• “insurgent22360”, Manny DID disagree because Olympic-style drug screening doesn’t have a cut off date. That was the main problem for making Mayweather-Pacquiao. Mayweather conceded for a 2 week lapse in testing before the fight and Manny refused and faced Clottey. I’m not sure what the situation is now, but he appears to now be open to at least some extended testing protocols, because he’s previously made SEVERAL excuses for not wanting to participate in the past. Also, that clash was not at Wild Card. It was in a gym both camps were sharing in China. Obviously, Ariza can’t do anything but help Rios if he was a key member of Pacquiao’s inner circle. And lastly, I think Roach is clearly at fault here. He approached team Rios in a disrespectful manner, called Garcia a “POS” and was generally combative, even as he approached Ariza will balled fists. He could have handled it differently, unless this is all hype.

  • I’d call it Hydrogen Bomb.
    Pacman DID disagree on drug testing and i the internet is full of his fear of needles, weakening from blood being taken, superstitions, 3 weeks, no 2 weeks, back to 3 weeks, etc…
    How can you call someone providing a service for money ungrateful? Pac was not doing him a favor, he was paying for services. We don’t really know the whole story so I won’t comment on who started what but from the video Ariza only kicked when felt threatened by Roach.

  • A fair article and I say a good article to read. But I have some disagreement on your article and they are as follows:

    1. PacMan never disagree in drug testing. It was just the timing disagreement between him and Mayweather. It is just a matter of a week difference between what Mayweather and what PacMan wants?
    2. I do not know why that ungrateful Ariza is a wildcard at all? I do not know what he can share to Rios that all of us already know.
    3. It was not Freddie Roach who started the melee but the indiscipline of the Rios camp by not following the schedule given to them. And their mocking of Freddie Roach and Ariza’s unclassic act of hitting Freddie Roach is deplorable and despicable.

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