Donaire One-Punches Arce

Toyota Center, Houston, TX– (HBO) WBO 122 lb. champ Nonito Donaire KO 3 Jorge Arce . The “Filipino Flash” again seemed to prove what a lot of us have known for a while and that is Donaire (31-1, 20 KOs) is and has been the best Filipino fighter for the past few years. Another thrilling one-punch left hook, much like the punches Donaire froze Vic Darchinyan and Fernando Montiel with. Arce, like Donaire an ex-champ at 112, shortly after referee Laurence Cole waved it off with Arce down and unable to make the count, retired. That being what happened, does Donaire deserve “Fighter Of Te Year” honors?


L.A. Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA- (Showtime/CBS) Amir Khan (27-3, 19 KOS) TKO 10 Carlos Molina (17-1, 7 KOS) As the fight appeared on paper, we had a world class ex-champ taking on an unbeaten lad not quite at the level of Khan get painted like a brown picket fence for ten rounds. The fight was stopped at the request of the Molina corner. Khan was in against a guy that couldn’t punch period. Seeing recognized World 140 lb. champion Danny Garcia drilled him last time out, probably a wise move by Golden Boy Promotions who front for Khan.


2008 Olympian Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder TKO 3 Kelvin Price. With both guys

Deontay Wilder

standing 6’7, you knew there was a distinct possibility, nobody whom you liked, that somebody was going to yell “Timber.” As was expected, Wilder, one of a couple of American heavyweight prospects scored a resounding third round stoppage over the now once beaten Price (13-1, 6 KOs). Eating the Wilder jab more often than not, it was a wicked right hand cross that sent Price reeling and prompting the referee to wave the fight off at :51 of round three.


The game plan with Wilder seems to be keep him fighting “marginal” fighters, all the while amassing a mighty record of wins all by knockout that will eventually have people calling him the “next Mike Tyson.” Wilder is a giant of a man when and he should be doing what he’s doing, bowling over the pugilistic bowling pins put in front of him until he’s ready for a shot at the gold ring. America’s other hope at heavyweight is Bryant Jennings (16-0, 8 KOs). I feel that with his size and power, Wilder is the better of the pair.


Leo Santa Cruz UD 12 Alberto Guevara (IBF 118 lb. title). It was almost like a sparring session with one boxer being the better of the two and winning a wide 12 round unanimous decision. Now 23-0-1 (13 KOs) Santa Cruz beats a guy known in the arena only by his corner. Scores: 119-109, 116-112 & 118-110.

Pedro Fernandez


  • @Skerge
    Few times i agree with you. Nonito is the man at 122, but i want to see him fight Rigo and Mares. Those two, in my opinion are capable of beating him. Rigo vs Vasquez or Mares vs Vasquez i think is also a good matchup. How do u think Vasquez will do against those two (Rigo/Mares)

  • The top ten in britain has a much deeper heavyweight line up with Price, Haye and Fury in the top three. The european line up is even thicker with the K-bros, Pulev, Adamek, Povetkin, Chagaev, Pianeta, Boytsov and a bunch of others . . . America has a ways to go.

  • Donaire continues to show why he’s the man at 122.


  • Wilder befuddles me. He was an amateur Bronze medalist at the Olympics was he not? The heavyweight division must absolutely suck in the amateurs if he got Bronze. He doesn’t even box like he has any amateur background. He boxes like he just picked up boxing a few months ago. Golden Boy better keep moving him at the Chavez Jr. pace, get him 40 to 50 fights and see if he can be molded into a viable heavyweight. He looks absolutely horrible.

  • The fact that Wilder is even being discussed seriously proves how desperate Americans are for a Heavyweight champion. Mitchell was more proof. These are not good fighters. People need to get over it and accept the fact that the good Heavyweights are no longer coming from the United States. Maybe then they won’t get excited about bad American fighters or be disappointed when they get KTFO. The best American Heavyweight is Bryant Jennings and he gets less hype than these other 2 clowns. If I cared about American Heayweights, Jennings would be the guy I would root for.

  • Wilder looked pretty raw, but what did you expect? It takes years to build up muscle memory, and as fat as Arreola is, at least he has an amateur pedigree to fall back on. Wilder is basically learning on the job. I agree he looked pretty sloppy and lacked the ability to even throw a solid jab or have a command of distance. i think he’s being brought along slow, but the fight Saturday showed you why. He just lacks boxing fundamentals. He’s just getting by on size and power while he builds any semblance of skills. He needs skills to move up that ladder. As Banks showed us in beating Mitchell, there’s no substitute for experience.

  • Wilder is just a guy who followed his opponent around for 3 rounds and threw 2 punches. And, prior to that, he fought about 25 one armed guys who all earned D’s in Remedial PE class!! I know he was excited last night but how are we supposed to get excited about this guy?? He does have an impressive body but impressive bodies don’t make contenders. I think Wilder is more suited for tuff man competitions. Is Mark Breland so punch drunk that he can’t help him a little more?!!

  • You’re giving DW way too much credit. Michael Grant would have destroyed DW. Guy can’t fight at all.

  • another handpicked opponent for khan..

  • DW = Michael Grant 2.0

    No foot speed, horrible footwork, skinny, weak, no defense, glass chin, no inside game.

    He’ll get brutally ko’d as soon as he fights someone decent.

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