• CBF, I don’t care for the Con fight either, but I will say this… If memory serves me right, Khan has lost all his fights on his feet. His KO losses are actually TKOs, and I thought they should have let the Garcia fight keep going. Pac on the other hand was given a gift in Marquez 3, lost a close fight to Bradley, and then was almost killed in Marquez 4. Please stop acting like today’s Pacquiao is the one from 2009. He’s a shell of his former self.

  • He’s not going to fight GGG he’ll porbably pick the sissy Khan

  • Mbuyuseli:You might feel comfortable but Mayweather sure doesn’t facing those guys! (Martinez,GGG). Your right that we actually wouldn’t know the outcome if May fought Martinez or GGG (at least it would be harder to predict than a May vs maidana OR Khan).

  • Concerned Boxing Fan

    You guys need to stop adoring the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr……you’re not helping the situation due to the fact that he is the #1 P4P Champ but if he doesn’t test the waters and fight Pac….what good is his status ? Start putting pressure on him to fight Pac and make it happen…..cuz I, along with the rest who paid his PPV fights….deserve some respect for the wealth that he has receive….Boxing is not what it use to be anymore…too much greed and less respect towards the fans….get your acts together and help this sport before it gets any worse.

  • Haachitaba Mweene

    So what if GGG “hands Floyd his own head”? There is too much of a size difference for a fight between them to be fair. Floyd is a junior welterweight fighting as as welterweight, and GGG is a middleweight. Would your prediction remain the same if Mayweather were a middleweight but possessed the same skills he has now? It is wise of him that he ignores those whose main interest is to see him get unfairly defeated by a larger man. Boxing is divided into weight classes precisely so that the matches can be primarily tests of relative skills rather than relative sizes. Remember: “A good big man defeats a good little man!” No shame in that.


  • Pedro, let’s turn this around just for fun. Should GGG grow some stones (for the record, I think he’s an incredible fighter and deserves all props and more. I also think highly of him as a human being) and fight Ward? After all Ward’s been calling him for a while now (that “lack of stones” also applies to Ward and virtually any other fighter).

  • Floyd is denying he lost money on the Superbowl. Yeah right!

    When he wins, he announces it loud.

    He said, he didnt even place a bet….hahahaha


  • Floyd is denying vehemently that he lost a 10 million bet for the Superbowl. He didn’t even bet he claimed.

    Super Bowl? Who would believe he didn’t make a bet?

    He just doesnt want to admit he LOST…..typical of him.

  • khan or maidana? another floydie cheap trick in fooling the boxing public. why not
    providnikov, d. Garcia or much better, pacquiao? oh, I forgot, millions of dissatisfied boxing fans already know. it is all about cajones.

  • How do you know that GGG will beat Floyd? Please make sense, just coz you feel that way it does not make it a fact. I’m one in the minority that would love for Floyd to face Gennady. After the Canelo fight I feel comfortable in Mayweather facing Martinez and Golovkin. Unlike you I won’t claim I know the outcome.

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