Tim Bradley-Manny Pacquiao

Tim Bradley-Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA– He wasn’t rich and reportedly had just a single sweat suit to his name. But this kid that could barely speak English who was sitting outside this Potrero Hill district gym on a bench waiting for a ride in 2001 was none other than Manny Pacquiao. The upstart IBF 122 lb. claimant who had upset Ledwa Ledwaba for the strap was set to battle the Ric Flair of boxing, the late Dominican Agapito Sanchez who was the “dirtiest player in the game.”


In other words, “anything goes” was alright with Sanchez who met a violent demise in his homeland a few years back. But he gave Manny Pacquiao the toughest test he has ever had as both a man and a boxer. Slick low blows, an occasional elbow and some well placed head butts had Manny bleeding and looking for a way out. Because of his many decades near the top of refereeing, Marty Denkin kept things in check and the fight that could have went either way was ruled a Technical Draw.


It was the last close call that Pacquiao had before went on one of the greatest runs in professional boxing history. Thrashing Marco Antonio Barrera, learning off the first fight and smoking Erik Morales twice, beat Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Antonio Magarito, Miguel Cotto and the list goes on. But through all that glory there was when gent Manny could not beat decisively in Juan Manuel Marquez.


With Tim Bradley having beaten Marquez last time out, and may I say, in no way was it controversial like Bradley-Ruslan Providnikov and of course the precursor to Saturday night, that Bradley decision win two years ago over Manny which some people claim stunk so bad they could smell it through their TVs.


While this is billed as Chapter 2 of Bradley-Pacquiao story, depending on the results and the damage inflicted, Saturday night could be the end for Manny Pacquiao, Tim Bradley, or both. Everybody says the pressure is on the shoulders of Pacquiao as he needs a solid victory to propel him to a seemingly mythical Floyd Mayweather encounter.


But were Manny to lose in a manner that clearly illustrates his days are done, the pressure will be too great for him not to retire or run the risk of being Congressman Dah, what’s up doc. Were he to win and take a horrific beating, then I again think that Pacquiao will need to exit stage left.


Tim Bradley is like a punching bag on occasion. The fight with Pacquiao he was seemingly on the receiving end of hard blows far more than the Pacman. And if you saw the fight with Ruslan Providnikov, one in which Bradley was “bludgeoned” round after round as Ruslan hit “Desert Storm” with the kitchen sink, bathtub, washing machine, seemingly every household item was thrown at Bradley and yet he survived to win another disputed decision.


Seeing I have been around this quasi-sport of sorts for a long time, for the life of me I cannot recall a fighter admitting to Neurological problems brought on by a fight. But Tim Bradley did just that. He would state a while that after the Provodnikov fight, “My head was not right for 3 months.” If I were handling a fighter and he said that to me, I’d bring up possible retirement. But the mere fact that Bradley alluded to this and has passed a battery of tests to get ready for this fight begs me to ask this question: Will he end up with Alzheimer’s for refusing to “listen to his head?”

Pedro Fernandez



  • You know 1200, you’re entirely right, and let me shock you in turn. I am a fan of Pac, a big fan, just as I am a fan of Brazil soccer team, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, etc. Now, I’ll be assaulted here and guys will “prove” that I’m not because “I’ve written negative things” about him. If you or anybody has some time, do a search here and you’ll see that my only criticism of Pac centers around his myriad positions about drug testing, his inability to make clear to Arum that he’s the boss, therefore he chooses who he fights, and the fact that his team spends an awful lot of time (and money according to some) trying to deflect attention from that.

    Couple that with the rabid attacks on his opponent “to be” while defending anything and everything he says or does, and here I am going the other way. The day he beat Lenoholo Ledwaba, I thought to myself, this guy is good, and proceeded to watch all his fights since then. Then came the 2009 fiasco, where he’d change his story by the minute, while Arum had his good friends in the press print nasty and false things about the other side. I have to admit that I lost respect for him. Indeed how could he hide behind Arum that way? How could he dance so much around the drug testing instead of just saying “I’m not interested right now”? Then you have Roach one day saying he’d run Floyd out of the ring and the next saying that they need 6 months preparation to be able to compete, and on we go.

    And as a proof that Pac can easily beat Floyd, some guys use Arum’s words. The same Arum who told the world that Floyd was the best he’d ever seen, and now is saying he’s a coward, just like every fighter who left him acrimoniously, however any time the negotiations come close to the last chapter, Arum suddenly needs to build a stadium for the fight and it’d take too long so let the have an interim fight, then Pac would fight Floyd if only he was not going to jail, and when the judge postpones jail time so they can fight Arum tells us that the Pac just scratched his skin (convenient) and he needs 6 to 8 months to heal. Of course as soon as Floyd goes to jail, the healing time is reduced to 10 days.

    That and more is what threw me off of Pac band wagon.

  • Todaline: Not me brada…This might be a shock to many but its actually POSSIBLE to be a fan of Mayweather and Pacquiao!

  • Why is it OK for you to put asterisks…

  • 1200, always have been. It’s just that I have problems understanding why you guys ask me to give uncinditional credit to Pac for his victories, but you guys are always saying Floyd won but the opponent was green, not good enough, too this, too that, si we clash because you’re asking me not to do what you do. It’s like my brother being unable to answer why his church’s prophet Ellen G White told all her followers that a will was against God’s law and all their belongings were for the community, but had a “vision” right before she died where God told her that a will was OK and her sons inherited what she had.

    Why is it OK tu put asterisks on the victories of fighters you dislike, but not OK for others to do the sane?

  • Todaline…stay classy my man…cheers!

  • Peace out my brother. Let’s have a virtual beer.

  • @Todaline… Yeah I noticed that you said Pac won “more than fairly” along with how I noticed you try and take down a notch pacs win when you said “By the way 1200, invoking Bradley’s #3 P4P status is kind of ridiculous. ..”

    I then proceed to tell you ok forget the p4p rankings…the experts were split down the middle and many were calling this a toss up fight.
    You still argue and ask me who made them into experts!

    Then you go off and want to say how a journalist is racist when I PROVE you wrong, you tell me oh no, I meant to say he’s only racist against contemporary fighters! (Trust me, your wrong on that one. Save it for another day my man.)

    So props given to the pacman for a good one but……that’s it…just props. Peace.

  • 1200, yes I do know, and maybe you didn’t see it (blind rage?) but I said that Pac “more than fairly” won this match, and yes he deserves credit. Any time any fighter wins he deserves credit. There. We’re cool?

    And going back to my normal self, no, I didn’t notice your reading or listening to Pedro. I’m not that ubiquitous.

  • And @todaline, in case you haven’t noticed I do read and listen to Pedro and have been for a long time. And I’m pretty sure Pedro will bet you a SODA if anything.

  • @todaline you said” By the way 1200, when you the opinion of a real expert read what Pedro writes, he’s usually on point and one of the very few I trust. He’s usually betting so he’s not giving a prediction based on what or who he likes, but what he knows.”

    Your blind rage causes you to falter SO many times, you can’t even see it!It’s HIGHlarious!!! You do know Pedro leaned slightly toward Bradley winning right? ahahaha

    And the title to this artcle, this thread you are on NOW is MANNY PACQUIAO-TIM BRADLEY II DANGEROUS FOR BOTH

    Once again, Pac DESERVES credit for taking on a TOUGH fight in which EXPERTS were SPLIT and many were calling it a tough MATCHUP for both before the fight took place. Anything written in print AFTER THE FIGHT would be revising how history went down if they say to the contrary!

  • “Experts like John Scully, Shane Mosley, Andy Lee,Keith Thurman, Andre Ward all picked Bradley”
    In other words (ex)boxer and friends back their congener.

    “guys like Nacho Beristein, Dan Birmingham (thurman’s trainer) Abel Sanchez went with Pac man”
    and real experts and neutral people went the other way.

  • By the way 1200, when you the opinion of a real expert read what Pedro writes, he’s usually on point and one of the very few I trust. He’s usually betting so he’s not giving a prediction based on what or who he likes, but what he knows.

  • 1200, good thing you give names. All the “experts” you cite have been wrong 7/8 times out of 10. Case closed.

    I don’t know who are Fischer’s favorite fighters, but he hates all CONTEMPORARY black fighters with even a hint of fame. He needs to go after them like a hungry shark after a swimmer. That type of guy has no ethics, they forget that the same guys they’re hating on are the ones allowing them to make a living, so they choose the most high profile one and they unload their hatred (most times fake, but it seems tp pay so…). I have no respect for people like that. It’s one thing to print the truth about a guy, another to lie and incite hatred and “riots”. Contrast Fischer with Steve Kim, working together. Kim was always tough but never went the direction the mestizo guy did to make money and a name off of Roy Jones.

    He reminds me of Greg Leon, a guy who had Floyd’s prick in his mouth 24/7 calling him the greatest (ad Arum did) until the day Something happened, then the whole boxingtalk was dedicated to take Floyd down by all available and dreamed means. Despicable.

  • @Todaline: you said Doug Fisher is “a hater who made a name for himself by hating on virtually all black fighters…”

    Isn’t Doug Fisher’s favorite fighters Sugar Ray Leonard and Terrible Terry Norris?

    I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed reading his “gym notes” he used to put out on a regular basis.

  • Experts like John Scully, Shane Mosley, Andy Lee,Keith Thurman, Andre Ward all picked Bradley…guys like Nacho Beristein, Dan Birmingham (thurman’s trainer) Abel Sanchez went with Pac man…Juan Manuel Marquez a common opponnt of both was not able to pick who would win. EXPERTS like THESE amongst plenty others went with a toss up fight. The Vegas ODDS were close. This was a CLOSE matchup. A great win for pac against a TOP RATED contender. These facts you cannot deny.

  • And your experts, who made them into experts? I give the example of that Fischer guy, a hater who made a name for himself by hating on virtually all black fighters, and reached the zenith with the “Roycott” business. Expert? Yes, he is one now. We all make ASS-umptions, some more than others. You just made one, one that some of you guys here keep making, for the simple reason that I point to facts. So you didn’t like the but after “Pac is still good”. That was a compliment. Pac is still good, BUT the fact is that, coming from his own damn mouth, Bradley hurt him. Do you want to say that Pac hates Pac too? Or is that reserved for yours truly only? Notice that you’re ASSuming blindly that my words carry more weight than Pac’s. I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment to my wonderful person or understand that as a total dismissal of Pac’s own words.

    1200, your arguments about fans split in the middle carries the same weight as political operatives bombarding people with missives/propagandas, brainwashing them and then publish polls telling us that 53% of Americans think this or that. Dogmatism, ignorance all the same. A customer came to my store some days ago telling me that “this guy needs to go because he’s destroying everything, the economy, the jobs, the image of America, etc”. Of course he gets his message from Arum’s counterparts over at Fox, and was unaware that the economy tanked before “this guy” was elected. Bob Arum is calling to boycott “this non sense that is Floyd vs Maidana”. He must’ve forgotten the dried up corpses he’s been feeding Pac (before you go on a rant, notice that I’m talking about Arum, arum, arum, arum).

    To conclude, nope, I don’t hate, or rage against the man, to whom I actually feel far closer than Mayweather, being a foreigner from an island with humble manners (and sharp “pen”). And if you search RT you’ll find out that I’ve said this before.

  • You just want to nitpick don’t you Toda? You like to add ASS-umptions when you see fit. What do you want an annotated bibliography somebody wants to make a point to you? It’s very simple, Bradley was HIGHLY rated and seen as somebody who would be able to beat Pacquiao.

    Ok lets play your game the ring ranking don’t mean squat. how many EXPERTS predicted pac was going to Lose? Why were fans SPLIT almost down the middle on who would win?

    You do hate on pac. Blind rage I tell you. It’s not healthy for you my man!

    Here’s you “Pac is still good but….”
    Do this test. Try giving pac a compliment..any compliment…that bitter taste after wards that makes you say but, probably taste like butt!

  • By the way 1200, invoking Bradley’s #3 P4P status is kind of ridiculous. Who dubbed him #3? Would that be the same guys who usually have a guy in the upper tier, and bring him back to #12 the day after he loses? You use that number as if it was a certainty, something cast in stone, but in most cases it is just the opinion of journalists favoring some boxers or a particular style, or even haters, a la Fischer. In my mind, albeit a good fighter, Bradley was never a great fighter (and you can comb RT all you want to find a simple sentence of mine anointing him as a great). To me he’ll always fall a bit short. He has a huge heart, which allowed him to get by so far, but a big heart cannot hide his many flaws.

  • 1200, please don’t go there. Where have you ever seen me hating on Pac “the way people hate Mayweather”? I don’t deny Pac’s abilities, or that he more than fairly won this fight. Read, read again and you’ll see that I mostly rail against Arum, not Pac. You’ll see that I put asterisks on some of his wins because he himself asked to get advantages, by severely draining fighters. You’ll see that, when you cite Pac’s list of beaten fighters to congratulate him, while railing against Floyd, you forget to mention that Floyd often fought the same guys, at their most comfortable weight, without handicap. So no, I don’t do the same. I pint to facts, but facts gives headaches, so you guys brush them off and compare -10 to -10, after all theres 1-0 in both, the only things missing are the -&+ signs. The need for “the other side does it too” or false equivalence makes people do/say strange things.

  • @Todaline: “Your ability to think and execute a game plan in the midst of battle speaks highly of you as a fighter.” That was what pac was ABLE to do and Bradley WASN’T. Therefore, Pac SHOWED why he IS an ELITE fighter. And I ALWAYS GAVE PROPS to Mayweather for fighting a young hungry Lion in Canelo INCLUDING on these boards so I don’t know what the hell you brought that up for. Bradley was Number 3 p4p and Pac whooped him again yet it is soooo hard for you to give Pac props. The way people hate on Mayweather YOU do the same thing to Pac.

  • 1200, Bradley did not have a mental lapse, at least not in the way you’re suggesting. Tim is a man’s man who wants to get back at you, with the kitchen sink as soon as he gets hit. That’s not mental lapse, that’s a lack of in-ring intelligence, which contradicts your “Your ability to think and execute a game plan in the midst of battle speaks highly of you as a fighter.” Indeed, how can you praise someone for having the ability to “think and execute a game plan in the midst of battle”, while accusing him of having “mental lapses in the heat of battle? Contradictory. Thinking about this, nihilism comes to mind.

    “he’s an old lion now thats hanging with young lions…” isn’t it funny that Pac becomes an old lion hanging with a young lion while Floyd chose a kid? Let’s remember that Pac is younger than Floyd, Bradley is 31 with possible brain damage, and Canelo is 24, fresh and far bigger than Floyd at 37.

    Kafkaesque dilema, if you ask me.

  • @Todaline-calling him a beast in my book is giving him props…as a matter of fact, I think highly of Bradley and have for a while now WAY before any of these bandwagon fans came around…Your ability to think and execute a game plan in the midst of battle speaks highly of you as a fighter. why are some people trying to take away from pac’s win?? you ever thought the HEAT pac was bringing caused bradley to have a mental lapse and not fight the “right” fight? in your view, its bradley lost it more than pac won it…pftttt…now thats biased as hell! look how bradley got INJURED trying to get away from pac’s onslaught in BOTH fights! and thats only when we got a GLIMPSE of the old pacman…he’s an old lion now thats hanging with young lions…

  • 1200, man this is hard. It’s not the WADA approved that I’m questioning, it is the BS before they decided to go with WADA, thanks to much pressure (and I’m mainly talking about Arum here). Yes Bradley fought the wrong fight and you’re right, POTENTIALLY he can beat Pac. Being smart in the ring is a quality that Bradley rarely shows, as he’s constantly trying to “prove a point”, and yes he’s a beast, but once again, how good of a beast will he be when he starts to lose to everyone because of his propensity to please you and show how manly he is? And will you even give a flying f@&k 2 years down the road when he starts to slur his speech? I’ll tell what, you’ll call him a dumb ass for trying to be a beast. And that’ll be the last chapter in your book on Bradley and at that point you’ll start writing another book on another “beast”. A perfect description of a perfect fan.

  • Todaline: You can see the excuses on multiple boxing threads including THIS one which were locked and loaded that pac is “juicing” again. If pac lost, people would be screaming “see, pac was nothing but hype.” If he won in convincing fashion, it was pac was “juiced”. What’s funny is why are people ignoring Bradley’s words that there were NEVER any disputes regarding testing and he wanted to make that CLEAR. According to Bradley, it was going to be similar to the testing done in his last fight against JMM. WADA approved is fine with Bradley, so why not with other people?

    Bradley fought the wrong POTENTIALLY, Bradley still could beat Pacquiao then? ….pfttt…Hard for you to give credit to the pacman huh? Well, as least Bradley was class act in defeat…here’s part of what he said “Manny is a great fighter, one of the best in the world. I lost to one of the greatest fighters in boxing.”

    Bradley fought his heart out, classy in defeat, has nothing to be ahshamed of. He’s a beast in my book!

  • 1200, why is it that as soon as you guys are presented with facts (yes it is a fact that Arum and Pac waited, demurred, on the dates and choices of agencies) you have to accuse people of making excuses for the other guy? Why is it that you think that “your side” is telling the truth but the other is lying? Am I saying that Pac did something wrong? Not at all, but you have to admit that it is very weird that any time testing comes up, they dance around the question. Every single time they’ll tell you they have no problem, bring it on, and yet, we don’t want this one, that one, the date is not good, the location is not good, we need to know when they’re coming, it has to be done between this date and that date, etc…

    Yes, Pac won this fight, actually Bradley lost it more than Pac won it. Minute papillon, before you start sending accusations of God knows what nature, it means that Bradley fought the wrong fight, as he did with Prodovnikov, trying to show “who’s the man” when he doesn’t have the power for that.

  • That was an article written feb. 25. 2014.

    here’s one from march 29, 2014…

    from margaret goodman’s mouth “I believe the NV commission is using a WADA-accredited lab (Utah) and VADA uses the UCLA WADA-accredited lab. But WADA is not overseeing this fight.”

    so todaline, its ACREDDITED by WADA! Bradley like I said NEVER HAD ANY DISPUTE WITH DRUG TESTING! Yet you make EXCUSES!

  • Todaline…cut the bullspit…who do you think won, bradley or pac…forget the judges..did you actually think bradley won this fight??

  • I already knew it Pedro, it was just a rhetorical question. So WADA says they’re NOT RESPONSIBLE for Bradley-Pacquiao Testing as they’re in fact not a testing agency:, so the NSAC is testing but the NSAC are Bob’s best pals.

    Please read this before “reprinting” Arum’s non sense. And by the way, I was just repeating Pac’s words: the only way for bradley to beat me is by knocking me out. That’s what he said. Does he already know the result?

  • Pedro Fernandez


  • 1200, are WADA and NSAC the same entities?

  • @Todaline you’ve insinuated that pac is on PED’s for this fight since he needs a “convincing” win so damn the test and then contrary to that, you say “I’m not saying he’s on something…”

    USADA falls in line with WADA code, the testing that Mayweather fights under. So what’s your problem with WADA being used in the pac fight?

    YOur dancing around a pick but seem to lean towards Bradley winning but most likely will get “robbed”, unless he gets a knockout. the question is, if Pac wins convincingly, are you going to give him props?

  • @Todaline:

    Tim Bradley said CLEARLY “…there was no argument as far as the testing goes…”

    I bring that article up from 2013 because Tim Bradley CLEARLY stated that the same testing for the JMM fight which Tim was happy with WILL be the SAME testing for this fight.

    WADA is collecting it and the results will now be shared with the NSAC. The NSAC
    has the POWER to stop the bout WITHOUT promoter consent. Remember the fiasco with Danny Garcia vs Erik Morales where the NYSAC was kept in the dark till the last hour?

  • Mayweather was too busy juicing his hands, let alone the whispers, much like Pacman, that he was taking PEDS. He was in such a hurry to clean up the sport from drugs that DONAIRE started 365 days a year testing. Why not RoidWeather? Pretty sure we all know why. If everyone wants to paint pictures, then this should prove Pretty Roid juices before testing. And correct me if I’m wrong, when did Floyd start asking for testing???? Not that we all don’t know the answer…..

  • With that being said, Bradley chose to be thoroughly tested, by 2 agencies, while Pac chose to wait as long as possible, negotiated and negotiated and then negotiated some more and went with NSAC. That is the same NSAC, which can’t seem to catch anyone doping, the same NSAC Bob Arum has in his pocket. All I’m saying is if Pac was serious about testing he’d have gone with a true independent agency, not an incompetent one.

    And for the record, unless Tim knocks Pac out, and that’s not happening, he will lose, even if he wins every second of every round. Tim Bradley is no money maker.

  • 1200, wrong article. This is from 2013.We’re talking 2014, and no, I’m not saying he’s on something, just debunking the “if it’s not 365, then it is no good” non sense.

  • @todaline:
    Here is What Bradley said:

    “Just to clear things up – Manny didn’t care what testing we were doing. He was willing to do VADA or WADA so there was no argument as far as the testing goes. I just chose to do the VADA testing to stick by what I have tried to set out to do and that’s to clean up the sport and making sure that a lot of these guys are getting tested. The NSAC decided they didn’t want to do VADA representing us, they wanted to do the same that we did in the Marquez fight –WADA which was very successful in that fight so they wanted to stick with it and not mess around with VADA.”

    Read this article regarding Marquez vs Bradley Drug testing:

    And finally, you know Mayweather has NEVER taken any VADA test right?

  • @Todaline: So let me be clear on this. You think Pacquaio is on something for this fight? Who do you think wins then?

  • Practice makes perfect. Ever heard that sentence? But practice too much and your body breaks down, preventing perfection from taking place. Enter PEDs, which allows you to practice more, more often, recover faster, therefore allowing you to gain strength, speed, and perfect your punches, feints, etc. I think you should give a call to Ben Johnson, he’d tell you about how much faster he became once he started juicing.

  • So if Pacquiao is juicing, getting A side meth, snorting 8 balls of rice, call him out RIGHT NOW..Basically, hee’s going to be winning by devistating fashion tommorow right? You guys have so much faith PEDS, they’re going it’s equivilant to running against Usane bolt with bradley’s ankles in the first pac fight right? put it out there if you think it has THAT much of advantage in tommorow’s fight! what say you folks??

  • Brandon Rios took the test and came up dirty…It did magic for him against pacquiao…Win lose or draw blood, pacquiao is dirty no matter what he does to the minds of many.

  • Pedro and KP, RT is probably affected by the heartbleed bug. I’m getting weird popups on the ipad, and checked the site. It says possibly affected.

  • Sven, would you consider Usain Bolt’s career “stellar” if he kept asking other athletes to cut a leg off before agreeing to race against them?

  • If it’s not 365, then let’s not do it. Just like: we’re not sure global warming is man made so let’s keep polluting, or AIDS might not be real so forget condoms. Cool.

  • are they being tested randomly?>>>>>

    really whats the diff? if its not random/365 how much does it really mean????????

  • Unless Tim’s slips up and leans into something he’s got two good wheels this time around which should motor him where he needs to go. I also think he came to a realization in the Provodnikof fight of how to better win with his skill set and lack of power. UD Bradley

  • @ Da UnKnown Comic, they need Pac to “convincingly” beat Tim, so f@$k the tests.

  • Just don’t see Bradley winning on the cards if it goes to a decision. EVERYONE feels empathy towards Pac for that horrible decision the first time. Bradley will be fighting a fired up Pacquiao AND some subconscious judges’ bias against him.

  • are they being tested randomly?

  • Man – people nowadays forget what a stellar career Pacquiao had for over a decade.
    He fought them all AND in exciting fashion. Something we cannot say to a full
    degree of Floyd jr. (got to laugh everytime someone mentions he is the GOAT!).

    Anyway – I see it similar: If one of the two loses decisively he should definetly
    quit the fight game. People forget that Bradley took a horrific beating in the
    Ruslan fight. Pacquiaos ko loss was devastating and shocking but the effects of a
    beating are certainly worse. So, both are somewhat damaged goods. Pacquiao more
    mentally and Bradley more physically.

    I take my hat of to Bradley for admitting openly that the beating affected him for
    weeks. Something most fighters try to disguise and hide. Boxing is a brutal
    lifestyle – to openly admit it shows maturity and strength not weakness. Lets just
    hope both fighters have the same strength to quit boxing at the right moment.

    As for the fight itself – it’s a tossup fight. Bradley has the looks of a
    bodybuilder but can he put those muscles into action? For me it mostly depends on
    what Pacquiao has left. If he can activate part of his former self he should earn
    a decision. Cant see a ko victory in this scrap.

  • Pedro Fernandez


    Thanks for the kind words. If you bet the “Under-Over” you won’t be emotionally involved and will enjoy the fight more. Although technically he wasn’t TKO’d, Bradley was hurt badly and I think permanently by Ruslan Provodnikov. Manny was kicking JMM’s ass before getting knocked out cold. Both are damaged, no telling how far, thus no man on man bet in my mind is right.

  • Da UnKnown Comic

    One guy is Random testing for this fight. One is not. Hmmm…

  • Pedro, Alex here-I’ve been watching your show since about 1988,1989 carnal! back in the Flash/boxing update days when I was but a youngster! I always opened up that newsletter looking for your articles first, and I’d read the others after! Anyway I’ll be in Vegas this weekend to watch the fight, If you were forced to choose who do you have winning? I’m not sure if I want to lay -200 on Manny or +160 on Bradley, I know your track record is a good one so what do you think?

    Oh and I owe you a shot of tequila and a beer or whatever you’d like Pedro, seriously you’ve brought me so much entertainment through out the years I feel like your my primo!

    You got my email maestro!

  • Pete,
    It takes a special fighter to be able to quit while at the top, while being onhis game. Bradley nor Pac will quit.

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