• KP, classical music is a great entrainment to me and a bore to some guys. Rap is extremely boring to me, “ethnic” music is lovely, F1 I love, stock car races I detest, likewise Floyd’s fights are a thing of beauty, so to say ” to allude that Floyd’s fights are entertaining is just nonsense” is just non sense. It is your taste, your opinion, nothing else. Don’t make it sound as if your opinion is shared by all. It is shared by people who have the same opinion or taste as yours, and it’s fine by me, we cannot all like the same things, it’d be boring. But yes, to me Floyd fights are highly entertaining. Whitaker’s also, or Ward, I mean I love technicians and appreciate the subtle things that most don’t see or call “lucky punch”, “the regular Joe was not in the ring tonight”, etc.

    And that’s all the difference between watching engineers taking down a building with precisely aligned dynamites and a bulldozer doing the same thing. I’ll take the engineer’s version of the destruction.

  • @KP, I agree with that description of the Mayweather-Maidana match up. To me that sounds entertaining, no? Regardless if you say that you’re ‘buying’ these fights or not doesn’t matter because you’re watching them, I’m watching them and therefore someone has made the purchase, and anyone watching expects to be entertained. That’s why these PPV’s can continue to happen. As far as Floyd moving up to 154, do you believe there is anyone besides Eslandry Laura that fits the description of someone ‘who can box’? 154 is slim with top tier talent and marketable fighters…so I’m not sure that the argument that he needs to find an opponent there makes sense, unless you’re just hedging your bets against him potentially losing, due to the size disadvantage. By the way after seeing this weekends match up, do you feel Manny or Bradley has a shot at beating Floyd?

  • By the way, I don’t buy either guys fights. When Floyd moves up to 154 and fight a real 154lber who can box, I will consider buying one of his fights. As long as he’s fighting slow flat footed fighters like Alvarez and Cotto that I know he’s going to beat, no. I think my post was pretty clear and concise sir. i love a great boxer as much as anyone, but to allude that Floyd’s fights are entertaining is just nonsense. He was a little more aggressive in this last bout, but he clearly is a safety first fighter. I can appreciate the craft, but he isn’t worth paying 70 dollars for, not facing the likes of Maidana anyways. I do think Maidana will bring it though and not just try to box with Floyd like his last three fights. He will get humiliated, but I think he will go balls to tje wall and get stopped.

  • “I know you guys think I am biased against Floyd,”. WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE.

    Man, I’m laughing so hard, I could die. Don’t do that to me, I’m getting old, and extraneous activities like LOL are dangerous. That was a good one.

  • “The main reason Manny typically gets a pass in this department is because his fights are more entertaining and he scores more KO’s”.

    “As for Floyd, one of the main reasons Floyd gets pissed on, is because for one he doesn’t go for knockouts”.

    KP, you, more than most, should understand the difference between a F350 and a Ferrari. You should be able to distinguish the difference between Van Gogh and a window painter. It actually vexes me that you admit to be more Conan the Barbarian than bruce Lee. You mean to tell us that you don’t get excited when you see an artist like Floyd, or Whitaker apply their craft? All you want to see is guys being decapitated? Man, this is the 21st century, not ancient Rome enjoying gladiators. I, for one get extremely excited to see the subtle things these guys do in the ring, and bored when guys throw hayemakers in hopes to KO the opponent. I like finesse, beauty. A boxer at that level is a thing of beauty. A brawler? I really don’t enjoy that (then again, I can sit there for 2 hours watching a F1 race. Senna vs Prost? Wow).

    “I just can’t buy his fights when I know he is going to win easily”. So you implicitly are telling us that the guy is vastly superior to his opponents so you won’t buy his fights for that reason. What’s your reason for buying Pac’s fights (the Pac of old who you knew would win the fights)? Adrenaline?

  • You can make a case for Pacquaio and Floyd using the business side of the sport to create a roadblock for the fight not happening. I used McCallum as an example because he is the perfect example of risk vs reward factor or rhetoric is used in ways to avoid fights. Bottom line is and I have noticed this as a trend in boxing, fighters who have skills get avoided for brawlers. I know you guys think I am biased against Floyd, but I would put both him and Manny in the same category. The main reason Manny typically gets a pass in this department is because his fights are more entertaining and he scores more KO’s. Doesn’t mean he’s a better fighter or faces tougher opponents typically.

    As for Floyd, one of the main reasons Floyd gets pissed on, is because for one he doesn’t go for knockouts when he is typically so superior to his opponents, and also because he is so skilled he is typically such a huge favorite his fights lack any drama. For this reason many people expect him to move up to unnatural weights for a perceived challenge. It really isn’t fair to him, but I just can’t buy his fights when I know he is going to win easily. He is really in a can’t win situation with the fans or critics.

  • Lol @todaline. I Just wanted to see if he was going to be able to come up with more names being that he said that this is an ‘excuse often used’. I figured that there would be some examples that would set some fighter’s apart from others, besides his obvious whipping boy, FMJr.

  • @JW: “Who specifically are we referring to?”

    Come on man, you know who he’s referring to…

  • Wow, good points todaline. As boxing fans, it certainly does behove us to be objective. It is a sport and also a business. The perspective of a fighter who has much to gain from avoiding pure exploitation may ruffle the feathers of some fans, but if the fighter is comfortable and able to provide for himself and family (beginning to end of day), that’s simple to understand as a place we would all like to be. I’d certainly like to be Larry Holmes more than Joe Louis at the end of my career. By the way KP, you did say the business side is ‘often used as an excuse for fighters to avoid fights’. Who specifically are we referring to?

  • as WERE most of the “throwback” fighters

  • I’m trying to reconcile these 2 statements: “However the business side is often used as an excuse for fighters to avoid fights. Look at the Stevenson Kovalev situation” and then “I am in no way saying that I think Stevenson is ducking Kovalev”. Contradiction much? Anyway, while it is true that “most people could care less about the business side of the sport because they have nothing to gain from it”, we shouldn’t confuse our wishes with the reality of business and get mad because we “demand” for a fight that doesn’t get made. As for who deserves what or what fights are ultimately made, we all have to sit down and picture ourselves working for company A. In that company we do a great job but are paid peanuts, so as a remedy we start complaining to all the customers, hoping that they’d put pressure on the boss. We’re doing a great job, the customers really appreciate us but will they care if the boss says, OK, in this case you have to pay more for the products. The customers will probably advise us to go get a job somewhere else. Another thing is, we seem to not understand that the equation (business equation that is) has greatly changed. Back in the days the fighters didn’t have much to say, the promoters decided (a la Top Rank today, which is why TR fighters virtually only fight TR fighters) and promoters cooperated with each other because it was in their best interests. Today we have a senile old moro who’s exacting revenge against ex fighters and we all get mad at his victims for fighting back.

    And James Toney is broke, as was most of the “throwback” fighters who gave the best of themselves so we can get entertained. Are we sending him a check from time to time?

  • I understand the business part of boxing as a hurdle. However the business side is often used as an excuse for fighters to avoid fights. Look at the Stevenson Kovalev situation. I am in no way saying that I think Stevenson is ducking Kovalev. He did what any smart fighter would do. Go for the best deal. However in the minds of a lot of people he’s ducking Kovalev. Most people could care less about the business side of the sport because they have nothing to gain from it. It is annoying to hear fan boys of certain fighters defend their fighters because and say, “So and so doesn’t deserve a shot because they bring no money to the table”, Fans want to see the best fights period. They don’t want to spend years debating why certain fights didn’t occur. I know I am off topic here, but remember Mike Mc Callum? Perfect example of a world class fighter who only got opportunities when he was past his peak. Even then the elite fighters or stars weren’t lining up to fight him. Thats why James Toney was a throwback. He didn’t duck nobody and sit around and make excuses .

  • rioo001: pachyderm (in this particular case): big, huge, SLOW to understand and react, and when reacting, repetitiveness (or is its best friend), or maybe we should use a more adequate word, tautology. Not all tautologists are pachyderms, but virtually all pachyderms are tautologists.
    JW, excellent points, but the business side of boxing is not something that people busy hating care about.

  • “so that would be four Black fighters that had some success against him.” Last I checked he beat all 4 of them.

  • Bradley is a good fighter and I’d like to see that fight. Not sure if the cold war will be an ongoing issue though. I think Floyd is generally not fighting black fighters for the same reason Jack Johnson didn’t. There is more reward fighting opponents who have larger economic support behind them. Collectively, African Americans don’t spend as much on boxing compared to other nationalities and races more popular fighters…and I would assume more than half of the people who buy Floyd’s fights want to see him lose and aren’t African American. There is still an option for Thurman to step up, but besides that, I don’t think there are many black fighter’s that make sense to match with Floyd right now, considering that Showtime and the promoters need returns on their investment. Do you think Laura qualifies as a ‘black’ dangerous opponent? Maybe if he beats Canelo (which I doubt), he’ll get a shot. I see that happening sooner than Bradley, but you never know.

  • @todaline I dont know what a pachyderm is ….but I understand completely!!!! lol….@kp Bradley just singed a 2 year extension with top rank when he did that he wasnt thinking about fighting Floyd in the future he was thinking about getting the most $$$$ for whoever top rank is gonna throw his way think about it (Marquez ,Rios,Pac Man,Ruslan) after he fights these guys and some for a second time Mayweather will have proably retired by then. Manny has a chance to make it happen next year I think he owes Arum one more fight after this.Will he resign or will me become a free agent like Cotto and make the biggest fights?

  • Interesting observation. I never made the connection that the last three black fighters Floyd faced were able to stun him. Plus Mayweather always considers Augustus his toughest fight…so that would be four Black fighters that had some success against him. Two of those four were southpaws.

    That said another common denominator is that Floyd tried to open up offensively more than he normally does with Corley, Augustus, and Mosley.

  • How about Floyd vs Bradley? If he wins he earned a shot. Tired of Floyd fighting slow fighters who can’t box.By the way, if you noticed he only appears to fight Latino fighters. For the most part a style he appears to have mastered. I don’t want to stereotype here, but most Latino fighters need cooperation. They need you to stand right in front of them to do their work. Even Marquez who is a very good boxer struggles every time he faces a black or african American fighter. Floyd avoids fighting black fighters. The last black fighter he fought, Mosley, almost KO’d him but was to old to finish him off. judah had a few good rounds, and Corely seriously stunned him. All I am saying, all three of those fighters gave him sone issues. All three have in common that they are black. I am just curious as to why Floyd is reluctant to fight black fighters or fighters with speed and athleticism.I don’t expect Floyd to fight GGG or middleweights by the way, and I don’t think it’s fair to expect him to do it, but of he can fight at 154,I’d at least like to see him fight a boxer,, not slow plodders like Alvarez and Cotto.

  • A crow is agile and fast thinking, knowing what to do to reach its goal. A pachyderm keeps trying and trying.

  • Oh, this is just for shitz and giggles? Ok, well…let’s see what happens on Saturday. If Bradley pulls it off, we can call for a Mayweather vs GGG match or build a time machine and bring a prime Sugar Ray Robinson back to face him. Or maybe we can just get Marvin Hagler out of retirement like James Jeffries when he fought Jack Johnson, he’ll be able to beat Floyd right?, Lol.

  • Come on JW, this is for amusements sake. It’s funny…Pac is fighting this week. Lets stir up some interest.As for whether the fight matters or not, Floyd is 37, and Manny is 35. Bottom line is if the fight gets made it will be the biggest money fight in boxing history. They have never fought so you can’t go out and predict the outcome. Bottom line is Manny is fast and a southpaw. Fights nothing like the slowfooted Maidana who Floyd fights in May. Floyd showed his true colors here in my view. If he beats Bradley they need to make the fight. Floyd would be a 3 or 4 to one favorite.Not sure why they can’t at least attempt to come to terms here.

  • Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for standing the watch on the world of boxing! If Bradley can win Saturday night and stay undefeated will the boxing world call for Bradley vs Floyd both undefeated in the fall?

    Bradley took apart Marquez and the war with Ruslan was flat out sick!

    Thanks Pedro! I have been a fan of yours for a long time. Keep up the good work!

  • … And tomorrow morning the sun will rise east and set west, as it does every day of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decade… Cadavers will still be exhumed and no matter how much Channel #5 is poured onto it, putrefaction still stinks. And some things/people will never change. To be or to want to be, that is the new question.

  • What’s the point here? This video is from before the Cotto or Ortiz fight. Manny and Mayweather will likely never meet. And if they did, at this point would it matter? The Pacquiao of 2009 vs 2014 is much different. And I highly doubt the 2009 Pacquiao would have performed up to standard with USADA testing, hence the fight never took place…with this one, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  • Floyd is right about one thing: I don’t give a f**k about him or his crappy family

  • Plain and simple scared. And you call yourself the greatest boxer of all time? Shame on you Kentucky Floyd chicken!

  • lol “Floyd aint scared Floyd is smart”……classic

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