San Francisco, CA– With Manny Pacquiao being the “king of boxing,” other Filipino fighters with world championship skills are getting attention and at the same time taking the boxing world by storm. The newest Pinoy fighter that has people talking is lightweight (135 lbs) Mercito Gesta. Born in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, the unbeaten lightweight (135 lbs.) is being promoted by Hall of Fame promoter Don Chargin, an architect of world champions for over 60 years, and at 82, Chargin thinks Mercito has “the goods.”


On Friday night, Gesta puts his unblemished record of 20-0 (10 KOs) on the line at San Francisco’s famed Fisherman’s Wharf, the Longshoreman’s Hall arena, in a ten round main event against Mexican mauler Genaro Trazancos (22-13, 13 KOs). The fight will be carried live on Telefutura TV, the Spanish TV network starting at 10 PM ET this Friday, February 18, 2011.


The semi-main event star is world ranked Eloy Perez of nearby Salinas, CA. Untouched at 19-0 (5 KOs) this maybe the hottest ticket seller on the bill, having sold over $20 K worth of seats! Promoter Chargin has him in against the capable Roger Gonzalez (27-3, 18 KOs)


Chargin has “stacked” the undercard with San Franciscan’s undefeated wedlterweight (147) Karim Mayfield (13-0-1, 8 KOs) in an eight rounder. Also making his debut is The City’s Joey Gamina, himself a former amateur star that can punch!


Monica Sears of Golden Boy Promotions can arrange interviews with any of the participants at 213-489-5631 or

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  • I think Morales (one of my all time fav.), has a death wish, Maidana may be beateable, but the only way Erik beats him is if this fight took place ten years ago!

  • Morales doesn’t need money(prince Albert) tee off? Please he throws 100 punches and lands 1 and thinks he’s gonna win all his fights like that???? Well let’s see I’ll be very interested

  • Morales won’t win … so no need to think about it…like Antonio mentioned above, Maidana will Tee off on Morales’s head. No chance this will even go 7 rounds. Morales is fighting to make money…I’m sure he or his trainers know they don’t have a chance.

  • I’m not so high on maidana. I think he is very beatable, and so does el terrible or he wouldn’t have signed the fight. Eriks only loses are to super fighters besides diaz, whom I think pacman sapped. But like I said win, lose, or draw I’d like to see the man get props. He’s up at 140 fighting the guy everybody is scared of. Khangot lucky with this guy. What do u think happens if Erik wins better than khan??? Everybody is gonna go apeshit.

  • Correct my memory if I’m wrong, but Morales took flush shots, even when he was younger and had faster reflexes. A stiff posture, more Arguello-like, than Barrera, who had a fluid style. Morales is skilled, tough, and gutty, but I don’t relish seeing a guy like Maidana teeing off on his head at this stage of his career.

  • Hey rob rios, please enlighten me, i thought its EM vs JMM, not EM vs Maidana, what happened?

  • Morales will be knocked out or quit on his stool..

  • el terrible is one of my all time favorites but he beat pac a looong time ago…dont count out a real fighter like maidana who has one thing u cant teach in a gym and thats his willingness to do whatever it takes to win a fight…maidana is a beast!

  • Maidan is gonna get schooled by a great and a pro!!!!!!!!! Erik was born in a gym hommie. Maidana doesn’t know a left hook from a fishing hook. He just throws wild shit and some azzwipes sit there waiting to get hit or have no chins. If Ortiz who doesn’t have eriks skill set can be whipping his azz so can el terrible. And like I said at least he isn’t have maidan a come down to 133 for a jw welter title fight. He is fighting the man at his best weight. And I don’t think Erik would have taken this fight to loose. I think he sees he can exploit this guy. He did it to pacman!!!!!

  • Maidana is going to knock Morales out…This is a name fight, not a fight fan’s fight! Boxing uses so many retreads…Morales has no chance

  • Yo Pedro. I know this is off the subjexpct but can u throw a piece to El terrible. He is fighting miadana. And as always has balls the size of watermelons. He isn’t asking maidana to come in at 137 or some BS!!!!! And I think he can win this fight if he plays his cards right. Just a fan asking for a well deserved piece.

  • What!!?? No Pacquiao trash talk?

  • Manny Pacquio doesn’t look like Justin Beiber but more of a clone of LITO CAMO!

  • na….paka bagal mong kumilos speed..speed…speed yon ang kulang mo para may maihaharap ka kay brandon rios

  • hoy!!! merceto kala mo magaling kana… kala mo lang yon… pinanood ko yung mga fight mo pero kulang ka sa foot work at head movement hirap kang sumuntok pag binabanatan ka… kung si jmm ang maka tapat sayo panis ka

  • If he would train like Pacman, he has the potential and skills to be a great world champion. He has shown a lot of improvement when you compare his last fight with his previous fights…although not enough yet to really be a great champion. What he needs is a better trainer and a good conditioning coach.

  • great article sir, thanks for featuring upcoming pinoy boxers as well as other latino fighter mr. pedro….keep it firing sir

  • Filipino boxing fans wants Mercito Gesta face off against Brando Rios.

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