Oscar De La Hoya: Cross Dressing Or More?


San Francisco, CA– When the pictures of Oscar De La Hoya was first exposed as a man that wore ladies underwear by only one boxing website, RingTalk.com, it clearly separated us from the rest of the boxing pack. None of them had the photography acumen or experience, as I developed my own photos on high school, in addition to having a Forensic photograph expert examine them, all the while I was scrutinizing every pixel of the photographs. While Oscar and his followers assailed me for publishing the truth, I lost sponsors and readers. They couldn’t believe it! Here was a guy who was accused of sexually assaulting a minor in Mexico, then admitting through his attorney that he had sex with over 250 women in a short period time. Oscar did not deny the sex or the alleged sexual assault, he just said, through his lawyer, that he had boned so many women that he didn’t remember this particular 17-year old Mexican girl.


In 2007, when I published the first set of photographs Oscar De La Hoya wearing a bra, ladies panties and stockings, the Oscar fans came after me with violent threats, accusations of my creating this photos on my computer, you name it and you, you all know who you are as you came after me with meat cleavers. But after having the photos examined by an expert and myself with a magnifying glass, i couldn’t find anything that suggested the pictures were faked. Still for for years, i received hundreds of taunts, threats and vulgar messages, and while I ignored them all, I got to ask where are you MF’ers today, one week after admitted Oscar that the one lone-wolf Pedro, the only boxing journalist that had the balls to run with the story, was 200% correct? Where are the cowards that berated me now?


Look, I already had the pictures, as did a number of other non-boxing media entities, so if Oscar gave this chick allegedly $20 million after the pictures were already out, it beckons former World lightweight champion Greg Haugen and a number of others to think this is much deeper here than just drag pictures. According to Haugen who is a guy who holds nothing back, “Oscar’s a pole smoker,” which translated to Oscar being one that orally copulates men. Would you pay some skank stripper a reported $20 million for “her silence” over pictures that were already in the public domain? No way, but you might do so if she saw you engaged in homosexual sex!


Having known Oscar since he was 17, when I worked for his then-sponsor, the late Carl Dame, I’ve seen him evolve time and again. But if he gave the chick a bunch of money, I would have to think that he was like Greg Haugen said, “A pole smoker.” Now normally somebody’s sex life wouldn’t be scrutinized here at RingTalk.com, but when you, like Oscar did, try and clown and discredit me for something I knew was true, screw him and his feelings. He’s disgraced his wife, kids and family, but if he hadn’t supposedly bought this chick’s silence, was she in the position of proving Oscar, the macho boxer, instead being a man who engaged in homosexual sex? My media savvy and overall acumen, just like that of Greg Haugen, makes me think there is more to the story, that there is a strong possibility Oscar is gay, bisexual or homosexual, in other words, more than what has been told thus far!

Pedro Fernandez


  • You fools…Oscar is not gay! his boyfriend is gay!
    get it “straight”!

  • Heard Oscar had and affair with Paul Lynde of the Hollywood Squares!

  • Now we know why he weighed 145 on the eve of the fight with Manny and 147 on fight night. Dude was coked up. Probably didn’t even sleep.

  • I’m not going to address the first because. You didn’t have to come to me, I came to you and shoved that CROW right down my throat. I fact, I WAS going to sent you my apology vie E-Mail but since I made the accusation in public, I made damn sure I made the apology, admission of what I wrongly did and admission of what my exact personal mistakes were… IN PUBLIC, RIGHT HERE! – The same way I wrongly jumped you…

    That being said… You have major scoreboard on me and I think this type of stuff is trash… BUT since Oscar has insisted upon shoving his problems in front of ME… All bets are off and you can say and do whatever you like Pedro… And you will not hear one damn peep from me except this…

    Pedro, you have MAIL!

  • Man Manny really messed that dude up … LMAO!

  • Oscar has some serious questions to answer. He is on the download…Like Floyd said the boy dresses in fishnet, “he’s a hoe….he gay”..lmfaol…and how can Ortiz see this hoe of a man as a role model. Oscar is not the first gay boxer and certainly not the last….

    Oscar now calls his wife “sweet Millie”, and I would say she an idiot if she stays with him…but we may all be wrong and maybe Oscar just cross dresses…but Millie might know more than we know and she still with him…so we don’t know for sure unitl some gay comes out and say he was with Oscar (with prove)…you can’t hide shit like that…

  • It all doesn`t matter really, he`s an asshole. Anyone that pays a hooker 20mil is. As far as the gay/Bi I awlays thought he was a faggot, now weather or not he is one literaly, who cares. Stright/Gay/Bi Oscar had alot to lose and he should have been smart enough to not only keep himslef out of trouble but not let pics get taken. Buy the ticket take the ride right?
    Also it should be noted, latin american men that are homosexual or lean that way from time to time, especialy from the old county tend to still marry and have family`s and just “fool around on the side” with men. That way they keep there family and everyone happy…well except there wifes. In old school latin culture its note accepted to be Homosexual so for those who arn`t “Out” this is the method most used.

  • Oscar De La Statuatory

    Gonna go with “bi” on this one. He likes a little pole on the side.

  • Everytime i see his face on tv it makes me want to throw up.Heres this guy (oscar) who was supposed to “save” boxing from the don kings and bob arums, all the while hes dressing in drag and coked out of his mind.
    and the “swiss banker” who hasnt a clue about the sport.is there trying to promote, and the guy hasnt got a clue!
    unbelievable the guy whos supposed to be larger than life(oscar)is a complete mess. you have to wonder how many time people have had to cover for him over the years since he quit fighting.
    Richard Schaffer: wheres Oscar?! we have a meeting with the HBO execs in 30 minutes.
    Assisstant: I cant wake him up hes been awake for 9 days and I cant get this dildo out of his behind, were gonna have to pull out of the meeting, (no pun intended) tell them he injured his back.
    Richard Schaffer: but he doesnt train anymore, how are they supposed to believe that?
    oscar is such a megalomaniac that he thinks people care that much about him (too come out and admit to this) or hes getting ready to make a comeback to maybe fight Julio JR. to get that 20M back. hes is not a very smart person so I think he started this because he suffers from megalomania.

  • It was a white girl on vacation. I seen his deposition he was nervous as hell. His brother is a crazy mofo also I think it was double team action. I don’t know what the legal age for consent is in Mexico but she would fall into that category. As for the question if we are talking about wether he is gay or bi-sexual he is bisexual because he is still banging chicks obviously!

  • Pedro, that they tried to trounce you was/is wrong, but me thinks you succeeded in making your point as the allegations later proved you to be on the mark – and those that threatened and vilified you are now scattered like rats at sea. It doesn’t add up that Oscar would pay 20 million for pics that have already been published – but considering the fact he has now fessed-up to the pics, made it to rehab AND demonstrated the teachings of rehab (unlike most – and by openly giving admission to his past wrong doings AND making apologies), the ball is in your court Pedro – to be the bigger man.

    No need to ram this up Oscar’s rectum (no pun intended). I think most can read clearly between the lines.

    Pedro, you’ve already set the ship’s course in a way that nobody will question you. The open ended questions are on Oscar’s plate.

  • I think him posing with the gloves shows there is something wrong with him mentally….By the way how much longer till the divorce i know the clock has started already…

  • If memory serves the girl in Mexico was 15 and she was an American on vacation, not a Mexican girl. Could be wrong but that’s what I remember.

  • On the fence on this one. He’s a junkie, alcoholic, who cheated on his wife and proven himself a phoney. If he’s gay, it doesnt really add on to what he is already. If you know facts that no one else doesnt, no need to pile on…his sitiation is already etched in stone. He’s been exposed like a two dollar hooker.

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