V. Stiviano Taped Donald Sterling

V. Stiviano Taped Donald Sterling

San Francisco, CA– We all know I’m one of the those identified as being Hispanic, Latino, whatever you happen to be calling us this week. That being said, I don’t think that people’s individual feelings, be it racist, sexist, as long as they’re not talking about HARMING OR killing anybody, what they say should not be in play.


What NBA owner Donald Sterling has done that should be in play is that as a landlord he wouldn’t rent to people near to my skin pigment or surname and lost a multimillion dollar suit because of his (extreme to some) feelings.


As a San Francisco Policeman , I heard the worst thrown around in my presence. While most was uncalled for, these were crooks talking and my skin is far too thick. Still, I grew up in an era where at times you had to deal with being mucked over because of color.


I’m of the opinion that expelled L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his views represent a bigger amount of America than any of you would feel comfortable in admitting. It has always been this way. Some people think that (this week) the Mexicans are taking over. Racism will never go away, not with education, not even with time, certainly not in this country.


When I was working in Louisiana in 2008 and Barack Obama was running for President, I saw a roadside sign saying something like, “We can’t let THEM takeover.” Without calling him the “N” word, the now two-time President’s cartoon-like drawing in the ad, you realized that’s exactly what “THEM” meant.


With the election of Barack Obama, race relations in this country are at a standstill, if they havn’t taken a backwards step. Not one to point fingers, but FOX News, besides being factually wrong with 84% of their climate control news, have increased racial tension in this country with some 30% of the population. In closing, I’m proud to be part of the 70% of Americans that does not long for the days of the Jim Crow south and Sean Insanity,


I think that sub-headline says it all.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Someone from above said this ” let he who is without sin cast the first stone”
    I am not excluded from being racist but does that make me a bad person?
    Everyone I know makes fun of Asian drivers! (can’t see which way to go)
    Most people say black folk stink! (especially after a game of hoops)
    Most people say brown people are gang bangers (just cause I have a blue bandanna)
    Most people say white people are racist (hmmmmm)
    I mean, so what!
    No one is perfect!
    Every single one of us are racist and prejudice to a degree,
    we just don’t advertise it!

  • Forget it Pedro, no need to post. Thanks.

  • not at all Pedro. More like truthfull. Hateful is the blanket statement on blacks I see above. Hateful is calling blacks animals while absolving Hispanics, going as far as saying that they’re the image of good citizens, while insulting blacks for the same things Hispanics and all others do. The stories I recounted are trye, those are people I know.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Sounds hateful Todaline. Pulled!

  • Let me edifice black. I mean black Americans. People from Africa have morals and education. The Caribbean the same only in America where they are taught to pity themselves and blame the white man for their woes? It’s not white men making u not go to free school. Or making u not take care of ur kids or having kids with multiple partners. Or live off the government?? My mother told me if u work hard enough nobody can stop u from achieving ur goals. I don’t see that in the African American population. I just see the same cycle repeating. Try going to school, try not destroying ur books and school, stop having a gang of kids u can’t feed, stop acting like animals in society!!!!! Then ull see true change!!!

  • Needless to say but blacks are the most racist in this country.’i am of Hispanic decent. And grew up around blacks most of my life. I am tan skinned and was discriminated against more by blacks than whites. I’d fight everyday in school because these kids weren’t raised with any morals. When whites use
    Stereotypes to describe blacks the majority is very true. Prone to violence, undereducated, majority have kids with different parents, no men in the homes, and don’t wanna work. Why is it that Irish, Italians, Asians, and Hispanics have been here shorter and achieved way more than blacks? They perpetuate hate even amongst themselves. If a black is light skinned they’ll hate. If a red bone black girl has nice hair they’ll hate?? Look at the bigotry they spout. From Jay Z, to Jamie fox to that racist bum spike lee. But nobody is screaming on the roof. That’s why whites are so pissed!!! Can’t blame them too much. I am proud of my color but it doesn’t define me. Blacks are black before they r American, or Christian. They separate themselves hold no accountability of their actions and expect u to close ur eyes to what the majority are doing.( YouTube sucker punch ko) and u will see all u have too

  • Actually white people in the beginning were called indentured servants. Which were the first slaves here. Now they were definitely treated better than the slaves purchased from Africa. Technically they would come over and be servants to the richer folks that came over to America. They would be promised a piece of land once they reached a certain age. Most times though the age was never reached because those indentured servants would pass away due to the fact that the length of life was not as long as it is now. But that being said they definitely were not treated like black slaves. Black slaves were treated worse than what dogs are treated like and that is terrible. And yes racism is still around today. Will it ever go away, probably not. But I stick to the fact that we need to come together and be one. There should be no place on an application to determine what color you are. There is no room for someone to say you are a trouble maker or talk to you different just because of the location you grew up in. I feel that what happened in the NBA with Sterling is someone of an historical thumbtack in life and I believe this will be talked about for many more years to come. The NBA came together, all colors, all Americans and even the foreign players. They all came together and the NBA commissioner made the right choice. I am glad with the swift decision that they made and this shows that we are making some advances in coming together. This was a small step but a step none the less.

  • All I know is there is a lot of hypocrisy going on with this story. Someone posted that Sterlings girlfriend should be punished also ??? Wow! How many of you guys made some kind of racist remarks in private before? Don’t all raise your hands at once you people without sin. Hypocrites!!

  • I see racism everyday. But its directed at white people. And nobody seems to nind that. Slaves are free now and if u sit on the back of the bus its cuz you got there late. Not evrything is racism sometimes u fail o. Your own merit. Or is that just me

  • All, read this the other day, and wanted to pass it on. An article on this from Kareem Abdul Jabbar from a few days ago. I think he expresses this situation perfectly. Well analyzed, well stated and worth multiple reads:

  • Well stated PJ, Gabe, The Priest & TT. TT, I’ve known women of Mexican decent that have referred themselves as Latina. Names seem to change over time: eg. Colored, African American, Black – all for the same person.

    Honestly, growing up in the 70s, I figured as a country we would have made much more progress during my lifetime. It’s better here in the Bay Area. However, I’ve been to Minnesota with a Mexican girlfriend, New Hampshire with an Asian girlfriend and was looked down upon by some white people, probably wondering why this blue-eyed white guy is with so and so.

    As for Sterling, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I don’t think white people were enslaved here, forced to sit in the back of the bus, couldn’t enter front door of hotels, unless you were Joe Louis, use only restrooms designated for ‘Colored People’ only and that was only 55 years ago! Forget Donald Sterling, the US does not invest in public education as they would have you think.

    THAT right there is what nobody wants to admit. If you look at minorities in other countries you see can see what real public education has done, it’s elevated them. Now I’m not saying I am smarter than a 15 year old, but the educational opportunities available in a lot of public schools is lacking. WHY? Because Congress cuts budgets, then States make cuts, local, etc., that’s the only real “Trickle Down” economics.

    In 1963, the US was taken over by a cabal of men, some elected officials, the FBI, the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, some rich Texans and the Mob, thus this republic has never been the same. In communication with then Russian leader Nikita Khrushev, President Kennedy told him during the Cuban Missile Crisis that if they didn’t come to an agreement, there “might be a military takeover.” A year or so later the coup succeeded and we went to Vietnam and lost 58,000 soldiers.

    They have spent money on guns, guns, the biggest guns meaning Nukes. In 2011 alone, a reported $664.84 billion was spent by the Armed Forces & the Military Industrial Complex. The $2 trillion we spent “liberating Iraq,” don’t you think they could’ve put that money to fix bridges, highways, free college education for all high school students, universal medical care for all, especially for the aged.

    In closing, if you are truly disabled in the US, they give you about $1,000 a month. That’s far below the poverty level.

  • I condemn any kind of racism, and I am happy that this caveman in a suit is no longer part of the NBA. One toy less to play with, his lost basket team…

    I do feel that racism will not disappear, same than crime of social inequities. But i do feel as well that improvements are being made; some of the progress is preventive education, some other is due to law formulation and enforcement. A bit of progress is better than no progress at all.

    By the way, let’s not forget that racism is not only from white people to black people, asian or hispanic. It goes in all directions.

  • I find it funny that you say we divide ourselves. Why is it that whenever I apply for a job they ask about my race? Why is it that when I was in the military the officers looked at me differently, when they heard I grew up in East Los Angeles they automatically assumed I was a troublemaker? (Never been in trouble in my life). African Americans never claimed to be African Americans they were called that because no way a white person would look at a person of color and just plain call them Americans. You don’t want to identify colored people as Americans with you. Hispanics are what they called people of Spanish descent and Latinos are what they called Italians now we are all just clumped together, white America did that not us! Why are whites known as the true Americans when in actuality they come from a whole other continent? I call whites what they are Euro-Americans! As for your stupid rant about Illegals guess what? Illegals don’t hire Illegals an American does that for profits they can give a damn about you! It’s called capitalism! Love it or leave it!

  • People seem to think that racism doesn’t effect white people. Racism against whites is openly acceptable. It’s on TV, in movies, and it’s the backbone of many popular comedians’ routines, it’s funny. Kinda like racism against blacks was many years ago. Try being a white poor white guy in an all hispanic barrio. Try being a white guy with a hot latina on your arm in a hispanic neighborhood. Be ready to fight!

  • On the other hand, employers deduct millions (maybe even billions) of dollars from undocumented foreigners, but because they can’t file taxes, that money CONTRIBUTE to the economy without mention. Think about it this way: you work 40 hours get your salary minus deductions, which are sent to the government. At the end of the year, those people are unable to file their taxes, therefore they’re not getting the refund they might be entitled to, which is used by the government for various things. Those people don’t go to the hospitals nearly as much as one is led to believe for fear of being caught, therefore limiting their supposed negative weight on the economy, if any (I tend to believe that in fact they contribute more than they take).

    As for the wages, they do not bring anything down, the employers do. Believe me, there’s nothing they’d like more than a decent wage. And that is the sole reason Republicans don’t want immigration reform AND decent minimum wage. By keeping these people undocumented they can pay them slave wages.

    As for the reasons they come here, do you believe that these fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters really like to leave loved ones behind for some stupid dream? Think about the impact that companies like Monsanto have on the agriculture of poor countries. Once they start using those seeds, the soil is destroyed and organic, local seed can no longer be used, and have to pay for Monsanto’s poison, which now costs more money than they can afford (the first time it was free), and they start migrating to urban areas, and ultimately to America, Italy, Spain, France, etc… In other words, the actions of multinational conglomerates are killing jobs abroad and promoting the migration of people to “first world” countries.

  • Problem with race is the fact that people of different color still divide amongst themselves. And that is one of the problems with racism. If you were born in America you are American. You are not African American, Mexican American or Italian American. You are American. If you where born in another country and became a citizen of America then yes then you would be African American, Mexican American or Italian American or what ever. That there is a major issue with racism and why it is so hard to get rid of. Oscar De La Hoya says he is Mexican American, no he is not, he was born in LA, that makes him American. His parents on the other hand are Mexican American, Oscar is just American. And when they referred as Mexicans are taking over or illegal immigrants taking over, they are referring to folks who are not citizens of America, do not pay the correct taxes in America, take advantage of our terrible health care, brought down our wage rates because it was still more than what they were making in their country. That is what is ment by when some folks say they are taking over or are tired of illegal immigrants. Also with Sterling, it is crap that his private conversation was recorded and leaked but at the same time there is no room for that type of behavior especially when you are running a business that has multiple people working for you with millions of people having access to looking at your business like the NBA. He got what he deserved and his girlfriend needs to get some type of punishment also. What is funny to me is that he hates minorities but is dating a girl that is half of anything but the color he likes. Terrible.

  • There will always be a small sect of America that is racist. Thankfully it is diminishing with time.

  • Pedro, racism will never go away. People of color live with Damocles’ sword above their heads everyday, and on top of that they’re asked to explain why that sword is there, being told that it is their fault. It is everywhere in the world, but not other nation institutionalized racism as America did. It’s a way for some to distance themselves (consciously or unconsciously) from their “dark, African origins.

    It is ingrained in their DNA.

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