Most Powerful In MMA: Lorenzo Fertitta

1) Lorenzo & Frank Fertitta, Dana White: UFC co-owners
2) Joe Silva: UFC vice president for talent relations
3) Georges St. Pierre: UFC welterweight champion
4) Jon Jones: UFC light heavyweight champion
5) Anderson Silva: UFC middleweight champion
6) Brock Lesnar: UFC heavyweight
7) Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn: Trainers
8) Cain Velasquez: UFC heavyweight champion
9) Craig Piligian: Executive producer, Pilgrim Films & Television.
10) Bjorn Rebney: CEO, Bellator Fighting Championships
This poll was put together by USA Today.


  • Because Pedro is no dummy… That’s Why!

    Pedro and I were both in this when the UCF/MMA started to really rear it’s head in the late 90’s… I had some arguments with people in the boxing world back then who believed that it would never amount to much and I told them that they were CRAZY and that if they couldn’t see the future in this, they were blind!

    I had a lot of them tell me I was giving the UFC far too much credit and that it was nothing more than “Tuff-Man”, involving a bunch of unskilled barbarians and that the whole thing would be short lived.

    Fast forward to today, it is Very Clear who’s argument was correct.

    You say this thing is dying on the vine… This dying thing has risen to a billion dollar plus empire at break-neck speed… And HAS, like it or not, replaced Boxing as the world’s most followed and thriving combat sport… You think the UFC is dying on the vine? What does that make Boxing?

    Pedro may or may not have had similar conversations to the ones I had but I DO KNOW THIS!

    Pedro is a guy who has been in the combat sports media longer than everyone else on the Internet… And he was the very first Boxing Webpage to jump and start covering MMA. He did it before anyone else. in fact, he got involved around 2000 if I am not mistaken.

    Pedro is covering this sport because he knows the goods when he sees it… He saw it before anyone else in this industry did.

  • Why are you covering so much MMA at this site? The don’t even fight in the ring they fight in a cage. The most barbaric sport since the Roman Arena. Let MMA die on the vine.

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