Pacquiao-Bradley Official Scorecards


Round 1: Judges Jerry Roth, C.J. Ross 10-9 for Manny Pacquiao; Duane Ford 10-9 for Tim Bradley.

Round 2: Roth, Ross 10-9 for Bradley; Ford 10-9 for Pacquiao.

Round 3: 10-9 across the board for Pacquiao.

Round 4: 10-9 across the board for Pacquiao.

Round 5: Roth 10-9 for Pacquiao; Ross, Ford 10-9 for Bradley.

Round 6: 10-9 across the board for Pacquiao.

Round 7: 10-9 across the board for Pacquiao.

Round 8: Roth 10-9 for Pacquiao; Ross, Ford 10-9 for Bradley.

Round 9: Roth, Ross 10-9 for Pacquiao; Ford 10-9 for Bradley.

Round 10: 10-9 across the board for Bradley.

Round 11: Roth, Ross 10-9 for Bradley; Ford 10-9 for Pacquiao.

Round 12: 10-9 across the board for Bradley.


Jerry Roth had it 115-113 for Pacquiao, while C.J. Ross and Duane Ford saw it 115-113 for Bradley (29-0, 12 KOs) and Pacquiao 54-3-2, 38 KOs. Rematch set for November 10?

Pedro Fernandez


  • @Cheesey1

    How do u score the fight?

  • First can someone please look at the official judges scorecards above and count to see if Cj Ross and D. Ford gave Bradley 7 rounds. I counted a few times and see 6 rounds they gave him. Ross gave Bradley 2,5,8,10,11,12. 6 rounds. And Ford gave Bradley 1,5,8,9,10,12. 6 rounds again. So that would mean they gave 6 to pacman and there cards would read 114-114. Now that means the posting of the official cards is incorrect or that this is all just a big misunderstanding and pacman didnt really lose or i cant read, which is very possible. That being said i watched the fight online and it was not very clear resolution, but i had the fight 6 rounds to 6 myself. I saw pacman land alot more punches in the rounds he won and bradley win some close rounds the last 3rd of the fight. That means you may have a rare thing happen, the losing fighter dominates comp-u-box numbers and it the end of the fight it looks like a robbery. Pacman dominated the rounds he won CLEARLY. Bradley’s rounds were close. It all DEPENDS on what your looking for. Bradley was more active during the last 5 rounds meaning he threw punches for 3 min. and landed them, although they were not as hard as pacmans they did connect, Punches that connect are scoring punches. Pacman in those last 5 rounds waited until the last min of the round and landed a few good punches maybe the best FEW punches of the entire round BUT is that to say those FEW punches are worth more than Bradley’s entire round of work. DEPENDS on how your scoring. To me i say NO, but to many of you, you say YES. I think all the circumstances add up to this=A BAD LOOKING DECISION, If looks bad, feels bad, must be bad RIGHT..there are exceptions to every rule though. I think it was a close fight and pacman should have been given the advantage given he was the champ. But i dont feel that it was a robbery and have seen much worst. Campillo of late, Oscar losing twice to Sugar Shane (the second fight was a worst robbery i believe), Paul Willaims CLEARLy loss to Lara, and there are many more. I can understand some frustration, but not as bad as everyone seems to be.

  • we need open scoring from now on to create a sense of urgency in fighters andlet them know not to let it go to the scorecards when the fix is on. These 3 judges should be supended indefinitely and be cell mates with mayweather!

  • Well Mr. Fernandez and Others (scratching my head),

    I scored the fight 117-111 for Pacquiao. I need to watch the replay without the volume to see if I can somehow figure out the judges in this one.

    However, I am going play the advocate for the judges. Pacquiao has to blame himself for not continuing the pressure on Bradley when Bradley was clearly buzzed in the first half of the fight (i.e. rounds 1-7). During the first half of the fight, Pacquiao missed out on golden opportunities to lauch uppercuts while an exhausted Bradley bent over blindly. Pacquiao had golden opportunities to throw right hooks to Bradley’s body while he had Bradley in retreat and on the ropes.

    Continuing as the judges’ advocate – during the second half of the fight (i.e. rounds 8-12) – the judges (including the judge who favored Pacquiao 115-113) may have seen Bradley’s aggressivenes (although injured), grit, body punching and jabs as factors to give most of the second half rounds to Bradley; Pacquiao was also going backwards at times, and he looked tired. Perhaps, as analyzed round-by-round in the second half, the two judges looked at the previously mentioned factors to award Bradley the rounds for a narrow victory; and the third judge’s close decision for Pacquiao. The judges do not have access to Compubox (thank goodness) after each round because they are supposed to objectively analyze the fight on a round-by-round basis (not by rounds collectively).

    Nonetheless, I still had it 117-111 for Pacquiao, but I think I can see why the judges had the scores much closer. Mr. Fernandez, looks like Bradley is in a strong financial position now because “the bottom rail is up,” and Pacquiao has to chase Bradley before he can establish a bargaining position for a fight against Floyd. Peace out. E-Man.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Pac won!

  • Pedro I sweat me and you must be the only people who have a clue about what us REALLY going on Bob Arum and Top Rank need to seriously be investigated I said this last year and I’m saying it again it is,so so very unfortunate to have to deal with this type of garbage that CONTINUES to follow Top Rank their fighters and Bob Arum it is a Mockery and disrespectful attemot to forever stain,abd pi r damage the integrity of the sport that,we all claim to love….whats more is that the media itself is buying into the bullshit hyperbole of Top Rank and they themselves continue to spew contemptuous bile on the character of Floyd “Money” Mayweather simply because they dont like him and its easier to focus the me on a “Loud Mouthed Black Kid” than it is for an ybody else. To simply dislike this kid for being an asshole is one thing but for tge media to continue to disseminate false information is quite another the media should also be held accountable fir the Mayweather/Pacqiuo fight because they dont tell the truth to tge fans in irder to maintain popularity and continue to shill their fictious stories for tge coin and nothing more…it is said that the media is,as mych a part if the failures of boxing as is, Top Rank Productions and Bob Arum… There is,so much more that,I can say….but Pedro has continuously articulated the,same arguments and all most if you do is turn a blind eye to the inevitable TRUTH….Manny may very well want to fight Floyd but Bob Arum wants no part of that,particular loud mouthedblack kid from Grand Rapids, Michigan…..can Manny beat Floyd in humble opinion a, resounding No…..but unfortunately we will never be able to see it,as Bob Arum made sure if that last night….hopefully im wrobg,abd the fight can be made…..but I honestly done

  • What i will say guys is watch the whole match with the sound off and make ur own judgement. Ignore the rhetoric from the biased Harold Lederman (who worships Manny and Bob Arum) and just watch the whole match in silence. I have watched the whole match in silence now and i think the match was very close. i have watched the match from an Australian channel, and the commentators had the match close going into the 12th round, and all of them said the decision could go either way.
    By the way, at the post match intervies, a banner for the rematch on the 10th of november was allready printed, and if u remember days before this fight, Bradley was allready talking about a rematch, isnt that Strange, i think some evidence for a fixed fight, with Bob anything can happen.

  • @norm, it wasn’t close.

    Pacquiao held a huge lead in every category of punches and in all percentages. Total punches landed 253-159 (34-19 percent). Power punches landed 190-108 (39-28 percent). Jabs landed 63-51 (24-11 percent)

  • @dave,

    “it appears Pacquio was throwing but not landing.”

    So do bradley. Much more than pac.

  • @dave,

    why dont u watch the whole fight firt b4 predicting that pac will get hammered in the rematch. I thought Bradley didnt hurt pac at all. And also, pls read all of the comments above.


    How do u score the fight??

  • @Dave go watch tennis. You’re either trolling or a complete retard. This fight wasn’t close.. The same paid off judge used to buy the decision for Brandan Rios a few months ago was used again. This isn’t rocket science.. Manny can’t ask for 50/50 now…. Bradleys manager Duncan scored the fight 8 rounds to 4 for Pacman. I had it 9-3. Wasn’t one person in room of 20 had Bradley winning. Only idiots on the internet who are trolling.

  • @dave – Even if you did not completely watch the whole fight, I know you would still score a shut out win for Bradley. You don’t know s*it about boxing bro.

  • Nicely done TIMOTHY BRADLEY!!!!!


  • Like Pedro said it was close fight, Even closer than the his obvious loss anginst JMM. there were long peroids of time in rounds where Manny wasnt really doing anything. He ran into a younger, stronger fighter and just simply got outworked. Props to bradley and his team.

  • All of its speculation and none of it is provable. The only evidence we have is, yes the fight was close, in the sense that to the naked eye, without announcers or camera angles, the fight wothuld appear different. The prevailing opinion is that people wathing from home feel manny won. The only person that really wins in the whole equation is arum. But did arum fix the fight? That is tough to say without evidence. Also, neither fighter seemed outraged. Manny seemed content to not raise hell and just go along with the rematch. Bradley seemed more happy with the thought of more money in another fight. The only losers here are the fans. I think we can sit here for an eternity, and specualate about the evil cabal behind it all, but the real and only question is will everyone that watched the fight pay to watch the rematch. This is where fight fans can make real noise if they sink the ppv with less than 300,000 buys, and a half filled areana. But again we must ask can we be that upset at a judged competition. In ice skating judges judge differently than based soley upon fan reaction and fan opinion. This is not american idol where fans can phone in their vote. There will always be a discrepancy between fan opinion and judges scores.

  • Arum is just trying to make money. I don’t think the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight is ever going to happen (money lost), so the only other way to make a significant chunk of change is to create some suspense for a rematch or have the “undefeated” Bradley take on the Mayweather (in which case Mayweather whips his ass severely). Pacquiao needs to wisen up and drop Arum.

  • @dave-did you even see the 2nd round? that was when bradley was rocked and almost went down, spun around, and injured his ankle. you lost credibility bud.

  • If boxing loses the hardcore fans, believe me, this whole thing will topple…because this new generation of kids..they don’t care about boxing…add me to that list….

  • What happen to the old idea that if you want to take the champ’s belt, you have to dominate the champ and win convincingly? All I see is that Bradley back pedalling more than imposing or controlling the fight.

  • Las Vegas made a killing on the Pacquaio wagers at -440. Pathetic paper champion said “I have to watch the tape to see if I won.” LMFAO, :)) Manny didn’t train as hard for this fight, he looked slow and out of form compare to his previous fights, only fighting in the last minute. Still he won the fight easily. Is he on the take too?

  • Not ONE person had Bradley winning and I had a gang of people at my house. Not ONE person was interested all that much and most basically ranted and raved how UFC was much better and that decisions like this is why they don’t watch boxing..Because its rigged! That day Pedro, 2016 when u hv said in the past boxing will be dead…I see it happening sooner than that…How can anyone defend boxing anymore? I sure as hell dont care to anymore…Campillo, to Lara, now this…espn friday night fights, a scheduled 4 rounder gets CHANGED to a 6th rounder just the other day right after the 4th round! we dont even get the fights WE want to see!..anyways, Ive had enough bs for a while…im waiting for the kings to win this cup and thats it! over and out! Peace to u all and wish u all well…

  • As soon as saw the final presser, I knew the fix was in. It makes a ton of sense. All Bradely had to do was keep it close and the Bob and judges would make sure the rematch would be in. Manny put himself in this position to be exploited by Bob due to gambling problem and getting millions of dollars in advances from Bob to payoff his debts. Bob gets his way and a chance to make more money with the most controversial decision with the most iconic fighter on the planet. Oh and by the way Floyd, Bob just gave you the middle finger with his latest move. Uncle Roger has alway been right about Bob.

  • World Boxing Council president Don Jose Sulaiman who watched the fight with the WBC board of governors in Mexico City told us “during the 67 years of my life in boxing I have never seen such a theft as the one perpetrated against Manny Pacquiao. I call it the theft of the century and I am embarrassed for the whole sport of boxing.”

    Sulaiman who is steeped in the sport said “I saw Manny win nine rounds clearly while the three that I saw him lose could have been even, I am shamed, profoundly ashamed. I just cannot understand it. It is a matter of deep concern.”

    excerpt from:

  • at least 5times Bradley staggered in the fight against Pacman….all Bradley can show was how to hit the gloves of the opponent…its a total outclassed by Pacman and yet Bradley was awarded with a win….my score was 10 rounds to 2 for Pacman.. the only 2 rounds that bradley won were very close and can gone either way….total robbery!!!

  • Arum wanted the rematch…. Arum wins again…he was feeling the heat of having to make the Floyd/PAC fight happen later this year! This was a way to keep that from happening. Now Arum can cash in on both these fighters again and avoid Floyd….ha … “Avoid Floyd”… I should make T-shirts with Arum and Pacs face on it..

  • Pedro, so how do you score the fight?

  • This is why boxing is losing fans to MMA. No one true governing organization that mandates fights and oversees boxing as a whole. Too many outrageously bad decisions in the last few years ( Brandon Rios winning when he got dominated, Pwill getting a gift decision, and Bradley last night). The fight was not even close. I think I’m done buying PPV for a while.

    Manny needs to sever his contract with Bob Arum ASAP. I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired.

  • thats kind of stupid martin that would b taken money out floyd’s pocket this was a inside job.bob arum is cutting mayweather out and having a big rematch with bradley. Getting another a big easy payday use ur head when u leave a oomment not ur heart martin

  • I didnt watch the whole fight, but the rounds i watched, Rounds 1, 2 , 8 , 10 and 12 I scored all of them for Bradley. I didnt get to watch the other rounds. The channel i watched which is obviously not HBO with Lamptey had the fight close going into the 12 th round. The more i watch it the less the surprise, it appears Pacquio was throwing but not landing. In the rematch Pacroid will be hammered.

  • Martin, so who purchased the Pacquaio/ JMM decisions? Was that Floyd and GBP as well?

  • and 1 more. here’s what sums it best.
    Bradley himself said after the fight “I’ll have to look at the tape to see if I won.”
    Yep,spoken by a true convinced champion.

  • here’s the official stats:
    total punches, pacman (751), bradley (839)
    connected punches, pacman (253), bradley (159)
    PCT., Pacman 34%, Bradley 19%
    Jabs Thrown, Pacman (258), Bradley (449)
    Jabs Connected Pacman (63%), Bradley (51%)
    Pct. Pacman 24%, Bradley 11%
    * Pacquiao +82 in power punches landed

    not one shot from bradley was clean enough to hit and hurt him. lopsided all the way and bradley lied when he said he would stand toe to toe. he back pedaling and throwing punches at pacmans gloves.

  • “I listened to my corner,” Bradley said. “I got to give him a rematch now.”

    Arum said there will be one on Nov. 10, though he thought Pacquiao won easily, as did most writers at ringside.

    “I’ll make a lot of money off the rematch, but this was outrageous,” Arum said.

    It was the biggest fight of Bradley’s career and it came with a minimum $5 million payday. The rematch will be even richer, though Pacquiao’s loss could damage any plans for a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Mayweather did not see the fight because he is serving a sentence on a domestic abuse charge at a jail a few miles from the MGM Grand.

  • Floyd Mayweather manipulates the decision between two Top Rank fighters? That’s pretty out-there. More likely the judges overcompensated for avoiding a repeat of the Marquez decision and overrewarded Bradley’s activity/pressure in the early rounds, giving him rounds he shouldn’t have had in the first place. Hell, even the British commentator’s theory that it was Arum trying to force Pacquiao to re-sign with him his more believable than Floyd Mayweather somehow buying off judges. It only makes sense in the “I hate Floyd Mayweather, so he must be the cause of all the injustices in the world” frame of mind.

  • Sketchy decision, but to accuse Mayweather and GBP of a fix is silly. Mayweather stood more to lose with a Bradley win. Now on the other hand Bob Arum now gets to promote a rematch with Bradley and Pacquiao and then line up the Pacquiao Mayweather fight. Mayweather may not then command as much of an overwhelming purse so Arum cut of the pie would be much larger as well

  • I had the fight even going into the 12th. Here’s the thing. Manny Pacquiao for whatever reason took rounds off. I don’t knowing it was his calves, his conditioning, being in there with a guy who’s super strong, or the Crltics lose. You can’t win rounds you’re not active in. He allowed Bradley to win rounds with just a jab because he didn’t fight back or waited until the final third of the round to do anything. He gave away at least 3-4 rounds this way. Bradley only had to go out and win 3 rounds out right cuz Manny gave him the other rounds. Harold Ledermans card was ridiculous. The judges did a good job of not letting the flashy shots landed in the rounds Pacquiao won influence the scores in the rounds Pacquiao took off. I see no controversy here.


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Bold and unprovable opinion… Martin

  • Disgusting. Floyd and GBP purchased the decision, 100% sure.

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