• Pedro, we were with ‘IRON MIKE’, this Friday, past.. at a TELEMUNDO All-Star Boxing event.. Mike was calm, cool, engaging, plesent, normal & adult acting, Ex Champ. We discussed a couple of books, that I had read, talked family-kids, and how well his ONE MAN SHOW tour has been progressing. No entourage.. no antics.. he was there supporting a young up & coming ‘Pug’, from Toledo, O. Who took his opponent apart like a Jig-Saw Puzzle.. methodically, technically, with style and grace. Mike enagaged many for Photo-Ops.. Phyllis included. His maturity is evident… and don’t believe all of the Fairy-Tales.. the MEDIA,& PAPARAZZI like to ‘SPIN’.. Mike had his Time… and as they say: “IT IS, WHAT IT IS”.

  • Everybody is entitled to their opinion Charles ! Who in your opinion did Tyson beat to be inducted into the IBHF ?

  • charles whittaker

    Larry you don,t know what you are talking about

  • I am not a big fan of Tyson [he deserves credit for getting his personal life on track]! In my opinion the only reason he is in the IBHF, is he was the youngest HT champion in history, and good for the sport [like Arturro Gatti]! He lost his title the very first time somebody with the right size skill and determination fought back and tried to win ! The best fighter he ever beat was Razor Ruddick [never a champion], Holmes was over the hill and Spinks was an oversize light heavy, Berbick was strong like bull and smart like tractor ! Lewis should have beat him even more decisivly [sic] than he did ! Glad he has turned a corner in his life for the better though !

  • Great article Pedro, and a nice counter to so many ‘journalists’ who seems to take pleasure in denigrating Mike Tyson’s career. Summed up perfectly ‘Tyson was the greatest of his era, something few mortals will ever accomplish or realize in their lifetimes.’
    Have enjoyed the Ringtalk website since I first got internet access in 1997. Keep up the good work Pedro!

  • glad tyson was able to turn it around as well (on life)…

  • cant believe its been 25 years today since Tyson became the undisputed heavyweight champion by blitzing spinks in 90 seconds!!

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