Los Angeles, CA– What I read this morning had to be one of the most ridiculous stories of the year. Ring magazine and or, whatever title you want to give them, once a respected publication and considered “The Bible of Boxing” continues to lose

Has the "Ring" lost it's credibility?

credibility in my mind and in the mind of most of the boxing community. The publication has made many errors in judgement within the last year and ever since their purchase by former world champion Oscar De La Hoya. My intention is never to throw dirt on anyone or the publication, and I understand pound for pound is a mythical ranking. However fans look up to the rankings of a publication of their magnitude. They also tend to blind the masses with what in this case is “BS” favoritism that isn’t based on logic. For some unknown reason, their panel of experts, or so called panel in my opinion, have Nonito Donaire (31-2, 20 KOs) who just got schooled for 12 rounds by Guillermo Rigondeaux (12-0, 8 KOs), ranked at #10 pound for pound. Where is the Cuban standout ranked? He didn’t qualify in their rankings. I understand keeping Donaire in the rankings, as he has been on quite a run, and even though I don’t sign up to the “because A beats B, then B beats C” theory, you have to come to the conclusion that based on the skillset and that he just dominated the best fighter in his division he deserves a ranking. While Tim Bradley deserves a ranking, Robert Guerrero? He never unified titles in any division and has yet to beat an elite fighter, unless you consider Andre Berto to be at that level. Too much emphasis is put on fighters jumping up in weight, and multiple titles.


Regardless of Rigo only having 12 fights, he beat a top 5 pound for pound fighter in Donaire and has the amateur pedigree to go along with it. Adrien Broner however is ranked #6 when his best victory was over Antonio De Marco, a fighter not ranked anywhere near anyones pound for pound list. If you beat one of the best fighters out there doesn’t that count for something? I have a feeling that drama like this is the reason many panel members left and created the “Transnational Boxing Rankings Board”. Now I rarely agree with anything from the mouth of ESPN’s boxing writer Dan Rafael, but in this case I have to agree that at this this point Ringmagazine/’s rankings have become a complete joke.

-Kevin Perry



  • Pedro Fernandez

    Joe Smith, Did you get out of the second grade?

  • You are an idiot Joe. I never stated that Donaire was promoted by GoldenBoy. It’s obvious the rankings are suspect. He beat Donaire by a wide margin but is ranked below him. if you can’t see the lack of logic there you just don’t have much common sense. You are the one who looks like the clown.

  • Donaire is promoted by toprank not golden boy. The rankings looks fair to the eyes of a regular boxing fan. You guys are just way over yourselves. Go start a new publication and rank boxers according to your preference. clowns.

  • Dougie’s the editor of if Giampa has all the control of the rankings thats Doug not doing his job. A cop out in my opinion on his part. Just assessing all the blame and not taking responsibility in my view.

  • Eversince DLH took ownership of the mag, most rankings went haywire and too biased. I guess that is expected of a toilet paper good only for wiping out behinds.

  • Hasn’t Doug Fischer actually flat-out said that the rankings are all Chuck Giampa’s now? Dougie didn’t sound too pleased about it, either.

  • Expensive tissue paper = ring magazine.

  • Plenty of room T, keep firing away man!

  • The Ring Magazine has always made very questionable decisions involving their rankings and P4P stuff. Floyd Mayweather was put as the Ring’s #2 Lightweight just before his first fight with Castillo, which qualified him for the Ring’s vacant title. Only problem was he never fought at 135 lbs. before that fight! But he had a bout with Castillo coming up, so the Ring I guess changed the rules. Paulie Ayala qualified for the vacant 122 lbs. title in his rematch with Bones Adam based on a gift decision over Adams in his first fight and a gift win over Hugo Dianzo just before that. That qualified him to be rated over IBF titleholder Manny Paquaio at the time? Kostya Tszyu was ranked #7 P4P by the Ring just after he won his 13th fight, a IBF 140 lbs. title over ordinary Jake Rodriguez. I could go on and on, but there isn’t enough room for it here!

  • KP, Keep Keeping it Real…It’s why I come to ringtalk…no sugar-coating here!

    I check out other sites and they have the same stories about the same things…I’m sure they are just copy and pasting from eachother.

  • Shame on Ring Magazine, which now has no credibility whatsoever. Donaire and Rigo fought at the same weight and Doaire was thrashed, and is yet still considered to be better than Rigo! What rubbish is this? Still, I would not have known about this travesty if Ringtalk had not brought it to light. This is because though I still go the Ring website, I never bother to look at the Ring’s P4P rankings, which I have long considered to be B.S. These are the people who long continued to pretend that Pacquiao was the the P4P king, even after he failed time and again to convincingly vanquish Marquez, who never won one second of one round agains PBF! Even after all the other publications saw the light, the ring continued with its unexplicable rankings.

    What bull!

  • KP,

    Yeah, Chuck is a joke. At least now people know (or should) that his rankings make his “judging” look descent. Then again, DLH got a few nods from ole Chuck, maybe that’s why he was brought in.


  • Move Ring to the Wall of Shame.

  • Is it a coincidence that Guerrero is fighting Maywheather so it would help hype up the fight to have Guerrero ranked in the P4P. Is it also a coincidence that along with Mayweather, and Canelo — Broner is one of the “Golden Boy’s” top 3 biggest stars? Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colin,
    I am going by the story I read today, They moved Donaire to ten. Read the story written by Chuck Giampa. Did you even bother to ready my story?

  • The ratings are as of February 18, 2013. Give them a chance to change them; I’m sure Donaire will be removed from the top ten soon enough.

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