Fernando Montiel-Nonito Donaire

Fernando Montiel-Nonito Donaire


San Francisco, CA– On the 19th of next month, the “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire (25-1, 17 KOs) will match skills with WBC/WBA 118 lb. champ Fernando Montiel (43-2-2, 34 KOs) in Las Vegas, NV. I have always liked this matchup for Nonito, especially seeing he’s got height and reach on the Mexican mauler, who like Donaire was fighting at 115 before his three pound climb to bantamweight (118). Currently, Donaire is a 2-1 favorite over Montiel, something I expect will grow to better than 3-1 come fight time.


In his last ten scraps, the 28-year old Donaire, Philippine born and now living in San Leandro, CA, went the distance (12 rounds with only world class Rafael Conception and gatekeeper Oscar Andrade, that means eight guys have been drilled early. In his last bout in December, Donaire toyed with Volodymyr Sydorenko before stopping the pesky Russkie inside of four fistic frames.


Looking at Montiel’s previous ten dance partners, only two went the route, one draw and seven whacks! Juan Rosas and Z Gorres, both rated, went 10 & 12 rounds. The fight is being looked at from Donaire’s perspective anyway, as a step to superstardom as a win over Montiel, a Mexican champion with a huge following, would clearly “make” Nonito the man at 122! Too bad he and Manny Pacquiao are so far apart in weight for what a match that would be, “Pinoy vs. Pinoy” for all the marbles!


As the Congressman Manny Pacquiao and welterweight champ gets ready for a May match with nearly 40-year old Shane Mosley, Donaire is taking on the division’s best fighter outside of himself. When it is all said and done, people will realize that the “Filipino Flash” has the goods as we say it in the fight game.

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  • Interesting that you would mention this in comparison to Pacquiao-Mosley, since I actually see all sorts of simillarities between Montiel and Mosley. Both guys have remarkable speed & explosiveness but undermine their greatest asset often delivering telegraphed punches. Both guys leave their chin sticking up and both guys tend to lunge in – essentially, they use their quick feet and athletic ability as a substitute for a jab & defense. The major difference being that Mosley has demonstrated a better chin and more physical strenght, while Montiel prbably has slightly more 1-punch power relative to his size.

    Although Montiel is chronologically younger, if you factor in “Flyweight years”, their ring ages are quite comparable.

    Plus that under-appreciated war with Melendez was worth three years of punishment by itself. I remember being convinced that both men would emerge from that bout as mere ghosts of themselves, but surprisingly Montiel has gone on to enjoy the best 3 years of his career after that. It also seems like survuvng that fight has made him a more willing risk taker at this stage of his career.

  • Thats a ballsy pick to make so far in advance of the fight that most people see as extremely close.

    No doubt, the geometry is heavily in favour of Donaire and his long-range game. Montiel struggled against tall technician Jhonny Gonzalez (…didn’t take a single round cleanly except the 5th on my card) and was being soundly outboxed by Hasegawa before landing that hook over a soft jab.

    On the other hand, you can’t totally ignore the huge advantage in lifetime quality of opposition and achievemnt which Montiel holds, and the far more impressive results against common opponents.

    The ultimate factor might be as basic as Montiel just isn’t physically or stylistically cut out for successfully moving up in weight, while Donair is. Still Montiel is a far more tested comodity and it would be foolish to write him off. It’s a highly competitive and interesting fight.

  • This is going to be the first Donaire fight that I’ve watched in its entirety. Others have said this, but if he wins, I wonder how he would fare against Chris John?

  • Montiels chin is suspect and I’ve seen him hurt many times in fights against lesser foes. He should have his hands full with Montiel. Although he beat Hasegawa, I think he’s out of his league at 118. Probably better at the lighter weights. I like Donaire’s length and range to be the difference here.

  • Montiel should and will beat the over protected Donaire. Montiel has too much testoterone and skill to loose this fight and although older still very much on top of his game. Montiel reminds me of a young Sugar ray Robinson and that’s not an exageration.

  • This is going to be a great fight! HBO coming on strong this year..lets hope the trend continues…

  • I agree that Donaire wins, but I certainly don’t see him spanking Montiel who will be the most skilled fighter he’s faced. Anyhow, this should be a very good matchup

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    Though I am leaning towards Fernando Montiel to edge Nonito, I am still excited to see this fight.

  • Excuuuuse me. Martinez wasn’t stripped; he was “promoted” to the status of Emeritus champion. Geez==there’s no end to the crapola!

  • Montiel is a small 118 lbs. Would like to see Donaire vs the winner of Mares/Agbeko. That’s a hell of a fight.

  • Looking forward to this one. Always good to get my cable-fee worth, and I’d be curious to see Nonito prove himself.
    BTW, I saw that the WBC decided to strip Sergio Martinez of his middleweight title, but no one will be fooled by that. What I did wonder about is what’s up with the WBA? The WBA ratings have 3 middleweights listed in their championship category. How much finer can they slice and dice titles? is this possible? Are world titles to be split not only between alphabet groups, but also WITHIN them?

  • Sure looking forward to this scrap I’m just hoping we do enjoy some fireworks. Donaire’s chin will be tested that’s for sure.

  • That’s more like it, talk about the other top notch fights that we’ve got coming up. Looking forward to your Bradley / Alexander piece.

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