Richard Schaefer & Oscar De La Hoya

Richard Schaefer & Oscar De La Hoya

San Francisco, CA– When you rely on an underling to build your empire, there’s comes a time when the subordinate wants to become the boss. (Ask LBJ). It could be called the beginning of a palace coup. This is what I think is going on with Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer. Former boxer, drag queen and excellent recording artist Oscar De La Hoya may be the name and money behind Golden Boy Promotions, but he is NOT the brain that runs the operations as former Swiss banker Richard Schaefer is.


"Big Al" Haymon

“Big Al” Haymon

You see while Oscar was trying to sniff up all the cocaine in Colombia, Richard was running everything and this was before advice nurse Al Haymon came into the Golden Boy picture. Word has it that “Big Al’s” boys are not signed to Golden Boy and that the nondescript Haymon would team with Schaefer and bring his stable of talent to a company he and Schaefer would form to fight on Showtime.


De La Hoya, in a sign of desperation visited Top Rank skipper Bob Arum this week. The feelings were that it was because De La Hoya wants to work with Top Rank, thus ending boxing’s cold war among today’s promoters. Truth be told, De La Hoya was probably seeking some advice on how to save his company. Because Haymon and his crew are with Showtime, Arum has his fights on HBO, This cold war we’ve been talking about is really a skirmish between TV networks.


Can you imagine the number of cans (scandals) Schaefer could tie to Oscar De La Hoya’s tail?


Schaefer is so smart, slick, call him what you want, overly competent, that I’m sure that with Al Haymon the pair could take a lot of fighters, The name, Golden Boy Promotions. Oscar should at least be able to keep the name. Oscar said over the weekend that Schaefer and he were going to talk things over. From Schaefer’s side of apparent strength, he sounds like he’s about to bust a move! To that Oscar told Tim Dahlberg of the Associated Press Saturday. “The way I found Richard, the way I did that, I can do it again,” he said. “It’s no problem for me.”

Sound like they’re getting back together to you?

Pedro Fernandez


  • , Floyd Mayweather is a BOXER, I challenge anoyne to look up in the history of boxing anoyne who ever said ‘I think or I will probably lose’ the bout. ALL athletes, especially the ones that go mano e mano/woman to woman, MUST have an usually strong character to participate. Floyd just puts his entire confidence on the line and speaks his mind, not knowing whether he will lose or win, I let you in on a not so little secret, most other’s don’t do this because they want to have an out to save face, Mayweather is clearly not into vanity of step and fetch in case I don’t get you. I can’t see him going on an “I’s sorry MASTAH tour for any reason” and that’s Black Power in the public spot-light, he doesn’t whisper behind closed doors of how it is and how it should be like 95% of BLACK public figures. By the way I have yet to see a WHITE public figure dumb it down for you, but they will dumb it down about you. And if Oscar De La Hoya doesn’t consider himself white, then the Pope wasn’t in the young Nazi Party. Here in Las Vegas not only do Mexicans consider themselves white, they will form a gang just to kill a lot of blacks, because they know it okay with Amerkkka, even black men on the west coast are VERY VERY colorstruck, so Mayweather is telling the truth with a capital “T”, mexicans, asians are so of the most prejudice people out here towards black people as they have learned anoyne can come to country & step on & over blacks enmass. Mayweather surrounds himself with BLACK PEOPLE more or less and if were white & fought & won against all the nay sayers, it would definitely be a national icon by now. You know that Steelers quarterback was accused of rape, it accusation was covered up & came back out, but I hear no nightly lynch mobb on that, the double standards examples are so obvious & up front to continue that when a popular known Black public figure speaks DIRECT, UP FRONT basically their experiences with shuffling & hoe-Bama-ing it, they are considered as using a race card, wake up BLACK PEOPLE! That racialist deck of cards does not have a BLACK one in the deck, it’s a WHITE Supremact Deck it’s stacked, they use reverse pyco. to keep up in the game that we are LOSING, SHAME on you fielf negro to let your sports bais get in the way of accepting the time & tested truth the Floyd spoke, a vERY VERY rare quality in any Black public figure now a days, kneegrowssssssssssssssssssss

  • Good point. Between Pacquiao and Oscar delaHoya, I’ll have to give it to ODLH as the more excellent recording artist.

  • @Edroland
    And I cant see how Oscar can come even close to winning this battle. Lets not forget – Arum is in his 80’s. As I said – I see big changes coming in the next couple of months.

  • Looks like a mega battle between Oscar de la Hoya and Schaefer. And in my opinion, Oscar must win this battle for the sports of boxing is to survive and for Oscar de la Hoya to remain relevant in boxing.

    The win for Schaefer means the ascendancy of Al Haymoun to even greater heights and further growth of Mayweather which, perhaps will be transform from being a superstar boxer-promoter into a mega promoter similar to Don King or Bob Arum during their hey days when he retires from boxing. I foresee a triumvirate of Haymoun-Mayweather-Schaefer shaping up and controlling boxing.

    Needless to say that if this happens, The exit from the boxing scene of Bob Arum and the vanquished Oscar De la Hoya is inevitable.

    A complete nightmare scenario for the sports of boxing in my opinion.

  • Pedro,
    you hit it right on the button! Schaefer is a heavyweight in business, same as Haymon – while Oscar is still a puppy cruising around welterweight. The outcome will be devastating and will alter the current picture for years to come!

    You can be sure that Schaefer took full advantage of the fact that his main shareholder was out cold in rehab for a long time. Wouldnt be surprised if GBP hasnt signed half the fighters they currently officially hold.

  • De la Hoya saying that he is interested in buying the Clippers, shows that his mind is not in the right place. He was in drug rehab less than 9 months ago. The NBA is not going to take away a franchise from someone saying a racist comment in order to give it to someone battling drug issues. The same goes for Mayweather. He has been convicted at least 3 times for violence against women. Only a crazy person would think that the NBA would sell a franchise to a convicted woman-beater or to an addict in recovery.

  • Knockout! Insightful and to the point!Thank you Pedro.

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