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Los Angeles, CA-The majority of boxing’s so-called experts scored Saturday’s fight for Manny Pacquiao over Tim Bradley. Most fans in the blogosphere also seem to think the Filipino was robbed of his WBO welterweight (147 lbs) title by the questionable scores of the two of three judges. All three had it close, Duane Ford and C.J. Ross both scored it 115-113 for Bradley, while Jerry Roth had it the other way, 115-113 for Pacquiao. Watching the bout live while drinking beers with my friends, but not scoring each round individually, I estimated that the Filipino probably won ten rounds to two.


Obvious influences were my friends watching the bout with me, HBO play by play announcer Jim Lampley’s obvious cheerleading for Pacquiao, HBO replays that clearly only show highlights of Manny’s punches between rounds, and the fact that my attention span was diminished because of the social setting. I wonder how many fans who watched the bout at home are up in arms over the result even though they didn’t take the time to score each round “during” the fight? Each round, or mini-fight because that’s what they are, should be scored individually, 10 for the victor, 9 for the loser, and in case of a knockdown 10-8 for the victor, or 10-10 if the fistic frame was even. That is how boxing should be scored, and I believe that is the main reason the judges ended up with their results, not because of any of the various conspiracy theories conjured up on message boards and blogs.


Normally I do not like to re-watch a bout and come up with a score because it is somewhat disingenuous to do so after you already know the result. In this case, I was really curious as to the validity of people’s claims as to whether this was really a heist. On Monday, I watched the fight again, a British version of the broadcast. I made sure to pay close attention to what I was seeing, and took all of the scoring criteria in consideration; 1) clean punching, 2) effective aggressiveness, 3) ring generalship, and 4) defense. I made sure to not tally up the scores until after the bout was over and tried to be as fair as possible considering the circumstances. That being said, I scored the bout 115-115, a draw.


Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley

A common claim is that because of Pacquiao’s dominance in the Compubox statistics that the Filipino out landed the American by 96 punches that it’s a clear indicator that he won the fight easily. After watching the bout again and studying each round I wholeheartedly disagree. The majority of Manny’s landed punches occurred in rounds 3,4, 5 and 6 all rounds that the Filipino Congressman won clearly. While it’s possible that I gave a couple close rounds to Bradley, it’s also clear that many people watching at home or covering the bout ringside who thought the bout was one-sided gave every close round to Manny Pacquiao.



For some reason, whether it was fatigue or arrogance, the Filipino decided to only fight the final minute of every round in the second half of the fight. In the first two minutes Bradley would come forward and dictate the pace with his jab, and land shots to the body on occasion. While his punches weren’t doing a whole lot of damage it was hard to give Manny rounds where he lacked activity. I scored rounds 3,4,5,6 and 12 for Pacquiao, rounds 1, 7,8, 10 and 11 for Bradley with rounds 2 and 9 even.

Look, before people start jumping up and down bellowing “robbery”, they should go and score a bout alone without any distractions. While I won’t disagree with writers ringside and what most of them perceive as being a Pacquiao victory, this is essentially the same group that overwhelmingly had Juan Manuel Marquez beating Pacquiao in November. What I’m trying to say is I can at least comprehend how the judges came up with their scores and don’t view this as the horrendous decision that so many people are making it out to be.

Kevin Perry


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Look at the recent article I did on judging.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You need to watch more fights, or study the history a little more, Peace!

  • Boxing scoring, besides its 10 pt MUST confusion, is also subjective so there’s always a chance of a verdict being defective. So what to do?

  • Well Pedro I have YET to see a judge official scorecard that shows an even round!

  • Mr writer, you said that the press people who are now favoring Pacquiao were the same people who had favored Marquez over Manny in their bout last year. Well I say that’s a good sign that the boxing media has always been fair and square… unbiased, after all.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Again, even rounds must have played a part. In Roberto Duran’s win over Ray Leonard in June 1980, Angelo Poletti scored 12 of the 15 rounds even, I beleive.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Prude, the name fits. You are wrong! Even rounds are part of the scoring system. You are persuaded not to do so in Nevada, but a round can be called even. You should know these things before popping off!

  • Even the writer’s assertion of a 115-115 draw is pretty laughable. Cos that would mean the 2 fighters got 7 rounds each in a 12-round circus. Better use the round system rather than the scoring system to make your point may I suggest. Because in the present 10 PT MUST there are no even rounds!

  • Sugar Q you had it 117-115 for Bradley. That was ridiculous n impossible! Translated to rounds you gave Bradley 9 rounds while giving Manny 7 ! How was it possible when a fight has only 12 rounds? Do you people even know how to score? LMAO

  • I rewatched the fight and i’m just gonna have to be fair. I believed marquez won a close decision in pacs last fight. I’ll admit, i do like pac but i can hate on him sometimes because his fans can be so annoying. But I cant get mad at them this time. I gave bradley 4 rounds and i was trying really hard to give him rounds. So yea i think pac won. fair is fair

  • I had Pacquiao winning the fight easily. Round 12 possibly went to Bradley but other than that Pacquiao clearly landed more punches and harder punches. I guess Pacquiao has to win by knockout??? Look the champ deserves the benefit of the doubt in ANY close round. Obviously the judges were prejudiced against Pacquiao.

  • Good read and assessment.

    I counted at least 10 people who said to me, “That fight was fixed! What a ripoff!”. The thing is, THEY NEVER SAW THE FIGHT. They were just responding to the outrage in the media.

    Pacman won the early rounds, and some of them big with his huge left hand. Bradley was looking discouraged. Then, Joel Diaz told Bradly to take a step back and use the jab when Manny fires the left. After that, Manny landed nary a left hand. Bradley was able to adjust and outbox Pac to win enough of the later rounds to make it close. I still think Pac won, but it was certainly not a 119-109 near whitewash that Harold L. had it.

  • for how cut, young, and in shape bradley was, he didn’t seem to punch that hard. this wasn’t close. bradley was eating lefts all night.

  • @ SKERGE

    How did u score the fight??

  • Also The Bradley 2 min theory is groundless i can throw punches at a guy for two minutes And miss And if The Other guy hits me in The last minute with a barrage than has my c√≥rner men thinking about stopping The fight Then I lost the round period

  • Kevin pac Bradley Was in no way a closer fight than mayweather cotto Cotto Was actually somewhat competitive, Bradley Was never in The fight And Stumbled all night across The ring from manny’s lefts Bradley won three rounds at most period

  • I just beg of everyone who is so convinced this bout was so onesided to pay close attention to the final 5-6 rounds. Manny, did very little in the first 2 to 2:30 of just about everyone of those rounds except round 9.

  • Scoring is a Subjective Job: Effective, Aggressive, Scoring Blows, is the # 1 Criteria. # 2. Defensive ability to Block, Slip, Bobb, Weave, and Counter. Thus taking Less punishment than your opponent. # 3. Ring Generalship; How a fighter handles getting knocked-down. Manuevering your attack, and your attacker. Cutting-Off the ring. Clinching, not holding to stop an attack. Finishing the last 30 seconds with punches in bunches. Shaking off a solid/hard blow that dazes you for a few moments. Recovering from a knock-down, to gain a positive position heading for the rds. end. #4. Sportsmanship; No intentional Fouling.Spitting/Cursing.Exccessive holding/clinching. Tagging an opponent after the Bell, repeatedly in the course of the bout. Striking a downed opponent.
    This SAT> when HBO shows the contest again, I suggest, that ALL take a Quiet Seat, in Front of your Screen. SOUNDS OFF. ( No cheerleading by the YAK,YAK boys. ). Score each Rd. seperately, with No Going Back to Erase a previous Rds. score. Using the 10 Pt. MUST SYSTEM. No even rds. Using the above Criteria, to name A WINNER of each Rd. Then total, at the end of the 12 th. No Hedging/Fudging. Then see how YOU SCORED IT??? Now if you are a Manny Zealot, or a Bradley Zealot, don’t attempt to be FAIR, since you cannot. Just watch again, and ENJOY.

  • That should have been “roberry.”

    Besides if it was such a lopsided win for Pacquaio then the rematch should be a cake walk for the Saint. If Bradley’s ankles/feet don’t crap out again, then I see him having more success in the rematch. I thought that he was able to turn Pacquaio pretty effectively.

  • Same here KP. Either a draw, or Bradley put together enough offense and also made Pacquaio miss enough (yes Pacquio swung at air several times) to eke out the 115-113. Maybe they could’ve given it to Pacquaio, but I’m not calling it a robeery.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    KP, you had it even, other people than the three judges had it much closer than 9-3. As for the even rounds, former Nevada head Marc Ratner (now UFC VP) says an even round is impossible! I think there are even rounds and that if you’re being told not to score rounds even is not right.

  • Jamie, Judges from the past often scored even rounds. I am not saying I am the best judge. You make a good point. I probably have no future as a boxing judge!

  • Lets say you judeged the fight round by round, minute by minute, or punch for punch, no way Bradley came close to winning that fight. and once again,i bet hard earned american cash on bradley to win.bring up marquesz all u want and by the way i scored there last fight a draw, 2 wrongs dont make a right in boxing.this site luvs to hate on manny, but wait till we have a mike jones as champ in every division and even KP here will miss what he had in Manny, a champ u comes to fight and to knock u out

  • Kevin if you turned in that score with 2 even rounds you would probly be judging club shows for a year or two..

  • Rich, I thought Mayweather won clearly, about 9-3. While Cotto was competitive, the same applies in that fight as applies in this one. Cotto was on the defensive alot of the time and helped him survive throughout the fight, and Floyd dictated the pace most of the time and dominated the action in most rounds. Cotto was the harder puncher but didn’t land enough to win. To repeat myself, people put too much stock in Compubox. If Bradley wins a close round, it’s scored the same as Paquaio winning a 10-9 round by a wide punchstat margin.He was very tentative throughout. Bradley fought the whole time. If the only criteria for scoring a bout was based on who was the harder puncher, Pernell Whitaker probably would have lost a lot of fights. To be honest I don’t disagree with anyone who though Paquiao. I think they obviously are making their case in the masses. However I think a lot of them actually failed to do themselves a favor and score the bout round by round which is exactly what the judges did.

  • Or better yet, Don’t buy Top Rank fights at all. Why didn’t Arum make this an issue when Rios got the nod over Abril? It’s OK when a Top Stank (house) fighter gets the nod, but not the body who they brought in to be the punching bag, right? Now Arum has his buddy Senator Reid looking into it. No wonder people think Boxing is a Joke. It just goes to show that there is a 1% in boxing as well, because if you got the cash and the hook up, you can cry and everyone will jump on board. Arum wants an investigation, he should start with Rios vs Abril.


  • If you believe that this fight was a draw, then you must have scored Mayweather-Cotto for Cotto 9 rounds to 3!!! I also “rewatched” the fight and bent over backwards to give bradley 4 rounds. Get a clue!

  • Pedro, You misunderstood my comment. I don’t think I worded it properly. What I meant was IF it (Mayweather-Cotto decision) had gone the wrong way, I wonder how long it would have been before folks started trying to justify it.

  • The bottom line is although Manny landed the more telling shots Bradley constantly let his hands go throughout the fight which in my view gave him the win. Like the writer said Manny fought mostly one minute rounds while Bradley fought 3 minutes of every round. Bradley brought the feather but he brought far more feather than Pac brought leather. 117-115 for Bradley was accurate.

  • I originally watched the Top Rank TV broadcast on a projector screen and from the vantage point of their camera which was at a distance, Tim Bradley looked to avoid Manny’ shots and land his own so that in the end I thought the scoring was quite accurate. However, when I watched the replay on which featured the HBO version, Bradley it could be argued may have won 3 or 4 rounds total and that’s being kind. The HBO camera crew was right outside the ring and Manny clearly landed the definitive shots while Bradley was on the defensive most of the way. I’m wondering if the reason Top Rank TV commentator Brian Kenny scored it for Bradley 116-112 is because he was watching a Top Rank TV monitor. Two totally different looking fights depending on which provider you watched. Don’t buy Top Rank TV would be the lesson if you want to actually see what happens in the ring.

  • I don’t put raw punch stats on any pedestal as a means of justifying scores, and it’s not like punch stats are kept by God to be considered indisputable. But in this fight I though they actually overstated what Bradley landed.

    Bradley landed almost nothing of note to the head. Watching the fight I thought Pacquiao blocked even more punches than he got credit for. When was the last time anyone saw Pacquiao with a totally clean face after a fight that went anywhere near the distance??

    It may be a factor that people are not prepared to consider Pacquiao winning rounds mostly on defense. That he was not just the harder puncher but also the better boxer (up until the last four rounds anyway).

    It is legitimate to say that Pacquiao was very passive through most of the second half and took the first 2 minutes off too many of the rounds. Some of those rounds were still close enough to be on the table when Pacquiao rallied to steal them, other times it was too litle too late.

    I though Pacquiao won the first five rounds pretty clearly although most were hard fought. I actually had the 6th even because of the good work Bradley did over 2 minutes although Pacquiao had the definitive sequences in the late stages. Pacquiao landed the left almost at will, his jab landed better, and he did all the damage.

    After that if someone wants to split the last 6 rpunds 3:3 or 4:2 for Bradley, even 4:1:1 for Bradley, I don’t have any objection to it. Can’y understand anything closer that that.



  • Manny landed straight left at will. Bradley body language between rounds and after fight shows he knew he was losing. Easy fight to score 119-109. GOOD FIGHTER VS GREAT FIGHTER.

  • Bradley won the fight – it was close but clear.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Donald, you are so off base here my grandma could throw you out on Floyd-Cotto. That is the most ignorant comment posted here in months!

  • I wondered how long it would take before the revisionist history kicked in. It seems to happen more and more often. I hear talk about how verdict in Pintor-Zarate, Leonard-Hearns II and Holy-Lewis I for example were somehow justifiable. Now I look at Mayweather-Cotto and wonder about that decision going the wrong way.

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