Donaire's left hook on Montiel

Donaire's left hook on Montiel


San Francisco, CA– Yeah, if I was Manny Pacquiao, I wouldn’t want Nonito Donaire on my undercards. Not before last night, and certainly not after! Philippine born Donaire pushed his record to 25-1, 19 KOS) with yet another classic left hook that defending champ Fernando Montiel could not recover from. I mean, we’re talking, bang, one shot heard around the world just like the 2007 Donaire KO of Vic Darchinyan. I’ve been trying to tell you all how good Donaire is. Yes, he is superior to Manny Pacquiao technically, but the Filipino boxing fan casts Nonito aside because Manny is a God. Well guess what, the Philippines has two boxing Gods, and Nonito Donaire is one of them!


In the two and a half years since Nonito destroyed Vic Darchinyan with a carbon copy of the left hook he took out Montiel with. In that time the Aussie has done everything he could to not fight Donaire a second time. He moved up in weight, then agreed to a fight, only to pull away from the contract signing, this even after Nonito agreed to take less money than a guy he had already knocked senseless. Now at 118, there isn’t much room to wiggle out of a second Donaire fight. I’m expecting Vic to move to 122 lbs. sooner rather than later in order to once again deny Donaire a second fight, one that could make them both a good chunk of change.

Pedro Fernandez


  • @ i_use_epos
    “can he handle the power of the bigger guys.” Please correct me if im wrong, but isnt donaire bigger than montiel? He is even taller than juanma.

  • I_use_epos:
    Your an idiot plain and simple. You said “trevor graham,of balco also,the guy who supplied marion jones with the supplements that helped her be the fastest and most explosive woman around,is the guy who designs pacquiao’s supplement and special blend regimen.”

    Why don’t you post where you got that information from…

    Pac has never BEEN associated with Conte! Pedro already confirmed it you fool..Its idiots like you that are BAD for boxing that spread rumours….

    What about andre ward, and eddie chambers? how come theyre punching power is not suddenly off the charts? is it because it only works for certain races?

    Also, you didn’t see donaire when he KTFO darchinyan in 2007? You know, before he hooked up with COnte?

  • Rocky is right in all accounts. Yes Pacquiao and donaire are linked to balco. Conte(associated with donaire) was the founder of balco,and trevor graham,of balco also,the guy who supplied marion jones with the supplements that helped her be the fastest and most explosive woman around,is the guy who designs pacquiao’s supplement and special blend regimen. I get a kick from hearing these retarded flipper fans,who for the most part haven’t followed boxing for more than 8 years,if that,explain away donaire’s and pacquiao’s enhanced speed,power,and stamina when moving up in weight by saying,”They were starving to make lower weights,and this was draining them of their real power.” Sure. Just look at the history of boxing and you will never see prior to these 2 cheating flippers a case where any boxer “improved” his punching power when moving up in weight. As a matter of fact,prior to 2008 or so the 2 questions always asked of a boxer moving up in weight,no matter how good he was,were” how much of his power can he carry up in weight” and “can he handle the power of the bigger guys.” Fuck,the question now with donaire is not how much of his power he can carry from flyweight and super flyweight,but how much more power he has now,which is fucken crazy,defying the logics of boxing. Crazy thing is he will hit even harder at super bantamweight,and even harder at featherweight,guaranteed,defying and going against what has ocurred throughout history in boxing,but yet shit heads will find nothing abnormal at all about this. Rocky is 100 right,23-1 with 15 ko’s is nothing special. Then he hooks up with Conte and the little flipper starts hitting like the second coming of tommy hearns.

  • this is why montiel has been DUCKING donaire for sooooo long…. and he is damn right!!!

  • Marcus, I’m with you on this one. There’s no need to express yourself in a racist manner. When you do so, you are perceived as simple-minded and naive. I applaud you for taking a stance. I will follow your lead and invite my fellow Mexicanos/Chicanos to have fun posting, but show some class. Viva Nonito!

  • Pete the Sneak
    For a Boricua to be a fan of pac & nonito, you’re full of class too my man.

  • Congrats to Nonito. An outstanding display of power, speed and accuracy is what did the job, not any ‘Conte’ connection. Give the guy his props and stop hating. I personally find both Manny and Nonito to be a clean breath of fresh air for boxing. In this world of trash talking and “dissing”, both these Filipino superstars represent the sport in a humble & professional manner, displaying a dignified presence outside the ring while demonstrating their killer instinct inside of it. I have become huge fans of both these guys (and I’m a Boricua) not just for their boxing skills, but for their class. I wish them both continued success, as they are definitely great for boxing. Peace.

  • Donaire is a fine fighter, high in skill and ability….that said he’s not on Pacman’s level of “greatness” yet….maybe there with Manny if you’re talking skill, though Manny has shown the entangibles. Donaire has beaten only two elite fighters in his career, Manny has fought many elite fighters and has always done well. I look forward to seeing Donaire against more elite opposition, Bob Arum willing.

  • Cut it out, fellow Filipinos. I am glad to see us united and proud, but nationality is dead. “A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet.” So stop posting racist comments. We are one species. :)

  • Comparing Donaire with Pacqiao directly in terms of body of work is crazy. Pacquiao won his first belt over 12 years ago and has been a champion in at least one division almost continuosly since the middle of 2001. It’s like comparing a space program which has recently launched a couple of satelites to one which has been to the moon & back a few times.

    Where Donaire can have the edge is the future. THe P4P quality of Pacquiao’s recent opposition is not what it used to be at 126 & 130 and unless Mayweather shows up I don’t see anyone at 140 & 147 who will be the compelling type of opposition that Donair has the opportunity to face going forward – Gamboa, Lopez, Caballero, John – potentially Vazquez Jr & MA Garcia in a year or two and a couple of the japanese guys (Nishioka & the other guy at Featherweight) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kratingdaenggym turned out to be a tough customer at 126.

    So Donaire could definitely be taking over by 2012, however to do that he will need to display another virtue of being a winner – staying hungry, focused and consistent now that some money and fame are falling in his lap.

  • Wow, I really didn’t envision a one-punch ending so soon. I figured even an early stoppage would be the product of repeated battering as it was with Sidorenko.

    Although Donaire has already done this to Darchinyan, and Montiel leaves himself simillarly vulnerable wih those over-reaching lead powershots, Montiel is even more proven and tested than DarchVadder was, with plenty of experience fighting hurt and coming back. Just couldn’t envision this happening to him without any previous softening-up.

    This was no lucky punch. It was the product not only of great reaction timming but also bold and creative tactical thinking. It’s like Donair took very little time to combine what he saw on tape with just a few minutes of observation in the ring and decide how to respond. That is a talent. The next part of the equation is having the confidence to bait and punch with as quick & powerfull an opponent as Montiel.

    Not unlike Tarver-RJ 2, except Donaire did it on the first try.

  • If Rocky Mattioli,is really ,EX WBC Lt Middle champ Rocky, from the late 70’s(out of OZ,and Italy),he at least has the experience to make this point. If totally dope free,Nonito’s form is fabulous,and is at Manny’s level.

  • And how is that, Pedro? Why might Donaire make YOU look bad if YOU were Manny Pacquiao?

  • Because he might make you look bad.

  • why, Pedro why? why would you not want Donaire on any of your undercards if you were Manny Pacquiao?

  • donaire was amazingly consistent. he knocked montiel out of his senses in the same manner that he destroyed darchinyan manny years ago. in doing so, he has captured his third division crown. if he continues to do this against elite fighters on the way up, he may likely approximate what manny pacquiao has done in the last 10 yrs. until then, any talk now of comparing him to manny is premature. and i say this despite of the fact that i’m also a filipino. i certainly root for him, but in assessing his accomplishments so far, i endeavor to be as objective as can be expected from a hardcore boxing fan who has followed the sweet science since i first saw flash elorde fought in the late 60s.

    notwitstanding, i’m very hopeful that donaire, with his power, speed and skills, will continue his winning and dominating ways, especially after manny has left boxing.

  • British writer Graham Houston has some funny remarks about Roy Jones’ HBO commentary, especially his continuing praise of Montiel’s chin after he was KOed.

  • Some good comments…some dumb…but none stupider than jimmy’s comment

  • I think Sergio Martinez is also taking juice since he knocked PW in two rounds — or perhaps Bernard Hopkins too since he is still boxing competitively despite his age. We’ll maybe let’s put on the B level boxers in the main even since for sure nobody will accuse them of cheating because they’d put us to sleep.

  • pls. don’t capitalized the first letter of god when using to a person.
    pls. have a big respect to one and only God…

  • Losers will always find a way to get out of embarassment just like cocky mattioli. They always look for excuses. They would invent accusations after accusations like Pac is now associated with Conte ha ha ha…later on they end up as stupids.

  • Hurray for Donaire! He may someday overtake Pacquiao in popularity because he is a knockout artist & does it in style (w/c is what fans would love to watch & in so quick in time … imagine just 2 rounds. Reminiscent of the Mike Tyson days). Manny Pacquiao style will soon go down the drain because he’s more boxing like a politician. Gone were the days when Pacman could knock opponents out. Fans are already getting less excited w/ his current style. But the only 1 big thing missing in Donaire is prayer. He doesn’t recognize God’s help in his fights.

    Floyd’s inactive boxing status should put him out of the top 10 P4P list in all boxing rating digest/media/publication esp Ring Magazine. P4P#1 should be Manny Pacquiao, P4P#2 Sergio Martinez, P4P#3 Nonito Donaire, P4P#4 Manuel Marquez, P4P5#Klitzcho etc… Next top fights fans wants to see are: 1. Pacquiao vs Sergio Martinez, 2. Donaire vs JuanMaLopez, 3. Juan Manuel Marquez vs Amir Khan, 4. Bradley vs Alexander (rematch), 5. Hopkins vs Paskal (rematch).

  • hi there @ mr rocky mattioli PAC is not associated with CONTE hehe do your research please i understand that you have doubt about donaire coz of his conditioning coach Victor Conte,, and i cant blame you he has a bad reputation but i have to say this donaire is willing to give blood 24/7 just to prove that he is clean i think thats enough to give him credit and respect like he respect other fighters specially latinos, lets just enjoy boxing and lets just be happy that boxing is back,..

    montiel is great champ though,, its just donaire is a bigger and technically much superior fighter,, thanks for readinmg ^^

  • Comparig PACMAN to FLASH JR? nope! i think they’re both great boxer/fighter in their own way and level!
    I hope Donaire and his family get along well soon.
    I hope he stays humble as he is..Keep climbing that weight ladder FLASH JR and join PACMAN at the top!

    Long Lived EDSA UNO!

  • Hey Rocky mattioli… nice try dude, you get more response…lol

    btw….why can’t you just appreciate the boxers… Donaire and Montiel they are both excellent boxers… just that Donaire is more technical, smart, had speed and power…

    see the punch of Donaire? its timed and perfectly executed… see the punch of Pacquiao against Cotto in 4th round? Donaire and Pacquiao let their opponents hit them to get an opening and BANG! Its like give and take or shall is say…TAKE & GIVE (TAKE the shot and GIVE your devastating shot)…


  • congratulation to Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire..

    come-on guys… no comparison please… for one, the spelling of the name of Manny Pacquiao against that of Nonito Donaire is not the same…

  • The difference between the two is Manny is fighting opponents way bigger than him…so lets see Nonito fight a bigger fighter…..

  • To rocky mattioli, have you ever thought why boxers on the P4P standings? They have all impressive runs on their boxing career, best knock outs and knockout percentage that impressed writers and all the boxing community.

    Implicating two top pound for pound boxers to a lame accusation, is a lame idiots’ point of view… you idiot!!!

  • @rocky mattioli, you are just pissed of because you lose your bets in Montiel… im sure you cannot accept the filipinos achievement, because you favorite fighters lose to them… Conte is not affilliated with PAC. Please do your research…

  • I dare to compare that Pacquiao is a better boxer than Nonito in and out of the ring.
    One thing that I admire Pacquiao is that he has no ill-will with his father regardless of their past. nuff said

  • Manny is not associated with Conte!!!!

  • Hey rocky mattioli,

    fight me ANYTIME even at your backyard, am not Conte’s ward, and you’ll get whacked, too, like Montiel and Darchinyan. Promise!

  • To rocky mattioli,donaire already starched Darchinyan with the same punch that flattened Darchinyan in 2007 when he was not yet associated with Conte. He already has that power and Donaire is just getting better. You don’t know what you’re saying and you don’t know a thing about boxing. Go back to your embroidery, ladyboy!

  • Hey rocky mattioli, please get your facts straight!
    Manny is not in any way associated with Victor Conte!!!!!!
    Shut up!!
    Please do your research.

  • ROCKY MATTIOLI aka Gayweather hahahaha…too jealous sir? False facts? You’re only making yourself stupid in making statements without checking if they are correct…btw, Conte is not affiliated with Donaire when he fought Darachinyan and they result were similar, Pacquiao is not affiliated with Conte you stupid moron..

  • pacquiao is in a different level when we compare the two, although donaire have the talent to achieve the same but we still have to find out but for sure, donaire is walking the footsteps of pacquiao for sure and i hope he will be the next pacquiao. donaire and pacquiao are worthy of our respect and gratitude, their making boxing an exciting sports ones more!!!!

    this is good for all of us boxing fans!

  • Donaire breaks out from his long awaited hatching from a monster egg. Montiel got it early in the second round. That’s the nature of the sport of boxing either way.
    I like his analogy “samurai fight”,may the quickest hit first.The first round is like two fighting cocks gauging it’s other for a fatal strike.The second round made the forst and last strike and hit landed on Montiel’s temple needed to make a slow mo necessary. Congratulation Donaire…

  • The truth why donaire vs darchicken 2 will not is the link.

  • pedro, your first sentence reeks of envy re pac’s stature. good thing pac’s not you…

  • its hard to see donaire losing to mares or agbeko, donaire has all of the physical advantages.. height,reach,quickness, and power and boxing skills as well..

  • Yes. I think Nonito is very skillful, i thought it was a mismatch. Physically, Donaire has the edge, skill-wise Donaire has it so I wasn’t surprised at all when he dispatch Montiel. Like Pacquiao, i think Nonito is somewhat belong to higher weight, he can probably start breezing through Featherweight up to the lightweight at most.
    I think he’s quite big for a Bantamweight…he can probably skip Super Bantam and face the top contender at 126lbs before facing either Gamboa and Lopez…

    Pacquiao started as Flyweight, same with Nonito so it’s not too far fetched that Nonito will do the same way.

  • Saying Donaire was denied a 2nd fight w/ Vic makes it sound like Nonito lost and is chasing a rematch. If Vic wants a rematch, then Donaire should give it to him and command the bigger chunk. If not, then move on to Mares/agbeko winner. Definitely no need to be chasing Vic. Move to 122-126lbs better. More big names there.

  • Donaire may be better than Pacquiao in the same points of their careers, but that’s because Manny grew up poor, malnourished and not properly trained for pretty much 50% or more of his career. Pacquiao slept on the street and did boxing just to EAT! Donaire is benefiting from good nutrition from a young age, conditioning, training and supplements. These are things Manny only had in the last 3/4 yrs or so. Anyway, instead of one God, now we have two! Oh Yeah!

  • Agreed with u pedro, phil now have 2 boxing “GODS”, congrats NONITO!!!

  • There is no need for a second fight. Vic has already lost twice since then. Really no point in a rematch especially since the way Nonito dispatched of Montiel

  • Donaire has maximized his potential not because he’s using anthing illegal. Just like pacqiao when he moved up in weight, he’s not starving anymore, so his power is maxomized now.

  • LOL. This Rocky is the smartest guy in the boxing world at the moment. You better write a script, your thinking is Hollywood-material.

    I just became a Donaire fan. Although I’ve been aching to be one since he demolished Sydorenko. Donaire is half-Pacquiao, half-Mayweather. He has the boxing style and technicalities of Mayweather and the powerpunch of Pacquiao.

  • rocky: since when was pacquiao affiliated with conte?

    also,how about andre ward? how come he’s not having similar results?

  • Nonito is my number three P4P behind Pac and Sergio. Floyd can’t be considered P4P because he doesn’t know if he wants to fight in the ring or outside the ring, not active enough to be considered. Nonito is more skilled as a boxer than Pac. Now all he has to do is to continue to beat top level opponents and he can become the number 1 P4P fighter in the world. Pac has a few more fights left in him, and has earned his P4P title based on his level of competition and willingness to fight. The sky is the limit for Nonito.

  • And Rocky Pacquiao has never had any type of association with Mr. Conte. Why don’t you research first before you start hurling baseless accusations/ And don’t you think nonwhites can excel in sports without cheating like americans often do?

  • Hey Rocky Mattioli you have a very suspicious mind. Why not shift your interest in badminton? This sport suits your personality and iq….

  • victor conte(or his cronies) are the one thing that binds manny and donaire(aside from nationality)…

    donaire is very,very good on his own merits…so is manny…..we all agree….but when these guys start whacking guys…dominating guys…much bigger guys in some instances…that have never been whacked before,then a red flag goes up for me…

    forget manny`s incredible run for a second….donaire has supposedly only been associated with conte for 10 months…prior to that,he was 23-1 with 15 k.o.`s…

    that`s roughly 66% of his wins via stoppage…it`s decent…but not overwhelming…

    what`s he done in the 7 months(and i wonder about the accuracy of the 10 month conte/donaire partnership assertion) since he started using conte?…..he`s fought 3 higher to elite level guys that have one thing in common…they`ve never been stopped in relatively long careers(marquez/sydorenko/montiel) …careers in which at least two of them fought some elite level competition…in montiel`s case,elite level competiton numerous times…..

    well,he whacked marquez in 8 in his first fight with conte…then he whacked sydorenko like you`d swat a gnat that was annoying you…and he absolutely destroyed montiel….it wasn`t competitive…

    remind you of anybody elses almost unheard of run recently?….is it coincidence that the two most dominant fighters today…most dominant by a mile….are conte affiliated guys?….

    marion jones and bobby bonds would probably agree with me…

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