Tom Bradley-Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA– The 2012 boxing season is half over. What have been the big big moments of boxing thus far? I guess the real stunner through almost seven months of the year was the Tim Bradley win, be it deserved or not, over Manny Pacquiao. Congress took note, yes the mighty Congress of the United States got involved. Sen. John McCain took to the Senate floor and railed about the two-point win split decision win Bradley got over Pacquiao June 9.


But you know what surprises me, is that nobody is bitching about it anymore. Why am I surprised? Well it was being called an atrocity, if that’s what it was, how come nobody is screaming about it now? Because it’s boxing, AKA the red light district of sports. And if you happen to be a true follower of boxing you know this is business as usual. I mean guys get ripped off all the time, but Manny Pacquiao getting jobbed, if he did, that would be worth more than 2 weeks headlines.


But no, six to seven weeks later, it’s just old news. I remember the last time Congress tried to get involved with boxing the result that came forth was the impotent Muhammad Ali Boxing Act of 1996, which is worth about as much as the paper it was written on, at least as far as benefiting the boxers. Supposedly, again under the Ali Act promoters are supposed to lay everything on the table. By everything I mean the TV money, the live gate, foreign sales, even memorabilia, and I’m told that’s just not happening.


Maybe it is just me but I thought the Ali Act was going to be a godsend. Initially it was, but once it got on the Senate floor it took four years and a lot of watering down to get the bill through Congress. Some blame Sen. McCain, others say it was Harry Reid, the Senator from Nevada, that he was doing this for his constituents, the people that make the real money from boxing in Nevada, the promoters and the casinos.


The bill as it sits now is like a shark with no teeth. I mean this is a Federal law, the Ali Act in yet in 12 years of existence the Association of Boxing Commissions has never launched any serious regaring perceived or real corruption, the ABC, they pretty much don’t want to rock the boat. You see in boxing more people “go along just to get along.” That may be the case in any vocation, but in boxing more people do what they can to survive in what truly is he is, a dog eat dog world!


For the most part boxers are vastly underpaid. I mean think about it, $600 for a four round fight? I see Richard Schaefer, the Golden Boy Promotions CEO said the UFC could learn something from boxing. Well boxing could learn something from the UFC. On the “UFC On Fuel TV” card from San Jose, CA, the lowest purse on the 22-fighter bill was was given to Dan Stittgen and that was $6,000. The most went to the upset main event winner Chris Weidman who got $22,000 and a $22,000 bonus for beating Mark Munoz who received $42,000. My parting shot here, maybe Manny really didn’t get robbed at all?

Pedro Fernandez


  • Thanks Javier Ruiz…

    My HOPE is that joe above lays off the crack….haha

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  • Pedro,

    Where you ever got it in your head that The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act would ever benefit Boxing in any way, shape or form is striking to someone like me… YOU should have been the first one out there calling it what it was. There was never an enforcement mechanism and the entire thing was completely toothless from day one… And this was a surprise to NOBODY in the Boxing World when it passed.

    It never was a godsend, not even initially, all it did was change the language of certain contracts of the time. Other than that, it didn’t do shit and before it was even signed into law, people like Teddy Atlas were screaming Bloody Murder about it.

  • its because they realize the world no Miss pacman’s fans are not really fans at all they only
    no miss pacman, and he is about to be expose soon to the real world about them drugs, thats why the sillypinos hate everybody see that the catch weight champ is fake

  • Damn, lots of excellent points there techs, well said

  • Pacman fans are not silence, the whole world saw and heard them. A lot of them
    lost trust to officiating. A lot of them lost trust to whole boxing system.
    And most of them lost trust to promoters, especially Bad Arum. It was sooooo
    obvious Arum want Paquioa successor as his milking cow as Pacman showing of
    slowing down. And there was no best way other than a person that can defeat
    Paquiao himself. The problem was Arum picks a DUD BOXER- BRADLEY and not
    able to deliver Arum plan. Second, Arum underestimate the reaction of the fans.

  • @ DC: u said “what i have notice with manny is that ever since it came out about him perhaps using PEDs, his stamina has really taking a dive. one of the benefits of using peds, is that it increase your stamina. my opinion is that his people were trying to get him off of it and it out of his system”.

    Let’s break this down. PED accusations come out, whispers of pac on PED’s after icing Diaz with first fight at lightweight then retiring De La Hoya…Hatton gets skunked after trying to bombout pacquiao and the whispers become flat out accusations to the whole world “that boy must be on something…” … the same boy that’s been fighting since he was 16…lets overlook the fact that pacquiao just added the right hook to his arsenal(see morales pac 3)…

    Cotto…no drop off…intense war for both…NOBODY gets in an easy fight with Cotto. Margarito WAS NOT THE SAME after warring with Cotto the first time around.
    Clottey, def. no drop off but gets in another war with Margarito whom NOBODY has an easy fight with…at this point, pacs already been in wars with Morales, Marquez, Barrera, Sanchez…i mean, what the front door do we expect? for the man NOT TO AGE and have WEAR AND TEAR at this juncture of his career? Bradley , a pound for pound fighter was beat convincingly by an aging fat around out of shape Pacquiao, the Congressman, slash singer and actor who has been living like a rockstar…here’s a little secret…he’s human…but like Floyd, he challenged himself and trained like no other…after boxing pro SINCE 1995, you do realize that 30s is old for lighterweight fighters who have been fighting that long don’t you?

  • Pedro…Thanks and I do understand where youre coming from about commenting on fights I haven’t seen. After all the ones Ive witnessed, ive about had it after the Campillo Cloud specticle..got tired of boxing after hearing all my friends saying how boxing is fixed.from all accounts regarding the Abril fight i heard including here on rt where you guys did a poll that pretty much MADE me not want to see a fight involving a flat out robbery…at least im not “reporting” that I saw it and write how much of a sham fight it was, when I haven’t seen it! Didnt you put another writer on blast for writing off a fight as a robbery and also admitting he never saw it? hahaha…yeah i cant front…so i guess i should have said from all other reliable accounts ive read about and highlights…

  • When are you guys gonna stop relying on that Compubox sh*t to form an opinion? There’s NOTHING scientific about compubox. It’s 2 guys sitting there and pressing on one button for jabs and one for power punches (and anything that is not a jab IS a power punch). Just like the judges if the visual angle is not perfect or obstructed by the referee or else, then they miss a punch or count a punch that in reality never landed.

    So to sit here and cite compubox numbers as a way to justify a boxer’s victory or defeat is just plain nonsense. When they start putting sensors in the gloves, sensors that would be able to measure the force of the impact and other parameters we’ll see (BTW, this is not my idea, Vivek Wallace wrote this first (or at least before me).

  • @Todd…I’ve taken and highlighted some quotes from your excellent post, as I think that pretty much captures everything thats needed to be said about this fight. Just don’t sue me for infringement/ Copyright violations. Peace.

    “PacMan simply did not do enough.”

    “The decision was not a travesty, like some people are making out, it goes to show that just because your champ, does not mean you can be lazy.”

    “it was a close fight. One fighter got lazy, and now has no belt to show for it.”

  • Nobody is complaining anymore because nothing will be done so whats the point of dwelling over it Pedro. Ever hear the saying no use cyring over spilled milk?

  • Think everybody needs to watch the fight again!
    OK, Manny won, but if you watch the fight closely, giving some credit to Bradly, then Manny won by 2 rounds only, as he coasted, lost a few rounds in the middle, and still coasted. Some of the rounds were very even, and I can see why the judges may have given Bradly the nod in a few of them, PacMan simply did not do enough.
    The decision was not a travesty, like some people are making out, it goes to show that just because your champ, does not mean you can be lazy.
    Joe did not beat Hopkins when you watch the fight, but he got the nod, as he looked busier. Pacman may have been the busier fighter, may have landed the cleaner shots, but from ringside, it may not have been convincing enough.
    Before you all jump on me, if this fight was between two no names, and you were watching it, you wouldn’t even give it a thought while waiting for the main event to come on, you would accept the decision without registering any mental protest at all, because it was a close fight. One fighter got lazy, and now has no belt to show for it.

  • pedro…manny was not surprised after the fight…he was disappointed because he promised his fans for a knock out/down or a more convincing win…

  • tsk tsk tsk…Don Pedro can’t you get over with it? Pac is no longer discussing that fight and has taken the judges verdict with humility. It seems that your so greatly affected by Pacfans silence you’re going nuts about it. Don’t compare their civility with your being uneducated when it comes to dealing with defeat.

  • there’s beens sooooooo many roberies in boxing that there’s no more shock value to it….we have seen them dime a dozen, life goes on..

  • Pedro, In that fight with Marquez at least the compubox supported the judges’ decision. In the Bradley fight not even the compubox supported the two judges’ decision. In the Marquez bout it was a close fight where subjectivity could be a deciding factor and could have gone either way depending on how the judges perceive it. In the Bradley bout Pacquiao was clearly the victor but the element of bias was clearly the deciding factor. I saw the fight and Bradley was fighting scared. His punches where without conviction and no sting. They were not landing but mostly only on Pacquiao’s hand. He was punching in order to make a statement but without meaning. Unfortunately Pacquiao made the mistake of relaxing his onslaught because he was knew he was clearly ahead.

  • i am not a pacman fan , but i must admit i thought he won the fight. what i have notice with manny is that ever since it came out about him perhaps using PEDs, his stamina has really taking a dive. one of the benefits of using peds, is that it increase your stamina. my opinion is that his people were trying to get him off of it and it out of his system, just in case they went through with the floyd fight. and after every fight , when they asked him about his lack of stamina, he would say ( leg cramps).do i believe that manny could beat floyd, NO, but floyd has shown signs of slowing down. cotto was able to hit him with the left jab, several times. manny’s only chance to win that fight against floyd is a straight hard left. but manny hit bradley with it alot of times and nothing happen, and bradley has been on the canvas a few times before. manny’s body attack is non existent, all he does is throw the right , left combo, and with his lack off stamina these days , thats not going to be enough to beat a fighter like floyd. manny had a good run, brought in alot of people who never watch or new what boxing was. he was an average boxer who bob arum used to exploit people and take there money , by hyping him up and setting him mostly up against in house ( top rank ) fighters,( which looks fishy to me).but now the hype machine is over and done, and those fans manny brought in will go back to what they were doing before the hype started, leaving the sport to us true fans. we just got rid of another hyped fighter last saturday, ( amir kahn ). all we have left is to see if canelo is for real or not, and judging by his competition , i’m start to say NOT. but chavez jr proved me he’s for real with the win over andy lee, who i picked to out box jr. real boxing fans know lee was a real test for him, and if he beats martinez , like i’m prediting he will. there will be no one 160 lbs and below that can beat him.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    1200, Welcome back. BUT you shouldn’t comment on a fight you didn’t see. Not practical! Peace…PF

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No, Manny was more surprised when he got the call over Marquez last November!

  • That robbery with pacman in front of ALL those people was just as bad as Campillo vs Cloud, Lara vs Williams and Rios vs Abril (i didnt see this one but heard it was sickening and not even close) you may argue the fight was close but there was a CLEAR winner. Most people I speak with about boxing, compare it to WWE nowadays, with predetermined winners and all that jazz. Young folks plainly say ‘you know there’s UFC’ right? Aint gonna lie, I still love boxing, but hard to have passion for a sport when everyone around you could give to flying fcks about it…People can ignore the detrimental effects that pac bradley had on boxing..but trust me,that decision, it IS one of the nails of the coffin of this sport thats on life support!

  • @KP that fight wasn’t close. Manny dictated all the action in that fight. The telling blows were landed by only one man. Also what amazed me about that fight is that was Tim at his very best, motivated and in great shape. That was Pacman at the worst I’ve seen him not as muscular, career high weight, unmotivated, and he still housed a top 5 pfp’er. Easy???? Between PBFlooking vulnerable to how PAC handled Tim I truly see Pacman funkin PBF’s world up!!!!! Maybe one day we will see the fight while it still means something? Also nobody is making a stink over the decision because it is more than obvious who won that fight. It wasn’t even close. Period

  • I’ve got to tell Pedro Fernandez that fans all over the world has been very vocal about this robbed out. The five WBO judges who reviewed the fight unanimously voted for Pacquiao and that’s enough for us. This is the only fight that even US Senators condemed the decision and ordered an investigation..

  • We Pacfans are silent simply because Manny is not fighting at the moment. Its that simple.

  • It all boiled down to one thing…Pac has class and the many comments here who defended him know it that life goes on and continued moaning, whining are childish acts that lead to nothing. If it happened to Fraudie Mayweather Jr it will probably rained down with pandemonium. Simply put..Pacquiao’s philosophy is well accepted and understood by his fans as deeper and meaningful than the shallow condescending Mayweather.

  • Pedro,
    You thrive on intriques! When Manny’s fans talk you slam and bellitle them specially Filipinos. When they keep mum you are surprised, why so? What happened is now a foregone conclusion Pedro, no one can reverse or override the judges decision so what’s the point.

  • Move on Pedro. The glass is clear don’t you noticed that. Manny, when the decision announced, was surprised (as well as everybody was in disbelief)but immediately accepted the judges’ decision right or wrong. He said he soundly defeated Bradley but need to respect the official result. Unlike some fighters out there who could not accept an official result, Pacquiao is very humble in doing that and eventually moved on.

  • Pardon me Sir Pedro, but I think when Pacnuts are silent, the blogosphere is eerily silent also and it’s hard to get something to write that will stir the traffic up.

    So you want Pacnuts to cry like crybabies, and bark at nothing unlike dogs. Speaking of crybabies, however, I remember after the Bradley fight, Manny was invited to a Latino TV program (if am not mistaken) for an interview. And Marquez asked Manny how he felt after being robbed of a win? The answer was something like ” I felt disappointed but he however respect the decision”. I think the answer of Manny was a candid none as observed in ensuing interviews on him.

    But I think Marquez expected him to rant and curse and cry like a 3-year old crying for Mama’s milk just like he always do. That answer I think boomeranged at Marquez and I’ve noticed that Marquez later on that he no longer talk like a crybaby whenever the name of Manny comes up the screen.

    Can you write Sir an analytical or call it philosophical piece on this? Well, this could be a very dull topic. It’s better when fighters, bloggers, fans and judges trash talks and the like. Yes?

  • Da Manny himself accepted the decision like a true sportsman, so fans are standing behind him. Not like others who cried a river….

    It is true Pacs powers are eroding… I sense he’s no longer interested in the sport. Retiring sooner…

  • They don’t want to argue with morons and fools

  • manny knows humility as well his fans…..comprehend????

  • Nobody is complaining because people got over it! Horrible decisions happen ask Manny when he got the nod in that 3rd Marquez fight. If he thought he won that fight that is the saddest most concerned winner of a fight I have ever seen.

  • Solid Spirit, You see Bradleys face after the fight? Doesn’t look like he took an ass whipping at all. Don’t be fooled by compubox numbers or your lying eyes. Score the fight round by round and be objective and use the scoring criteria. a lot of Pacs punches were missing, Bradley landed a lot of body shots, and jabs. Especually in the later rounds when Pacquaio in my opinion just tried to steal rounds in the last 30 seconds. You’ve got to fight 3 minutes of every round. I won’t argue with anyone who thinks that Pac won, and it’s obvious that he has way more fans than Bradley and has a more crowd pleasing style, however in my opinion it was a close fight, and in that case I don’t think it’s fair to cry robbery(same as all his bouts with Marquez, they could have went either way)

  • Pedro – You are the ONLY person still talking about a fight from a month ago. What are people supposed to do – talk about it everyday? Damn man – grow up. Your man-crush on Floyd is borderline “stalking” and besides we all know that Floyd won’t ever cheat on 50 so you might as well let it go.

  • some of these comments are novels…

  • You know Pedro, all you have to do is write crap about Manny and the Filipinos increase your site hits. It must mean there is nothing else worthy to write about in boxing. This opinion piece will fetch you more comments than a weeks worth of other stories on you site. You need those dumb pacman fans more than you think.

  • After WBO had five international judges view the fight and scored it all for Manny. The answer to the fight’s decision was vindicated. Alot of fans validated the 5 judges that almost all who watched and reviewed the fight again were in a majority were convince Manny won the fight. Then the nail to the coffin was when Duane Ford was interviewed during the replay on HBO couldn’t even give a straight answer. He was going around the questions and using all kinds of analogy. He was avoiding how to answer the questions straight.
    Lets put it this way, the 3 judges were pissed off at Manny before he stepped into the ring because he kept everyone waiting while he watch a basketball game and took his time to get ready for his fight. The judges were thinking who the hell he think he is. They were pissed at him!

  • PACFANS are not cry babies unlike mexicans particularly you,PEDRO.LOL

  • this is not the first time it happened to manny pacquaio…the first fight with jmm he was robbed too by the judge who erred in scoring a 3 knockdown rule in a round…pacquaio fans were silent too on that first fight because it was a close fight like the 3rd fight…it could have gone either way…..but this fight with bradley in which 99 percent of those who watched know manny won that’s why manny’s fans have nothing more to protest about for two weeks…

  • There really isn’t anything to discuss. You wrote an article trying to get us Pac fans fired up for nothing. We know who won and what we are showing is class, something you don’t know anything about. Sorry to disappoint you Pedro but you really have anything in this article that makes sense.

  • They lost interest in boxing after their man lost. Everyone knew once Pac was gone his nuts would go with him and that is what has happened.

  • @kevinperry, i have watched the fight numerous times with and without the sounds! It all came out in the same result, Pacquiao came in there and whooped Bradley ass period! Pacquiao threw and landed way more than what Bradley did and with all the power shots Pacquiao landed on Bradley, the first time around when i watched the fight live, I KNEW Pacquiao won that fight as soon as the 12 bell rang ending the round! I was shocked when the judges gave it to Bradley, again “G A V E” it to Bradley”. Pacquiao won that fight in a significant matter where even a mentally challenge person would see the same result (NO offense to the mentally challenges out there, just a figure of speech, FORGIVE ME). I don’t know what fight you we’re watching, but Pacquiao convincingly won that fight against Bradley! And Bradley did in fact ran throughout that fight! Pacquiao was in there with him and he said the same thing as everyone else who watched the fight Live,Replay,Youtube etc.. There’s NO explainable reason “s” to keep saying “Pacquiao won that fight” because witnessing it once or even saying it once is good enough! Debating or arguing to in denial person “s” such as yourself is just a waste of time and breathe! There is NO significant reason Bradley won that fight, you can give him some rounds, but he did NOT win that fight! Not even close!

  • Silence is attributed to extreme disappointment brought about by the greatest robbery in boxing history. It connotes the would be outcome of a possble Jailbird fight that the only way Pacquiao wins is by K.O.

  • SolidSpirit, you just became a fan of boxing (and perhaps Pac?)? Sounds like it.

  • Were silent because Manny himself for some mysterious reason never complaint and never bothered about it.

  • @Jrock..That is a very good question/point as to how Floyd will look when he gets out. Certainly interesting to see. I’m guessing that he may have found some form of workout routine in his little cell (prison breeds innovative training methods) to at least stay in good shape. But you’re correct, lets see how he looks inside a ring.Respect…@ Solid Spirit..If you think that the Bradley/Pac fight was the most ridiculous decision you ever saw, then you must not watch much boxing aside from when your idol (Pac) fights. I’ll give you just 3 quick names and then you can watch these fights (without your Pac Man blinders)and tell me that these were not worse decisions than Pac/Bradley: Delahoya/Sturm…Lara/Williams…Cloud Campillo. And this is just to name a few.As for Floyd, he would have handed Pac his ass to him back then, and even more so today and a lot easier to boot. If Pac would have fought “FULL” 3 Minute rounds against Bradley, then perhaps the scores would not have been as close as these judges saw them. Peace.

  • You’re right. I’m a Filipino and I’m officially done with boxing. I’m never paying for another ppv event. To all Filipinos – BOYCOTT BOXING!! If you want any fight I will download it and send you a copy but don’t buy into any of that garbage especially Top Rank fights!!

  • As I comment, it has been more than 5 weeks since the decision. Today, I still see articles on the internet, on boxing or sports sites or blogs, pop up to discuss it. But pretty much everything has been discussed. In the immediate weeks following the fight, we’ve heard from both boxers, we’ve heard from their trainers. We’ve heard from the judges, we’ve heard from the announcers. We’ve heard from everyone who was and wasn’t physically there at the fight. We’ve heard from people who watched on TV and people who didn’t. We’ve heard from people whose lives revolve around boxing and those for which it doesn’t. And of course we’ve heard from the fans and the haters. And the majority of opinion out there has been clear on how they feel about the decision. Consensus has been made. So there was some quick reassurance to the hurt, shock and dumbfoundedness that we Pacquiao fans felt that night. Honestly, I felt worse about the win against Marquez than I did about the loss to Bradley. But the news was everywhere. Mainstream media, the not so mainstream, Congress, plus everyone and their Grandma were talking about it. We talked about it all. Inept judges, conspiracy, corruption, Bob Arum…legit loss?? Then where does Manny go from here? Rematch? Marquez? Retirement? And the inevitable discussion…Mayweather. Because really, it all comes down to that doesn’t it? And at this point who really wants to talk about that phantom fight? It’s been beaten to death. Just mentioning the matchup was played out more than a year ago.

    I’m not really sure what you, Pedro, are expecting from the fans of Pacquiao. You’re criticizing us for not saying anything now, these 5+ weeks later when all was pretty much said by everyone during the week following the fight. Yet I’m sure, if fans were still banding together today to bitch and moan about the decision (as you were probably expecting), this article would be about telling the fans to grow up, let it go and move on because bad decisions happen in boxing all the time. What’s done is done. The decision can’t be changed. Considering how slow the big wigs in the sport of boxing move to give us the big fights we want, what’s the point in talking about this until later in the year when real decisions will be made on who’s fighting who.

    Or maybe this is about people like you, who have just been waiting to put us fans in whatever place you feel we should be, following the high we’ve been on throughout Pacquiao’s career. Finally a high profile loss, but it wasn’t as satisfying because of the sentiment that Paquiao has been receiving from it. Ironically, Pacquiao has seen more support from everyone including his detractors following this loss than he did following his last victory. And that’s got to annoy anyone who’s been waiting to tear him down.

  • Why is Pedrita Fernandez jealous of Manny Pacquiao?

  • Watch the fith again Bradley didn’t run, and he also dicated the pace in the second half of the fight and exchanged punches with Pacquaio and got the better of many exchanges. The fight was a close fight and if you watched it without the sound or without the HBO cheerleaders and crowd influencing you you’d see different. You can’;t give a guy a round for fighting the last thirty seconds unless he closes really strong or hurts the other other guy. I think you can have it for Pacquaio, but his popularity clouds the judgement of those watching his bouts. People totally ignored the work Bradley was doing, especially the HBO crew. Wonder why the house was so quiet in the second half of the bout? All his supporters were quiet because he wasn’t doing a whole lot, just fighting aimlessly, not throwing shots, not landing much, and was spent for the most part. Because Bradley isn’t big puncher it clouds peoples judgement.

  • @Pete the Sneak: Good observations Pete. The only question I have is “how is Mayweather going to look when he gets out?” You also have to admit that if you look with a keen eye is that Mayweather appears to be slipping also (not as far as Pac though). Let’s look at his last 3 fights; Mosley caught him with two consecutive combo’s that almost put him on the deck (although that was all he did, but Floyd usually doesn’t get hit flush like that 2 times in a row – the first right hand hurt him, and the second right hand almost dropped him). After that he destroyed Mosley. He dominated his fight with Ortiz (a B-level fighter), but Ortiz actually started to come on before the dumb head butt. I would have loved to see the fight go into the later rounds with a young, strong, fighter (never know what could happen), and his last fight against Cotto; people keep talking about how well Cotto fought, but my thoughts were the complete opposite. I was thinking how Mayweather looked beatable. I’m not one of those fans who thinks Cotto is back, he is still a shell of himself and he will be exposed if he fights Canelo or any top 154 pounder with a punch (don’t laugh, but I think K9 Bundrage may give him problems). I’m not a Floyd fan, but I do recognize his talent; but I wouldn’t be so sure that Floyd at 35 is unbeatable if he decides to step up and fight top fighters like Sergio or Canelo (if he proves to be the real deal). Just my thoughts.

  • I believe the Ali Act was passed in 1996, which means it has been in existence for around 16 years. Regardless, I totally agree with you that it has no teeth. During those 16 years, there has not been one case prosecuted.

  • PacNuts are quiet because no one has any idea what PacMan will do next and his commitment to boxing at all(or even when he is in the ring) is in doubt. We all liked Pac a little better when he had that killer instinct rather than carrying guys he clearly could have put away before 12 frames, but compassion stopped him. Not sure if it was related to finding Jesus or declining physical ability or general desire.
    As a sideline, it appears he is now ‘playing boxing’ at this point in his career, which is nearly guaranteed to get him hurt badly or have him fall from grace very soon.

  • If the judges want to kill the sport we loved, then they kill their own livelihood. If Manny can forgive, when can’t we, anyway it’s him who got robbed. Manny move on and so are we, his fans. We do not accept the questionable and absurd decision and we believed that some were involved and not just the judges who we believed were under instruction. It’s true that Manny’s interest on the sport was no longer the same and that seems to be the reason why he seems to be slipping. The killer instinct and hunger is no longer there but bring on Floyd Mayweather Jr. and you will see a different Pacquiao. That is all that matters to him, Mayweather Jr or nothing.

  • maybe they are not nuts afterall. how can they continue to cry for injustice if manny never cries for it! instead he accepted the defeat like a man(embraced the reality that boxing is full of dirty politics and business)!what matter most is manny knows he won and for the first time everybody agreed to him but the two judges of the fight.It can be true that manny is really now showing his age! or maybe all of his extra curricular activities from boxing are now taking it’s toll(as a singer, actor, tv host, politician, now a preacher, etc.)one can wonder how on earth this guy can do it all! i think there’s no man who has exemplary abilities both physically and mentally! the moment manny started to think more other things aside from boxing, the time his boxing abilities start to deminish(just my theory)! plus the motivation factor due to the kind of opponents bob arum was feeding to him! the last time i saw the fire on manny’s eyes was when he fought cotto! it was probably because he wanted to prove something(many thought cotto will be too much for pacquiao)! at the moment, still there’s only one fighter who can give reasons to manny to possibly light the fire again!and im pretty sure that even an aged/declined pacquiao will find a way to give his best performance of his life(that will surely be remembered by everyone, win or lose))!afterall, manny never lost a fight when he’s the underdog!

  • @petethesneak, I got over the most ridiculous decision i have ever seen in Boxing! 99.9% of the world knows Pacquiao defeated Bradley that night and that’s all that matters! Even Bradley and his team knows that, but they can deny it all they wan’t. If a rematch would take place Pacquiao will for sure dominate Bradley again and maybe even knock his ass out! Pacquiao run isn’t “over” yet! Why was Pacquiao so successful against De La Hoya,Hatton,Cotto,Clottey and Margarito? I will give you an answer! Because they didn’t backpedaled like Mosley and Bradley! Both Mosley and Bradley promised they would go in there and fight, but when they we’re getting hit with flurries of punches, they resulted into running! Give a Pacquiao a real fight where his opponent would go in there and actually fight toe to toe without running and for sure, we will see real actions! IF Mayweather ever grows the courage to fight Pacquiao, i guarantee you Pacquiao will be hungry for that fight, especially after all the racist and allegation Mayweather have said for a long time, YOU BET ON THAT! I like how Mayweather fans says “Pacquiao will get his ass handed to him”. I wish Mayweather felt the same way because if he did, he would of already took The Mega Fight a long time ago! Are you about to mention “Marquez gave Pacquiao problems he is counter puncher like Mayweather”. Not even close, both have way different styles! Did you see Cotto left punches got through Mayweather defense? Imagine of Cotto had the stamina of Pacquiao, Mayweather would of took not just a bloody nose that night, but a bloody face! Go watch Mayweather six losses in his amateur days in Boxing and see what kind of Fighters he lost to, see what’s theur style,technique and such.. You will see why Mayweather avoided Pacquiao all these years! “PEACE”!

  • The fact that Pac is silent (therefore his fans as well) has absolutely nothing to do with gentlemanly behavior. Pac understands that if he questions the decision too vigorously he’d need to explain the gifts given to him, bringing people to question his legacy. By keeping mum, no one is talking about how other fighters got robbed when they fought him.

    Sage decision by a sage man.

  • Good thoughts Pedro. However, I don’t equate Pac fans silence with Manny’s getting jobbed and/or losing. Manny won that fight, albeit it was alot closer than most folks you listen to would have you believe. But was it the worst decision ever, not even close. As it is, Pac nuts (of which I’m not one) also got to see Manny in two fights (Marquez/Bradley) in which his skill level and vaunted energy were no longer superior and his skills appear to be eroding. They (Pac Nuts)are silent because they know that Manny’s run is pretty much over and they are not so sure that Manny would win a rematch with Bradley.They no longer see the whirlwind they have come to know and love, instead they are seeing and sensing that even Manny himself doesn’t appear to view Boxing in the manner in which he did when he was hungry. The Pac nuts are pretty much taking their cue from their beloved fighter, who’s own silence pertaining to his boxing future is deafening. And lastly, the Pac nuts know that should they start making noise about Manny, the subject of Floyd will eventually arise and if they had doubts about Manny not beating Floyd before, they know that it is now a forgone conclusion that Manny will get his ass handed to him should he ‘Now’ decide to step in the Ring with Mayweather. Peace.

  • Pedro: In boxing you come to expect incorrect decisions. I think the reason that the uproar has died down so fast is because the decision was so ridiculous that everyone knows that Pac won the fight. Pac set the tone by not bitching and he accepted the decision like a man (unlike JMM) and it’s time to move forward. I just hope that something can be done about the politics of boxing to get this sport back on track.

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