Cruz's boxing attire

Cruz’s boxing attire

Las Vegas, NVРPuerto Rican Orlando Cruz (20-2, 10 KOs) is the first active boxer to announce publicly that he is gay. He posted pictures on Twitter of his controversial rainbow colored boxing attire combined with the Puerto Rican flag to celebrate LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) pride. Featured in ABC News segment which is available by clicking in the box.  Cruz faces Orlando Salido of Mexico in the co-main event of Tim Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez card.


  • i see everyones point, however it’s the media who hops on these stories, and I guess for Cruz, who probably felt uncomfortable with letting the world know his sexuality, for him to come out was a big deal to him and those around him. As for the publicity, thats up to the media to make it as one. In this case, for a boxer to be featured on ABC news is newsworthy, thats why I posted it. If he would have been on there for something else, it would have been posted as well….I guess the mainstream media picks and chooses what they deem newsworthy.

  • I don’t agree with u Pedro. They want to be socially accepted then act accordingly. Stop acting like I’m gay is gonna get u a heroes welcome. Why be prideful of what u are? If ur born gay kudos but as hetero sexuals we don’t come. Out all the time and expect a celebration? Ur gay cool keep moving like we all do. And by the way b4 u attack me I’m Puerto Rican and no homophobe. Just tired of people that want to treated like everybody else then want a party when they tell the world who they are? It’s like a black dude saying I’m black and expecting the world to celebrate?? The people closest to them already know who they are and that’s all that matters

  • No, it’s Pride! You must be white Terrance, as this movement is like Civil Rights was for Blacks, voting for women, just another form of discrimination. I don’t think you know enough, if any gay people you might call friends.

  • I don’t have any problems with gays and I wish this fighter luck with his career but these celebrations of openly gay athletes in mainstream media is getting pretty close to sickening. Rarely, if ever, is a professional fighter profiled on mainstream news unless it’s something negative about Mike Tyson, or something along those lines that makes this sport look bad. Why should this mediocre fighter get mainstream press just because of the lifestyle he leads? This seems to be a trend now with mediocre NBA bench warmer Jason Collins getting a sickening amount of media coverage and praise for coming out at the end of his career earlier this year. Why can’t they profile successful fighters and good role models in the boxing world once in awhile? A good family man, right before he is inducted into the IBHOF, perhaps? Or if a player is going to come out as gay, make sure it’s a relevant player that is coming out. Who cares about the mediocre athletes trying to promote themselves this way? This is strictly self promotion.

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