"Impotent" Tim Lueckenhoff

San Francisco, CA– My buddy Jake Hall, a longtime member of the Indiana Boxing Commission, asked me a few weeks ago what I thought about the proposal of NBC TV to increase the 60 second rest period between boxing rounds to 67 seconds? I told him that although I didn’t think it would present a distinct advantage to anyone, it does allow NBC TV, who was the major proponent, to run two-30-second commercials and a 7-second station identification. Today, the Assn. of Boxing Commissions, you know that impotent organization that runs away from prosecuting boxing scandals like a cat from a fiery pit bull, has approved NBC’s wish and will allow 67-second breaks between rounds.


The fighters are supposed to be standing and ready to box, and the cornermen out of the ring by the toll of 60 seconds. The boxers are “supposed” to stand around for an additional seven-seconds before the bell rings starting the round off officially. Again, I don’t think it’s such a big deal, but why won’t the ABC do anything positive for the sport that is rampant in scandal and corruption? Tim Leuckenhoff, head of the ABC should be impeached, for if boxing were baseball, football or basketball, he would be answering questions from Congress in addition to being thrown out of office. But again, remember what Howard Cosell said, “You can’t clean dirt!”

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro Fernandez

    I’m with you here Jim!

  • TV ruined boxing in the 50’s by broadcasting so many fights the small clubs dried up and the fighters had no place to learn their trade. TV again ruined boxing further by insisting on 12 round championship fights so networks, who were then broadcasting boxing, could get the fight and commercials in a one hour format. Fat Jose Suliman of the WBC claims they did it to protect the fighters, thats a lie. Now boxing is in such a putrid state TV can AGAIN change the sport. Does anyone who knows boxing history really believe the sport is better off now than when Tommy Luchesse, Frank Costello, and their minions Frankie Carbo and Blinky Palermo ran the sport? I’ll take the mob!

  • Jake your missing the point

  • Most states, like Indiana, have a rule that says each round will be three minutes in duration with one minute between each round. ABC member states will have to change their rules before this recommendation can go into effect. In the past, not all the states have gone along with the recommendations of the ABC. We need a Federal Commission that can pass rules that all states must follow.

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