• oh my god!! where is floyd??! this isnt fair!!.. haha you people are so dumb you paid him your hard earn money to watch his mouth swallow another c*m.. oh well.. goodluck!!hahaha what a waste

  • Amen to your choices of 5 most boring fighters. And Klitschko has morphed into a rerun of John Ruiz. Hug fests, one punch and hug. Why don’t more refs take points from the huggers?

  • No way that Cintron is boring. His performaces have been inadequate in recent outings, but that’s another subject. Lindy Lindell

  • zak: Man it was nuts brada…I was in terminal 3 ….right when i hit send on my first comment…within 2 minutes, i hear yelling and see a stampede of people running and yelling towards us…i sensed something terrible was wrong so i instantly grabbed my two boys to shield them, 8 and 11…then I hear several gunshots, and knew there was a shootout going on…it was surreal..just like in movies…i cant even begin to tell you how scary it was…when I saw the TSA workers running for their lives, I knew it was time to bounce…we ended up leaving through an emergency exit to get to the tarmac, trying to get far from the shooting as possible…still here at LAX cause of this dumbf*ck that should have just shot himself…i met so many people, some going to weddings, one maid of honor, and myself…going to miss my grandmas 80th bday….im sure there are people who got it a lot worst but this type of bs pisses me off to no end!..so many peoples lives seriously affected cause of one idiot….sorry for the rant fellas

  • @1200 Hopkins is an all time great in my opinion. Probably one of the top 10 middleweights of all time. Very true! Got to go scuba diving at catalina once. Beautiful place. Heard about the LAX stuff. Crazy.

  • wow..crazy ish right now…as im typing hear waiting for my flight to new york…madness ensues at lax…wild stampede after gun shots ring out…hope everything is good

  • u had me rollin with the hopkin names!…im pretty impressed with hopkins though…the mans 48 and still trains like a freight! see what I did there? ……when history looks back on who was whoopin ass during his era, hopkins will be one of the few elite mentioned…side note…love mt. baldy…one of the best spots to board/ski….where else can u see an island off on a distance (catalina) while at the snow??

  • Well not alot to argue with in this article. So might as well throw this out there for some conversation and debate.
    Wlads fights are boring as hell. However I find that while some people think manny could do no wrong he had to shoulder some of the responsibility for helping make wlad un-watchable.
    Early in his carea he was kinda fun to watch, he was naturaly timid but he was more of an offensive fighter. Same with Lennox, also a naturaly timid fighter that used to mix it up more in his early carear.
    Now having said that, fighting safer is great for the fighter and his health and Im all for it, but it makes for piss poor fights if you like action.
    Manny just took both fighters and put them both in full “safty mode”. Both fighters only come out of that shell when they have someone they can blow out. Its worst for Wlad cause he sticks to book too much. Sometimes it would even come back and bite manny abit too, when he saw a knockout to be had he had really go off on both men to actually go for the knockout.
    Just something to think about. What really turns off fans I think, is that all it would take is Wlad turning it up like 30% to at least make the fight watchable.

  • Yeah, he made Donaire look silly, but Donaire has been in many lackluster fights. I truly enjoyed watching the masterboxer Rigo school Donaire, especially after all of his lame excuses on why he didn’t want to fight him.

  • how about guillermo ringondeaux.. he is boring as fuk..

    he made donaire look silly and usually donaire is a fun fighter to watch.

  • This Zack guy is more drab than Pedro!!!! Do u guys write anything positive about the athletes who put their lives on the line for ur entertainment!!!!!

  • Haachitaba Mweene

    You forgot Yuriorkis Gamboa.


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