• Donaires whole record is a whos who of who the heck is that. When he beat Vic the first time he then was put on a bunch of low level PPVs that Arum used to put on only to not build him up correctly nor did he build his fan base. From then he went on a whos who of old, washed up, way too small, about to retire fighters. Now some of those fighters he fought where very good in their prime but now are really a shell of themselves. So he really gets no credit for any of those fights. He has been in nothing but show case fights and even in some of those fights he looked terrible. Very overrated in my opinion. Now that is not his fault, that is the medias fault for putting him on such a high pedestal. If that would of never happened then he wouldn’t get some of the backlash that he does get.

  • Donaire rely’s on speed and athleticism and when faced with a fighter who can box, he comes confused and doesn’t know how to set up shots. He isn’t really overrated though. He’s only been beaten decisively once, and that was to master boxer.Boxers like Rigo can make most any fighter ordinary. Rigo is such an accurate puncher that he puts opponents in a sort of trance and they stop throwing shots. As for Donaire against Vic, well I think there was too many people in his corner and I think mentally he’s conflicted. Too many cooks in one kitchen and the guy needs to stick to one trainer. I think Robert Garcia is overrated as a trainer. He really didn’t bring much to Donaire’s game. His younger brother is good, but I think trainers sometimes get too much credit. The fighter has to go out there and execute.

  • Good catch. My mistake. The 7/7/0/7 date threw me off.

  • Donaire is highly overrated. He gets credit for the wins against Vic and Montiel but against Montiel he looked like he was 3 divisions bigger than him. Donaire has fought nothing but old retired fighters or much smaller fighters. He wasted any momentum he had after the Vic win fighting on them low budget Arum PPVs. The criteria for the reason he was fighter of the year was weak, going by that same criteria they should of given it to Wilder.

  • You’re right. Too many 7s.

  • I believe Donaire knocked out Darchinyan and ended the fight in 5 rounds during their first fight.

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