• I kind of agree with Tyrone. I mean he’s a good fighter, but not worth all the praise when your best win was against Salido and you got dropped against a Martinez who is a decent puncher, but not all that technically gifted. I’d love to see him fight Gary Russell if Russell can get some balls and actually fight someone beyond aTBA.

  • Agreed with the opening comment from Pj on Donaire.

    No denying Mikey Garcia’s skills but he’s also a very protected catered to fighter. That will be his undoing.

  • The end result was basically what most guys expected, including me, but there are a number of questions in my mind about Donaire going forward. During the fight he seemed to be wary, rightfully so, of Darchinyan’s power but he also appeared very tentative, which may be the result of his loss to Rigo. His “psyche” may have been damaged. Having more than one person giving you instructions does not lend itself to an effective corner. I read he made a comment, “most of his training with Garcia, was over the phone.” He talked after the fight about trying to change styles, what is that about? I guess no one in his corner knows how that normally works, historically!!! Confusion and disarray seem to be the order of the day. That needs to change if he stands any chance of beating Rigo in a rematch. Darchinyan was so emphatic about having learned what to do when you are knocked down, but totally forgot everything he said, so much for that. I know, this is boxing, not brain surgery!!!!!

  • Duran was half Mexican.you are not a traitor. Chavez is a product of the new era of boxing. Matchmaking!

  • No traitor Alex, Duran was the greatest fighter of all time in the minds of some with his accomplishments.

  • Wow Pedro, to be there like you were must have been awesome, those were the good old days for sure! I remember I was about 15 and had seen Duran train at the Main st gym where I was training for a tournament and watched Duran and Cuevas train for their fight earlier in that same year, and watching Duran train was amazing, the man was a bad ass I hated to see Pipino lose but Duran was my boy man. To this day when my Mexican friends ask me if Chavez was the greatest Latin fighter of all time, I answer them “Nope, Duran could do everything Chavez could do only better”. They think I’m a traitor being of Mexican heritage, but I hold firm and hands down Duran was the best of the best. No way in the world Chavez lasts 15 rounds with a beast like Hagler, let alone more than hold his own as Duran did for portions of their fight.

  • I was there Alex. With Duran post fight after spending some time with him in camp. The only thing that beat Roberto that night was size and age. Marvin was just so much bigger and stronger that night and yet Duran was real close if not up on the scorecards after 12. Duran is the reason why Leonard would eventually come out and fight Hagler, but he waited for Marv to age 3 more years. Nice right hand leads……….from a lightweight who may have peaked at 147 with Ray.

  • Pedro, I can’t believe today is 30 years that Marvin Hagler decisioned Roberto Duran over 15 rounds. Man where did all the years go…

  • Hopefully Vic made enough to cash out,before he goes the way of most ex champs,badly.Nonito,like Manny is no longer at the top of his game,and should plan his exit,sooner rather than later. Speaking of waning,older fighters,Who will pick up the tab,after the Mosley v Mundine dance,finishes,and the receipts get counted?

  • Donaire is highly overrated and should of been on his way to an L on Saturday. He only looks good against smaller, older, coming off long retirements and then retiring again right after they lose. His career has been nothing but showcase fights. Donaire was never an elite fighter. Just a good fighter.

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