San Francisco, CA– Although he is considered by most pundits as one of the ten best fighters ‘pound for pound’ in boxing, Nonito Donaire, the former World 112 & 115 lb. champ who relinquished (not lost) his titles is this week fighting at bantamweight (118 ) in Anaheim, CA for an interim WBA title. Imagine if the “Filipino Flash” would have fought his foe this Saturday, Volodymyr Sydorenko (22-2, 7 KOs) in a supporting bout under Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito?


Having been making in the neighborhood of $200 to $250, 000 per fight, had Donaire been supporting Manny on any of his cards, his purse would be five to ten times what it is. If you broach this subject with Manny, he’ll defer to promoter Bob Arum who handles both fighters. If you ask Donaire, he won’t say it, neither will his “on the ball” wife Rachael, but Manny Pacquiao, either jealous or insecure, is the guy that has passed (screwed) over Donaire.

Rachael Donaire

Rachael Donaire


Folks, Nonito Donaire, highlight reel of all time KO of Vic Darcinyan in 2007 aside, the young man from Newark, CA of Filipino heritage is making peanuts and yet he maybe better skilled than Manny Pacquiao. Knowing this, Manny would not want to start a national debate as to who the better fighter was by putting him underneath Pac in any of these mega-events. If he were to have once put Donaire on an undercard, Nonito would have been able to display his skills in front of millions of people, not the 70-100,000 homes on a Latin Fury PPV show.


This weekend, again, one of the best fighters pound for pound in boxing, Nonito Donaire will headline the Top Rank PPV card from Anaheim, CA. That sounds impressive until you realize that Julio Cesar Chavez, the draw both live and on PPV dropped out due to illness. That 50-70,000 home range is what I am anticipating this Saturday, this even though Mexican Humberto Soto now takes over for Donaire at second fiddle.


Hey Manny, your fights are being seen by more than one million homes in the USA, had you put Nonito on any of those undercards you would have created another American boxing star in a fellow Filipino. But you realize that this might take some attention away from you and wife Jinky, seeing Rachael is both hot and smart, something I think the Pacquiao’s (Jinky too) fear worse than a Congressional impeachment. What marvels me is that some Filipinos dislike Nonito simply because to admit that he might be a better boxer than Manny, this to them is akin to drinking battery acid.


With the exception of size, Volodymyr Sydorenko does not hold any advantages of Donaire. It is expected that Donaire (24-1, 16 KOs) will prevail here and face Fernando Montiel (43-2-2, 33 KOs) February 19, 2011. Having had to nearly cut off an apendage to make 115 this past July, the added three pounds will help Nonito. That being said, it will still not be an easy task making weight for the “Filipino Flash.”


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Pedro Fernandez


  • I mean, let’s face it yous guys – Donaire is the new Pinoy idol. Goodbye Pacquiao – hello Nonito! He not only looks a lot better than Pacman, he talks straight English, never brags as much as Pacman but also has class in his [scientific] style of boxing! (Si Pacquiao puro halihaw na suntok ang nalalaman). The people are simply tired of Pacquiao who cannot decide whether he wants to be a boxer, a singer, a soldier, a college student, an ad model or worst, a politico and now a wrestler[yawn]! Ang mga kaya lang namang hamunin e puro lampa at ketepone. Nonito Donaire IS THE MAN! He IS the man-of-the-hour! Go Donito – Pacquiao is nothing as compared to you now [your wife looks stunningly gorgeous, too].

  • @Pinoy-Pinhead
    From the time that u think i got an Internet FBI badge.

  • @Pinoy-Punk
    If ur going to read carefully the post above, it was james who mixed GOD & cursing, not me.plese read again carefully

  • Dencio where do God and cursing mix??? He who is sinless cast ye the first stone!!!

  • Damn Dencio when did u get ur Internet FBI badge????

  • @james
    again, you’re talking bullshit!, it was you who mention “GOD”, so whichever GOD it is, you should not talk bullshit together with GOD. And now, your make yourself like a moron again,
    “Philipines has more prostitutes than factory workers?”
    b4 u talk shit, u should back it up with facts. Have u done any research b4 u said this?

  • And like I said, your girls are alot of fun…Kind of like candy floss, fun yet unfulfilling…

  • Dencio, which “god” would that be that you are referring to?

    The Christian, Jewish, Muslim version? Or any other of the imaginary friends invented by ignorant men during the Bronze Age?

    Would that be a god which has blessed the pilipos with such a high standard of living, one in which the Philipines has more prostitutes than factory workers?

    Would that be a god which earlier this year punished the Philipines with devasting weather events, no doubt for their sinful lifestyle? Give me a break.

    Perhaps you should choose a different religion. Try the Mormons, they are always looking to hire…

  • @JAMES
    Dont u mention GOD if you’re going to talk a lot of B’shit!

  • God, I will be happy when Pacboy leaves boxing for good. That way I wont have to pretend to respect the opinions of filipos (sic) who dont know a darned thing about boxing.

    Lets face it, they are pacboy fans, not boxing fans. It gives them a chance to scream racism at every opportunity when anyone questions his royal highness pacboy. Here is a newsflash to all filipos, no one cares about your country but you.

    Pedro got it right, the only thing you have is coconuts and the pacboy.

    At least when pacboy leaves the scene, you’ll still have your coconuts.

    And your girls are fun.

  • Ah….there’s always hate when you got men in this position of this stature. Look at all the hate Floyd gets. Same with PAC. Two of the best P4P fighters who have done it all and still there are those who fail to give them their just dues. Instead the haters stay on their grind creating excuse after excuse for rationalizing why they dominate. I find it a lot easier to understand, accept and embrace logic. But it all comes with the territory. When you are at the top of the world there are some looking up praying for your downfall. You havn’t reached that status without the hate.

    So you agree on fight fans wanna see compelling fights. The only thing compelling about this fight is the history. Keeping things in perspective there’s two chances JMM has to beat PAC in 2001….Slim and none, and Slim just got the “F” outa dodge.

  • NOBODY hates Pac, we love him. People, including the Pacland people, they want to see him in compelling fights!

  • Relax Pedro. I’m sure you do understand being beat as a child. You seem to have some pent up issues stemming from early childhood struggles. I feel ya! But with that said….Just b/c there was no one in the Phillippines to ride their coat tails doesn’t mean there weren’t those who could have offered support. It could have come from other fighters in his stable or other fighters who trained at the same gym. You can’t depend on others to hold your hand Pedro….especially not in boxing. You should know that.

    You don’t see Floyd helping out young black american fighters JUST b/c they are black and american do you? Of course not…..PAC has this kind of affect on some people. I don’t know what it is but maybe you could shed some light on why there are some who wanna hate on PAC so hard.

  • Hardknocks, You were abused as a child, I understand. There was NO fighter of Pac’s ilk in the Philippines to help him out. Stop drinking before breaking into the internet cafe.

  • Nonito is a very good fighter and technically better than PAC. But he’s not a better fighter overall. It’s really not PAC’s job to build anther pinoy’s career just b/c he’s pinoy. I don’t see Floyd, Shane or even Joe C or Froch pulling up Black or White fighters that have talent and skill just becuase they share the same nationality.

    Although I think it would be nice of PAC to show some love to Nonito! Nonito has show a lot of love, respect and admiration for his fellow countryman…but so has millions of other fans with a wide variety of backgrounds.

    I honestly don’t remember ANYONE pulling PAC up when no one knew him….no one gave him the opportunity to fight under their card just “because”…. This is a round sport, cut throat. You can’t expect anyone to hold your hand in this game. Nonito knows that after his dealings with his ex promoter so he’s puttin in work and coming up the way he knows how….the HARD WAY. And it will make him a better boxer and business man.

  • Pedro,
    We both admire Donaire and I must admit, I like his style more than Manny’s.

    But I think to make it sound like its Manny’s obligation to put Nonito in one of his undercards is wrong.

    I think Manny rose to stardom without asking or obliging others to give him a piggyback ride. Manny worked hard and gave his audience what thrills them at the expense of getting hit by his opponents.

    Maybe Nonito’s manager has to sell his ward harder or a little bit more clever to be able to land him a good deal. Its not anybody’s fault Nonito is getting peanuts.

  • great piece, pedro.

  • pedro, these 2 warriors came from the same place of gensan. attended the same elementary school, though on different years. it was even reported that nonito’s mother became one of pacman’s elementary school teachers in one subject. and you are trying to divide the two.
    nonito is the most avoided fighter in the lower weight. hasegawa refused his challenge because he didn’t want to “risk his WBA title” to nonito’s IBF. for a rematch, darchinyan was reduced to “all bark, no bite” idiot. morel simply don’t want nonito, period!!! montiel tried to avoid nonito…but was forced to accept when it was already unbearable for his reputation to duck. montiel even tried to escape by having himself injured in a motorcycle accident.
    you see, it was not pacman’s or arum’s fault that nonito found himself on lonely street. it just happened that nonito is that good… that brave warriors simply became cowards.

  • nonito even appeared in pacman’s tv sitcom ‘show me the manny’…and the author is trying to make a feud between them. nonito and viloria were already feuding since the U.S amateurs, and the author want pacman to join the fray.
    the author even tries to make their wives fight! see his comments below:

    “Donaire’s wife blows Jinky out of the water, both in looks, smarts, and she can fight as well. Samboy, it’s the attitude you display that is so Pacman-ish. Help nobody, make more more than a sucka’ coud ever spend! Karma? Because she is beautiful?”
    Pedro Fernandez on December 1st, 2010 at 10:33 AM

    instead of praising them both, just to be fair… he made naughty remarks to make jinkee insecure and mad. it didn’t help that brian viloria’s girlfriend is already feuding with rachel…the author wants jinkee to join the war.
    i’m suspicious of the author’s motive in writing this article.

  • This is how showbiz writer writes, full of intrigues

    R u a former showbiz writer?

  • To the Hypocritical Pinoy catholics: If you are so keen on the bibles commandment of Honor they Father and Mother (which first off means respecting them as parents, not necessarily obeying every command) Then do please lecture on on the commandment of “Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife” And explain how Donaires father can commit adultry and impregnant another woman? Also go on to tell us about the scripture reading how “The man will leave his parents and go with his wife and they will become one”

  • I hope Pedro will be invited to spend a vacation in Manila, even for just a week, to see for himself how friendly and hospitable filipinos are.

  • Both Pacquiao and Donaire are both good fighters in their own right. The only difference is that they have different styles. Pacquiao is a more aggressive offensive fighter than a defensive one and that makes him sensational to the audience because of the fireworks he created in the ring while Donaire is not a risk taker like Pacquiao and he is trying to balance offense and defense in his style. What is lacking for Donaire is his exposure and the opportunity to fight big names in boxing. But this time it is now his opportunity to show the world that he can be a legitimate p4p champion in the future.

  • be careful what you are writing.we filipinos are the one feeding you and your family.dumbass!!!

  • Holy Crap! This Pedro is not Filipino. He got us in this one!

  • Pedro, you opened up a can of worms. Very hard to put back the lid…Filipinos who are die hard fans of Pac know the perplexities Donaire projects. More articulate and vocal. But his personal life is his own. His riff with his father is a problem he and his father can only solve. Not the opinions of the righteous hypocrites who brands him as disrespectful, this and that. There is a lot of pressure on Donaire by being tagged as the next Filipino sensation. The main problem are not Pacquiao Donaire but it is Arum who shrewdly thinks Nonito and wife businesswoman are threats to his whimsical ego as a Hall of Famer promoter. He knows Donaire has a lot of potential but he did not want to compromise the popularity of Pacquiao, his cash cow.
    That is very simple logic behind why Nonito Donaire, as excellent as he is, up
    to now grinding his butt to achieve better recognition.

  • This is another unfounded allegation that your trying to stir Pedro?! Pacquiao and Donaire jr. are two different fighter’s with different styles and different accomplishments and coming from different circumstances on why they box. It’s unfair and uncalled for to even compare this Two Filipino Boxers.

  • Yo Yo yo fellow pinoys.
    pedro is just humoring you all. (clue: check those boobies)
    a little awkward attempt but i do really believe he didn’t mean anything wrong towards the pacman. He’s just being funny( again, a little awkward) but
    if you meet him half-way you’ll see the joke and then it gets funny.
    even your pacman would brush this off in good humour.

    pedro (the awkward humourist) is ok in this article.
    chill people, chill.

  • Okay sarcasm aside, the author does have a point that Nonito could have a lot more exposure if he’s put on some of Manny’s events. Hell, that’s true for everyone.

    It’s unfair to put that on Manny though. That like condemning Mayweather for not putting Bradley or Alexander on any of his under cards because Mayweather is also African-American.

    How big can Nonito really get given the weight he fights at? Those small guys never really get the attention they deserve unless they are straight up killers. So even if Manny should “hook a kabayan up” does Nonito have the ability to take that attention and turn it into curiosity and into a genuine following?

    If he aint doing that now, then I’m not sure how a hook up from Manny will do anything more for the guy then make him a little more money for that particular fight.

  • Gabriel Gutierrez

    lol.. Joke of an article. Are you know working for Acess Hollywood?

  • Pedro,

    OMG, Pedro! Have you watched the Nonito Jrs. entourage on the Methalane fight? Guys, don’t be hating, Rachel now? This were her production. It made Hustler and Playboy look like children comics book viewing. I love those Filipina’s flaunting and showing there inner-self. Wink, wink! It brought a lot on what the culture was all about. Thanks, Rachel! Those Pinoy rappers that wanna be black was nice too! It brought a “Latin Fever” out of me! Nonito Jr. Rocks!

    PS. Rachel, post more of your pics on the internet! You are so hot-momma!

  • i think, in due time, he will be in one of Manny’s undercard.

    Nonito is one of the best out there. I hope more pinoy boxers can fight like him. Ofcourse, PAC is the Man… and I hope more pinoy boxers train like him. Fight like Donaire, train like Pacman.

  • Pedro… I salute you for taking on this issue. I myself have been wondering how come Nonito don’t get enough fights and televised exposure when everyone knows he is a complete package: skills, looks, relative articulateness and english speaking even with a slight accent. You and I think TopRank deliberately prevents his star to shine brightly and eclipse others, well, not necessarily Pacquiao. As for your allegation that some Filipinos dislike Nonito: My take is probably yes, SOME Filipinos. And these “some” Filipinos are most likely incurable Pacfanatics who’d gang up on those who they think is a “threat” to Pacquiao’s throne and star. Nonito happened to make the “mistake” of commentating for a Filipino TV panel and objectively judging Pac-Marquez II in favor of the Mexican. Unthinking Pacquiao fanatics didn’t forgive Nonito and never gave him his due.

  • This writer obviously don’t understand Filipinos or Filipino culture. Filipinos support all Filipinos from all over the world no matter what. We back each other up through thick and thin. So what you’re suggesting simply doesn’t make sense. Donaire and Pacquiao both come from the same struggle in the Islands (more so for Pacman), either way, these things need not to be brought to any Pinoy’s attention since it’s already known. It’s not about popularity, but about pride. It’s about national pride. Filipino athletes know better than to act like an A** or even close to what LeBron James is displaying out there. They should know that Pinoys will unleashed the wrath on them if they start acting like fools by misrepresenting our pride and culture. So to the writer, I suggest you do some research before you write this nonsense. Because we all know what happens when we ASSUME. You make and ASS of U and ME… Have a nice day!

  • Ha ha ha don’t get burned brother. I’m glad u did this piece. Nonito is the man does everything u want a boxer to do. Speed,’power, D, head movement, heart boxes and trades. A true pro and I’ve been saying it. This is the ish with theses pacfools that gets ms they can’t even support the best boxer from their country.

  • Jake)4, Donaire doesn’t have a lot of time left either. His weight class puts him at a disadvantage, if Pac gave him one break, he’d be a “made” man with American boxing fans. Manny just won’t help this Pinoy brother out. Thanks.

  • Nonito’s manager is the Top Rank “house” manager and has been for years. He will take his fighters outside of Top Rank, this if TR has no use for them. The family issue is none of our business. THAT’S IT! You guys are pissed off that he chose his wife over his dad. Tough decision, but when you’re a man that is a decision you make and live with. NONITO SR. There was a big money Pinoy in Sacramento that wanted to manage both Donaire bros. HE had DEEP pockets, I know. The deal died when Nonito Sr. didn’t get something for him.

  • Jcota,

    IMAGINE the attention Donaire could have gotten being a semi-main with Manny? He’s fighting in a division not real big with Americans, so this young man could use all the help one could offer. Manny was in the position, still is, and hasn’t offered!

  • Also, Bob Arum is not a fool. He’s a very good businessman. He knows Manny has a couple more years left. He knows that if Donaire is capable of succeeding Manny, he would have done so already. He can do it with or without Manny’s approval.

  • Pedro, it’s obviously YOU, as in you are the one that is jealous to money… nice try anyway to get some attention… I hope you will become popular like the kins of Mayweather talking issues without basis… It’s not Manny’s fault if Donaire has not arrived yet to his destiny… Manny actually makes the door open to Filipino boxing prospects…

  • Of course, Manny will favor the boxers that he managed over Donaire. It’s Donaire’s manager’s job to get him the exposure, not Manny’s. Plus, Donaire at one of Manny’s fights (against Marquez II, or Hatton, I believe) did not even support Manny.

    Donaire can’t even support his own father, so, what do you expect?

  • RR, I just spit out my coffee laughing!

  • Pedro u lost me that that pic of Nonito’s wife DAMN!!!!!!!! That’s the type of chick that makes u switch religions!!!!!!

  • Pedro,

    First thing that Nonito Jr. should do, is to fix his image. 1. put his In-laws in place–he seems to be feeding the entire Marcial family. 2. Get her flirty wife out of his boxing career–isn’t she a Filipina, Wow, a lot can a surgery do for a nose and chest ha? I know lot of Meztisa but last time I check she was as dark as a coconut? 3rd and final, let Nonito Jr. have a reality check–by the time he will no longer make money in boxing, would the Marcial family still be there especially his wife? Be a good reality Tv, noh?

  • It’s a shame that Donaire is running out of time. At the same age, Manny was already a hall of famer, having beaten Erik Morales twice.

  • Perdo,

    You want the truth? I don’t think you want to print the truth? Ha ha ha ha! You made a Pacquiao and Donaire article and yet you put a picture of a woman almost naked–this is Donaire’s wife? The way I heard it, she is the husband? She wears the pants! Promoters are tired of her antics that is why Nonito Donaire Jr. is being ditched on the big fights. She destroyed the Donaire family by bragging their way into a celebrity status–a social climber at best. Jr. can do better than this woman–lack of better word. The Marcial family pretends to know boxing that the ride the coattails of Nonito Jr.

  • @Jimbhoy If you are so keen on the bibles commandment of Honor they Father and Mother (which first off means respecting them as parents, not necessarily obeying every command) Then do please lecture on on the commandment of “Thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife” And explain how Donaires father can commit adultry and impregnant another woman? Also go on to tell us about the scripture reading how “The man will leave his parents and go with his wife and they will become one”

  • You have no business comparing Donaire to the Great PACMAN, there is no comparison between the two of them, but the thing is they are both Filipino, good morale Filipino. They both deserve respect and not by intrigue. Better write some interesting article rather than comparing the two Pinoy Great Fighter. Make sense bro.

  • Ohhh Pedro… The mediocre boxer and writer strikes again… Pathetic.. Jealous much?

  • Angelo Michael Fernandez Merino


    With great respects, Pedro! I have always treasured and shared your analysis about boxing but this time, I think I have to differ with your perspective between the two–Pacquiao vs Donaire. I concur with the other gentleman’s comments that there is a lot of bias on your evaluation when it comes to Pacquiao. I know Jr and the family dearly and he is a champion of his own right but in no way you would even be able to try to compare him with Manny? This is not a Nonito Donaire issue.

    Pedro, have you met Manny Pacquiao and have you had a chance to talked to him? As a friend, perhaps you should. Your pursuit of illness on the Pacquiao camp has been too obvious over the years that meeting the guy might cleanse your mind with the evil thoughts… Peace and always,


  • Pedro please get a life! it is not PacMan’s job to get Nonito a fight. You are merely sowing intrigue.

    And even trying to sow intrigue between the wives of these great filipino boxers….

  • Again, one fight under Manny and he is sen by millions. He would need to fight on Latin Fury like 20 times to equal the publicity!

  • Yeah, Vic was on the P$P list, feared, unbeaten, and then Nonito nearly beheads him! One time, Pac could’ve put him underneath, let him get the exposure. Not insecure Manny!

  • I’m a Filipino and not a big fan of Nonito Donaire. He just doesn’t have the charisma, the excitement, the rush of adrenalin that Manny Pacquiao brings to the boxing world. Nonito just doesn’t have it, he is not that exciting to watch at all, and I’m sorry to say this for being a Filipino, but he has to improve these things for us Filipinos to take a look at him.

  • Has anyone noticed that Pacman very conveniently leans on the promoter whenever pressed to provide details about anything that might be viewed as controversial – who are you fighting next, why aren’t you fighting X, who would you like to fight next? Does he express these opinions to his promoter in private, but makes his promoter the FALL GUY when the camera is rolling?

  • Donaire’s wife blows Jinky out of the water, both in looks, smarts, and she can fight as well. Samboy, it’s the attitude you display that is so Pacman-ish. Help nobody, make more more than a sucka’ coud ever spend! Karma? Because she is beautiful?

  • I didn’t know that Manny has to “babysit” Donaire so he can make money. Pacquiao helps a lot of no name fighters get undercard fights. He got his own fighters that he manages as well. I think Donaire is being mismanaged.

    It’s probably karma since he’s not in good terms with is trainer father. And from the looks of things, Donaire’s wife is a suspect.

  • Pedro, go fetch water. You are worse than a couple of lazy gossiping housewives.

  • Wondered why we haven’t had the opportunity to see Donaire.
    Pacman has the clout and we know Donaire has the goods so that he is definitely worthy of the exposure. Is the national treasure of the Phillipines becoming protective of what he has become and what he has?

    Has anyone noticed that Pacman very conveniently leans on the promoter whenever pressed to provide details about anything that might be viewed as controversial – who are you fighting next, why aren’t you fighting X, who would you like to fight next? Does he express these opinions to his promoter in private, but makes his promoter the FALL GUY when the camera is rolling?

    I am not a hater by any means. I love watching the guy fight. But man, he has the skills and is in the marketing driver’s seat to express an opinion about who he is and what he wants. He simply refuses to do it.

  • ds article is nonsense. nonito is no better than manny. or maybe he is better compare to manny at 106lbs. manny dont run in big guys, he makes d big guys run. nonito dont even deserv to b in top10, he has lot more to prove to b on the list. manny and nonito r not comparble d same as comparng feraris to a toyota.

  • Hey Pedro, I smell you are trying to create a stir here…you naughty latino boy. Nope Pedro, Pac don’t have a problem with Donaire since he established his name without using Donaire, same way Donaire can make a name for himself.
    Simple answer as to why more Pinoys cherish Pacman…he’s 100% localy breed while Donaire is somewhat “imported”.

  • Nonito’s wife is a babe!! Shwing!!!

  • Hey just curious, are these comments about Manny keeping Donaire down yours or Nonitos? Because, his promoters have done a terrible job with him. I haven’t heard of Manny not wanting Donaire on his undercard. But, then again I haven’t broken down the timelines. It just seems like Donaire is not getting enough fights period.

  • I see your point in citing the big role of Pacman in making another boxing sensation in mainstream America. It’s a pity that Pacman being a Filipino seems ignored or neglected his countryman maybe in connivance with Bob Arum.For whatever reason they have in their minds, we can not ignore the other fact that Donaire himself maybe is to blame. Let me remind you that the characters of both fighters are both extremes the way I see it huh? Pacman is so generous, humble and submissive even to his estranged father, he even recognized that without his father he won’t be born and be what he is today. On the contrary, Donaire severed his tie(s) with his father-coached right after or before he got married to his wife. Come to think of it, Donaire deserves to reap the fruits of his fathers labour and should be tapped as the next Idol of the masses, but how could we, as Filipinos admire him for his stiffed-necked attitude towards his parents? He should be the first to offer a smoke of peace to his roots if his wife doesn’t do the same. Fifth commandment should be considered in citing the reward Manny is reaping and the consequences Donaire is encountering for not honoring his father and mother (parents). Donaire must realize the role of his parents esp his father in honing his boxing prowess and not cursing his own flesh whatsoever. I therefore conclude that Donaire deserves his current status for his wrongdoings. May he realize hif faults and submit himself to his parents and in so doing, he will be rewarded sooner than anticipated. Father is a father and will always be no matter what he did in raising his child, period.

  • You’re sure nobody will replace pacman. Donaire acknowledges that too. Pacquiao also acknowledges that he is not a boxer by saying “I’m not a good boxer, but I can box.” How so did you say Donaire will take away some attention from pacquiao?

  • that is a ridiculous comment some filipinos dislike nonito. you must not be filipino or the filipino fans your asking probably don’t even know who he is. I have no association to him but he got skills to move places. the only thing that pisses me off just like you have actually noted is how he is being handled by his promoter. he should be the next filipino superstar and it’s getting wasted. f* arum.

  • this is bullshit! you’re just trying to create a controversy out of nuthin! this is what you call divide and conquer… nice try though!

  • I’m a big fan of both and I support all pinoy fighters but me too is wondering for years how come Manny never put jun jun under his fights?? I don’t get it? He has all the power to do it! If he can put mepranum, laurente etc why not donaire?

  • Hey you fool, Pedro…RESPECT! I wanted Nonito Donaire on the undercard of Pacquiao’s fight against Margarito too. He is an exciting fighter and I watched all his fights.I am very impressed with his skills and talent and love watching him fight not to mention he is my “Paisano” from Bohol. But you can not disrespect Manny Pacquaio. The “Pacman” will get his due respect as long as he fight and it might not be very long….and you will show him that respect too…and Donaire too. For now, no disrespecting Manny and his family. Nonito didn’t do that and you shouldn’t too. You should be ashame of yourself and our heritage.

  • I think it’s the other way around. The Donaires are the ones envious of the Pacquiaos. Donaire must work himself up just like Manny did and not to rely on Manny’s popularity. If he is better than Manny then prove it! I mean fight those who are elite, like Gamboa, Juanma Lopez, Rafael Marquez! Then I think people will get to know you Nonito. Go up in weight and fight the best!

  • pedro…you have a very dangerous, dirty mind. this article is divisive, and an attempt to create a rift between nonito and pacman. you are trying to divide the filipinos.

  • wtf?

    it was Arum who doesn’t want to put Nonito in any of the undercards under any MP event
    there was an article which Arum said he wants Nonito to make a name for himself

    this guy…

  • @ Pedro, you’re a BAD ASS man, why create a fire between the two? I dunno where did you get that information.

    Are you writing these just to get our attention and be a headline? Think and use other ways, to be the best writer, not this way, man.

  • Now you are trying to sow intrigue between the PacMan and nonito. Your hatred of the PacMan is so obviously apparent. Trying to sow frictions between these two great Filipino boxers is so pathetic that it looks like you are so envious of the greatest filipino boxer of all time, Pacquiao.

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