San Francisco, CA– Here are the results of an ongoing poll at Manny Pacquiao’s website in the Philippines The fans want to see Pac and Floyd Mayweather, but with Floyd’s legal woes and his reluctance to fight Pacman means that fight ain’t happening anytime soon folks! Is it just me or do you find it stunning that Mosley has just 4% of over 5,000 votes? Manny, do you read your own site? Here are the results as of noon PT Wednesday.


Floyd Mayweather Jr 57.3%
Juan Manuel Marquez 20.5%
Andre Berto 8.2%
Sergio Martinez 8.1%
Sugar Shane Mosley 4.7%
None of the above 1.2%

“Ring Talk News Service”


  • Pac has earned the right to pick his fights. He already fought JMM twice. At 147 he will stop JMM; but this is the best choice he can make. I wouldn’t fight Mosley because he is on the downside (even though it would be an action packed fight), Berto has NO fan base and couldn’t draw flies if he had shit in his pants, and Bradly, Alexander, and Maidana are too small. Kahn’s height and reach may make an attractive fight, but they are both trained by Roach.

  • 1200 Techs, I can agree with what you are saying but again that is our opinion. Other folk will look at the 8 belts and different weight divisions and as Naazim says, “everytime Pac has fought he has always put himself at risk.” We can see this as being the case as most experts have always gone against Pac and he has proven them wrong time and again.

  • Winner of Khan-Maidana.

  • Pedro, who out of Khan,Maidana, Bradley,ALexander, kotelnik (he deserves to be in there for his showing against alexander), which style do u envision giving pac the most fits and why if they were to fight at 140?

  • Khan and Maidana would give him good fights!

  • Baruchshem: They might not be on pac’s level, but those guys at 140 would still give pac good fights…I read somewhere pac would prob. have to dry himself out to make the 140 limit, therefore that in itself would help even out the odds given that those fighters at 140 aren’t drying themselves out either.. Regarding how much money pac is going to make, frankly, if we are to discuss legacy, it shouldn’t even come into the equation…pac has reached the highest level of the sport where he SHOULD BE CRITIQUED at the highest level when he’s choosing opponants..140 is arguably the deepest div. right now, and to clean that up, it has to be proven in the ring, and would help his legacy..,or clean up 147 but don’t make guys move up or move down to that weight..take on boxers at their optimum weight…pac has the opportunity to be crack the top 20 and some even say the top 10 of all time, depending on whom he chooses…his fans should urge him to do so

  • When you have Boxers having the level of attraction like a De La Hoya, Mayweather, Pacquiao, you will always have a big following. It has nothing to do with color of skin or nationality. These special guys transcend the sport, that is all to it. Why Marquez vs Katsidis only only do 5000 at MGM. Vegas Fights rarely sell out these days unless it is a Topped Named Fighter.

  • TT, I’ll give you a hint look at boxing stance. If you did not know, it’s because you are not a fighter nor a student of combative sports. You are plain ignorant, my friend.

  • TT, do your research and you will see how Filipino’s influenced boxing due to Filipino Martial Arts. When you watch Pac throw punches from weird angles, looking like figure 8, I assume he’s probably had some training in Eskrima/Arnis.

  • 1200 Techs, I can see what you are saying but really my opinion is that those guys are not even at Pac’s level so what will that do for legacy, they are young up and comers and not really tested. What will it do for Pac money wise? Nothing. Roach already stated they will stay at 147 as that is where he is confortable and best. Also, why the need to go to 140, his stablemate is Khan and Pac would do him a big favor by letting him take care of that division. If Khan can clean that division out then he himself will surely be on the way for greatness as Roach is predicting.

  • pedro you’re an idiot. If you walk on the street of san francisco and ask filipinos on who should Manny fight next ,100% of them would say Gayweather first ,but for some reason he does not want to fight Manny. Then most of them would say marquez because of the 2 close fights they had previously. Marquez did not win the first fight in fact if one of the judge had correctly score the first round ,Manny would have won both fights. The truth is in boxing if you get knock down that is equivalent to 2pts. Which is huge in boxing especially in close fight.Marquez won more rounds because he is a better boxer then. Not now. I believe if they fight at 140lbs Manny will kill him. No way its going to be a close fight. If you disagree with me then I challenge you to bet on Marquez. I’m pretty sure there’s alot of bookie in San Francisco who gladly would take DEAD money.

  • Baruschem,
    Are you telling me that if Pac vs Clottey had no mexican fighters on it’s undercard it would draw 50k and do 700,000 ppv’s? Don’t think so. When he fought Margarito there were more people cheering for Margarito than there were for Pac. In order for pac to draw those numbers he needs Mexican fighter on the undercard and/or as the main event. Are you saying that if pac fought mosley in Dallas with no mexican fighters on any undercard he would do as well as he did with Margarito? Sorry. The fact is even Arum knows this. Remember cotto vs Moseley in NY on the eve of the PR day parade nothing but Mexicans on the undercards. Fact is boxing won’t survive without mexican fighters. I’m not even Mexican I just know boxing would suck without them. Filipinos haven’t even been relevant to the sport since about 5 yrs ago not even them just pac actually. Funny how I see filipinos with those boxing gloves hanging from the cars with there flag like they have this tradition in the sport. Funny!

  • im excited to see the fight between Mosley and Pacman….Floyd only decision Mosley…Mosley face was clear after that fight…..Mosley never been KO’d in his long career….Is Pacman the first fighter to knock out Mosley……the first fighter to inflict a pizza face(like Margarito and Cotto) on Mosley…..Let’s wait and see…..

  • leak marquez offers, 6Million plus 5$ per PPV, Mosley 3Million Plus ?PPV…Wow!!! unrealistic offer from Marquez who was whooped by Floyd and only have 1 fight above 135….He fought a bum Katsidis who lost to Casamayor by KO and beaten by Diaz…Both Casa and Diaz was beaten by Marquez that makes his fight with Katsidis insignificant…..its a mismatch…Marquez will be killed above 135

  • Pac w/ Marquez @ 144lbs just like when Marquez fought Mayweather so we shall all see the result. What I’ve noticed is that majority of haters are african/american, who are jeolous of pac’s success, mainly the maynever followers. They want pac to go down & fight Marquez either @ 135lbs or 140lbs. They say, it would only be fair to do it for Marquez’s sake coz he’s small & can’t carry his weight at welterweight division. I say to all these haters, “Motherf**kers, all you werent sayin this sh!t when he called out Maynever at welterweight! All you f**ksticks were saying ya May beat him coz he’s just so much superior than Marquez. LMAO! Now when it comes down to fighting the pac, pac has to give him some fair advantages by going down in weight just like that dumb n!ga Ron Frazer was sayin? All you f**ksticks can never give him credit coz all you f@gs know, the pac will do a better job in man handling peepee man! The pac is now the money man & he makes the call in how much, what weight, glove size or whatever just like what coward boy had always donw in the past. When Maynever did something cowardly, I see all his nuthugin fans coming up w/ all kinds of excuses on why he did that. May should just retire & stop wasting everyone’s time. Pac should fight all upcoming fights at welterwieght or above. There aint no one who at this point who can beat him!

  • I beg to differ…pac could go down to 140 and take on all comers, and that would certainly enhance his legacy and make for compelling fights…winner of bradley/alexander or winner of khan/maidana would be good scraps…imagine cleaning up a division at the tail end of his career, probably the deepest div. right now, jr. welters…it would be reminiscent of pacs tear thru the lighter weights when he would take on everyone! he would have to drop down to 140 to do so…jr. middleweight simply is to much for pac imo and aside from berto (who still has unfinished biz w/ collazo), 147 is pretty much settled..unfortunatley, we wont get closure unless mayweather and pac fight each other…boxing fans need an undisputed champ and i believe pac can do it at 140..if pac wants to build his legacy, clearing up arguably the deepest div. in boxing would do just that!

  • Greatness, my Pedro, is something Pac has already achieved. 8 titles in different weight divisions and all our words here will be long gone but his accomplishments will still be in the record books.

    Funny thing about the boxing community or community in general is like I say, you can’t please everybody. All this crying about catchweights, Pac will fight his next opponent at 147lbs. yet you want another catchweight with Marquez. Pac beat Margarito and then all this talk about him being weight drained. Shane and Margarito both weighed in at the 147lb mark, who is more drained a 147 or 150lbs Margarito? Marquez at 144lbs is not even the same person too slow and no power as it is. Marquez will surely be uncomfortable at that weight and fighting a different Pac will not help him either. If people wanted a 3rd match between Pac and Marquez it should have been after the 2nd one. Marquez was not chasing down Pac real hard like he is now, it’s all about the payday. Sad thing for Marquez he exploits Pac’s acheivements and his defeated opponents talking really hard like he could beat Margarito and Cotto, then why he didn’t move up and fight them. Marquez is a sad case! When Marquez gets killed at 144,145,146,147, what will his excuse be then? I really wanted to fight Pac @ 135 so lets have a 4th match at 135lbs. Let Marquez cry, Pac is the lottery ticket not him so he has nothing to offer Pac. Fighting Marquez will not enhance Pac in any way, we already hear the talk of him needing to fight a slick Black American Fighter. This fighter has to be Floyd no one else. All Pac is achieving by fighting anyone else is to add to his already fat pockets, enhancing his legacy is not even in the question unless it is with FLoyd.

  • pedro, in all honesty their isn’t a man in the 140 or 147 division that will even give pac a good fight. jmm does deserve a shot but in reality, manny is a different fighter than back then.

    i mean manny is taking clean shots from a 165 lb margarito, plus clean shots from bigger guyz like cotto and clottey. pacman is cleaning the divisions out.

    berto or bradley make sense cause they are young with great records, but they’re not even in the same league. mosely is past his prime. marquez is a great fighter. better than morales and barerra overall but would b crushed with a modern day manny.

    we all know what the world wants to see…..only mayweather has a real shot at pacman. i’d give pacman a slight edge.

    however, we all know what happens to fighters when they run into domestic issues (bowe, tyson). mayweather is not even in the frame of mind to handle a fight against a pacman. his life of boxing may have been scarred for life. it’s sad for boxing if you’re a real fan.

    i’m a pacman fan but i was a boxing fan way before manny came into scene.

  • That was real cool, Antonio, giving Martinez props. Look, fight Marquez at 144, the same weight he was for Margarito and nobody complains. JMM will come in light, I would think, given Nacho Berastein is in the corner. He is old school and and will again hope his guy can survive the early bombardment and then go to pickin’ Pac apart. I just watched the second fight. It was fought in Marquez’s terms more often than not. I do now see why some people want Manny to NOT face JMM. But I think to attain greatness, he needs to drill JMM and shut everybody up. of course, the Pacfans wanted Marquez 4-1 over Mosley, even after Shane announced he had the Pac fight in 2011.

  • fair enough. although i disagree. i do agree that marquez’ face will look like a “close encounter” alien if he lasts near the end of the fight.

    however, he’s been knocked down 4x by pacman and at the level manny is fighting plus higher weight, and the fact the marquez has been proven slower at a heavier weight, marquez is gonna be ground beef. then all the haters are going to say pacman fought an old marquez.

    remember hatton’s face? that’s gonna be marquez when he get’s ko. remember cotto’s and margarito’s faces? a marquez fat face is gonna be great to see on ppv if he lasts.

    manny will probably agree to 145-147.

  • It would be a close encounter of The Third Kind!

  • so pedro, please clarify what’s your prediction of pacman vs marquez at 140?

  • Jin, your comment was beyond the pale and dead wrong!

  • Wait, just got a revelation! Pedro, are you really JMM or Nacho using an Alias to push your agenda?LOL

  • I doubt Pac or Filipinos is afraid of JMM, remember it was Marquez who declined a rematch with Pac after the first bout. JMM wants to capitalize on Pac’s star power and taste some money that he can only dream, that’s the only reason to want to fight Pac. Maybe Uncle Bob and Pac would feel pity for him and give him his payday but after his and that anti semite Delahoya unsportsmanlike conduct they are less than deserving. After all their antics and crying just to get public attention, as a Mexican or Latino, I would be very embarrassed. Advice for Marquez, Leave that quitter Oscar and his crew and do a move like Mosely. While Mosely or whoever and Pac are at it in April he can fight Cotto, Margarito, Clottey at welter since he can beat them according to his words. Then he and Pac can close out the year 2011.

  • TT, I don’t agree with your logic. It don’t matter about the color of the skin but whether or not the fighter has a name going for himself. How many Filipino boxers is out there that are even close to being recognizable? Donaire, definitely needs to be on the undercard for PAC. Maybe do Donaire vs Montiel on the undercard. Can any of the current Mexican and black fighters bring 50k to Dallas? I don’t think so.

  • Let’s not forget that after the draw on the first fight, one of the judges confessed to scoring one of the rounds incorrectly that should have given Pac the win.

  • @josh


  • For the record Marquez didnt lose to pac twice only once. The other was a draw. All you people who talk about ppv and how much pac and moseley can sell need to understand how important mexican fighters are to the undercards. when moseley fought mayweather nothing but mexicans on the undercards as well as pac-clottey nothing but mexicans. I don’t even think pac has fought on a card with another filipino also involved. They should do an all black-filipino undercard and you will see exactly how many ppv’s they can sell. Who wants to bet that there will be nothing but mexicans on the undercards. Any takers? Didn’t think so!

  • pac versus ryu is better!

  • Nothing to prove unless you think Pac got lucky both times in their two close encounters. Seggie, you’re not smoking weed, more like PCP!

  • The PacMan doesn’t need JMM to prove anything in the boxing world. Therefore a fight with JMM will be on PacMan’s term at 147 lbs. And for sure the next fight for PacMan is with Mosley. But I feel the way JMM should do is have a welterweight fight with a credible welterweight boxer and then beat him. In that way, it will be more exciting is the PacMan-JMM fight and PacMan has no other fight (except a Mayweather fight) more exciting than a PacMan-JMM fight. But for now let us contend ourselves with a PacMan-Mosley fight!

  • Because Manny barely or in some minds, didn’t beat JMM. Funny how a slow old Mexican can scare the entire nation that is the Philippines.

  • After the Mora fight and the Floyd fight, Mosley will show up, but he won’t bring PPV money with him, not happening.

  • It just shows you that you guys are sheep! You want this fight 4-1 over the other, but you’ll settle for dog kibble instead of real beef! Silly!

  • delpilar,

    Mora is a middleweight/jr mifddle and they never fought. Next dumb comment please!

  • Ten Count–“Urinal of Youth” is pretty good!

  • Marquez can’t even beat Sergio Mora, why is Marquez better than Mosley?

  • The business of boxing is overwhelming the actual boxing–like baseball or the film biz. Pedro, has Larry Merchant (his name more allegorical now than ever!) had anything illuminating to say about the behind-the-scenes jockeying?

  • Filipinos might be enjoying the reality that Pacman is destroying and sending mexicans great warriors to retirement after inflicting so much beatings, thats why Marquez came on top of that poll.I can no longer rationalize any reason why Marquez won that poll except for what ived mentioned above. Filipinos want to relive the moments once more, this time its Marquez’ turn to retire if that fight happens. Expect the expected this time once again.

  • Pedro, why are you so desperate to push this argument about this survey at Pacland ? To filipinos, it really doesnt matter even if Marquez won the poll on the next opponent for Pacquiao. The most important thing for filipinos is they watch Pacman fight again, regardless whoever he fights with.
    Obviously, Marquez wants the fight and tried to dictate the terms of the fight too. If thats the case lets all forget Pacquiao-Marquez. Marquez will never ever have bargaining chips in this situation except for this survey you are talking about.

  • ppv’s are the ones to talk to, only shane can contribute half a million views, others are unknown so it’s useless, in anyway pacman will beat them all, nothin to prove…

  • No Way for Pacman and Marquez.Pacman Beat Marquez twice.Wats the Reason for the 3rd Fight?….Compare to Pacman and Morales,Morales Deserve for the 3rd Fight bec. he Won their First Fight…….Marquez pls. use your LOGIC and COMMON SENSE.Dont be a CRYING BABY FOREVER..Move on with ur life..Your Acting like a Toodler…

  • Pacman vs Berto.They Both Strong & Fast.

  • Pedro, Only reason why Filipinos want Pac to fight Marquez is because they feel he is disrepecting Pac. Because of this, Filipino’s are pisssseddd with vengeance and they want to see Pac kill him in the ring, shut his mouth up for good and send him into retirement in an old age home. It’s all emotions, but we must not go on emotions alone we need to use our brain. So at this point of Pac’s career, he don’t really have nothing to prove with what he has accomplished. There are always haters that come with success and you really can’t please everyone, so let Uncle Bob do his job as a promoter to get as much money as he can for his fighter. The whole boxing world knows that the best fight for Pac is Floyd, all others will have excuses when Pac beats them. They are either to old (Mosley, Marquez) or too young and unexperience with high caliber fighters (Berto, Bradley, etc..). These young bucs should fight Margarito, Cotto, Mosley and see how well they do and at the same time will build their name. Too bad Berto had to pull out with his bout with Shane because if he beat Shane his cause for fighting Pac would have been a lot more convincing. People will say why is Pac fighting all Mayweather’s leftovers, the question is why won’t Floyd fight Pac’s leftovers. We all know he waited for Shane to get old enough to be his Daddy. He even ducked the likes of Cotto and Margarito already and I believe Pac fought both these fighters while they were still in their prime.

  • it is stupid for all to think pacman is the same, as the fighter marquez fought years ago. if we vote for this fight, we are putting marquez life in danger.

  • JMM

  • BECAUSE CASTILLO IS LIKE TUPAC……..DEAD! 10 Count I would have expected more!

  • This is boxing you buffoon. Somebody disrespects you, you knock their block off. How weak an excuse, no pathetic. Marquez and he had two very close fights, I can’t believe that you could come up with such a weak excuse.

  • Manny weighs 144 with “silver dollars” (wink) in his pockets so says Emanuel Steward on a recent “Ring Talk Worldwide” appearance. Don’t make an excuse, especially one as dumb as that one. Pac can fight him at 140 pr so sans any problems getting down.

  • It`s curious that there is not a parallel discussion over a third bout between Floyd Mayweather and Jose Luis Castillo even though that one has been on hold for a few years longer … does not seem to trouble PBF or his fans that he escaped with one lucky decision and was outpunched over 24 rounds without registering even a knockdown against a guy previously known mainly as Javier Jaurengui`s Bitch.

  • Pacquiao VS Godzilla would make more sence. We want someone with superpower againt pacquiao to make it more challenging……

  • Guess the same voters might also bee up for Vazquez-R.Marquez – could be they are just hoping to set up their guy for what they percieve as an easy blowout at 147 so they can lord it over the marquez fans on message boards…

    Look I have always been the first one to trumpet the two Pacquiao-Marquez bouts as all-time great classics. Where I live, that first fight turned more people into avid boxing fans than any event since Bowe-Holyfield 1. They should have fought three or four times between 2005 & 2007, heck even five wouldn`t have been too many. As thankfull as I am for their two bouts, I am equally bitter with both camps for not doing it sooner and more often.

    However, everything has an expiry date, and I suspect this match-up may have arrived to that stage. At the very best case scenario they can only duplicate what we have already seen with another inconclusive result – and even that would depend on some big IF`s, such as JMM finding the `Urinal of Youth` and Manny fighting the ghost of the Marquez he remembers instead of the fighter he is now.

    Personally I`m ready to run with more new and different challenges for Pacquiao and Marquez should watch and root for Manny because the more he wins the better Juan`s efforts will look in retrospect.

  • pedro, marquez first time performance at welter, against floyd was horrible. if it was pacman he was facing he could have been killed. so arum told marquez to fight bradly, devon, berto or mosley first to see if he’s really qualified against pacman. HE REFUSED!!! amir offered marquez, to challenge his WBA jr welter crown…MARQUEZ ALSO REFUSED!…saying he’s not going to be a stepping stone of amir!!! IS THIS THE WAY A WARRIOR REACTS? HEY, IT WAS JUST AMIR!
    it was because of concern, that arum suggested marquez fight first lower level welters. it is for HIS OWN SAFETY that marquez acquaint himself fist at welter because pacman is now a MONSTER. pacman’s power destroys big opponents…breaking their orbital bone. god forbid, one solid shot to the head from pacman, and marquez could be killed. it is stupid for marquez to think that pacman is the same fighter he faced years ago.
    so for refusing to heed arum, marquez must not be allowed to fight pacman. it is for his own sake. his life is more important than the big money he will earn from fighting pacman. revenge and honor is not worth the suicide.

  • i agree with one article from, pacquiao will choose mosley next because he didnt want to give a huge payday for a ‘desrespectful’ marquez…

  • Let’s reset the poll: Mosley,Marquez and Berto. Berto is the most credible opponent for Pacquiao, the only problem is he is not as popular as two. Mosley has to prove that he is still a contender and Marquez has to prove that he is still at his best at 140lbs.

  • hi ur articles and a boxing fan, thanks for featuring filipino fighters on ur blogs like Nonito thought am kinda sometimes confused when u write about Pacquiao, hope someday u’d feature more of our promising boxers as well as mexican or other latino fighters…love ur writng about the Muhammad Ali…more power & God Bless…

  • I have seen the fight of Marquez and Katsidis, Marquez punch is not heavy; he even not put down Katsidis by throwing much punches. Marquez was down by Katisidis in 3rd round. If the fight got to happen Marquez will be hospitalized more than what happen to Margarito. Manny punch now in welterweight is 10 times heavier than his punch in super featherweight. Besides Marquez claiming win in the last two fights, how come that he wanted for 3rd. Even Marquez lost again he still claiming that he won.

  • That will probably happen, so why are you Filipinos os scared of him and want Mosley, EVEN thoughthe website says JMM a 4-1 choice by fans over Mosley. Another schmo as none of those guys went life and death twice with pac like JMM.

  • pacman vs marquez…this fight will end marquez’s career. haters will say marquez is old already. at 147, pacman will put marquez in the hospital. another victim waiting to be added on the “mexicutioners” list.

    mosely vs pacman? can you imagine a fat swollen face on mosley? he’s already old and his last fight is proof. first u.s. black fighter in the hospital too against pac.

    berto vs pacman? if pacman fights him, people will complain berto lacks experience. which he does. you can’t take a fighter that has beaten b- fighters against a legend. another ko for pacman.

    book it. people want so bad for pacman to lose so whoever wins, people say that person should fight pac. martinez? williams? marquez? bradley? pac’s name is brought up in anyone near the weight of pacman.

  • On Catch Weight Manny: The Pacman crew insisted on “catch-weight” for their last few opponents. These catch weights matter folks. Fighters that come in weight-drained and dehydrated are not 100%.

    On the JMM Fight: The Pacman crew has insisted that the fight be at 147, even though Manny can easily make 140 by going down a mere 4 lbs; and JMM can do the same weight by going up 5 lbs. Manny has stated that a third JMM fight would be “boring”. I assume he is implying that he will dominate Marquez in a third bout. If that is the case, why try and stack the cards yet again by using the weight scale? At 147, I am not interested in watching Manny VS JMM III; and neither should you be.

    I guess by securing catch-weights designed to weaken opponents, Manny is just imitating what other great fighters have done in the past: I remember when Arguello insisted on a catch-weight against Prior…and when Duran would only fight Leonard at a catch-weight of 145 lbs at Welter…and when Hears insisted that Hagler fight him at a catch-weight of 156.5…and when DLH made Hopkins fight him at 156…

  • Funny, and you live and were born where?

  • Another illegal alien, get this writer from writing propaganda! Border agent get this outta here…

  • Filipinos should bow their heads in shame for allowing this dweeb into an Internet cafe in Manila! Somebody put him out of his misery!

  • We’ll make this fight
    Pacman – JMM 95% – 5% if he really wants to fight. This is silly but realistic. Make it @ Jr middleweight 154lbs for Pacman crown.

  • Please send me some of that weed you guys are smoking. This article quoted the official Pacland poll of the Manny Pacquiao website, How did Floyd or Martinez enter the picture, the article was JMM 4-1 over Mosley as Pac’s next guy. You’re either stoned or challenged..

  • Floyd the Fraud is making this legal troubles on purpose to avoid Pacman or Martinez, he’s trapped. it’s sooo obvious.. He know these 2 will/can win and probably knock him out.. plain and simple..

  • Aek, you are an idiot. We are talking about 2010 and having had two razor close fight did Pac-Marquez. Your stupidity is greater than JMM fighting John.

  • pedro use your knowledge in boxing and try to write an article about who gets a beating next from pacman willit be berto,bradley or yur idol mayweather.

  • pedro you are eating too much guacamole and cow feet soup why would you insist in sending your fellow mehicano too an instant brain damage this pacman is not the same pacman marquez faced 2 yrs ago has more power in either hands and can take a punch from badass welterweights in your peanut brain pedro you think marquez can trade punches with cotto,clottey and margarito like pacman did….

  • Its JMM run from a rematch.Fight Unknown Chris John for a lesser purse and lost. Now demmand for 3rd match?? If he accept that match that time. Its 3-0 for Pacman now.

  • It’s not the Katsidis fight we are talking about Bozo, it’s the two Pac-JMM fights that were so close that you are friggen scared to death for Manny to face him. LMAO!

  • I would say JMM win over Katsidis mean nothing. Katsidis is not a champion and has not won against a top lb for lb fighter. PAC on the other hand beat up a big heavy fighter Margarito who has been a 3 time champion..Berto is more credible cos he’s a champion ,he’s young and undefeated to face Pacquiao.

  • What is important for manny now is MONEY for the construction of hospital in Sarangani province. Legacy is cemented already for him. Its all about money now.

  • And Manny has run from the guy who gave him the toughest fight.. Sounds like a puss!

  • Sounds like Pac is a Plantation slave and not the most popular boxer in the world. U couldn’t imagine Ali or Leonard, doing what the Top Rank plantation owner wants! NEXT stupid comment please!

  • Agreed, how about 60-40 Pac?

  • What a Buffoon u r atachi! If he listened to his fan, an Filipino poll by say JMM 4-1. Did you ever attend school?

  • I would love to see Pacman fight JMM, Mosley and Berto. But I don’t think JMM should dictate anything. Last year, it was JMM and Goldenboy who made stupid demands by saying they want a 50-50 split and an Olympic-style drug test ala Mayweather. Now they want Pac to go down in weight even though Pac will only weigh 144lbs in the weigh in. My suggestion is to have a same-day weigh in. JMM weighed 145lbs on fight night against Katsidis while Pac weighed 148lbs against Margarito. I know the weigh-in a day before the fight is good to further promote a fight, but at least on a same-day weigh in there is a bigger chance that both fighters will have the same weight (not that they already aren’t).

    Mosley needs a good win because he didn’t win his last 2 fights. Berto on the other hand needs to fight someone of caliber. They should fight each other since they have unfinished business. If Mosley wins, then it shows that father time is still kind to him even though he is not in his prime. If Berto wins, then he has beaten a credible opponent in Shane, will be more known, and the like. Then the winner can face Manny if Floyd continues to have legal woes.

  • Jeffter G. Enolpe

    Maybee Marquez has a point for not accepting another fight with Pacquiao before because of lesser money but right now if he wants to fight Pacquiao then accept the terms of Bob Arum Because Your Not In The Position To Bargain..Pacquiao is to Hot A Commodity At This Point In Time… PERIOD

  • mr arum is the one who chooses manny’s next opponent. think before you write. manny listens to his fans.

  • Jeffter G. Enolpe

    Marquez has every right in the world to demand or want a rematch with Pacquiao, He can do so any time but what keeping this fight from happening is the ECONOMICS of the game..As what I have heard Richard Schaefer is demanding to much money for this fight which I believe are not reasonable…Pacquiao is the A side of boxing right now and rightfully has the say in the contract if it ever happens.

  • PACMAN is just a fighter with a promoter so, he just followed his promoter who pays his bill… regardless of whom he gonna fight if the price is right and besides he has all rights to price himself , he worked hard on it , he earned it.

  • pacman vs. money weather

  • Marquez should not be given a last lucrative payday by Pacquiao. He has behaved unsportmanlike to Pacquiao.

  • Pacquiao vs. marquez is the best fight. Why not give marquez the fight but offer him a 70-30% deal, his take 30% for his abusive conduct against Pacquiao.

  • u guys are…. never mind. consider the business aspect of boxing for one second. u guys are boxing fanatics like me and that’s why we are reading stuff like this and participating in polls like that. but, i’m afraid u know nothing about PPV business. only 10% or less of those who buy PPV are boxing fans. 90% or more are casual fans. the casual fans in the US know mosley well whether u like it or not. they don’t know marquez who drew less than 5000 spectators in his last fight and was not on PPV because it will just be a flop if he is not fighting a crossover star. i want marquez to get knocked out once and for all by pacman this time around but i don’t fret if i don’t get that fight because i know why. it doesn’t make business sense. marquez is unknown to casual fans who make up the majority of PPV buyers on fight night. that’s a fact. i prefer pacman to fight only mayweather or martinez but that would be next to impossible this time, i know. forget marquez. he was able to push pacman to the limit last time but it will only be a mismatch this time regardless of weight. he’ll get knocked out cold. he only wants a payday, and knows by heart that he can’t win this time. pacman is a lot stronger. peace!

  • Mosley vs. Berto or any of the IBO, IBF, WBA 147lbs champ.

    Marquez will be more credible fighter at Pacmans weight if he beat Morales at 140lbs. or any of the WBO, WBC, WBA junior welterweight champ.

  • pacquiao is the king of boxing! he gets to choose who he wants to fight and when

  • The Question would have been Marquez or Mosley? so we know what the fans want. that should be the poll question………..
    Maquez or Mosley?

  • pacquiao, mayweather and marquez in wwe

  • My choice is Berto. Mosley and Marquez will get kayoed by Pacman.

  • Pedro why don’t you fight Marquez yourself? Why insist it on Pacquiao? Boxing is not only a sport, it is aLso business! How many watch the Marquez vs Katsidis fight? 4,000 plus! If you fight Marquez yourself it can gather around 5,000 people!

  • We already know it dont matter what people want, what matters is what uncle Bob wants. Manny has faith that uncle bob will get him a good payday. At the same time uncle bob is shoving it to that anti-semite Oscar De la hoya. Lets just enjoy the show! Shane made the right move by leaving GBP to get this one done. I like a Floyd match myself but that will never happen.

  • i think pac should fight them all at the same night. round 1-2 berto, round 3-4 mosley, round 4-5 marquez, and floyd round 6. PAC IS INVINCIBLE RIGHT NOW! he wears SANGE YASHA + CUIRASS + DIVINE RAPIER! + BATTLE FURY!!!

  • JMM is the logical fight if Floyd can’t be made available. They had two close fights already. They need a 3rd to decide who is the top dog. Oh and I agree put Nonito on the undercard. Rachael Donaire is a 10!

  • I think its high time that Pacquiao has to keep Marquez mouth shut but it should be in his terms that Marquez should fight him at the welterweight because this is now his natural weight the same as what Mayweather did to Marquez. It is but fair, because Marquez needs Pacquiao more than Pacquiao needs him. Marquez rhetorics to Pacquiao does mean one thing that he needs a big payday with Pacquiao before his final exit from the ring to happen. At 38 he knows that his days are numbered so why not take the chance? But winning over Pacquiao this time is wishful thinking. If this is going to happen it would the worst beating that he can received from Pacquiao this time, worst than Margarito and Hatton combined.

  • If Arum let Manny fight JMM he (Arum) will be the most stupid man of all time in his era. GBP accused the Pacman of using steroids, why manny should do business with them? Marquez said that he won twice to Manny so why the rematch?

  • Pacman vs whoever aslong as theres alot of cameras and wide screens!

  • no way for Juan Manuel Marquez… make mine Pacman vs. Sugar

  • Just how much is a grass hut worth these days, iconichands?

  • pedro is a certified pachater….i bet my house on it.

  • make mine pac vs jmm, then pac vs berto

  • not him bob arum is the one to talk to..

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