Donaire KOs Fernando Montiel

Donaire KOs Fernando Montiel


San Francisco, CA– For years I complained about the manner in which Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire was being mishandled by his promoter Top Rank. Even after Nonito drilled betting favorite Vic Darchinyan in 2007, a Showtime main event fighter, Donaire appeared almost exclusively on Top Rank’s PPV (Latin Fury) cards. Sometimes in the main event, but more often than not he was in the position of supporting the Latin fighters on the top of the bill.


Those were the words of Hall of Fame promoter Don Chargin during the “prime time” Thursday 6 PM PT edition of “Ring Talk Worldwide” that airs on the Sports Byline USA Broadcast Network & the American Forces Network. “They misused him, they didn’t know what they had.”


Donaire KOs Vic Darchinyan

Donaire KOs Vic Darchinyan

What Top Rank had was pretty obvious since the 7/7/07 KO of Darchinyan, a ‘pound for pound’ top ten fighter until Nonito knocked him all but dead. But instead of making him a “superstar” and putting him on fellow Filipino Manny Pacquiao’s cards, Top Rank forced Nonito to play second fiddle to a bunch of Mexican fighters that couldn’t carry his jock.


I’ve always asked why Manny Pacquiao refused to put Nonito Doniare on any pedestal that might have elevated him to seven figure paydays? The only reason I can come up with is that Manny, oh and his wife Jinkee, were so jealous of Nonito’s looks, skills, and his beautiful wife Rachael, that Manny all but shunned his fellow countryman.


With the promotional firm, Golden Boy Promotions, run by Oscar De La Hoya now representing “The Filipino Flash,” Manny can’t cock block Nonito anymore as Golden Boy will treat Nonito like a superstar, not some schmo supporting a B fighter the likes of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Pedro Fernandez


  • this is the most non sense story i have ever heard. is this even for real?

  • Manny is not jealous! He loves his countrymen!

  • What Ides of March said is right. Nonito is a rising star but mentioning Manny was not even necessary. Anyone in their right mind know that Manny is a great fighter but to compare the two would not be right. I am a fan of both, this article is somewhat redundant. Nonito will have his day soon.

  • The PacMan-is-jealous-of-Nonito-and-his-wife reason why PacMan is allegedly shunning Nonito Donaire is nothing but laughable. How can you be jealous of someone who is just starting to go up while you are already up there (PacMan)? PacMan is super rich now, multi millionaire and politician (that comes with power too) while Nonito is just starting to earning his money and has not been up there for a long time yet.

    I just see no logic for your assumption Pedro. You must come up with a better one to be believable.

  • Kurt: I just clicked on your link…you have quite an extensive boxing collection for sale…do you also tranfer to dvd’s?

  • Donaire might be sidelined with litigation for awhile….hope not. If he ends up with GBP, Gamboa or JM Lopez will be hard to make. Finito Lopez one of the most beautiful boxers of all time and an all time great. One of my favorites since Leonard.

  • it was a short sited move to take the 750K for the short run fight vs. his next guy, then where does he go from there?
    the real money is gamboa JM Lopez and then on. really bad business move, now he could potentially be sidelined for a year or two. you gotta strike while the iron is still hot!

  • Dick, I rate Ricardo Lopez #3 pound for pound best fighter in the past 50 years only Roberto Duran and Manny Pacquiao are ahead of him in my humble opinion

  • Pedro were you a tabloid writer before? Intrigues, intrigues. Always working on an angle to discredit Manny..

  • At GBP, i hope he gets to fight Mares/Agbeko/Juanma and finally Gamboa! Oh i forgot Rigondeux

  • I think Nonito did what he had to do. When he starched Vic Darchinyan, he was a Showtime favorite and one of Gary Shaw’s boys. if you look @ the end of the fight Gary Shaw wasn’t happy for Nonito. He even told Nonito and his family he didn’t want a big celebration in the ring. Figure that!! Top Rank had him on the shelf, I guess they didn’t want him stealing any of Manny’s shine. That makes 2 promoters who couldn’t get it right. I applaud GBP for stepping up and maybe they’ll get it right. This guy is a star in the making.

  • Whatever happens, I hope Nonito gets his time to shine…after that k.o. of darch, it did seem that his promotors dropped the ball with how they guided donaires career…boxing needs nonito to shine and be given the proper opportunities to prove himself..

  • Kurt: Thanks for bringing up Ricardo Lopez who was one of the all-time greats. I still haven’t figured out why he was relegated to supporting bouts instead of being a headliner. In his prime there was not a single fighter anywhere around his weight class who had a chance with him. He could box, punch and was one of the great finishers ever. Thanks again…

  • I agree, I’m looking forward to the fights that they make for him.

  • Well from reports he is still under Top Rank and will be going to court for this. Not sure who will win between Golden Boy and Top Rank but this is only bad for Nonito because while this will be going on he will not be fighting.

  • The same thing happened to Ricardo Lopez back in the early 1990 ,s He was so good that(King)(Arum) didnt want him showing up there boys Humberto Gonzalez and Michael Carbajal. By the time he started to get some recognition his carear was almost over. I remember Ricardo Lopez had just KO ‘d someone in around his 15th title defense on Showtime When Freddie Pacheco commented “Ricardo need 10 or 15 more title defenses to prove he for real”

  • Is that the only reason you can come up with??
    C’mon, there’s a lot more reasons one can think of, but I believe you, Pedro, when you say you can only think of ONE reason.
    Pacquiao “jealous” of Nonito Donaire? Donaire is barely stepping up and Pacquiao has been through the black hole many times over he couldn’t care less if Nonito makes it to the galaxies. This article is tabloid-like I think.
    Even including Pacquiao’s wife who in reality doesn’t have anything to do with Manny’s boxing career.

  • I Nonito’s KO over Vic was sensational, and I never could understand why Nonito was then buried out of sight while the likes of Berto and the like were glorified on prime cable network shows. Doniare is one of the few guys anymore who I would look forward all week to watching fight. Hope he isn’t fed a bunch of stiffs. He is a real star.

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