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San Francisco, CA– The incident that got Robert Guerrero in hot water last week at a New York airport needs little explanation. Robert has a concealed weapon permit issued in California. When this debacle occurred, Robert was trying to check the gun in with his luggage. I can say the following from personal knowledge that this is not some “wanna’ be” gang banger, rather a young man who is green when it comes to traveling and guns. Period! Seeing there was “No Intent” here, the charges should be dropped sans any additional time or money on the part of New York or Robert Guerrero.


Hector Martinez has an incredible boxing acumen. A former Golden gloves champion twice and manager of Roberto Duran, Hector was an incredible counter puncher who could put people to sleep with either hand. Anyway, as we were talking afterwards about Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios and what the future holds for both men. Either he was trying to be argumentative or just doesn’t like Alvarado, Martinez went on a rant that essentially said there is no future for the junior welterweight from Denver.


Maybe he was watching another channel, because what I saw was a fighter who was thinking the entire time. The work rate put forth inside by Alvarado, who lost only to Rios last year when he was stopped while ahead on points, was incredible, the kind of stuff you don’t see too often. The key to the fight for Alvarado was distance! When Brandon would wade in, Mike would step back or to the side ever so slightly. When he pressed forward the same method applied. This enabled the winner to throw beautiful short combinations as Brandon was looking to land his not-so ominous (at 140) left hook.


Those right hands that Mike landed with great frequency on Rios were not arm punches, nor were they George Foreman like shots. Still they may have rendered somebody else horizontal. It was a good chin and some heart that kept Rios upright in the fight. For Alvarado, regardless of what Mr. Martinez says, no disrespect intended, I think is even fight or better with anybody in the junior welterweight division. In regards to the uncouth Brandon Rios, he is weighing in two weight divisions higher than his body mass. Look at him from the side, Rios wasn’t cut, no bones sticking out of his face, Brandon could be a force at 130. But not at 140! As the photo illustrates, his waist is nearly as wide as his shoulders.


Alvarado Connects On "Flabby" Rios

Look, Mike Alvarado need not be enticed by a good offer and fight Rios a third time. Although I think he can beat the client of trainer and once IBF 130 lb. guy Robert Garcia, who ain’t looking jr. lightweight-ish these days, there is the winner of either the Danny Garcia-Zab Judah World 140 lb. title affair, or the WBA-IBF encounter between Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Peterson/Matthysse – as long as Peterson boxes and uses a solid jab, but doesn’t leave it out there too long, he should definitely win.

  • I am referring to Mattysse

  • He’s already been given two shots and lost both times, he was also getting outboxed by a much smaller Soto until he got the stoppage. His limitations have been on full display for the last three years. He can compete and possibly beat any top 140lber, but the jury is still out on him. He can get outboxed and outworked in early rounds, and overall can be figured out. His strengths are power and stamina. He actually is a very good body puncher too. I think him and Peterson is a toss up, but lean towards Peterson, he’s not as one-dimensional and he can punch with some heat as well.

  • Mayweather won’t retire undefeated , he will fight for several more years to try and make as much cash possible. He will lose to the fighter we least expect. 140 lbs divison is loaded and there csan be so many good fights made if the BS between promoters ended. I think it gets worse before it gets better. Did anyone hear the
    stuff Arum said of Oscar? that he is a moron and something about him putting on those leggings.

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    It’s great that Alvardao learned from that first fight. Truthfully, I was concerned that the first fight may have taken something out of both men permanently, and I was thinking that the rematch was too immediate.

    As for Guerrero, I’m sure that he and his camp have carefully studied fights in which Mayweather was troubled even slightly. I think of his bouts with Carlos Henandez, Justin Juunko, and Jose Luis Castillo. Best of luck to Guerrero in giving Mayweather his first “L.”

  • 1200,

    I think Lucas would probably be 1 of the favorites, but I wouldn’t put money on it.


  • I agree with djd800…bonehead move for Guerrero…I mean, come on! all the talking of him being sent by God to humble May weather and then gets busted…why in the hell is he carrying all this heat for in new York?? dumb move regardless how u slice it…

    I think given the chance, Lucas Matheysse cleans out 140…

  • Djd800,

    Really? You see Garcia as te top 140lbr? His best win was against a chin fragile Khan, and even he knew that if he can take 1 to give 1, Khan’s chin wouldn’t let up. Other than that, his best wins were over a faded and blown up (or bloated) Morales and a can’t beat the real deal guys in Holt (by SD). Had Khan just Boxed Garcia, Khan would have won, sooo, Garcia can be outboxed. Alvarado can Box (better w/ Hernandez in corner) and punch. Toss up! Plus Alvarado is a 1/2 inch taller than Garcia. If Alvarado can take Rios punch, I say he can walk through Khan’s and KO him just like Garcia did. Although I like Lucas, he is a short Welter and would have to eat some big shots to land. I say Alvardo has a better punch arsenal than both Lucas and Garcia for that matter. Again, I say those are all toos up fights.


  • Rios really dissapoinred me. he walked towards the ring too confident, didn’t have his fight face on. I knew he was gonna be in trouble from the start. he looked slow and out of shape.He walked in the ring Saturday weighing 161 pounds. That is waaaay too much for him he should have came in at 152 at the most like the first fight. I give Alvarado alot of credit. he showed more heart and adaptability in the ring. Rios needs to stop being a clown. Leave that crap to fighters like Mayweather and Broener. Rios embarrassed himself after the fight the way he was acting. Again, Rios was one of my favorite fighter today but, after saturdays ridiculous acting not the loss turned me a bit away from him. he better really look at himself and change his ways. was hoping to see him figfht guys like JMM and Broener but, they would both beat him fairly easy if he fights like that instead of when he fought Peterson. i give alvarado a better chance with JMM and Broener now. Come on Rios stop cominhg in three weight clasees above JR welterweight

  • If anyone said Alvarado fought a smart fight ie he was thinking more than Rios, than they would be correct. Both guys are tough outs for any 140pd. But I dont see them in the elite class by any means. An by that I mean I judge fights on who has to beat who. While that sounds simple enough, its a tad bit tricky trying to explain. So I will do my best. I see Danny Garcia as the class of the divsion. While he is not elite and definitley has chinks in his armour, I would see an alvarado or rios, having a hard time overcoming Garcia’s obvious size and strength advantage as the naturally bigger 140pdr, and his speed as all things being equal. To sum it up, Garcia could fight a decent to average fight and still manage to come out on top against an alvarados or rios, by sheer size and speed, not neccessarily skill or heart. Whereas, an alvarado or rios would have to fight a spectacular to near perfect fight to beat Garcia. Just below is Lucas M, who I think is in the class of Garcia perhaps a tad bit stronger an more rugged but lacking the speed, and me thinks he wallops both Alvarado and Rios in wars. As for Guerro its just kind of comical that he is travelling to New York for of all things to tele-vangalize, and gets caught packing heat like some hitman. I mean of all people. But if he is carrying guns, he needs a permit, and if he had a permit, then he had to pass a test of sorts, so he was aware of the law. Perhaps if he had at least spoken up about why he fetl the need to carry a gun, then the public could sympathize. Maybe he felt his life was being threatened, then by all means, people would understand. Just doesnt make sense.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I almost lost my job going after Zimmerman on the air dizzj. You are so off here. But it makes you think about young black men in general. You see son, 70% of the violent crimes in this country are committed by black males under 40. Can you put a spin on that?

  • yes! and that story about those guys in ga was a nation wide story( thanks for proving my point) trayvon martin was unarmed and gun down by G Zimmerman for just trying to go to his house and having a hoodie over his head and last time i checked , having a hoodie over ur head is not against the law. and i’m far from a buffoon partna! the problem that i have with u and the main media is that if this was floyd that had did this , everyone and they momma would had been blogging, talking shit, and calling floyd everything but a child of god. i know u are cool with RG and his family , but you can not give somebody a pass for doing something stupid no matter if u know them or not. by the way…. whats up with the name calling? the (felony) thing was a typo (which u have done a few times yourself on this site) I dont have a problem with RG himself because i dont know him , but i do have a problem with media outlets when they bash one person for something and make excuses for another.

  • Pedro Fernandez


    I’m gonna be nice. You are a buffoon! To insert the race card here was as smart as your spelling felony. I agree on the clips….BUT to insert the race card? How about the two black men (one youth) that shot that baby in the stroller in Georgia last week? I guess that pales compared to a Mexican-American boxer getting grabbed on a gun that was registered to him.

  • Pedro your not telling the whole story about guerreo, he is facing 4 feloney counts and not to mention he had 2 15rd mags. on him with is illeagal in CA and the gun is registered CA whichs means he was breaking the law in CA for having those clips on him. i’m sure RG has a computer and he should have looked up the currant gun laws in NY before he decided to bring a gun on a plane . it doesn’t matter if u agree or dont agree with the laws of NY you have to follow them , mistake or not RG broke the law. and thats why he was arrested. and ive noticed the press havn’t said too much about this Rg story . I guess you have to be black for the press to talk about it .

  • KP,
    With Rudy Hernandez in the Alvarado camp. I can see Alvarado putting Danny Garcia and Khan to sleep, out boxing Mayttysse, and TKOing Petterson (unless he comes in with elevated Testosterone levels). Alvarado is the goods. He can punch and has shown good lateral movement. At 140 right now, who is more dynamic, who can also take a punch? I say all those fights are close to 50-50, but that’s why they fight (or are supposed to anyway). My 2 cents.


  • Pete, Alvarado is with Top Rank so no fight with Garcia, Mayttysse or Peterson. As for Alvarado, I think Martinez is right. He fights a more dynamic fighter or a real 140lber he gets exposed. Rios is one dimensional, even though I’ve seen him box and he knows how. Alvarado was outboxed mainly by an average boxer in Prescott. Alvarado has too many defensive liabilities to beat the top guys at 140. I’d like to see him try though.

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