• So much blah blah blah. just fight to end the speculations. Let’s go to world records. Floyd Jr 45-0. Rocky Marciano 49-0 til he died. Chavez Sr 90-0, lost on his 91st fight. Pacquiao 8 weight division world champion, unprecedented and very hard to equal. Dela Hoya 6 division world champ. How can Floyd equal that record when his own father says they will not fight Hopkins who is bigger. But Hopkins is an old man. Pacquiao demolished Margarito also much bigger who was in his prime. Now who has the better record? If they don’t fight Pacquiao, the Mayweathers will go down in history as cowards.

  • I understand anyone can make a comment about the fight but these writers are refusing to look at whom is the champ. The challenger needs to be better than a average joe. Manny is not faster or a better skilled fighter than Floyd. name in point Manuel Marquez. Stop the stupid hating and continue to love the exhibition of skills

  • The comment you made was ridiculous because he offered Manny big money to fight and he declined because of the DRUG test. Look at and follow Freddie Roach comments about Brandon Rios strength and conditioning coach. Once upon a time he worked with Manny and Freddie did not like some of his mixtures of water that he gave Manny between rounds. Floyd not scared of you are anyone of these fighters. The game is, any order to beat the best you have to fight a better fight. Now you talk about respect for Floyd and then you make some jealous comments. Don’t hate the fighter, hate that you are not in the ring getting your head bashed.

  • @Sweede… That is a bold faced lie. It is documented fact that no human being on the planet has understood a single mumbling, sluring, grunt that escape May Senior’s pie-hole since before Y2K… Ozzy Osbourne has no idea WTF Mayweather is saying.

    Beyond this, I would like to congratulate this article/thread on it’s two and a half year anniversary (golf claps and hippies snapping their fingers) Admitedly, it was late to the game as the time for this fight to take place was FOUR years ago… But it has had a longer duration than most Hollywood marriages… And nearly as much substance… Which leads me to formally address the bride and groom of this same-sex ceremony.

    The traditional first anniversary gift is one of PAPER. The two of you couldn’t put your names on a sheet of PAPER despite the fact that there was upwards of 100 million dollars on the table. This year will mark the fifth anniversary of your bullshit excuses. The fifth anniversary is WOOD… … WOOD you both do me a favor already? Shut Up and Go Away! — I know this won’t happen so, in advance, I would like to write my comment for the next time this conversation is brought up.

    Getting beyond the fact that Juan Manuel Marquez’s son just knocked out Manny Pacquiao during the halftime of a WNBA game under the promotional guidance of Bob Arum. I’d like to address one Floyd Mayweather… The Mayweather who can speak… Not the father… Floyd… You shouldn’t jump into this. The guy will probably be softer in another 15, 20,25 years… Remember, you are the GREATEST Of All Time… You’ve said so a million times yourself.

  • I agree with Kevin’s article and have thought the same thing for a long time. I think the fight would boil down to who has lost more at this point.

    But I absolutely think Floyd dodged Manny circa 2009 for the exact reasons Kevin cites.

    I mean honestly at this point you have to blame Floyd… first it was the drug tests, now he’ll never fight another Bob Arum fighter ever again…. come on!

  • The only losers here are us the boxing fans, I blame both Manny and Floyd for this fight not happening. Floyd is in the drivers seat right now, so it is up to him, but he remembers clearly what Floyd Sr said “avoid this guy,he will hurt you” Floyd Sr was concerned for his sons safety if he fought Manny.

  • No amount of money is big enough to overcome Arum’s skirt.

  • JW, you’re needlessly redundant. How would your boyfriend Floydiot, beats Manny, when the mere mention of Manny’s name makes your boy shiver in fear. FMJ will never fight Pacquiao, because he knows, Pac will give him, his first loss!! Chicken Floyd, is a great COWARD!

  • I would love to see this fight, and you’re right, anything can happen. But I think that Floyd really believes that Manny is not skilled enough to compete with him and there is no need to chase him. Manny walked away from the negotiations the first time and there are still people saying that Floyd is scared or that Manny would beat him, based on style. I wonder how many people would place a heavy bet on that? Floyd has all the chips now, so it’s really on Manny to really step up since he says he’ll fight for free, do any testing, take less money, etc. I hear his contract is up in 2014, if he resigns you know there is no serious intention to fight, especially with 40 million on the table. Cotto stepped away from Arum for 8 million. Manny won’t do it for 40?

  • But at some point and time I think he’s gonna have to fight. That could make this his Waterloo.

  • **May is going to just EASILY beat Pac is fooled


  • @PJ: Bradley broke his ankles from fighting Pac. A much more MOTVIATED pac, you’ll see in the second fight…nuff said


    Mosley fought in SURVIVAL mode and LOST TRACK of rounds MENTALLY…

    Marquez 1,2, and 4, Morales1&2 where FOTY fights…ROUGH fights…fights that TAKE TOLL ON BOTH FIGHTERS HEALTH!

    Anybody that thinks that pac is going to just EASILY beat Pac is fooled!

    Busted orbital bones, concusions,broken noses, all part of pacmans windmill… you have to withstand pacs offense…

    If you don’t think Pac can box, ask Marquez…

  • JW, There is a reason they fight the fights. Floyd would be heavily favored, but when you consider Hearns starched Duran, but couldn’t beat Barkley, but Barkley lost to a 37 year-old Duran, we have to see the fight before we can just assume it’s a missmatch. Manny has attributes that pretty much none of Floyd’s recent foes have and that is speed. Doesn’t mean he will win or be competitive, but it adds intrigue.

  • I used to listen to a boxing podcast/show called Billy C Boxing. I believe they had a regular guest named Joe Santaliquito, or something like that. I believe he said on that show that he had inside info about Arum purposely keeping Manny away from Mayweather because the outcome is obvious. The only reason Manny is still as relevant is because of his allure or being that one guy that can defeat Mayweather. That is what Top Rank is selling. And that was the 2009 version of Manny, but people are fooled by him matched up against stationary targets who lack ring generalship and athleticism. Although the Bradley fight was controversial, Bradley has skills and is athletic, making Manny look amateurish at times and Mosley simply circled and kept Manny at bay for an entire bout after feeling his power. Pacquiao’s promoter is milking him dry and robbing him at the same time, but he’s either too nice or oblivious to do anything about it. I guess he tried with Vision Quest but got pulled back in, probably with a pot of cash. Manny can either stick with his loyalty and let Top Rank squeeze him and feed him to Mikey Garcia in 12-18 months or he can sign with Golden Boy, likely get embarrassed and retire. What would you do?

  • Pacman won’t even be competitive with Bradley this time around. He is a spent bullet. Only Golovkin can defeat Mayweeather.

  • In the Rios fight Pac showed the same thing he has done to every fighter that comes straight towards him and throws punches. When he fights fighters that moved on him, Bradley, Morales, Marquez, and Mosley, he looks terrible. Floyd is not gonna just sit there and let himself get tagged. Not to mention he has enough power to get Pacs respect. If this was not the case then some fighter at some point would of already just walked Floyd down and beat him down. That is not happening because they get hit and realize oh he hits harder than I thought.

  • KP, there’s nothing worse than re-heated KFC.

  • KP,good assestment on Pacman vs. Mayweather.
    I just want to say this- We ALREADY got Floyd’s position on this. I suppose all arguements & discussions on “who is gonna win?” is OVER when Floyd refuses to fight Pacman. We got our answer when Floyd ducked Manny in spite of Manny is giving in to ALL conditions and tests Mayweather jr. wants.
    Floyd in himself, knows he is not gonna win so WHY would we all say Floyd is gonna win when Floyd HIMSELF knows he will not win if he fights Manny??? I just don’t get it? Are we more than knowledgeable in Floyd’s boxing than Floyd himself??? come on.. Floyd Jr. ducked Manny because he, himself, NOT US, knows he will not win against Manny. Floyd, the boxing genius knows more than us and he gave us his position- he ducked Manny & that is a position of a loss. that’s a 1-0 for Pacman.

  • I would not take a tough fight he has whipped all of the champions in his class including the golden boy. No champion has ever come close to his run I would do like Marciano and fight relatives to pad my record. He got out because he did not want to face Floyd Patterson and it was time to pay the Pieper. Mayweather has nothing to prove. No one has ever defeated 8 Champions not even Marciano. His age is now a factor get out and get out now. Be careful of who you fight. REmember Sugar Ray defeated by a nobody age is a factor. beat 4 up and coming and get out
    undefeated with 50 wins most ever.

  • Pacquio, Mayweather will never happen Packman wants half the money and he will not get it. He has lost a couple of fights what makes him think that deserves half the
    pie. If you 8 belts that you had beaten 8 Champions would you give half your money
    to an advasary. I didn’t think so. He is about being the Senator more so than
    boxing that’s why he lost that last fight. He just want the paycheck that he could
    get from mayweather. I saw him fight that slow man last week too slow to beat any one.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Richter, comment deleted because of the four letter words that all but one 5 sentences.

  • Mayweather is in jail for two months+. Mayweather will just back out before they come to an agreement on money because he wants 70/30. Which is BS. Last Mayweather vs Pacqiauo should have happened 4 yrs ago. If they fight for the first time whenever it could or might be it should be the Showdown of a Lifetime. Pacquiao vs Mayweather III With each of them having a victory over the other. The problem with that is, if and when this fight goes down Mayweather will retire after the fight because he lost.

  • Floyd is way past his prime and will be beat and I believe puihensd. When Floyd was in his prime there were many who would have beat him. Emmanuel Stewart just chuckles everytime Floyd Mayweather calls himself one of the greatest pound for pound fighters ever. I chuckle too.I probably would buy the fight but the price isnt even realistic. Maybe pay 10 bucks TOPS. I watch UFC where there is WAY MORE action and is only 45 dollars with several good fights on the card. Boxing is dreaming with these kind ofprices.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You are as “ring dumb” as they come!

  • You’re an idiot. Pacquiao is the best pound for pound fighter in boxing. Everyone that he fought Mayweather fought. The only difference is Pacman knocked them out. Mayweater had to take it to 12 rounds. Plus Mayweather would not stand a chance against Pacquiao. He hits then runs. PacMan is too fast for that shit to happen. Unfortunately Mayweather is going to jail in 2 months and this fight will never happen. If it did Pacquiao would win by KO in 7 rounds.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You are one of the dumbest people I have ever encountered in 20 years on the Internet. Did you fail to read the story? Or is it you cannot read? I stated the facts and went down them re: May 5 and you come up with a lame argument like that. Manny Pacquiao’s stock value plummeted after the third Marquez fight!

  • Pacquiao would beat Mayweather. No doubt about it Mayweather is afraid of PacMan. Otherwise May 5th would be Pacquiao vs Mayweather II (at the very least)

  • To the unidentified blogger who hid behind the name “Uguysareallstupid” with the IP address inding in .33. Sir, you need to learn how to write English and spell. Try using a spelling an grammar check as your comment/rant sounded like you had just eaten, and I’m quoting Uguysareallstupid now, “a turd sandwich.”

  • It seems to me that either the two of them, Manny and Floyd, are ducking each other, or the boxing world is hyping this up way too much. I wish they would just fight within the next year and get it over with, or do us all a favor and someone retire the champ. This whole thing is getting way out of control. And for all you non-believers, and no disrespect to Floyd, but Manny will win, round 6-8. Hell, I don’t blame Floyd, he has no losses, so why start now, right?

  • Same speed,twice the power….Floyd can do that prevent defense thing against manny,manny is too strong,just too good…floyd wont last long if the does,he will HAVE TO fight..Then he will have to lose…

  • For those that DONT do research,manny hassss agreed to those drug tests(after his next fight),the thing that had him PO’D was that floyds management team,was playing around(the Nevada boxing Comm said THEY were even tired of floyds people,being a circus act and waisting their time),manny said that from the beginning that he’d agree to those same tests,but ONLY if the *N*B*C* said so,he was tired of them changing their demands,first they requested 80/20,then 75/25,then 70/30..They were advertising the fact that they didnt want the fight,by making offers that would test ANY real fighters manhood,smh..Guess floyd IS smart…Plus,money is not the issue,i wouldnt fight somebody for 30,when i can keep fighting for 20-25 mil,and fighting people who arent avoiding him..SOOO,im wondering what excuse floyd will come up with next,bet he retires again,lol

  • Beat Marquez and then take the drug tests. Manny will have a hard time finding, let alone hitting Floyd. Styles and speed dictate boxing, and Floyd is superior in both categories. Had Manny agreed, to what he has “allegedly” agreed to, the Random Drug Tests, they would have fought in March 2010. You can argue the point, but it is fact. Then again, Pac fanatics are easilly confused with fact!

  • Take it from all time best of the best, sugar ray to the legendary Roy jones…. What they have to say about Pacquiao! He is the MAN! Even mike Tyson and hagler will say the same thing about Pacquiao’s greatness in and out of the ring… With all due respect to Mayweather jr., you should fight the man to become the man!!!! Simple as that! Let the fight begin… Please no haters! There is only one race which is the human race! We are avid Fight fans, we love to see this MEGA FIGHT once and for all!

  • GO PACMAN BEAT THEM ALL !!!! gayweather the coward hehehe

  • There is reason to question whether Mayweather actually wants to fight Pacquiao. And you can hardly blame him.

    Here is what happened to some of Pacquiao’s last seven opponents:

    Antonio Margarito, pummeled repeatedly, broken orbital bone, sent to hospital. Miguel Cotto, pummeled repeatedly, TKO, sent to hospital. Ricky Hatton, knocked out cold, sent to hospital, hasn’t fought since. Oscar De La Hoya, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, hasn’t fought since. David Diaz, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, sent to hospital.

    The other two (Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley) essentially refused to fight, covered up for 12 rounds and accepted lopsided losses by decision.

    Pacquiao doesn’t just defeat opponents; he punishes them right into an ambulance. Mayweather, attempting to spin the argument, notes that he beat most of those guys before Pacquiao and claims he “softened them up.”

    Perhaps. It’s also possible Mayweather sees the destruction Pacquiao can do to a man’s health, reputation and career, and wouldn’t mind avoiding him completely.

    Only Floyd knows for sure. Mayweather and Pacquiao fight will never happen.

  • not even one floyd and his OSDT defenders in here can justify that the OSDT was actually done while both camps were still on up to fight time…. yet, pedro keeps whining about what floyd is whining…Take The Test my ass… if USADA can go on public about the time/date and the results of their testing with a video as proof and all floyd’s fighters underwent such testing, then i’d burn my house!!!! look, he’s cleaning up the sport right? then all his fighters should also undergo such testing everytime they fight, right? now, pedro, todaline & other floydsters, please help me cause your whines are breaking my eardrum… can you show help posting a video for all the fighters involved on the Sept 17 fight cards? if none, stay on the topic and lick your rotten tomatoes if you can’t help mentioning this “Take The Test” propaganda!!!!

  • I basically agree with the thrust of the article. There’s nothing revelatory or superlative about the fight or Floyd’s performance. Nothing that remotely warrant’s any major “rethink” of the matchup.

    On the plus side, for the second fight in a row, Floyd initiated more (by his standards anyway…) started a little sooner and threw some hard body shots in the early rounds.

    On the other hand, I thought his extra-wide stance and a few examples of uncharacteristic reaching which a few times left him leaning out on one leg were curious and a possible sign of miniscule decline in quickness & offensive reflexes. I actually thought he got hit a little more than ususal in the early rounds and on the 3 occasions when punches landed on the chin he seemed to skip a beat (as many fighters do when they get a little older) if only for half a second.

    Does any of this make a statement and really change the outlook. Probably not. Just as Manny Pacquiao winning every round against Antonio Margarito Or Shane Mosley doesn’t really mean anything in realtion to any hypothetical matchup with Mayweather or a few other elite fighters.

  • Deric, He forced those guys to have to fight with him, I’m sure he would have chose to outbox him but they couldn’t sustain the pressue and couldn’t handle the speed or the surprise of shots that hit them that they didn’t see. i never stated it would be easy for him to beat Floyd. Mosley’s a bad example because Mosley didn’t come to fight. In the Floyd fight Mosley would have been stopped, but was intent on surviving. Same as in the fight with Manny. I just see things in Floyd at this stage in his career Manny could exploit because he’s a totally different fighter than anyone he’s faced. I think anyone could make solid arguments either way for either guy and I don’t really care if you disagree with me, it’s the people who say i know nothing about boxing or they are smarter than me because they have a difference of opinion that bug the hell out of me. Pedro totally disagree’s with my notion and thinks Floyd beats him easy, but it doesn’t mean he has to denigrate my knowledge of boxing for thinking so. Floyd to me is somewhat past his prime and while he still has the reflexes doesn’t really want to have to exert himself by moving around a lot at age 34. This leads me to believe that he’ll have a harder time hitting Paquaio than most believe and he will be forced to take chances he normally doesn’t have to against slower opponents.

  • For the record, I don’t think Pac is afraid of Money or vice versa. What I think are the two reasons why the fight has not been made yet is Bob Arum. Arum really, really dislikes Floyd (or anybody who dares to leave him) and will try to exact revenge upon the guy. He’s also afraid of seeing his cash cow losing against his worst enemy, which to him is the worse thing in the world. Not only his ex cash cow left him but he also killed his new cash cow. There you have the real reasons for the fight not to happen. Notice that it’s always been Arum to IMPOSE gag orders that HE broke, always Arum to impose deadlines that only HE knew about, always Arum to come up with excuses why Pac won’t take the test. If you remember, when asked about the test Roach said Pac would take ANY test, ANYTIME and then two, three days later he says something different, after Massa Bob told him to STFU. If I’m not mistaken Pac was there when Roach made that announcement, which leads me to believe that Pac, in fact has no problems with the tests, Arum has problems with it.

  • Kev when u get a chance rewatch Marquez v pac 1&2, Cotto V Pac until Round 4, Shane V Pac until the knockdown…. without jaded glasses on Can you tell me what you see? I will tell u and thats Manny Getting out boxed when a constant jab is employed. Manny still lunges in and out when he punches. But thats if the person he fights decides that they can actually go toe to toe. do u honestly think a guy with bad footwork and no defense beat Floyd? they will stop the fight on cuts b/c he will be too bloody to continue…as a matter of fact they wont stop it b/c he is Manny….but i think he needs to fire his promoter first who has been robbing him blind.. when u get a chance read this link http://fighthype.com/pages/content10813.html

  • i think both pacquiao and mayweather are evenly matched, it can go both ways.thats the problem cause money doesent want to gamble his perfect record.thats his legacy in boxing and pac has nothing to lose, his 8 division is his legacy and nothing can take that away from him.its just sad that all we can do is talk whose gonna win?

  • Kev, I don’t have selective reading skills, nor do I only read what I like (by the way, to determine what one likes, one has to read first). However, we’re commenting on the merits of two great boxers and you don’t seem to like the facts that I’m pointing out your bias against one while trying to elevate the other (isn’t this the same thing Merchant did with the interviews?), and getting mad at me for doing so. In your words, once you said that PAC beats Floyd, end of conversation. Que nenni, these are opinions and this forum gives us all the opportunity to share them and/or vent our frustrations.

  • floyd is a pussy and is scared of pacquiao.. nuff said.

  • You floydsters never learn do you! look back on what ortiz did in round 4 before he rammed fmj with his head! the right hooks are dropping on fmj’s face! imagine if it’s mannys’ dropping those bombs! fmj will already gone back from wonderland when he wakes up! MANNY’s GONNA KO FMJ BY round 8!!!

  • floydgayweather will never fight our hero b’coz he’s scared of losing hes zero. all gayweather is good at is trash talk what a gay man has a common attitude. if he wants that fight then fight no more talk. all talks should be set in ring by way of fist.


  • with all the words that came out from gayweathers mouth,its clear he doesnt want to fight money! the next line he will say,” manny is an alien!!” wtf???

  • Just when the time they agree to blood testing…. he makes another excuses again

  • floyd fans are deceived by floyd’s style.floyd’s reflex is good when he throws punch one or two at a time.but after that he goes back to defense.that wont beat pacquiao who can handle even the cheap shot he landed on ortiz.he did to Gatti what he did to ortiz.he cant fire 5 combinations as fast as pacquiao.he never hurt ortiz with his strongest punch.and when ortiz timed him with a hook and an upper cut,i saw fear in his eyes.i have the same observation as this writer.floyd fist is made of cotton.ortiz could have gotten up.he chose to stay down.but no doubt pacquiao can ko floyd.with the one he landed on mosley floyd will sure be gayweather.


    If Mayweather is so sincere about ridding boxing of steroid usage – which would be a noble goal, if it is his goal – why didn’t he insist that all of the fighters with his company who fought Saturday’s undercard submit to the same kind of testing that he’s asking his opponents to take? We know that for a guy who refers to himself as “Money,” it can’t be a cost issue.

  • Toda…done having a conversation with someone who can only see their point of view and only reads what they like. Not trying to reason with you anymore, and you are entitled to your opinion. so what if you are more impressed with Floyd. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t make you the expert and mean I know nothing about boxing. Have a good day. I never said I knew more than you by the way. Its obvious you have selective reading comprehension. Bye!

  • Its so fun to see many floyd fans are so convinced that floyd will just toyed pacquiao but the funny thing is floyd doesnt see it that way…LOL

    Stop making excuses and fight pacquiao…What a COWARD

  • Gosh, all of a sudden this forum’s well and alive again…guess why??? because of??? Manny Pacquiao….well Kevin Perry you are exactly correct. And that is why the Maynever clan will put up a lot of conditions, half-conditions and alibis to make the PacMan team pissed off and thus no fight….Pretty Boy Maynever is a smart guy and will try to look like he wants to fight but in really he is not only showing his age, as you correctly said, but he had lost his balls for the fight with Manny Pacquiao…Manny Pacquiao had already won 30% of the fight…the remaining 70% will be consummated of that squared, that is, if Maynver finally decide to purchase his balls for the fight…Pacquiao via TKO against Floyd Maynever Jr. in the 7-10 round.

  • HAHA Todaline Certified floyd ass licker

    Todaline not all people are FOOL LIKE YOU

    Go back to floyd ass with Pedro

  • HBO makes Floyd what he is. As if Floyd is bigger than HBO. Pacquiao – Floyd fight will never happen as long as HBO continue their support on FLoyd. Quest- Why will Floyd fight Pacquiao if HBO can pay him 50Million fighting low quality opponent? Ques2- why there are a lot of dumbass people still paying ppv to watch Floyd fighting a guy who doen’t have a chance of winning? Stop watching Floyd fighting mediocre opponent.

  • somebody here is on denial lol.. they can’t accept the fact that floyda will going to kiss on the canvas as soon as they will meet inside the ring(PACMAN) ..if ever ortiz will face PACMAN he will never last within 2 rounds with clear ko not a controversial one…if someone says Ortiz is fast then, your blind..he look fast in Berto fights because Berto is a float footed. IF EVER ORTIZ PAC COME INTO FRUITION , EXPECT THE HATERS AND FLOYDA HIMSELF SAYS “PACQIAO FIGHTING FLOYDDAS LEFT OVER”..WHY NOT FLOYDA FIGHTS PACMANS LEFT OVER THE LIKES OF COTTO, MARGARITO AND CLOTTEY..MARGATITO WILL EAT HIM ALIVE, COTTO WILL PULVERIZED HIM ALIVE AND CLOTTEY ? THEY WILL DANCE TOGETHER…NOBODY CAN DENIES FLOYD SKILLS BUT EVERYBODY KNOWS HIS A CHICKEN SCARED OF PACMAN HE IS A COWARD… HIS ACHIEVEMENT FOREVER BE TAINTED FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE ,FOR NOT FIGHTING THE GREATEST ON HIS ERA..

  • The Pacman already fought a lot of named boxers. All of them did not asked for that random drug test, neither did the Pacman.

    So, do these guys have better ‘balls’ than Gayweather? And why did Pacman never asked this to his opponents? Why is this not a problem to PacMan? Because they are all clean, Mosley? Margacheato?…sheezzz. These guys can’t buy the stuff that the Pacman is using, if really there is any? Is it exclusive to the Pacman??

    Even De La Hoya faced a juiced up Mosley and only lost a close UD. Mosley even lost to Vernon Forest.

    So, juice or no juice, why is Gayweather not fighting the Pacman? Will he not fight any juiced up fighter?

    Face it people, Gayweather is afraid, he don’t what his pretty face to look like Cotto and Margarito after fighting Pacman. Gayweather can’t imagine what his face will look like after the bout.

  • Palawan Accounting

    If Pacquiao and Floyd fight happens, the latter would surely win – by betting all his money in favor of Pacquiao, that is.

  • Bravo! Floyed, it was a very very impressive win via knock out against the opponent worst than manikin, standing infront of you and both arms up in the air.I am so proud of you as a fanatic fan.

  • No Kev, you don’t have to take it in the ass, unless you’d really like to. In any case that would be your choice. And you don’t HAVE to give him credit, but you don’t have to pretend that you’re doing so. As to being impressed yes I am impressed with his TALENT, not the man. See, I started watching boxing before you were born, and to put it in your words (just because…), just because you write on a website doesn’t mean you know boxing better than us readers. You seem to be EXTREMELY impressed (just as I am) with Pac, so why not allow others to be impressed with Money? I see more talent in Money than I see in Pac, which should justify the “impressed” part of the text!!!

  • I’m willing to overlook the fact that Floyd acted with an unsportsmanlike demeanor.

    As far as I’m concerned his actions did not do justice to his claim of representing the red, white, and blue. Their is no way the good ol USA would endorse that.
    So lets move on. Victor was stupid and inexperienced. He put his finger in front of a rattle snake and he got bit..dumbass.

    Now How bout that fight with Pacquiao? Manny’s been standing in line for so long I’m pretty sure…He’s “NEXT” in line. Will you he keep his word now? I think not.

    Fight Pacquiao he loses. Don’t fight Pacquiao He loses as well. He can keep fighting other fighters all he wants and get a good payday but keep in mind there is a lawsuit pending and in the end Pacquiao will have his hands on that money as well. How’s that for Karma? lol

  • Jerry, Pedro isn’t Mexican and i for one have no problem and could care less if the best fighter in the world is Asian. We are all human and bleed the same blood. If they work hard and earn that distinction then they deserve the accolades. If Americans have sour grapes because an Asian is the best # for # oh well…I wouldn’t jump to conclusions and say all Americans feel that way because it’s untrue.

  • KP, I agree with you…I”m a pacman fan and I do appreciate Floyd skills in the ring no doubt about that, he is a master of the sweet science. To me he is just using his brain to gain an advantage to a guy he knows has a chance to beat him. That’s why first time in history that he’s gonna demand a drug testing.Maybe he is just taking really good care of that zero so he will still be relevant and could demand any amount of money in his upcoming fights. He is really good in the marketing dep’t of boxing shall i say…so if ever that fight happens i still believe it’s a close match which you can see a Karpov and kasparov playing a chess. Pacman and Floyd are two opposite fighters. I believe though that pacman will prevail because he fights with the heart plus he’s also a thinking fighter with unpredictable moves. he is not really a conventional fighter that’s why he beat cotto, clottey, mosley,marques, and margarito all these fighters are top fighters. peace

  • I really don’t want to think that Victor got paid by Money Mayweather to give the fight but with the result of the fight that’s how I see it. Floyd is not a knockout artist and with the huge built of Ortiz I don’t think 2 punches will do will finish Ortiz, it’s just the 4th round and I really don’t know why Victor did not anymore stand up. This is one of the fights that really degardes the sport of Boxing. I hope this kind of dirty propaganda would stop.

  • You are a funny guy. Not sure how much more credit I should give him. Just not as impressed as you. What else do I need to do? Bend over and take it in the ass too? Would that satisfy you?

  • KP, when one gives “plenty of credit” , he avoids the “buts” and “howevers” found in your “credit” to Money. That girl is beautiful, but she’s black. This dish is so nice, however it is too… Credit? Do you call that credit? If the girl is beautiful, she’s beautiful and her skin color doesn’t matter, she’s just beautiful. Just as for the dish, if it’s good, then it is good. Would you have liked the girl to be a tad taller? The dish a bit spicier? And if the girl was taller would she still beautiful or she now became disproportionate? See? Opinions are just that: opinions. And your credit to Floyd is a severe criticism for me.

  • Maraming pilipino dito !!!


  • when manny said I don’t need mayweather, he sure is laying an ambush. manny, like an aged lion, is patiently, silently waiting behind the bush beside the pond. he knows mayweather will come for a quick lick. remember, he has all of the advantages: 1. he has won the propaganda war, 2. he is more established both in the personal and professional aspects. 3 he is younger, he can bid for more time. 4. the court can be the biggest factor here against floyd. sooner or later, floyd will have to come to the pond…

  • @ pedro
    wer are you? haha chicken!

  • Let us look the facts : 1) Floyd never asked anybody to take that blood test before, until Manny came into the scene, rained on his parade, and stole his spotlight; 2) Manny passed all the tests as required by the boxing commissions and he has never been accused as a drug cheat until the Mayweathers, Jr., Sr. and Roger, as well as GBP (Oscar and Schaeafer) started accusing and/or insinuating that he is on PEDS; 3) Olympic style blood-testing is not required by the boxing commissions; 4) Manny can legally refuse Olympic style blood-testing, which is not a requirement; 5) nevertheless, Manny is the only one who has bent backwards and made compromises on the issue just to make this fight happen, from an initial position of absolutely no testing, to a recently declared position of unlimited testing, with no cut-off; 6) Floyd refused to give deposition in the case filed against him to prove his allegation that Manny is juicing; in other words, until now, Floyd cannot back up his claims by real evidence, not mere suspicions; 7) Floyd recently stated that, in fact, he never accused Manny is on PEDS. Now, all of you reasonable and normal people, who neither love Floyd nor hate Pac, pray tell: Do the facts tell us that Pac is really on PEDS or do they show that Floyd is making excuses to avoid fighting him?

  • could anybody send me a link for HBO 24/7 video showing ortiz and mayweather underwent the OSDT? please?????

  • IMHO, Mayweather is only using the drug test for psychological edge, not because he thinks Pacquiao is using something.

    Mayweather is the best technical fighter in this generation, hands down coming from a pacfan. I think he is one of the ATG, and by that he doesn’t need to hide behind or use this drug test to gain psychological edge. If he is confident of his skills then why not settle it right now with Pacquiao and prove it in the ring. The best technical fighter & defensive wizard VS the best boxer puncher. Two equally mentally tough and proud guys.

  • KP, you should read this to understand how Bob arum has been lying to all of you, including poor Pacman.


  • By the way, and this is the opinion of many, Floyd was beaten by Castillo the first fight…either way both fighters have come a long way since then so I would rather compare recent performances from both guys. If someone picked Mayweather over Pac they obviously have a valid argument because he’s a great fighter. Thats why people want to see the fight. If people were so sure either guy would win there would be no intrigue. I think we can agree to disagree here. If you think Floyd is the better fighter so be it, however I don’t hold his undefeated record in as high of esteem as some others do and that obviously is my opinion.

  • Todaline, I give the guy plenty of credit and if you actually read my full story and not just bits and pieces you’d see that. i make it plainly obvious I don’t like the guys character however I don’t demean his skills. Read the story. In my opinion there is nothing i saw in that performance that tells me he beats Pacquaio. Maybe if I had the opportunity of seeing more than three rounds than I’d have a difference of opinion. Who knows, after Pacquaio fights Marquez I may see things that will turn my opinion the other way. just because I’m black doesn’t mean I have to favor Floyd. I am not implying all blacks feel this way, but it’s obvious that for the majority of posts most Filipino’s support anything Pac does and the same goes for blacks who support Mayweather. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. i do admit in heated discussions on here the emotions sometimes get the best of me, but at this stage I will just try to call it like I see it and reduce the name calling, something I think all can benefit from. Take care.

  • Manny Pacquiao doesnt need to take the test, because Manny Pacquiao is the TEST!

    The ultimate stupid (and vapid) post. The test is to be taken to determine if one is cheating or not. Should we find out once it is too late?

  • i’m a black guy and i’m a mayweather fan, all i can say is our boy should be wise to stay away from pac, all his efforts and achievements will be wasted if he fights the pac. paquiao is just too much for him, in ortiz fight floyd was exposed, he can’t handle caliber fighters anymore. he would rather go down undefeated and judged for not fighting the pac than to be humiliated by pac in the ring. I’m just so sorry, but he is doin the right thing, he’s got to keep his mouth and brain working to survive pac.

  • KP, you need to put your prejudices aside and recognize that the man, known as Money is an all time great (just as Pac). Let me tell you a little about NEUTRALITY: my father has a sister, whose son was running for Prez in the country I was born in. Very bright and nice guy. Very competent (as a matter of fact he;s the father of OUR Constitution), however, although I grew up with him and he’s my first cousin I did NOT vote for him. Why? His Party is not what I believe to be the best Party for that country (I was born there and can vote but America is MY country, the country of my grand father). He’s very bright, intelligent, capable (we’re cousins after all) but we live planets apart when it comes to politics. Notice that I didn’t bash the guy? Nor did I say that ANYBODY would be better than him? (can’t do that, we’re cousins, LOL). Seriously, you might not like May but give the man some credit.

  • Guys, what Manny does with other opponents do not apply to Money just as what Money does to another opponents don’y apply to Pac. Pac can throw 7, 8 12, 20 punch combos because those guys aren’t able (for lack of speed and ring IQ) to prevent that. You guys are behaving like France before WW1. They thought (stupidly) that, by erecting (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NrNJpSGxmk) a wall on the border they could contain the “boches”, the Germans. You too think that 7, 8 12, 20 is the answer to the defensive whizardry of Money. Nobody knows what is the antidote. What we know is that he’s never been beat (and beaten) so for anybody to say that this or that guy will do this or that to him is pure non sense. We all know how Pac can be beat. Tell me how Money can be beat. That’s a question for you brother KP.

  • I think all of you who says what’s the use of MP’s combo punches if it does not land?the point guys is how can PBF escape the volume of punches that MP is giving, if he can escape 3 or 4 punches the most will he be able to escape the 5th, 6th or 7th punch?And if the fight really happens we will see who’s pretty then huh? Also why do we need to get blood samples when we know that drugs are being excreted in the kidneys so being that said if MP is on PEDs than it will be seen thru his urine and if you didnt ask MP alway undergoes urine testing pre and post fights, so why the hell do we need to argue about that? Just sign the contracts and then let’s see who’s best pound for pound and stop the drama on who to blame!

  • Manny Pacquiao doesnt need to take the test, because Manny Pacquiao is the TEST!

  • You see KP, you’re doing what journalists in the political arena do every day. When one Party member goes over the top on something they say: both parties do it, without mentioning that the other Party has NEVER gone that far or even done it. But by saying: It’s hard for me to believe what Floyd and or Arum says or anyone from either camp, you’re trying to sound NEUTRAL when we all know you’re NOT. And to cover your posterior you cite Greenburg saying that there WERE negotiations. Yes, there were negotiations. Between HBO and Arum, never Floyd camp and Arum camp, so there WERE NO negotiations as far as Ellerbe was concerned, which means he WAS telling the truth. Bob Arum said it, he was negotiating WITH HBO, not Ellerbe & Co so please revise your comment.

  • I think random urine tests all the way up until the day of the fight and random blood tests 14 days out should be enough because in reality if someone wants to cheat,

    KP, this is what you think. Coincidentally, this is what Manny is asking for and coincidentally enough the KING of cheat, Mr Conte (sorry Victor) has said again and again that 14 is BS. A little biased, maybe?

  • It’s hard for me to believe what Floyd and or Arum says or anyone from either camp for that matter in regards to negotiations for this fight. According to Leonard Ellerbe there were no negotiations the second time around, something that Ross Greenberg said was false. I don’t want to be too redundant here, but as far as I am concerned unless they test year round there will always be doubt, there’s really no fool proof way to tell if someone has used PED’s. If you want to get speculative here, it’s clearly possible that Floyd could have taken a
    16 month sabbatical to lace his body with PED’s. Really all we can do in the case of either guy is speculate and just because someone beats a random test(In my opinion tests during training camp only isn’t really Olympic style tests at all) in the case of the testing that Mayweather proposes doesn’t mean that either guy has never used PED’s before…I think random urine tests all the way up until the day of the fight and random blood tests 14 days out should be enough because in reality if someone wants to cheat, there are plenty of ways around that protocol. there is no 100% way to stop athletes from using PED’s or drugs that give them an unfair advantage.

  • thanks for letting us voiced our opinions. goodnight n more power.

  • thanks for letting us voiced our opinions. goodnight.

  • If Pac can overwhelm Floyd, then why not take the test and just do it? Why coming up with so many excuses not to fight?

  • Gosh, I don’t know what’s so difficult to understand? Arum is a proven liar who has no problems telling people that depending on what day, what comes out of his mouth is lie or something else. So when he tells you, we’re testing without restrictions ask him to show it in writing. See, the other side has always asked for one thing and one thing alone: take the test and we have a fight. On Arum’s side the excuses abound. It seems that every week it’s a different one.

  • so wheres pedro dont tell me he is goin chicken also lol

  • Floyd says, “If you’re the best, take the test”
    Pac says, “Dude, I already have agreed to your test”
    So Floyd if you really believe you’re the best
    Then fight what many believe is the legitimate best
    Face Pacquiao, your most fearsome test
    And history will take care of the rest.

  • Good one rcorpus209.

    MANNY IS THE TEST! take the test Floyd!

  • Why are some people still thinking that Manny is scared of having blood drawn from him and comparing him to babies? Didn’t they see the video from a hospital in Long Beach where Manny had his blood drawn.I think it was before the Margarito fight. He had no problem with it. This issue of Manny scared of needles or having his blood drawn was a few years back. It might have been been during the first negotiations between f. mayweather and manny.
    Anyways, I hope they can get this fight.

  • I’m like 150lbs and I dare say that I could knock Ortiz out with just a punch if he stood before me with his hands down like that he did against Mayweather. Not that Pac will have an easy time with Floyd. Junior still has got the goods but Kevin Perry was right in many ways. Mayweather lacks power in his hands. And he hasn’t changed much in his style. Pacquiao would simply overwhelmed him if they met. I guess Floyd Jr knew that very well. And so the ducking goes on and on, forever and a day..

  • MANNY IS THE TEST! take the test Floyd!

  • @ Pedro: I don’t really believe that you’re a Floyd nuthugger. You’re just acting like one cause you ran out of fighter to nut-hug since Pac annihilates all horses you bet on. Oh yeah, I can hear your reply….Sergio Martinez. Pathetic!!

  • The boxing media of today is unreliable. Motivated by hate, some writers cling to their ideas despite evidences to the contrary. Let’s face it–Mayweather isn’t fighting Pacquiao for perhaps the same reason he didn’t fight Cotto and Margarito. He used retirement to avoid them. He’s made ridiculous demands to avoid Pacquiao– the $100M purse and the drug-testing style that changes the long-established boxing protocol. When Pac agreed to all his terms, now he says he doesn’t need Pacquiao. WTF?

  • @ Pedro: There is an impending trial that’s looming in the horizon as I believe, right? We will see what evidence your prophets, the Mayweathers, whose words you value as gold, will bring out on the table, that Pac is juicing. We will all find out if the test is really necessary or was just a ruse to avoid. Prepare to eat your words, Mayweather nuthugger you.

  • fraud mayweather, just take the pacquiao test and shut up!!! be sure to wear good running shoes because it will be a long night for you. you’d pee in your pants just thinking about it! you’ll always be judged for avoiding pacquiao , your 0-loss record is irrelevant. muhammad ali never took blood tests, and he had some losses, but he’s still the greatest!! you floyd are the greatest fraud! you’ll always be known as the chicken floyd of grand rapids.

  • Pedro is not only against Pacquiao, it’s damn obvious he’s against all Filipinos. Kevin Perry wrote an article in favor of Pacquiao but still this Pedro managed to sneak out his own venom against Pacquiao n the Filipinos. Not all Mexicans are like that. You could tell it the way they treated Pacquiao in Mexico. But this guy Pedro.. he’s a racist. Wonder how he came up with a boxing site that’s supposed to be neutral.

  • quoted from james:
    Here is what happened to some of Pacquiao’s last seven opponents:

    Antonio Margarito, pummeled repeatedly, broken orbital bone, sent to hospital. Miguel Cotto, pummeled repeatedly, TKO, sent to hospital. Ricky Hatton, knocked out cold, sent to hospital, hasn’t fought since. Oscar De La Hoya, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, hasn’t fought since. David Diaz, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, sent to hospital.

    The other two (Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley) essentially refused to fight, covered up for 12 rounds and accepted lopsided losses by decision.

    Pacquiao doesn’t just defeat opponents; he punishes them right into an ambulance. Mayweather, attempting to spin the argument, notes that he beat most of those guys before Pacquiao and claims he “softened them up.”

    Perhaps. It’s also possible Mayweather sees the destruction Pacquiao can do to a man’s health, reputation and career, and wouldn’t mind avoiding him completely.

    Only Floyd knows for sure. Mayweather and Paquiao fight will never happen.

  • Link: http://sports.yahoo.com/box/news?slug=ki-iole_mayweather_pacquiao_091911

    “Pacquiao once asked for the testing to be stopped at some point before agreeing, but he is no longer making that demand, Arum said.

    “All we ask is that the results are given to the relevant agency that is governing the fight,” Arum said. “If the fight is in Nevada, give it to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. That’s all we’re asking. But Manny will do the testing with no questions asked.”

    so there is no issue at all. so wheres floyd? I want pedro to answer this one.

  • No the tests are random and sans any limitations. Had Manny agreed to such, you’d be on prozac because Floyd punished Manny, if that had fought when they agreed t everything but the drug tests!

  • KP,

    Props! I think it’s one of your best articles yet. I agree that you can’t judge PBF vs Pac because of PBF vs Ortiz. I still think PBF pulls out the 12 rd stinker though.

    Keep up the good work.


  • floyds needs a sucker punch to win a KO… thats for sure

  • @Pwdro.. Oh well, Manny’s always stuttering even when speaking Tagalog..Lols! Ask Floydie if he is willing to fight (Yes or No) and listen to his answer.. a NOVELA! The test is inside the ring! Take the test Floydie!!

  • The trick to beating Floyd is not to let him time your punches…This is what Floyd sr said to Oscar delahoya…Oscar responded by saying that is easier said than done…Do you all not understand that…everytime Floyd is shown in slow motion you see the opponent getting tagged in the face way before his punches are in mid motion. Nobody is that fast…Floyd anticipates and his opponent are going to do but it takes like 3-4 rounds. To beat Floyd you have to KO him before the 6th round….is his timing stupids….is the economy stupids…

  • if floyd can only come up with a sucker punch to get a knock out,he will be in a dire strait if he face the filipino.never in the fight victor ortiz got hurt except for the infamous shot mayweather gave him.pac took cotto and margarito’s best punches and just walk through them.this is the reason why pac will kill mayweather if ever they meet.mayweather jr knows this,his dad knows this,his advisers know this.thats why hes so deadscared of the little filipino.

  • Take the damn tests!

  • Take the tests!

  • Bartolome, nice edit. Where’s Manny stuttering when Mile Marley asked him if he would give up the 14 day window? Where are the Phil Am News articles where Manny said not unless there was a 14 day window? What about the Konz guy stating they wanted 14 days. Selective, aren’t we?

  • @Pedro…You obviuosly know better that Floyd’s camp….tell that to Floyd, he might believe you and take the fight with Manny.

  • to pedro and mike and all the KFC fans, if your chicken is so good then ask him to fight, and stop wasting time, and why the hell is he talking about old age (darn chicken) is it an indication that his not ever goin to fight?. (KFCvs pacman) this fight will never goin to happen, period.

  • Oh boy! Floyd does not want to fight Pacquiao because he’s scared as hell..period! I just don’t get it.. when people demanded this fight to happen, Floydie suddenly wanted to clean the sport and made his own blood testing rules. Obviously, it’s an excuse since he knew that Pacquiao will not easily give in to his ridiculous demands and then the deal is off. I think these demands should have not been made in the first place! It’s funny because when Pacquiao finally agreed to the tests, Floydie then says “No, you don’t mean it”. WTF?!! MAN UP Floydie!! This fight should have happened last year if Floydie had the balls to fight and did not make excuses. Was it Pacquiao who’s making these stupid demands? Was the blood test really the deal breaker? I don’t think so. Mention the name Pacquiao to Floydie and observe his reaction. Count how many words per minute are gonna come out of his loud mouth.. LOL It’s so obvious who’s ducking who.. go figure.

  • floyd will be the easiest opponent for many pacquiao.pac can take punches.if he doesnt respect your power he will just walk through you.floyd will not last 3 rounds if floyd suddenly get back his courage and face the pacman.pac already agreed to evrything that floyd proposes,so there will be no excuses anymore for this ducker.floyd will be exposed as the greatest fraud in the history of boxing.

  • They stipulated a 14-day window . Ask Dong at Phil AM News, he published it twice. Once in Manny’s words and then that Konz guy. You guys should stop pushing for this fight as Mayweather is too fast, too slick, too much of a better boxer.

  • @Mike… i guess you think better than Floyd and his camp… you should apply as Floyd’s adviser….cuz until now, if Floyd hears Manny’s name… he gets nervous!

  • ok Gayweather fans just tell ur boy quit talking and accept the fight with Pacman .There will be no excuses after the fight. regarding the blood draw… I work in the prison as a nurse and mind me There is a lot of hardcore criminals and gangster with tatoo all over their body who passed out on me while I’m drawing their blood. Blood draw doesn’t make you weak it’s their belief that if you take some blood for them they get weak and pass out.

  • If you really can beat this 5’6 midget Filipino one dimensional fighter who only fights your leftover, proclaiming yourself p4p king , undefeated, why all of a sudden ask for random blood testing? by the way manny already agreed random blood testing so for all the flomos out there asking for blood test google is your friend feel free to use it, cut this BS blood test, all of us know that floyd is afraid of manny. just cut the BS and fight manny.

  • PedroFernandezIsAB!tch

    By the way, do I really have to say that M0nkey vs Ortiz was a real “sellout”? It started with a fake headbutt, followed by a fake apology that led to a fake look away and the next thing you know… BOOM…. A FAKE KNOCKOUT while smiling.

    Great acting job. Victor and M0nkey. Shows how classless you both are. I bet they’ll have a rematch and cheat the fans again. Then M0nkey retires even if he says the midget won’t win regardless. ROFL!
    Funny thing about this M0nkey is he only talks but can’t punch much unless he is loaded with XYLOCAINE. Yeah, boy!

  • I just don’t see floyd stopping Manny in eight rounds. Cotto, Clottey, Margarito & Mosely couldn’t knock out Manny, how can floyd stop Manny when these four, punches harder than floyd. I think a fight between manny and floyd would go the distance and it’s just a matter of who can connect with their punches more. As for taking blood test. On the second negotiation, manny agreed to unlimited testing and then Floyd asked for a very large amount of money. I think it was $100 million. This ended the second negotiation between floyd and manny. Hopefully this fight gets done.

  • Hehehe. Floyd and his fans are so pathetic.

  • Wow and your a boxing writer. If the fight with Ortiz would have lasted much longer the result would have been the same. Pacquiao will not have any more success than Ortiz did and get frustrated just like he did. You may not have to like Flyod but his boxing skills are far superior to Paquiao’s. The fight will be the same Flyod will stop Paquiao in 8 rounds.

  • Mayweather got the title in a very UNPROFESSIONAL and UNSPORTSMANLIKE way. Where’s the level playing field he has been preaching when he decided to sucker punch his way to the title? Its not level fighting when YOU HIT SOMEONE WHEN YOU FULLY KNOW HE IS NOT YET READY. What a CHEAP way to beat somebody considering Floyd’s a Professional boxer and not boxing in a professional way, that is, not giving a fair fight by SUCKER PUNCHING his opponent…so unprofessional and that’s not a real champion, getting the belt by cheating. That is not a fair fight nor a fair win in my opinion. Nothing for Floyd to be proud about.

  • There is no way Floyd would beat Manny. Floyd is a joke, coward, ducker…

  • Mr. Pedro, have you been living under the stone lately? Yes I agree that Manny demanded a 14 day cut off before. The key word is BEFORE and that before was very long time ago. Please read the latest boxing blogs and watch the latest videos not the ones that were already archived in the historical museums. In case you still don’t know Manny already clearly stated in all media that he will accept all the ridiculous drug testing demands of Floyd Jr. and now Mayweather is again coming out with other excuses. Read the latest boxing blogs and write ups for you to see and stop living under a stone. Get out and breathe some fresh air from time to time.

  • FMJ you’re the one who is a cheater the fight with Marquez you go to the ring overweight, now you sucker punched Victor Ortiz your resorting to this kind of tactics just to protect your unblemished record. If you are not afraid of Pacquiao why not face him, you are applying your own rules in boxing random blood testing (OLYMPIC STYLE), I think you have to respect the rules existing in the books not making this kind of excuses just for your 0 loss.

  • Manny will be KOed in 8th, he will look like an amateur when he faces Floyd. Maybe it is true because Manny is smaller than FMJ, in reach, weight, height. You may say FMJ is superior in skills, and is the master of defense. The speed, and timing is also FMJ’s. The question is does FMJ have the heart. I don’t know if he even has a ball between his legs when it comes to fighting a small fighter called Paquiao. I wonder if Floyd is really American or is from USA, because i know that America is Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I don’t know if FMJ knows the meaning of BRAVE. Oh I know, probably FMJ has the Mayweather Dictionary by FLOYD M. SR..

  • I love it when Floydiots insist that Pacquiao to this day refuses to take the test despite multiple reports quoting Arum and Pacquiao confirming they’ve agreed to it. Amazing! Talk about selective reading.

  • Bottom line is Floyd wants pacman tested cause he wants an even playing field. Bottom line is if he was to fight pacman now he is sure he would have problems and lose. Floyd knows pacman would beat his ass. Point blank period! Come on floyd, pacman is a little 5’6″ filipino featherweight midget who is a one dimensional fighter whats so scary about him???

  • Name them?

  • to all floyd fans…the one who is demanding sth is trying to have an edge over a guy who he believes has the power to knock him out…simple ? to all of you…all fighters that called him like hatton, mosley and others they got their wish instantly
    whereas when he hear the word pacquiao , he needs to take a test if you’re the best. heheheheheh reasoning…damn it’s just like playing pool , if you know the guy is better than u , you ask for a head start to gain an advantage. mayweather is really cunning. He knows that he is gonna lose . Logic says if pacquiao is an easy fight , then no need for reasons, pacquiao is bigger tahn ortis hahahaha more money supposed to be. hmmmp you guys are all lame

  • Blah blah blah….Floyd is full of shit!

  • From what I hear all terms have been agreed to in regards to testing. Pacquaio’s team wants WADA to administer the tests.In reality the testing is really announced testing anyway. The only will test during training camp. Both guys could easily do any form of PED’s in the off season and get almost the same benefits they would during training camp. This is what is done in other sports and many athletes go undetected.

  • @Pedro, ya see that’s exactly why pacquiao is suing floyd for defamation! even though, as we speak, pacquiao and bob arum have stated they have no more issues with blood testing, all pac haters can dwell on is his initial refusal to floyd’s testing demands. pac’s agreeing to be tested now, but you still say he isn’t, and that he’s hiding something? however, people seem to forget that he didn’t just flat out say no to the tests, he accepted the random urine testing aspect of it while offering up 3 days w/ one right after the fight and a 30 day cutoff. now if someone were really on something, wouldn’t they just be like “no, i don’t want extra testing at all” instead of conceding to some? and can you tell me one person that random blood testing has caught that urine testing didn’t? and floyd moved his demands to accommodate this and countered w/ a 14 day cutoff that he didn’t move on even as pac went down from 30 to 24 to 18, and eventually during the 2nd negotiations 14 days (what floyd had been fighting so hard for) but all of a sudden (despite mosely-mayweather testing stopping at 18) suddenly he doesn’t want any more cutoffs, that’s like when you’re making a deal with a car salesman, after working so hard to bring the price down, all of a sudden the salesman says no, and raises the price back up to sticker price. pac may have not given completely into floyd’s demands initially, but since then he’s been making effort to meet him half way. what has floyd done to make the fight more possible? who took a 16 month vacation and only announced a return after pac was already tied with marquez?

  • Basically Floyd is saying. I can’t beat Pacquiao because he’s the greatest fighter ever. I can name you a bunch of fighters that Floyd fought who were on steroids. Tsk fight is never going to happen…thanks Floyd…

  • Floyd is a coward boxer he has so many excuses and that’s why for us he is not a true fighter and pound for pound. he cheated ortiz using his elbow in the beginning of the round until the last that he cheated by punching ortiz while ortiz is looking at the referee.


  • Floyd is full of excuses period! Manny has already agreed to all his terms, and still he brings the same excuse about blood testing. Even Manny said that it’s the financial side of it now that needs to be discussed. Up until now, Floyd fans still brings up blood testing issue. Get updated Floyd fans before you start talking bout testing again. MANNY PACQUIAO IS THE TEST! not his blood

  • floyd said he can easily beat manny with or without his power pellets. then why ask manny to take the test. and when manny agreed to the demand, floyd excited as with ‘YES, PACQUIAO YOU’RE NEXT!” then recant it the next day… c’mon pips, FLOYD knows he can beat anyone put in front of him. except the one named MANNY PACQUIAO

  • Pedro, you may want your eyes check. News, media, videos and articles already said and published that Manny will take the test with NO CUT-OFFs but, BUT the only condition they set was that it has to be WADA not USADA that will be administering. Go do your research… and again have your eyes check. Maybe have your ears clean out too.

  • 1. Ortiz is clearly bigger and more durable than Manny and we saw how Floyd handled him.
    2. Although FMJ did nothing illegal, it was highly unsportsmanlike.
    3. Is it my imagination or did Cortez drop the ball on this one, review the replay and see if he even had his eyes on the action.
    4. Manny’s only chance is the frenetic pace he’s able to fight at. With that said, Floyd probably wins.
    5. $60 for a PPV is ridiculous. The only way I pay that $ is if it comes with a Don King-esque undercard. A few ppv undercard examples that come to mind are:
    Simon Brown-Terry Norris
    Azumah Nelson-Jesse James Leija
    Gerald McClellan-Julian Jackson
    Azumah Nelson-Gabriel Ruelas
    Terry Norris-Maurice Blocker
    Felix Trinidad-Yory Boy Campas
    Martirosyan-Angulo would have been worthy of a ppv undercard but again I stress, there would need to be 3 of those in order to justify a purchase.
    6. Pedro, for the 4,000th time, generalizing all Filipino’s saying they don’t know how to read, geesh

  • lil floid is a bum…

  • @KP Manny can be faster, have better foot work and throw more punches but those punches have to land! Floyds defense and clean effective punches will get the ud. @Pedro perfect!

  • For the 1000 times, why can’t a particular mexican boxing writer, differenciate between a Tatto Machine and a Syringe? You are talking tacos vs burritos, they are not the same. Try and different analogy…you don’t make sense, at least to this FOB. :)

  • Kevin Perry, you say: Pacquaio is faster and throws more punches than Ortiz and has better footwork, and you’re right. What you’re doing, however is take one man’s strength against opponents he has faced and apply them to an opponent he has NOT faced. An opponent we know is a Master at adapting to different styles. I believe your “dislike” (to say the least) of Mayweather clouds your judgement and makes you become a fan of whomever is in front of him instead of the journalist you should be.

    Yes Floyd is showing signs of his age, but so is Manny (but you can’t see that, can you). Besides, Manny relies on non his speed to overwhelm his opponents but what will happen when, in the middle of one of his trademark whirlwind punches he gets caught flush on the button? What will happen when he throws 20, 30 punches and none lands? What will happen when he sees that this particular opponent is not backing down, instead, making him fight in a way that he’s not used to? Remember, Ortiz was supposed to test Floyd as were a bunch of other guys.

  • Pedro arent we passed that whole 14 day window demand….He did say it and the million dollar per pound statement, but those seemed to be a while back during many so called failed negotiations.All the articles I have read lately have Manny and Arum saying he agreed to all the testing.All in all I dont really think Floyd wants to split the pie evenly with Manny, and if he doesnt dominate Jaun Manuel I think we never see this fightat least at a 50/50 purse split!

  • KP I don’t know what you saw in the Manny vs Mosley fight. To me Manny was not impressive and I don’t care that many people said he was not motivated because when you get to Manny’s level you are always motivated. Manny said he couldn’t cout the ring against Mosley because of leg cramps….or whatever.

    Go back and watch how Floyd was cutting off the ring against Ortiz…this is a Floyd who is usually a counter puncher, but ge was agressive in this fight and even Lampey point out how a master cuts the ring off…

    Floyd can lead or counter punch if he catches Manny and has him hurt there is nothing Manny can do…It would look like Floyd Mosley…and no Manny is not as strong or punches as hard as Mosley or Ortiz…is his speed…

    Facing Floyd Manny would be fighting a guy who’s timing is impeccable and who is faster of hands with better footwork and not faster footwork…

    Manny is tough but Floyd is both tough and skilled…so in my opinion Floyd would be a 2-1 favorite…and he has less wear and tear than Manny…

  • How to duck a fighter. 1) I will fight him…for $100 million. 2) I will fight him…in my hometown and if I can pick the judges and the ref. 3) I will fight him…if I get to re-write the rule book. Hey Floyd fans, two outta three ain’t bad! So when is Floyd gonna call for the fight to be staged in Grand Rapids?

  • Good Point on the Drug test Pedro. 2 totally different styles of fighters. Manny being the slugger he is I couldn’t help but to notice in the Marquez and 2 others fights that hes almost forgets its a boxing match not a street brawl. waste of energy. Mayweather on the other had calculated and more discipline by selecting punches will save precious energy going into later rounds. Mayweather by decision. I just hope the judges are not bias that night.

  • Mr. Pedro…

    you always say that to all pacquiao’s opponent, you are right we have to wait till the fight happen, so the whole world will know that floyd is no match to pacquiao… he may catch pacquiao most of the time but he won;t hurt him, but if pacquiao catches mayweather, he will be on the run the whole night just like what mosley did, how can you catch someone who only runs from you and don’t want to fight and engage… (ahh yeah you can catch him, u need to use a gun though… ) hahahah…

    what pacquiao’s worried about drug testing, is that the mayweather has enough influence in the USDA that they may be able to manipulate the results… that’s all there is to it… if they can present an independent drug testing company that mayweather don’t have influence with, i’m sure the fight will happen sooner than you think…

    Mr. Pedro, answer this question since ur a mayeather nuthugger… Why is it that Mayweather never asks all his opponent to do random drug testing before pacquiao get’s all the attention…. think about it… and explain why?

    don’t count marquez, ortiz & mosley, yes they did drug testing but still they have more than 1 week window… no drug testing has been done on the day of the fight… and they never release the results publicly…

  • Benny, please, not another Filipino that can’t read? Manny wants a 14-day window of no testing. Konz, his guy in PI said it clearly and plainly. Why in the **** can’t you guys and gals go to Phil Am News and dig up the story. Manny told Phil Am News the same, he” was willing to be tested, but wanted a 14 day window,”

    Manny asked that for every pound Floyd was over 147, that Floyd would have to give up $1 million US dollars and Floyd agreed. Then Floyd says, “I want you to take random drug tests,” Manny comes up with a bunch of bull shit stories. 1. I’m scared of needles. I proved Pac and his team to be liars when I posted that photo of him getting a tattoo with needles. 2. Then he was “superstitious of needles, the tattoo photo again showed he was full of shit. 3. It would weaken him. Dr.’s have told me there is no merit to that excuse either.

    For the 4,000 time, I guess because Filipinos on;y read what they want, Floyd and Manny would have fought on March 13, 2010 had Manny agreed to random drug testing. If he had nothing to hide, in my opinion, I would have done it and showed Floyd he is the better of the to. Seeing he didn’t, I don’t think it’s the alleged steroid use that has Manny worried, it’s that Mayweather will make him look like a lunging amateur.

  • Its so funny, Floyd says easy to beat manny, his fans say the same thing. But what is holding up the fight? Manny already agreed to the drugtesting requirements of Floyd. So why the excuses again from Floyd? What does it take to make this fight happen? A COJONES transplant for Floyd????

  • Pacquiao vs. counterpunchers…hmmm.
    Pacquiao vs. the best counterpuncher in the game? Not to mention the difference in reach. I just don’t see Pac being able to deal with Floyd at all.

  • Pacquaio is faster and throws more punches than Ortiz and has better footwork. We agree to disagree. I think Floyd cheated himself out of an impressive victory. He saw an opportunity and seized it. You can disagree without saying I know nothing about boxing, prophet. Take care.

  • I meant no MORE than 164*

  • Manny is simply the last glimmer of hope sans Sergio Martinez for the consummate Mayeather hater. The problem is that Manny will likely not be in the same form if they fight. If he is tested, he will not be the offensive machine we are used to seeing. At 5’6″ he may still have a punchers chance but will likely resemble a lamb being led to slaughter. If Clottey touched him up with limited offense I would imagine him being pretty mangled by a determined and unrelenting Mayweather. And even if Manny is totally legit, clean, etc, his comp as of late won’t prepare him for a defensive wizard like Floyd. He couldn’t even catch up to Mosley, who essentially gave up after he was knocked down. I think the haters should push a Mayweather-Martinez match up. Lou Dibella said he could get Sergio to do it at 154 and weigh no less than 164 on fight night.

  • Kevin Perry knows little about boxing. Ortiz is a full fledge welter, who hit harder than Pacquiao. Ortiz is 24yrs and strong full of youth.

    He did take Floyd punches good, but if Floyd punches didn’t hurt he would not has been retreating on many occasion during the fight. Go back and watch.

    Floyd timing not his speed is what win him fights. Ortiz is also very fast…his only problem is defense. I would urge Manny to take on Ortiz is he is so confident he can do better than Floyd.

    Floyd was the aggressor and the rope is more of a strategy and a retreat. Floyd was blocking all those shots when he was laying on the ropes. Go back and watch.

    Anyway fight is never happening between the two. Last I heard Manny still wants cut off dates and he want to be alerted to when USADA is coming to test him…so they fight will never happen.

  • Getting to the point where if it doesn’t happen soon, it won’t really matter. They should do it in the next year or move on. Boxing doesn’t need another fiasco like Jones-Hopkins II.

  • “Floyd will stop Manny within 8 rounds!!!!!”

    You know I agree with you that Floyd can stop Pacquiao and I am a Pacquiao fan believe it or not. I better be a fan of Manny as most of my family is Filipino, I am the token white guy. :)

  • WOW, too bad Manny doesnt have the confidence you have in him cause damn he’s so unsure that he’s turning down RECORD paydays to avoid Floyd. I was watching a baby get blood taken the other day and I thought of how blatantly ridiculous Manny’s excuses are. Even the baby was back to smiling and laughing within 5 minutes. Floyd will stop Manny within 8 rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • After what I saw this weekend, Mayweather better keep avoiding Pacman. Mayweather’s guts may keep him standing ’til the final bell, but Manny trounces Mayweather 10 rounds to 2.

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