San Francisco, CA– My hometown baseball team, the San Francisco Giants were hanging on to first place in the National League West Division on the bat of Melky Cabrera. Acquired earlier this year from Kansas City, Cabrera who signed in 2005 as an amateur free agent with the New York Yankees was honored (sic) as the Most Valuable Player in the annual American League vs. National League All Star game where he shined with a two-run homer in going 2 for 3. Just one month later, Cabrera has been “suspended for 50 games” after testing positive for Testosterone, an anabolic steroid that is the heart of “Performance Enhancement Drugs.”

Melky Cabrera


With no contract with the Giants past the end of the 2012 season, it was likely that Cabrera would have become a free agent and made him into a $20 million a year player. The Giants management, considered frugal when it comes to dishing out bucks for big names, was in a quagmire of sorts as Cabrera was hitting .346, one at bat short of qualifying for the NL batting title. Currently the NL hitting leader is Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates who is hitting an astonishing .359. Believe it or not, Cabrera could end up winning the batting title, should McCutchen falter. But according to Major League Baseball rules, Melky “The Cheat” would have hitless at-bats added to his total until he has the minimum 502 at bats. In other words, Melky could still win the NL batting title!


“The Cheat” Cabrera had the best month in Giants history as he broke the hits record for the month of May (50) held by the man some people consider the “greatest” baseball player of all time, a five tool player in Willie Mays. On the last day of May, “The Cheat” got his 51st hit of the month and surpassed the Giants all time monthly record held held by Randy Winns. Seeing the Giants will likely falter because of the loss of Cabrera, I had to put this to paper. The Giants would have to go five games into the post season before Cabrera could return this year. After being in first place for the majority of 2012, San Francisco is now 1/2 game behind the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Barry Bonds, a skinny guy before he bulked up on Anabolic Steroids and went on to became the all time home run leader in both career (762) and in a season (73) and Cabrera are hitting baseballs and not people. Now do you see why I am so in favor of a Federal Boxing Commission and a true “random” drug testing program like VADA or WADA? If Roids can make guys hit baseballs harder, and it does, then they certainly make boxers on the juice hit boxers harder than those not!

Pedro Fernandez


  • I’ don’t recall cellphone towers blowing up or the Internet crashing as a result of buzz about the juiced performances of Peterson or Tarver?

    You really think those two looked impressive enough for somebody to say “Wow that can’t be human! He MUST be on something!” ???

    If I were managing Lucas Matthyse at 140 or Y.P.Hernandez at Cruiser, I sure would’t let random testing become an obstacle to getting my guy the easy win.

    Of all the guys who failed drug tests lately, only Andre Berto’s KO1 of Freddy Hernandez (2 years ago) could stand up as an endorsment for PEDs – assuming his steroid use goes back that far (probabably yes).

    I suppose if Mosley’s one-night return to 1999 against Margarito could be factually linked to PEDs, that WOULD HAVE been the other example.

  • He was an underaciever until he used PED’s. Banish him and all players/athletes caught using them!

  • I wouldn’t mind having Melky returning as a Giant…
    Why is this whole fan-angst towards the PED test so blown out of proportion? Sure I feel betrayed but I honestly think Melky will come back next year (for cheap) and work his *** off to prove people wrong.. possibly do pretty well, and I’d like him on the Giants.


  • Wake up 10 count. Lamont Peterson, Antonio Tarver, Shame Mosley.

  • The argument in boxing would have gained some urgency if even one of the fighters who failed a doping test lately had actually look good in that or any other recent bout…

  • Bonez said that they should just make PEDs legal. Okay, I think that before they do that they should gauge how boxing will be if they do that. I suggest that they take every person that feels the way that Bonez does, give them PEDs, then set up a boxing tournament where they fight each other. After that the question should be posed to them again and if they still feel the same way, then cool, let’s do it.

  • You are 100% correct Pedro and the potential for disaster goes even deeper than what you suggest in this article. Notice how it isn’t even Steroids anymore, it is PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). You mention Bonds, you need to look deeper into what the deal with him was. Not only did it include everything you noted, apparently his brain’s ability to “compartmentalize” was improved.

    This whole deal with PEDs has taken the next step, right into Brave New World territory. You are a smart guy, I don’t have to tell you what kind of wicked doors something like this could open for Boxing. In short, they ARE on the road to being able to give a guy a ‘cast iron jaw’ that Mike Tyson couldn’t disturb if he was wearing brass knuckles… Imagine the sorts of head trauma issues something like this could lead to.

    And I don’t think what I am suggesting is far fetched in any way. The PED industry has already dabbled in this area as far back as 11-12 years ago. I think what I am suggesting is only a matter of time.

    I’m not going to jump Cabrera. I don’t approve of what he did but I know why he did it. Two years ago the guy was cut from the Braves and quite frankly, a habitual underachiever, he was on his way out of the bigs… So he loaded up and would have been what Pedro suggested, roughly a 20 mil player. And the whole thing would have worked if he just did what the other guys do, take the necessary steps to beat the test. And memo to guys like Kirk Gibson and Don Mattingly who have come out bashing Cabrera… Put a sock in it, you’ve got plenty of guys on your teams doing the exact same thing… PED use is a MAJOR PROBLEM!

  • Notice to Melky, et al current and future Giants: If you are too dumb to use PED’s and not get caught, I don’t want you anywhere near my beloved team.

    You noticed I said “not get caught,” because in my humble opinion, the majority of sports superstars do use some form of PED and are smart enough to not get caught, therefore until there is fool-proof testing for ALL form’s of PED’s, I’d like to think no other team has.

    So with that said, FU Melky! Thanks for crapping on our season. If the Giants sign this guy even for $1, I will burn all my Giants gear and never root for this team again!

    Go Giants, just say no to Contract Year Substance abusers.

  • Don’t forget about the kids or the developing players in all this. They are just thinking if they could only get away with it they can become as proficient as Cabrera has been. It sends the wrong message and he should be cut loose by the Giants and maybe the league. MLB is too soft on this, especially after going through all it has with the numerous players coming up positive, court cases etc. First time users should be dumped, it’s getting old already

  • The days when sports were played without the athletes using steroids are long over.Every sport has offenders and how many get away with it is scary and now with the use of testosterone for male enhancement its only going to get worse so why not even up the playing field and make it legal,its ben going on for so long it wont change or effect anything

  • Well put Big Joe!

  • Sandoval had finally come back and the lineup was looking pretty complete. Of course, that lasted all of one day. Cabrera-Posey-Sandoval-Pence is pretty darn good when complimented by players like Pagan and Scutaro. Add to that, Belt is on fire and if he actually has it together and continues to hit for power, the Giants would have had a really formidable lineup. What could have been. The day before the suspension, the Giants had a much better team than they’ve had all year. The Dodgers caught a huge break.

  • It would have been cool for the Giants to be on the hook with a big contract owed to Melky but I’ll take the division title and a playoff spot.

    Cheaters should be suspended for the entire season and have their current contract voided.

    Second time offenders should be banned for life.

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