Miguel Cotto-Sergio Martinez

Miguel Cotto-Sergio Martinez

San Francisco, CA– On paper the fight looked close. At the end of the night it was one of the biggest routs in recent middleweight history as Miguel Cotto (39-4, 31 KOs) of Puerto Rico played Congas on Sergio Martinez for almost every second of recorded battle. In my mind and that of both combatants, the fight was over in the first round really as Cotto decked Martinez of Argentina three times, the second of which was “face planter,” all set up by a left hook that wobbled Martinez. I scored the round 10-6 because of the three knockdowns.


Cotto was a jr. welterweight (140), welterweight (147) and super welterweight (154) champion and is thought to be in the twilight of a wonderful career when he goes and mugs Martinez (51-3-2, 28 KOs) with another knockdown in round nine. What turned out to be a mismatch was halted six seconds into round 10 when Martinez decided to stay on his stool after being beaten on like a drum for 27 minutes.


Now they will say this was all because of trainer Freddie Roach, fine. But I still say Cotto is on the downside regardless of what he did in New York Saturday night. He’s still nearly 34, going on 39 because he has been in many wars and pummeled by both Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao.


The linear (recognized world title) middleweight championship has changed hands and is now in the hands of Cotto and promoter Bob Arum. Cotto’s only fight going forward should be with WBA kingpin Gennady Golovkin (28-0, 25 KOs) and I as a media member, win or lose, hope that Miguel who is now retire. Cotto has the money, the legacy, a family, and have you seen Wilfred Benitez lately?


Benitez was a little off when I was working with him in 1984, which may have been from sparring and holding his own at the age of 13 in the 70s with guys like Esteban De Jesus (first man to beat Roberto Duran) at Gleason’s Gym in New York City.


Cotto should not have any tune ups and as soon as Golovkin wipes the floor with Daniel Geale on July 26, Cotto-Golovkin should be made. And again Miguel, win or lose you need to walk away as very few fighters are aware of the residual effects of professional boxing until it’s too late and they’re mood swinging, forgetting stuff, maybe a hitch in their step, look guys either don’t know until it’s too late. Or worse, they’ll never know!


That’s why it is important for Cotto to get out after one more fight. And I only say one more fight because I know he won’t hang them up now. Puerto Rico needs Cotto badly as my peeps have seen Hector Camacho, Edwin Rosario and the aforementioned Esteban DeJesus die early. All the while Benitez may as well be and Felix Trinidad is broke! By going this route the Boricua can have money, fame, and most importantly the wherewithal to talk to his great grandchildren in 20 years. Congrats Miguel!


Sergio is 39 and yet looked more like the near 70-year old version of the WWE’s Vince McMahon.

Pedro Fernandez


  • @G-killa

    Thanks bro. I’ve just been laying low and reading the comments. Haven’t gone anywhere bro.

  • Not all is based on winning, its how you play the game, or rather fight the fight.. I’d rather be on the losing end of a tough 15 round fight in which I was given very little chance of winning (Duran-Hagler) than be gifted with a decision (Gomez-Lockridge, Mayweather-Castillo I)

    Was it a moral victory for Duran? Shit yea it was..

  • Scottish Steve G

    Anyone else suspect that there may be a bad (controversial) decision at the end of Canelo vs Lara i.e. Canelo getting the nod when most observers thought Lara won?

  • Rooooooooock!!!! Where u been???!! Thank god a voice of reason is back. I had a nightmare u were gone and some blind baron named turdaline was trolling this site. Anyway ur right as u been for years mariconweather needs to just get some more slow footed fighters to finish and ride off. Dude never truley pursued greatness or as u always put it Dared to be great. I don’t pay to see him. Though I do respect his fight game as a pro he never dared and lost much of my respect. Big ups JRock

  • Alex, just plain dumb dude? Please… #1, I never anointed GGG anything. #2, Did you miss my statement, “that’s not to say Cotto couldn’t beat GGG”? #3, There is nothing dumb about stating a fight with Canelo should be safer than a fight with GGG. Most people would agree with that assertion. And #4, you’d figure a very smart person calling others dumb would use an example in which the underdog (Duran against Hagler) won and not one example in which the underdog almost won.

  • Hey Pedro:
    I was totally wrong about this fight. I swore to all my friends that Cotto was washed up five years ago. I cited the fact that he had not beaten a live fighter since his win vs. Mosley. I was sure that a 50% Martinez would KO Cotto but I was totally wrong. I don’t know how much Roach had to do with it but you could see Cotto had a lot more confidence, especially after the first round assault. If I was Cotto I would freeze out Mayweather and fight Canelo for big money. The heck with Floyd, let him try to find another chump to fight. People are tired of him fighting safe fights. If Floyd doesn’t fight Cotto, he really has no other big fights out there. A Canelo rematch will not do half the numbers as the first fight due to the lopsided nature of the bout. I’m ready to move on to a new era where the best start to fight the best. Let Mayweather cherry pick his last 3 fights and leave the game to fighters who want to challenge themselves like Cotto. I have mad respect for Cotto because he NEVER ducked anybody. Cotto vs Canelo in Yankee stadium or the Alamo dome would be crazy. Now all Canelo has to do is defeat Lara. Cotto can take a unification match in December with Quillan in the Garden, and take that title and then fight Canelo in the the spring of 2015.

  • Rudy,
    It’s called journalistic integrity, and Pedro rides everyone the same regardless of ethnic/national background. He should be commended, not derided. Pedro simply calls what he sees, and does the research on top of it. Sure, sometimes he’s over-the-top and is hyperbolic, but that’s just his style. Sometimes it’s quite funny. You have to get passed it and look at what he’s done overall for the sport. He was one of the 1st, if not the 1st Boxing journalist to delve into the PED issue. Be a “Boxing fan”, not a “Boxers fan”. You’ll appreciate the sport more.


  • No he needs to go back down to a proper weight(154). GGG is a monster and Pete u know too much about boxing and see what we all see dude is sick. He has a tight D bangs with both left and right cuts the ring. Dude is nooooooo joke. Like I said cotto accomplished history nice!!!! Now get back to ur proper weight b4 u get hurt:)

  • Rudy your just plain dumb dude. Clearly Cotto is now a Middleweight, if he fights Cinnamon that would mean he would have to step back down to Jr. Middle. Even if Cotto could still make 154 and I believe he could, pulling an upset against the supposedly unbeatable GGG would look far more impressive on Cotto’s resume than that overhyped spoiled brat Canelo. Cotto could still make a cool 5+ Million against GGG as Cotto would once again hold the “A” side at the negotiation table.

    GGG is damn good but still a relatively unproven champion (not his fault) a silver medal looks good on his amateur record but doesn’t mean anything as a pro. Fighting him may not be as far fetched as it may seem. Roberto Duran had the balls to step up and fight 160 lb (proven) champ Hagler, and although Duran is light years ahead of Cotto in every possible way in regards to ability, and Hagler far more accomplished than Golovkin. GGG is not even accomplished as say a Donald Curry was, but People still thought Hagler was going to bludgeon Duran and Duran came close to pulling the upset. Before you anoint Gennady the next Hagler or Robinson he needs to beat more proven fighters than Curtis Stevens and Matthew Macklin. He hasn’t even beaten a Tony Sibson type fighter!

  • Pedro, I have appreciated most of your work over the years and respect your commitment to the sport, so I hate to get down in the mud. But you must either have an identity crisis or be the least patriotic PuertoRican alive. Are both of your parents Boricuas? Were you raised by Mexicans? I have watched you ride Boricuas with impunity over the years. I remember how you rode Tito for his infidelity (a private matter) and called Tito Cheato over the wraps issue. You didn’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. Tito was a credit to the sport throughout his whole career. I’m not saying you kiss up and ignore issues, but you’ve been vial to Boricuas. Did a Cotto fight with Canelo didn’t even cross your mind.. Mexican vs. Boricua megafight? Come on man!


  • Scottish Steve G

    “you are a buffoon”. Haven’t heard that word used in anger in a long time, lol!

  • @ Dondon,
    Thanks, I appreciate it.

    People were all over Martinez for not fighting GGG, though he was small for the division himself. If anyone remembers, he was lured there by Arum in the 1st place. He was supposed to “softened up” by Pavlik then return back down to 154 and be easy pickings for Pac, but when Team Pac saw what he did to poor Kelly they passed. I’m sure Arum had something to do with the BS mandate by the WBC to drop 1 of his 2 belts (though their rule says they have 1 year and can defend both) by some made up deadline. It’s only fair that “Da man” defend against the #1 contender, and that happens to be GGG. Don’t forget that Cotto got to skip to the front of the line. How about Cotto vs Canelo at 160 for that same MW title? I bet if Canelo wins, people would immediately call for him to fight GGG (rightfully so BTW). I’m only being fair & firm.


  • HAHA!

    Pedro, I miss your slights to the less informed. I’m still laughing at Rudy.


  • I don’t understand, I think Rudy has a point. One the one hand there is concern for Cotto’s health on the other hand there is the suggestion he fight GGG … fighting GGG isn’t going to be good for residual effects. Canelo is naturally smaller and not as hard a puncher, why not fight Canelo instead of GGG?

  • @SKERGE,

    I was about to post “Where the hell is SKERGE, why the silence” and before i did, i was already reading your post. Welcome back!

  • Add sergio Martinez as another fighter that Floyd should have dispatched but waited too long. Canelo makes much more sense for Cotto than GGG. I expect Cotto to fight Canelo and a retirement fight against Floyd.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Rudy, you are a buffoon as I am Puerto Rican. Try again..

  • While I appreciate and agree with Pedro’s concern for the Boricua, I can see right through his suggestion that Cotto fight GGG. Why would anybody that is concerned for Cotto’s health suggest he fight GGG when he can fight Canelo for far more money and less risk? Pedro is Mexican as is Canelo and would rather see Cotto get his block knocked off by GGG than see the newest Mexican icon take a loss at the hands of the Boricua. That’s not to say Cotto couldn’t beat GGG, but I think anybody in their right mind would agree Canelo is less risk for far more money.

    Rude Dawg

  • Scottish Steve G

    Of all the posts and reports I’ve seen and heard so far, G-killa (above) has IMHO found the best balance. Yes, time for SM to hand’em up. His best days are behind him. But Cotto deserves credit: he was excellent, despite what some (retrospective geniuses) want to say about Martinez.

    How come all the pro odds-makers got it so wrong as well…making SM the slight
    favorite before-hand? And these are the guys with the inside info eg – camp wasn’t so great and his knees aren’t good. That stuff never came out..never affected the betting odds. Why was that? The vast majority of writers and pundits also picked SM to win before-hand.

    I understand the health concerns about Cotto fighting on. No argument. A fighter’s long term health comes first. But, rightly or wrongly, Cotto will fight on. For a while yet. Sam Soliman just beat Sturm, but he’s not very marketable. Cotto v Canelo is bound to happen. It ticks so many boxes. I reckon Cotto will win that one. Just hope Miguel doesn’t hang around long enough to have a go at GGG. That would be a great fight for 8 rounds. But I’d rather not see it. In the end MG would be battered into submission.

  • “Would be” I meant…

  • I believe the truth stands in the middle: Cotto is better now with Freddy, it shows, and Martinez lost a couple of steps.

    I think a fight with GGG would me more competitive than most people think. I give Cotto 50% chances on that one.

  • KP,

    PS, I can’t wait for the Cotto fans to get “feelings” on me. :-) I’ve been away for too long.


  • KP,
    What’s up? Don’t feel bad, there’s a lot of crow going around. I thought Martinez would win too. Until, I watched the 24/7’s the night before the fight, and my thought degenerated into “hope”. Can’t move or deliver power if you can’t push the power through your legs/knees. I do agree with Pedro that you shouldn’t be fooled by Cotto’s new emperor clothes either. Martinez entered the ring with knees in worse shape than Yuri Foreman’s One bad knee. Shame on the NY Athletic Commission pulling that BS about Martinez not being allowed to use the braces, after they allowed Yuri to do it. Although this is the same Commission that allowed Margs to fight with half his face broke in, until he started coming on that is, and then they stopped it. This is exactly why Cotto will not fight anyone of significance in the MW division. Most guys in the Top 10 would take that belt right off him. I don’t even see Trout getting a rematch. Must admit that Massa Bob is the PT Barnum of this lifetime. Cotto beat 2 champs who wore knee braces into the ring, and the other World Title belts were of the vacant variety. Everyone was saying that Martinez needed to fight GGG, well, Cotto should be getting that treatment now, since he is “Da Man” at 160. Too much of this catch-weight cherry picking stuff going on now a days.

    As you can see, I’ve never been a big fan of Cotto. Another Bob Arum creation to add to the list.


  • Full props to Cotto. He looked very good at middleweight and rejuvanated. Although Martinez looked terribly unsecure on his feet from the get go. His left knee was wobbly the whole time – even after the terrible first round. Props to Martinez as well for not taking away anything and giving Cotto his full respect. He could’ve easily made his injuries an issue for excuses.
    Martinez must retire right away. If you chek back his performance against Pavlik and at what level he fought on saturday – landslide, …

    As Pedro said – hopefully Cotto cashes in one more time against Canelo (please forget GGG) and is smart enough to walk away with a full bank account and (for now) his health intact.

  • The one thing that bothered me was Martinez’ complaining about respect. He got to enter the ring second and was announced second. All the complaining made me think he was not given that respect as champion.

  • Probably the most shocking and perplexing outcome of a high profile boxing match I can remember in the last 20 years.

    I figured Martinez only had to be about 75%, – maybe that was selling Cotto a little too short – I can’t say for sure because Martinez wasn’t even 75% . It looked like a 39 year old in MY physical condition trying to imitate Sergio Martinez with the aid of a chiseled body suit.

    But the real shock was the punch resistance, it’s GONE, Sergio reacted to punches like present day Rafael Marquez & Cory Spinks!

    I don’t mean to take away from Cotto’s performance, he had a great plan and executed magnificently – it seemed inspired by Barrera-Hammed and at times Cotto resembled the best version of MAB – I thought his punch delivery was straighter & sharper that any time since Margarito 1.

    But I can’t really buy into a Cotto revival based only on this performance, that would be like assessing the 1997 version of Hector Camacho based on beating the Leonard fight. Martinez didn’t bring much more than Sugar Ray had that night.

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    After the fight, my initial thought was that Martinez should retire immediately. Aside from bad knees and other injuries, he has had a long career. I felt strongly that retiring after almost losing to Martin Murray would’ve been ideal.

    Pedro, you make a really good point about Cotto considering retirement. It’s easy to forget how he was viewed as damaged goods after the one-sided loss to Pacquiao in 2009 not to mention the pummeling from Margarito (with plaster-loaded gloves) a couple of years earlier.

    Your reference to Benitez is appropriate and humane. For long-time boxing fans, it doesn’t seem all that long ago when he was a triple-crown champion regarded as “the Bible of boxing.”

    Right now, Cotto’s money and cognitive functions are intact. Let’s hope he has invested his money wisely and considers his long-term health. Anyway, I’m thrilled about Cotto’s victory!

  • Pedro! Good article! I agree with most of what you say, but I think Cotto should take a tune up fight with somebody like a Felix Sturm or a Mathew Macklin to get his feet a little more wet as a middleweight. I’m not completely sold on triple g because he hasn’t really fought a top fighter & he could be another prince Naseem Hamed. But just in case, Cotto needs another fight at this weight. As always I hate Andre Ward but I still like your show!

  • Stop with the knees. Many so called experts picked Martinez. He wasn’t having any knee problems till he got hit with that left hook in the first round. Boricuas stand up!!! I’ve always been more of a Tito fan. But I was rooting for Cotto he has challenged himself so much through his career. And gotten some BS done to him. Starting with cheato trying to kill him with loaded gloves. I think he looked better than ever and isn’t close to done as Pete thinks. I’d like to see him and canelo. Then mariconweather. And retire. No GGG that dude is a serial killer!!!!!!

  • Eating crow today. Couldn’t have been anymore wrong on my prediction. Clearly when a fighter has to wear two knee braces it’s clear his legs are gone. Cotto looked good, but Sergio looked shot.

  • Wondering how the hell Martinez was allowed to fight in the first place with a bum knee…Are not these fighters examined by a physician before they are allowed to fight?

  • I think that what we just saw yesterday was two champions meeting on middle ground: Sergio going down due to age and health issues, while Cotto was somewhat raising his level due to Roach’s influence and, probably, a weight that suit him well at this stage of his career. He looked strong and trimmed, not blown.

    I almost felt bad for Sergio, he was completely lost and looked as vulnerable as my grandmother. Each punch he catch was sending him back to his childhood, searching for his cherry lollipop. I hope he retires and enjoys a long and healthy life.

  • What else is there for Cotto to accomplish? I hope he rides off, but I could see him fighting Alvarez; whole lotta’ money to be made there. Hopefully there is no GGG in his future.

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