI man, this thread just unfolds everything. How can u eat more to make 147, i.e adding 12 pounds from 135, and ur body is so clean cut with no fat or water weight. He is one of a kind this Pacroid. and if u look at him, his head is getting bigger and bigger, one of this days its gonna pop. Stop using steroids Pac.

  • For all of you who think that Manny has naturally grown into a welter-wt check this out at around 2:40. Here’s Manny, Roach and Ariza saying Manny is naturally 135 and has to put on false weight to get to welter-wt but yet and still they want us to believe that Manny is really SuperManny. The thing that is really startling about this is his stamina and ability to walk much bigger men down. This clearly tells me why Manny refuses random testing.

  • Wow! Now we know why we are living in this chaotic world. This column reeks with hatred and biases. I can smell it from half way around the world. Take it easy guys this is not the venue to ventilate your anger. Pedro, I believe as a journalist one should refrain from taking sides and openly throwing libelous accusation at someone without proof regardless of how strongly he/she feels about the issue. Let others express what they feel within the bounds of decency. No bad bad words, insults, or even direct accusations e.g. cheater etc. After all nobody is forcing Mayweather to fight Pacquiao and vice-versa if they feel the playing field is not level. Why don’t they lobby the boxing the boxing commission to change the drug test procedure instead. Let them walk the walk.

  • People like Manny, Roach and Arum should face the law if that Pac guy is found to be taking steroids. Not only are they cheating, but the way Cotto was beaten by this cheater was not fair. I dont think Cotto will be the same fighter again and i am certain he suffered some damage in that fight. i would like to ask all the Pac fans to watch the game with Cotto again.
    Mayweather or any other fighter should not fight this cheat until he has the tests. People who support Pac in this test issue should be ashamed because u r supporting him blindly.
    This guy is a cheater and should be charged if he tested positive, someone will die one of these days fighting this guy.

  • Let me put it this way… If Manny Pacquiao was willing to submit to testing 24 days before the fight but not 14 days before the fight, that means he isn’t as afraid of needles as he says he is because he was willing to have blood drawn all the way up to 24 days before the fight. If he was really afraid of giving blood, he would have said “No, that is something i’d never be willing to do. That’s how afraid i am of giving my blood.” The point of the matter is, he is willing to give blood with no problem but he needs at least 24 days to “replenish” whatever he’s using. Whether it’s vitamins or supplements. Do you really think if he was taking vitamins or supplements that he would be sucked dry of those vitamins or supplements after giving blood? No he would not. But what this is really about is something suspicious that he doesn’t want anybody to know about. What ever he’s taking can be detected in the blood. 24 days is more than enough time to put into his body whatever he’s taking and then flush it out of his system in time for the post fight urinalysis. We ain’t stupid. Moreover, if he agrees to up to 14 days before the fight cutoff, what does that leave? 14 days is not enough time to workout for more than 4 hours a day. He would have to build to it at least a week and then by the second week, he can start his legendary 4 hour workouts but by then that would be too much for his body and nobody works out 4 hours a day the week of the fight. At that point, it would be time to start tapering off. Am i not right? I guarantee he would not be training 4 hours a day if the random blood testing is put in place. His body would not recover fast enough at his age and his body would probably break down if he attempted to do so. Nobody is saying the guy is dirty but all he’s said and done up to this point is questionable.


    ” No fighter, or athlete for that manner has ever moved up so much in weight and enjoyed the success Manny Pacquiao has”

    was PBF a five division champ? if so, then both PBF & pac move up so much in weight w/out adding water weight or fat.

    “The guy works out longer than any boxer I can recall in my tenure in boxing.”

    This proves that pac is a hardworking athlete. During Jordan’s time, many people didnt know how hardworking he was. Most of the time, he would come to the gym 1 or 2 hrs ahead of practice time, he even jogged at the pool. So did u also suspect Jordan of using roids, cause he was really better than the other players back then.
    How about tiger woods or roger federer, federer breaks sampras’ record….& tiger woods is nearing jack nicklaus record.

  • Good Article as always!! Most of these other websites and their journalists kiss Manny, Roach, Arum etc. ass………….”I don’t even know what steroids are” Manny and his also ignorant nut huggers, don’t wan’t to face the “TRUTH” Put up BLOOD, or go down as a cheating coward!!!!!

  • While watching Road To Dallas Pac, Roach and Ariza all agreed that without the 5 meals a day and his supplements Pac would be naturally 135 and this is from Pac’s own mouth this is not speculation. They were saying they have to make Pac eat to get up to 147 so the theory of 147 being his naturally weight is crushed by Pac and his team. We have a natural light-wt walking down and knocking out welter-wts. There is definitely some funny business going on. Pac doesn’t get tired anymore even with the added weight. Not an ounce of fat. If his unwillingness to submit to random testing doesn’t say it all then it won’t said. It’s clearly evident.

  • I wonder if Manny would declare to a grand jury that he is afraid of needles…

    This is a serious matter. It’s not like baseball or basketball. We’re talking about risking the lives of their opponents.

    Pedro, is there any way we can bring these cheaters to face the law? That’s all we need.

  • You want to know a reality? How about your predictions with pac vs cotto, dela hoya, etc….Didn’t you say that the Manny vs Clottey was a mistake and that it would not sell? Many of us readers cannot ignore how off you are Pedro. The #1 reality sadly has been that this website is now a Pacman hate site. Go look at your archives and Pedro you’ve got some great articles. Now everything seems to be against Manny. It’s ok to have your opinion but when the bulk of your site hits are based on the debates against Manny (as opposed to decent boxing articles), the focus on this site has been lost. I’ve completely lost respect for your articles and show….

  • I think it’s time for Pacquiao to sacrifice his ego a little and give Pedro Fernandez, who ALREADY thinks that he is cheating, a dose of his own medicine. I don’t know what ELSE would Pedro say once Pacquiao agrees to this bullshit and is tested negative for PED. I’m sparing some writers who doesn’t accuse Pac of taking PED but want him to undergo blood testing just the same JUST for the fight to push through. But NOT Pedro. He already is resolved to his belief that Manny’s taking PED whether the fight pushes through or not.


    Please Manny, don’t retire yet. You still have two people to knock out: Floyd Mayweather… and PEDRO FERNANDEZ!

  • Pedro,

    Athletes like Manny Pacquiao know that Steroid abuse is… Illegal, Imoral and Dangerous… Athletes like Pacquiao see what it did for Arnold Schwarzenegger and it taught them all a lesson for damn sure!

    Stop with the hate.

  • Pedro: Are you a paid shill for Mayweather or what? This is damn near equivalent to the Salem witch hunts. If dumb ass Mayweather Sr. didn’t start this BS you probably wouldn’t have said shit. You are condemning someone without proof of guilt. Like Mark said, he started as a pro at 16 at 106 lbs. If Floyd turned pro at 16 he would have been fighting at 106 also. What is the difference, please tell me. Floyd is cut with very little body fat at 147. Manny had to keep eating to put on weight to stay at 145 for Clottey. They said he was 142 the morning of the weigh-in. Answer me this genious, why is it ok for Floyd to carry that same weight and not Manny? And Manny is not kO’ing people with one punch (except Hatton who got caught clean). Floyd could knock more people out too if he would throw his hands. Accumulation of punches from a fighter who is not afraid to trade punches vs. a defensive fighter who does not want to exchange. That’s the reason for more KO’s; it’s called activity and aggression chuckle head!

  • I have to say Floyd looked really cut when he was fighting DLH.. Does no one remember the pic both of them took with abs.. What water weight are you guys talking..? Floyd was at 150 as well.. Pedro your bias skirt is showing.. They both weighed around the same at age 16! Forget when who turned pro or when who did what.. Floyd moved a little higher! But only Floyd can be given God talent and no one else. hmmm.

  • Manny has agreed to every test boxing has asked of him. He only refused a test Floyd Mayweather decided should be given for their fight. Who is Mayweather to dictate boxing drug testing? The current boxing drug testing policy caught James Toney when he beat John Ruiz (Toney stripped of World heavyweight Tile ) and Francois Botha when he beat Alex Schultz for the vacant World Title (Botha stripped of IBF World Heavyweight Title).

    If boxing or the athletic commission any eventual fight takes place in changes their drug testing policy to that of Olympic Style drug testing and Manny refuses, then we have something.

    Manny won titles at 112 to 147, a 35 pound range.

    Oscar Del La Hoya beat Jimmy Bredal for the WBO 130 Pound world title and Felix Strum for the WBO 160 pounds title. 30 pound difference.

    Roy Jones won the World Middleweight title (and some say 154-pound title) and looked pretty buffed at 193. Was he on roids? 39 pound difference.

    Duran won titles from 135 to 168–33 difference pounds but admittedly did not look buffed at 168.

    James Toney: Won titles at 160, 190 and heavyweight (200+) = 40 pound difference in weight limit ranges…wait a minute, he was caught with steroids (stripped of World Heavyweight title he won from Ruiz).

    So there are other fighters that have moved up in weight nearly as much as Manny and still had low body fat.

    In his fight with Clottey, Manny looked much smaller than Clottey. Shorter, far less muscle-mass.

    But I admit I did not think McGwire took steroids (believed the Androstene stories, a supplement you can get at GNC) and was proven wrong so what do I know.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I guess you didn’t read the results of the Pac-Clottey rout, you didn’t know that I named Manny Fighter Of The Decade” we did before anybody waqs noting Decade honors. Here’s the story you obviously missed

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Gatti fought at 130 for years, went to 40 and then 147 lbs.

  • I’ve said it before, but for someone who seems obsessed with race, you’re not factoring into the equation that Manny is an Asian. Asians typically have much lower body fat than other ethnicities. You can’t compare him to, like, Fernando Vargas. I mean, have you ever seen a Bruce Lee movie? Do you think Lee was on roids? That could have something to do with his ability to put on weight while maintaining speed, etc.

    And, I mean, how many times do people need to repeat this, but Paqiao started his career when he was SIXTEEN. You can’t just write that off!

    What did Arturo Gatti start his career at? 126? And he was still icing people, easily, at 147. How is this any different?

    I’m not saying Paq isn’t on roids, he may be, but I think you have some sort of weird vendetta.

    Like posting that picture of him next to Cotto and pointing out that he had a big head when they were obviously just standing a few inches apart and it was almost certainly just a normal foreground/background issue is just weird.

  • Im not a Pac-fan or anything, but why don’t you just re-name your website to Seriously, how many anti-pac articles are you and that no-talent Martel going to write? We get it. You don’t like him. Now just move on, it’s getting so old.

  • I do have to say this considering my parents are from Jamaica….People who are from island nations eat totally different food than people from the United States….for example a ,lot of Americans eat junk…I regularly go to a Filipino supermarket to shop for groceries. What do they have a wide variety of that American Supermarkets don’t? Fresh Fish! Island people for the most part have healthier diets and eat better quality homecooked and fresh food…Many americans tend to eat foods that are processed, high in fat, preservatives etc. Why do you think the country has such a problem with Obesity. See the correlation here. i just don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Pac can move up and not gain water weight…It’s not like the guy sits around and eats Mc Donalds cheeseburgers all day. With a proper diet of natural, fresh and healthy food weight can be gained correctly. Many guys who have moved up in weight actually had to starve themselves to get down to an unnatural weight that they basically only maintain for a matter of seconds then balloon 8-15 pounds in a 24 hour period. Does that sound healthy to you. Whats funny is Pac stays in shape constantly and fights at what is probably his natural weight and doesn’t have to starve himmself to make weight anymore…I think people can speculate all they want about Pacquaio but until they have proof these appear to be more like conspiracy theories than actual evidence that the guy is actually doing any PED’s. I am 32 and weight 150-160.

  • thanks Pedro for this good article. Regarding the issue of water weight and fat, a perfect example of everyone to see is the fight between Floyd and Dela Hoya at 154. Look at the waist of Floyd and also look at the effect the extra weight had on his speed. Floyd clearly has water weight in his waist and his speed is a bit slower, and he had just added about 7 pounds of extra weight. This Pac-cheater has added more than 20 pounds with no water weight or fat.

    also the reason why Floyd didnt ask for drug testing on Marquez is very clear. Look at Marquez in his fight with Mayweather, he clearly has water weight due to moving up in weight and so wasnt using drugs. Its only Pac-cheat who moves up in weight and doesnt have water weight or fat.
    Its clear he is a cheater

  • Rios, What the hell are you talking about? Pac knocked down Barerra twice, Marquez 4 times(in two bouts) , Morales i think a total of three times in three fights. He has always had power at every weight. That may be suspicious, but to suggest that all of sudden he just started knocking guys out as he moved up is nonsense. Has anyone very took the time to think about it that maybe the reason he’s doing better as he’s moved up in weight is that he has such a speed advantage over his bigger, but slower opposition. Barerra, Morlaes and Marquez were used to fighting smaller fighters with speed. Why do you think Marquez was so successful at lightweight? He had skills and could deal with clever boxers or speedy fighters because he was used to it. He couldn’t handle Mayweather because Floyd is probably too fast for anyone, excpet Pac and Mosley.

  • What holy not roiding??? He had soo much juice inhim by time he fought Tyson his balls were the size of mustard seeds!!!!!!!! Point again look how holy was muscling Tyson around the ring. And nobody muscled Tyson before or after not even lennox Lewis!!!

  • Pedro I have 2 points to make for u and u know I’m not a pacbitch!!! But if PAC was getting tired with jmm 20 pounds ago maybe he was draining too much weight? And many fighters have moved up high in weight and maintained a muscular build such as pbf and ssm Thomas hearn Ray Leonard Alexis arguelo and many more. Those arguments are a little weak. But u can say he wasn’t 1 punch koing featherweight and now he is doing it to welters. He is muscling them too if u look he pushed dlh across the ring on 1 occasion and did it to cotto and clottey who r strong as he’ll. That’s like Jordan boxing shaq down lown for a post move muscling him down and dunking on him in the post WTF !!!!!! And that’s just a few pointers

  • Good Piece.

    We have no idea if Manny is clean or not. How many times have we heard, “I am clean. I don’t even know what steroids are. ”

    The latter quote has been spoken by many and years later we find out that they did know.

    I am not saying Manny is dirty or clean but if years from now. We found out he was juicing let’s just look back and say. Okay he did use them.

    Several boxers have been caught and tested positive.

    @TDub – No one has any evidence that he is clean.

    Good article Pedro.

  • Antonio, Evander Holyfield AKA Evan Fields on steroids? Of course V was!

  • The writing is on the wall. If Mayweather can beat Mosley, Pacquiao will agree to Olympic style testing to shut up haters like Pedro.

    He is clean. You have no evidence that he is not. You’ll be eating your words big time. Get ready.

  • Pedro–You didn’t compare Manny to Evander Holyfield, who was ripped and ready at a 50-60 pound range! Or are we now just assuming Evander was and is a roid creation? As a long-time Duran fan, I have to admit I have a rooting interest in seeing Manny looked at more critically, and you are quite right to do so. But as an even bigger boxing fan, I’d like to see him cleared (no pun intended!)

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