San Francisco, CA– To call Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ) Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox a snake isn’t fair to snakes. Having thrown writer Pedro Fernandez out of a Arizona Boxing Commission meeting she was chairing a couple of years ago when Fernandez stood up and read the “rules” of the meeting to the Ombudsman, who told Wilcox that she had to discuss the suspension of boxer “Yory Boy” Campas in public, this as she and Asst. Director John Montano (recently resigned) were going into a private room to do so, she is apparently now on the hot seat with the Maricopa County Sheriff, as well as the FBI. We can only hope she ends up rotting in jail!

Mary Rose Wilcox

Mary Rose Wilcox

If you want to see what she has been accused of in regards to corruption and boxing, go to the main page here at and enter her name in the SEARCH section.


  • Doesn’t the look on her face look like she is “takin’ a dump?”

  • I, ran a neighborhood “Fightback Crime Prevention”, program back in 1993, I, would personally deliver a copy of the “Minutes” from each meeting, and she never got back with me on those crime issues, alot she cared about her community, and also what does that really tell you about her??

  • I have lived in Phoenix my whole life and I am very familiar with Mary Rose and Earl Wilcox. They are both crooks! I dream of the day to see both of them convicted felons and serving time with Danny Carbajal.

  • karma is a bitch. she’s been screwing the taxpayers for years, for her own gain.

    I hope they throw the book at her.

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