Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

San Francisco, CA– The “biggest and best player” in the game, Floyd Mayweather Jr. retained his #1 ‘pound for pound’ status with a Majority 12 round decision over Argentine Marcos Maidana with the official scores being 117-111, 116-112 & 114-114. The one even score was closer to reality from this perch than the two Nevada judges who had Mayweather winning widely.


Working behind a buzz saw offense being thrown from non traditional angles, Marcos would take it to Floyd for the first 4 rounds, if not 5. Only Brian Kenny of the Showtime crew saw the Argentine winning a good portion of the early rounds as Al Bernstein and Paul Malignaggi had Floyd up after six. It would appear the two Nevada judges Bert Clements (117-111) and Dave Moretti (116-112) didn’t give Maidana enough early credit. You could have made a case for Marcos being up 6-0. Judge Michael Pernick had things even at 114-114.


In the end it was a battle of conditioning and will as Mayweather edged Maidana. You can argue about some rounds from five on, but Floyd came back winning with flashier punches and superior ring generalship. The last criteria was the one Mayweather was the far superior in. Maidana was crudely effective when he was throwing those shots from everywhere and landing on Floyd, a tactic that should have earned him a big early lead.


There were no knockdowns, nobody hurt and referee Tony Weeks need look at the first Roberto Duran-Ray Leonard fight and the work of referee Carlos Padilla. Maidana, smaller like Duran had to work his way in and Floyd would grab. As the fight went into the second half, referee Weeks was way too quick to separate the fighters.


With Floyd holding, Maidana should have been allowed to work inside as that was his only chance. Commentator Paulie Malignaggi tried to broach this, the rest of the non-participant Showtime guys never backed him or this throughout the fight.


WBC/WBA welterweight (147) and super welterweight (154) champ Floyd is now 46-0, 26 KOs and Maidana dips to 34-4, 31 KOs. There was talk of a rematch afterwards, led by Showtime’s Jim Gray made me change the channel. Look, B-level fighters can give Floyd a fight at 37 years of age, but they can’t beat him.

Amir Khan’s welterweight debut against Luis Collazo (35-5, 18 KOs) went right about the way Team Khan drew the fight up in the gym. Wobbled badly once, Khan’s chin held against non-puncher from New York. Getting reckless cost Collazo who was dropped thrice by the one time British prodigy.


Khan (29-3, 19 KOs) looks thick to me at 147 and think he’d be better off at 140. And while I’m NOT the guy fighting the scale, I made the jump from jr. welter to welter it was too big a size difference that I went back down. Scores were 117-106, 119-104, 119-104.


Adrien Broner (28-1, 22 KOs) won a ten round unanimous nod over light punching Carlos Molina (17-2-1, 7 KOs). Broner lost to Maidana last time out at 147, made 140 for this one. His rap music intro was full of F-bombs and the British TV team took great offense.


When Broner threw Molina to the ground with great force in round three, in what was an unprovoked, obvious and deliberate foul, referee Kenny Bayless issued a “hard” verbal warning when it should have been an automatic one or two point deduction. Scores read 100-89, 99-91, 98-92.


Promising super middleweight (168) J’Leon Love (18-0, 10 KOs) survived a hell-like fifth round and knockdown to douse Mexican Marco Antonio Periban (20-1-1, 13 KOs) with a UD 10. How Periban let Love survive he will ask himself until the day he dies. Scores were 95-93, 97-92, 96-93.


WBO 168 lb. guy Arthur Abraham (40-4, 28 KOs) kept the belt with a UD 12 over Nikola Sjekloca (26-2, 8 KOs) Saturday night. The much more powerful Abraham walked Sjekloca down early before a hand injury put “AA” in a “just get the win” mode. Scores read 116-113, 116-112, 119-110.

Pedro Fernandez


  • One thing is for sure, we can forget about a GGG vs Mayweather fight at 154 lbs.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I had it 4 zip.

  • I had it even. I find it hard to believe that after the first 4 rounds, Mayweather was ahead 3 to 1.

  • Most of you forgot to mention Aaron Pryor, if Duran is unrelentless, so do Pryor.

  • Yeah, especially Thomas Hearns. Not many fighters could get under his long left jab and powerful right hand, including Roberto Duran.

  • Boy did this fight expose Money. If he thinks he can fight like this again (against the ropes) against Maidana again, he’s in for more trouble (let alone Pacman). I had Maidana winning the last 2 rounds and winning the early rounds for a slight win. But it was close. Watching Manny fight Rios and Bradley, he did much better than Mayweather fighting Maidana.

  • If you are a boxing fan (or judge) who values volume punches, irrespective of their effectiveness, then Maidana would be considered the winner in your eyes. However, if you value accurate punches and classic textbook boxing, as do I, then you would consider Floyd the winner by a comfortable margin.
    I contend Maidana did not get robbed, never really hurt Floyd, and apart from the shots to the top of the head and below the belt, didn’t really deliver telling blows.

    Floyd offered some beautiful uppercuts that made Maidana’s head pop up on several occasions and his stabs to Maidana’s mid-section had Maidana guessing all night as to which direction the blow would come and those belly punches took some of the starch out of Maidana’s punches in the later rounds.

    Good solid fight; right decision rendered by the judges.

  • Hearns would have outboxed Mayweather, No one outboxed Hearns. Mayweather claims that Pacquiao is a midget, well Mayweather would have looked like Billy Barty compared to Hearns. Either at welterweight or jr middleweight Hearns gives Floyd a boxing lesson before knocking him out. Duran would have just wore him down and beaten him down, Mayweather is no better than Leonard was in his prime and an in shape properly motivated Duran was unrelenting and impossible to discourage. Oscar gave Floyd fits with his jab imagine what Hearns’ jab would have done? Castillo Cotto and Maidana manhandled Floyd albeit in spurts, I can only imagine what an unrelenting Duran would have done to Floyd. Floyd technically sound but not as good as he thinks he is.

  • Duran-Mayweather?
    No way on earth would this fight even happen. Little Floyd taking every possible step to avoid it. And if – there’s just no way a trained Duran would lose. If you wanted to beat Duran you had to commit and Mayweather just can’t bring it. This also being the reason why Mayweather will never be an All-Time-Great in my eyes. TBE – I don’t know what these guys are smoking!
    Duran was a mean SOB – inside & outside the ring. Just imagine what the prefight hype would look like?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You forgot…midnight snack..Roberto loved cake and Floyd would be that for Duran, Ray Leonard and especially Tommy Hearns.

  • Now that’s the right strategy when fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    (I had it even). Like Roberto Duran says you have to “bust him up”. Manny Pacquiao must be licking his chops. Duran would have had Mayweather for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Floyd did his thing. If u look a little closer u will see the master at work. Yea maidan a was hustling but I saw the 116-112. Floyd did good work inside he won. But I also wanted to comment on Ali calling Floyd out to fight pacman. I think it’s sad when greats have to tell u to fight someone? Could u imagine the career Ali would’ve had if he took this safety first approach. And ducked his biggest challenges? No Liston, no Frazier, no foreman, no norton??? I think Floyd is slipping and he better make that fight now while he can still win. To be honest though it’s nice to see him work. He throws ever punch text book and makes it look easy. I just believe as gifted as he is he should also be held to a higher standard when it comes to his opponent selection

  • As far as Broner, his behavior is despicable. As far as in the ring he’s not a bad little fighter, certainly nothing special or nearly as good as he thinks he is. He’s a poor mans Mayweather, who’s light years ahead of Broner in talent and ringsmarts. Broner should have stopped the extremely over-matched Molina who has very little power and very mechanical. I think Matthysse takes his head off and I believe Peterson would outwork and outbox him. The guy has a big mouth that in turn is selling tickets, GBP better protect him because as long as he’s matched carefully he’ll make good money, people will pay to see him lose which is good from a business prospective. Leading up to the Molina fight he was heard talking about how he was going to destroy and knock out Molina, all I seen was a bearded lady looking man that was going to have to back up the talk and do something special, which he failed miserably. Overrated hype job is all I basically see here.

  • Roberto Duran would have certainly mauled Mayweather. Constant non stop punches would be coming from everywhere. Mayweather is good, one of the best if not the best of his generation but Duran would have been too persistent and he was better defensively than people gave him credit for. Mayweather is no devastating puncher the way Hearns was, who could knock out a light heavy weight. Mayweather can’t punch like Hagler Hearns or even Leonard, he might be better defensively than them but Duran would not have given Floyd space to breath and he’s 10 times better than Castillo Hatton Cotto or Maidana, guys who gave Mayweather fits when applying pressure. Duran by late stoppage or unanimous decision (As long as the fight was not held in Vegas) where you have to knock Floyd out to get a decision.

  • Rob Hernandez

    After watching this fight, I keep thinking to myself, how would a Robert Duran at welterweight have faired against Mayweather.

  • Maidana made a good fight out of it and performed to his max.
    Mayweather held on for dear life in the first couple of rounds and I’m pretty sure he pissed blood after the bout the way Maidana attacked his sides with vengeance. Actually I thought it was pretty funny the way he complained about th “wrestling match” of Maidana at the presser.
    I saw it as a very close fight with Mayweather having the slight edge – but without the Mayweather bonus it could’ve gone the other way. 117-111 was just pure nonsense.

    Mayweather is a lucky guy that he forced Maidana out of his Everlast MX gloves into some baby-padded ones – otherwise this could’ve been a whole different ball game!

    A defensive mastermind talking later that he wanted to give the fans a good fight is just pure nonsense. Mayweather got hit from East to West and from North to South and couldnt move away from Maidana. He got outhustled in the infight zone, outworked at close range and even outjabbed by this slugger, even in later round. All this by a guy nobody gave a chance before the fight. What does this tell you?

  • Wasn’t about to support this fraud of a sporting event, but I did like the one pre-fight interview Lil Mayweather did with Teddy Atlas. After Brian Kenny or someone opened with dialogue, Teddy Atlas turned to Floyd and said, “Floyd, you’re a good fighter,”. Floyd didn’t dare challenge him. Enough said.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Alex, Nino looked like Ali at welterweight. Then, boom it’s over…the LaRocca dream. Thanks for the kind words Alex.

  • Honestly speaking, the showtime hosts and commentators except Paulie Malinaggi are lacklustre and just are not as good compared to the original and current HBO hosts and commentators: Larry Merchant, George Foreman, Lampley, Roy Jones, jr, Max Kellerman, Lennox Lewis and the late great boxing trainer whose name escaped my mind….whos is that showtime guy who speak as if he is always hyping the fight but ends up like a boring clown???

  • Apologies to those of you who payed for this. Mayweather/Khan would have been much more interesting as there would be a chance for a KO.

  • Broner’s behavior during the post-fight interview was disgusting. He will be humbled a hand full of times before his career is over.

  • Nice article Pedro!

    Wow, you mentioning Nino La Rocca brought back some serious nostalgia! I remember being around 15 when I seen La Rocca for the first time fighting on NBC I believe, a blow out against a competent hard hitting Bobby Joe Young, the same Young that would later put an end to coke a cola cowboy Aaron Pryor’s career. I watched La Rocca closely for the next couple years and thought the man was going to be something special,the dude was lightning quick and even in slow motion replay he was fast lol.

    I remember telling my dad and friends about him. There was just something special about him, even though he only spoke Italian the dude oozed with charisma. I remember Donald Curry putting and end to the La Rocca mystic, or rather myth. But for those couple years I sure enjoyed watching him man. To this day I joke to my father about the name and we both get a good smile or laugh about it..

    You sure know your boxing Pedro! I don’t know too many boxing people that remember him..

  • Pete,
    I still don’t like Broner, as a matter of fact, I left the room when his fight started. I happen to catch his partial interview with Jim Gray. Again, he’s making some disparaging,disrespectful comments about his opponent. I think he’ll get his a$$ kicked in the near future. I won’t see it but I’ll read about it. Hopefully at this website.

  • I didn’t like Paulie that much as a fighter because of his complete lack of punch, although he was quick, with good technique and had a lot of “cojones”.

    Experience matters a lot, and Paulie was a good fighter. This shows during his broadcast analysis, and quite frankly, he is very good on TV. More than I thought he would. His verbal ability is much better than the average fighter, and I agree with his comments most of the time.

    “Commentator Paulie Malignaggi tried to broach this, the rest of the non-participant Showtime guys never backed him or this throughout the fight.”

    Malignaggi was talking about EXACTLY THIS a day or two before the fight!

    Then again, what does Paulie know about Boxing? He’s never been a WRITER and he has only been an announcer a short while…

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