• Hey Pedro, are you blind? this fight was no close. Manny won! Period! youre saying this bradley-pacman fight bias coz of HBO commentator. Tell you something, watch the video with sounds off…what’s wrong with your eyes? go to opthalmologist..

  • Come on pedro….. Bradley was running all night and ducking his big ass head .Yea pac miss a lot of punches but I bet he still hit Tim more times.. Bradley never hurt manny once manny face didn’t even Hav a mark on it if u want to talk about marks on someone face.. And if u watch the fight again Pedro.. look at Tim Bradley’s wife after every round she even knew her husband was getting his ass kicked…

  • This video is good stuff, Mr. Fernandez. I like Jim Lampley — a lot. But, if all you did was listen to his commentary, you will sometimes get the wrong impression about what’s happening in the fight.

    Did anybody catch the second episode of Jim Lampley’s new show, The Fight Game? Jim replayed the 7th round of the fight in question without commentary and asked the viewers to determine if this was the “smoking gun” that proved how badly Manny was robbed.

    I was expecting the equivalent of Roy Jones , Jr. being robbed in the 1988 Olympics; it was no way near. It was, despite the CompuBox disparity, a very close round and a close fight.

  • fight was very competitive but once you add the points pacquiao should have been way ahead , scorecards don’t always tell the story of the fight, round after round was competitive but if pacquiao is having an edge round after round and then those points just add up, close rounds with pac having edge but not close fight as points should have had a huge lead…pacquiao was the victim of a very bad decision as much as jose luis castillo was when he was robbed against floyd mayweather!!!!!

  • @insurgent

    most of bradley’s jabs hit pac’s gloves. pac won this one clearly.

  • KP is spot on. Bradley won the fight. The decision was fair.

  • Gosh, KP, when Pacquiao haters like Mayweather Sr and Oscar De La Hoya said that Bradley doesn’t deserve to win; And even Andre Ward who is not a friend of Pacquiao said the same; And Dan Rafael who predicted that Bradley would win but after the fight thought that Pacquiao won; And the compubox said, statistic wise, that Pacquiao throw and connected more punches volume wise and percentage wise every round. And even the most biased Pacquiao hater, Pedro Fernandez, thought, albeit hesitatingly, that Pacquiao won by 1 or 2 points….then it must be a robbery in broad daylight when they awarded the fight to your bro, Tim Bradley….gosh, KP, you don’t have to be prejudice when it comes to telling the truth as you see it.

  • The people who watch boxing with their frfiends rarely score round by round. You can’t look at the fight at the end and say who you thought won and then when the judges disagree with you cry robbery. You have to score each round like a separate fight. Manny shouldn’t get credit from judges for missing punches. There is no rule in boxing that says you get credit for missing shots. One criteria for scoring a bout is defense. A lot of Manny’s shots were missing, and even my girl said “Pacquaio looks sloppy”. i am not saying Bradley won, I am just saying those why cry this as robbery most didn’t score the bout round by round, and just because someone is a boxer or trainer, doesn’t necessary mean they are experts on howe a bout is scored. Many trainers are great at being trainers, fighters are good at fighting, doesn’t mean they are experts on judging. Even journalists for that matter. i get tired of people crying roberry every time there is a close fight. Cloud vs Campillo,Abril vs Rios, Lara vs Willimas…those can be considered robberies. You can’t just score the last minute of 30 seconds of a round. In the late rounds thats basically the only time Manny was doing work. You can’t just forget about the first two to two and a half minutes when Bradley was doing all the work. Oh and by the way….Compubox, nice guys but they are human. its two guys with a computer. Not the end all and be all. Don;’t agree with the stats all the time and judges don’t see those stats anyways.

  • Closer fight with Bradley than anyone will admit. It was not the robbery of the last decade or so.

    Clearly, Floyd would not be seriously challenged by Pac at this point. I love Pac’s all-action style, but Pac’s prime has slipped away before our eyes. No more killer instinct, lessened impact with his onslaught of punches in bunches…all diminished, and not necessarily due to the same reasons.

    Interesting to see the way different fighters handle their newfound silk sheets, big bucks and God when they reach the top of this brutal sport, where the hungry fighters are still chasing them and the elite fighters find reasons to ‘get up’ for another big fight with them or amongst themselves.

  • This is insane. Pac isn’t complaining about the decision because we all know who won the fight. You have to give him credit for taking it like a man. When Andre Ward, Mayweather Sr.,Roger Mayweather and Jeff Mayweather think Pac won; you better believe he won. Muting the commentators is one thing, but you can’t mute the sound of the punches. Bradley was in defensive mode all night. Since when do you win a title in a defensive mode? In order to beat the champ you must beat him decisively; and Bradley wasn’t even close.

  • Pedro,
    You’re too judgmental when you are most biased yourself with regard to Pacquiao. You are a hypocrite!

  • Hey Fred, Andre Ward, Tim Bradley’s friend even suggested to him, via tweeter, to return the championship belt because he thought that the fight was not even close. And he was at the ringside at that night. Andre Ward is not a Pacquaio Man. Mayweather,Sr., a Pacquiao hater, even said that Bradley didn’t deserve the win. You can believe in what you believe but if the fight is that close, there should be not such reaction from ALL side of the boxing spectrum….

  • It was a very close fight , Shut the sound off and Pay Attention ! It was not the robbery of the century . It was more of a fencing match than a fight . HBO made a big deal of Bradley being hurt in the third , he was FROM A TWISTED ANKLE not anything Pac hit him with ! Compubox is flawed ! Pac missed alot ! Fight Could have gone either way ! The Campillo/Cloud fight was worse !

  • KP said “One of the funniest video’s I’ve seen. Validates my argument that it was a close fight and the majority of people don’t have the slightest clue how to score a match…”

    That’s the most patronizing or condescending statement I have seen on this website. And so you are one among the select “few people” (and Pedro also thought belongs to the “select few”) who had the clue? And why did Andre Ward tweeted his friend Tim Bradley to return his “hard” earned Championship belt to Manny Pacquiao if Bradley really won the fight and he said it was not even close? And why aren’t you a boxing judge at all? To save the sport of boxing from idiots like Duane Ford? Oops sorry wrong…you have have the same mind set as Duane Ford and CJ Ross….gosh the sport of boxing is in trouble…..

  • I caught the replay on hbo and thought the same thing. It was a close fight and the wrong guy lost. That’s it was it the crime of the century? No. Do some judges give to much credit to fighters doing everything in their power to avoid getting tkfo’d? Yep. That’s why boxing isn’t that exciting anymore. If Tim Bradley fought in the UFC he’d be sent back to the minors. That type of thing kills the sport. Seriously. Nobody cares about that style. Sorry. I kinda hope pacman doesn’t give him a rematch so he won’t reward him for running scared. Also if 48 outta 51 writers can agree it was a shaft job. It was.

  • One of the funniest video’s I’v seen. Validates my argument that it was a close fight and the majority of people don’t have the slightest clue how to score a match. It was obvious to me in the first viewing of the fight that Manny was getting too much credit when Bradley was making him miss allday. Bradley got no credit for his clean punching. I think the video was a great illustration that Judges need to pay attention to what is really happening and not what the crowd see’s. Ringside media are not judges. They’re scores don’t count.In my beleif the decision was fair, especially when you consider what the video showed. HBO as usual was only looking at what Pac was doing.

  • Wow big news. They praise their cash cow, the exciting guy hmmm. Coincidence? No

  • I can’t see the “biasness” that you are talking about. I watched it. All I see is the description of the fight as the HBO commentators saw it. It is always been like that. Even at Showtime.

    My proof? yes, it is unanimously held opinion (even you Pedro is included) that Manny Pacquiao won the fight, there is no doubt about it. Tell me a prominent personality who thought Bradley won? They will tell you “Not even close Pedro”

  • Some more hating on pacquiao, huh Pedro?? will the hating ever stop? haaaaa

  • Saw some of the video earlier in the week. The video itself is bias garbage and can’t be taken too serious. I turned it off half way thru. Try again…

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