• Man we got everything that Broner is in one night ” A B*tch!! who was crying? he was, “Shut up B*tch!!!!

  • As others have noted, Cole acted like he was trying to protect the house fighter. Thank God he was not a judge in this fight. He should not be getting all those big fights in Texas.

  • Broner got what he deserved. I hope we do not see much of him for a looong time if at all. He is a bad element of society and should not contaminate our youngsters minds. African Americans must not support this clown. Heck he is already being used by racist people as a prototype of the bad black guy.

  • Right on Geoffrey! Soto-Karass has the heart of a warrior, what courage and guts this guy fights with. I hope to see him more often of the big networks, he definitely deserves it….

  • Great post Jaime, I thought Maidana was sort of out on his feet after absorbing the late hit. He at least should have been given the mandatory 5 minutes for a blatant foul, however, the crooked Cole would have none of that.

  • OK Pedro my man give us a some feed back on the beautiful job Lawrence Cole did to help out Broner and please give us something on the David Rodriquez KO. As you are the king on telling it like it is, Please,Please,Please.

  • Broner head butted Maidana around the 11th round nearly as blatantly as Maidana in the 8th but nether the Cole nor the announcers noticed it. Broner also blatantly rubbed his laces on Maidana’s face (or do modern gloves no longer have laces), an old illegal trip to open up cuts.

    The announcers or Showtime directors also did a poor job of not following up on the punch at the end of the 11th round. Maidana stumbled out of the picture, appearing like me might go down, then 30 seconds later they show a shot of him still standing having the referee shine a light in his eyes and the announcers scarily mentioned what was going on. They DID finally mention in the 12th round that Maidana had not recovered from that punch.

    But I give Broner credit for not quitting (except for the lousy acting job in the 8th) and trying to win to the last round despite taking a pretty good beating. He did hurt Maidana a few times and there was always that threat till the final bell rang that he might catch Maidana though I noticed Maidana movings his head much better to stay out of harms way.

  • Bronner tweets about a rematch? He was routed, plus Maidana had to deal with an inconsistent ref. Maidana has moved on past this money-toilet-flushing-wanna be…

    He’ll end up broke, good riddance.

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    Broner is one of most obnoxious fighters that I’ve ever seen. Very talented but with the mentality of a child. You’d think someone from his camp (manager, trainer, father, etc.) would’ve took the time to teach him boxing history. Throughout boxing history, there have been so many young fighters who took things for granted and ended broke and permanently damaged. I hope someone is helping this youngster invest some of his money wisely. You may be right, Pedro, in that he may not be able to rebound. At least Andre Berto, despite disappointing losses and performance-enhancing drugs allegations, conducts himself with some class and dignity. It makes me really appreciate Andre Ward.

    On another note, I’m disappointed about Jesus Soto-Karass’s loss to Keith Thurman. I didn’t really expect Soto-Karass to win, but it would’ve have been a heartwarming story if he’d won. The guy just tries so hard and has so much heart.

    Keep up the great articles, Pedro!

  • They both put on a hell of a fight, could be FOTY. I was also glad to see the cocky Broner get humbled. But I gotta say Broner hung in there taking big shots for 12 rounds, no quit in him, he’s very tough. And the way his jaw was swollen, he might have suffered a broken jaw.
    However, I didn’t like Broner’s roll on the canvas after the Chino head-butt, it looked like he was putting on an act to win on a DQ.

    Time will tell, he might learn from this loss and come back stronger.

  • Pedro, would love an article on the arrogant David Rodriguez, who was exposed as the total fraud he is by being bludgeoned by Darnell Wilson who came in with 17 losses and was clearly brought in as a Sacrificial lamb! Only problem is someone forgot to tell Wilson to follow the script. Just pathetic how someone with a record of 36-0 was continuing to feast on fighters with no pulse.  Kudos to Wilson for exposing this arrogant fraudster posing as a heavyweight boxer. Pedro please be myth buster with an article on this long time fraud, maybe you see it as a fluke and David will be back? I know he can punch, but then again so can anyone over 200lbs.. Also, I believe this is the same Wilson who derailed a young and up and coming Shannon Briggs?  I don’t know I think David was a fraud all along but you know better.. Would love an article on this particular subject!

  • Very solid fight. I was rooting for Maidana though thought (pre-fight) that he would be outboxed down the stretch. I did learn some things about Broner though. He, in a very difficult and demanding sport (last time I checked I don’t get punched in the face when I bother to show up for work) showed grit and heart. Even through the waning rounds he kept his eyes sharp and was looking for ‘the opportunity’ to steal the fight. I think he became a fighter last night, moving past his ‘showman/ego’ roll. There was just a bit of time in the 11th/12th round that I thought Maidana was going to go down from an accumulation of punches; with a knockdown against him, the scores might’ve been ‘split’ at the end.

  • How about Cole?? He reffed that fight like his life was bet on Broner. A toss up on who was more classless, Broner or Cole…..And what was the delay with the decision?? A converstaion on how they could STILL give the fight to Broner?????

  • broner should go down to jr welter or lightweight..he could not hurt welters paulie and maidana..zab judah would school him if he choose to fight him in a tune up…

  • Laurence Cole actually saved broner from a ko loss by giving him a few seconds more to recover after the first kd. Broner elbowed and pushed Maidana but no points were deducted. Maidana was fighting two people that night, Broner and Cole, but still won.

  • Pedro you have commented on Lawrence Cole before in a negative way and he keeps giving you more ammo to hit him with. Broner held and elbowed and he threatened but never took a point away. Dickie should be proud

  • floydolt@yahoo.com

    Was that a floyd joy-Castillo 1 remake? I’m glad that directors made a twist by showing the ‘true’ ending.

  • This is why Floyd Mayweather Jr. keeps avoiding Manny Pacquiao!!!

  • Good old fashioned ASS KICKING is what this was. Broner is a bonafide overrated wannabe superstar who may not even get as far as Zab Judah. He’s more like Ed Hopson. This guy is bad for boxing bad for youth and bad for society. He will end up either dead or in jail and broke within 2 years. He has no respect for himself let alone for anyone. Golden Boy sure fooled alot of people calling this clown the future of boxing. What made me want to puke is watching him pull an academy award performance in trying to get Maidana DQ’d after clearly and blatantly holding Marcos in such a way that made Maidana retaliate. Broner also constantly and illegally used his forearm as a weapon. This guy absolutely BLOWS lol. Good riddance!

  • mismatch…..broner is a joke and overhyped fighter….

    broner said he is the next big thing in boxing and will take over floyd throne…
    he even further said that floyd is the no1 then Ward next and he is the 3rd, 4rth and 5th and so on as the best pound for pound fighter in the world….now, broner where is your mouth now..do you still consider yourself the best……nah!! you’re just a pure hype fighter like Berto and Canelo….at least berto is not as arrogant as broner.

  • Here, here!

  • Justice in San Antonio!!! Broner is such an a$$hole; he doesn’t even have the intelligence to realize he was humbled and should grow from the experience.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see Danny Garcia beat Broner to a pulp? I’m convinced this is why he skipped to 147lbs.

  • What a way to wrap up the year in boxing!! You can’t be that loud mouth and step to somebody like maidana who’s got the skills and the grit to out beast you…all that sh&t he talked must have a horrible after taste…in his head, he actually spoke spanish while taking a beating and said “aye way! Pince cabron!”

    I always thought the ghost, Alvarado, rios, matheysse, all had the skill set and style to be a problem for broner….u know who actually would be a good scrap is khan and broner…
    Now I’d like to see maidana,Thurman, porter, and Providnokov work things out…

    on a side note but related…Oscar sent a holiday greeting to Bob arum….he added “Let’s make these fights for the fans!”

  • For a moment, I thought I was watching Anthony Hembrick on USA Network from over 20 years ago. But Mr Cole saved the day for Broner throughout the fight. Couple that with Broner dropping to the canvas 5 seconds after catching an elbow, I felt like I was watching Terry Norris get punked by Santana.

  • You can put a fork on Broner. He has no pop on his punches at 47, so anyone he fights there will walk through his punches and hurt him just like Chino did. I believe his weight issue has to be generic. Look how overweight his father is, so his tendency is to grow bigger, but his punching power is not carrying. Short boxing career I predict.

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