Manny Pacquiao Between Rounds

San Francisco, CA– Boxers get screwed over in major fights much almost as often as hookers do in brothels. Gabriel Campillo, Erislandy Lara, Richard Abril, and now you can add Manny Pacquiao to the mucked over crowd after the Tim Bradley fight Saturday night.


This is just business as usual in the boxing game, so why are people so up in arms? Oh, and before I go any further, it was a closer fight than most of you think.


Bad decisions, be the result of corruption or incompetence, or just a bad night, it goes back to the beginning days of prizefighting. There are several reasons why this is more the norm than it is the exception. But the predominant and prevailing factor are power, money, greed, and then there’s the boxing “establishment.”


When I witnessed Felix Sturm get burned out a deserved win over Oscar De La Hoya, there was one reason nobody said much and that’s because the boxing “establishment” had an “already agreed to” super fight between De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins on the drawing board.


In my opinion, that same mindset was in effect when Manny Pacquiao got a very much so undeserved Majority Decision (one judge had it even, the other two gave it to Pacquiao) over Juan Manuel Marquez. The “establishment” was primed last November for a Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight, one that could have taken place in May, but Manny couldn’t fight, not Floyd, not in May, not after he saying he would BUT Floyd was going to jail. When Floyd got the delayed June 1 date report to the slammer, Manny went mute.


There are other decisions that actually “ruined” the careers of fighters. One being Jeff Fenech, the Australian boxer was “raped” by a panel of Las Vegas judges who called his fight with Azumah Nelson a draw. Fenech, a multi-weight division champion and the greatest Aussie to ever lace them up, was never the same. Having never before been an abuser of alcohol or other mind-altering agents, Jeff started using after the outdoor Las Vegas heist. As for Manny Pacquiao, the lad wasn’t in top condition and it showed. Maybe if he had spent less time praying and more time training. To that, blame Jinkee Pacquiao.


The problem with most boxing judges is that the toughest fight they’ve ever had was finding a parking place. I don’t know any judges who regularly work major fights who are hurting financially. They have no concept as to how their decisions affect a person or family’s life.


While a lot of you see the controversial ending of major fights, it happens underneath the big fights as well. When you’ve got some 10-0 fighter, also known as the “house” guy, gets his butt whipped by an “opponent” that was brought in, sometimes from across the border in order to lose. More often than not, the guy with the “0” gets the call over the fighter with a mediocre or even losing record regardless of how the fight really went. This as all part of the business


Truth be told, some” boxing judges in Las Vegas, NV, have significant “other” incomes. Glenn Trowbridge is a politico, another is successful in insurance, while those of aren’t making a living on the game and there are many officials in Nevada are just working “stiffs.” The point I’m trying to make is that I doubt very much if any judge ever loses sleep after submitting a horrendous scorecard because either they don’t realize the ramifications of their poor work, or they don’t give a darn. The judges that are very good, well if they hailed as “good” in the press lose work when we do.


Had a number of officials that I held close, beginning with the late Nevada Commission head Chuck Minker in the late 1980s-early 90s, today it seems like the generation that came before me are seemingly either dying or blowing a call. Las Vegas needs new and young judges. Not the City’s Councilman’s “Boy” either as those guys sans any real boxing acumen and are doing it to get their names in the paper, they do exist and turn out to be the worst. If you’re a professional judge, you shouldn’t be blowing a single round as you have no idea what a bad call will mean down the line, the consequences.


When I was a policeman, I never went to bed questioning whether or not I gave somebody an unwarranted citation or, God forbid, arrest somebody on a bogus charge. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to do the thus the latter never happened. If boxing judges realized the impact their scores have on lives, families, and livelihoods, maybe there wouldn’t so many undeserved decisions. I took he judge’s exam for the Assn. of Boxing Commission’s in October 2010 and passed. It wasn’t a difficult test, but it required uninterrupted concentration.


Tomorrow, Wednesday morning, I’ll go with several suggestions that I got from a panel of experts on the sport and business of boxing. Oh, and for those of you that aren’t hip to the difference, I’ll point that out as well.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Don’t fool yourself Pedro, you don’t deserve being a member of the commission. You are way too biased and full of hatred.

  • You’re welcome, Pedro. Back to the debate. You referenced the Pacnuts? Plenty of them! Comes with the territory, nature of the fanatical beast. Nothing too unique. But there are also a whole heap and nation of boxing fans, writers, critics, so and so for who scored it all in favor of Manny. I was watching it with a house full of Manny haters who were all cheering for Bradley and every single last one of ’em had Manny winning. They were totally outraged. And please don’t insult all our intelligence by suggesting Lamp’s mislead us with his commentary. He certainly overreacts and will occasionally focus on the “house” fighter but it wasn’t like he hypnotized us all into ignoring Bradley’s effort. We all saw it. Much respect to the Californian, Commendable effort he put forth. Nice Christmas gift in June. I also refuse to watch the replay with the sound off. That’s silly. The judges didn’t see it that themselves so why would it make sense to sit there watching it frame by frame on mute? Nonsense! This isn’t rocket science, mi amigo. Its the sweet science. JAB JAB JAB– RIGHT – LEFT- UPPERCUT– MIX IN SOME GOOD FOOTWORK- wash, rinse, and repeat. Pretty basic for the most part.

    This isn’t about poor ol’ Manny as much as it is poor ol’ BOXING. Hurts the sport more than it does him. That’s the bottomline! Holla’.

  • Here’s what I like about Pac; he knows he won the fight, and boxing experts and fans know he won the fight, but even though he got robbed he accepted it like a man. He didn’t go whining like Amir Khan or making up excuses. I respect that. And don’t give me that BS about how JMM got robbed in their third fight; that fight was much closer and could have gone either way. This was 8 rounds to 4 for Pac. Much respect for Pac as he knows how fickle boxing judges can be. If I were him I would still leave Bob Arum.

  • – Veteran pros who’ve been around should know that losy decisions happen from time to time, it’s one of those things thats beyond your control and you have to deal with it as it is almost inevitable. Those who have rematch-clauses (or defacto rematch clauses because of their name and drawing power) should consider themselves the lucky ones.

    – I’m not so sure Jinkee has that much to do with Pacquiao’s decline right now. I think it’s partially age – he’s 33 having fought as a pro +16 years, many of those learning on the and eating lots of punches win, lose or draw. He’s older than the calendar indicates.

    I think it’s more the age and weight. Last Saturday wasn;t the only time Pacquiao went into conservation mode – against Cotto he did the same thing against a guy waiting to be put of his misery – he took 2 minutes off in the 8th, 2 minutes off in the 9th, the WHOLE ROUND off in the 10th actually losing the round to a dead man, then half the round off in the 11th before finally making some effort to end it.

    His next 3 fights had so little challenge it’s hard to gauge his condition, but against Mosley he certainly wasn’t vintage Pacquiao – it took the bogus knockdown call to get him a little fired up.

    Marquez fight is not a good indicator becausew obviously the JMM matchup will be always be landmine for him, but given Marquez’ diminished speed & defense and low punch output, Pacquiao didn’t do much to take advantage of it until the last few rounds.

    I just think Pacquiao can’t be Pacquiao as full time Weltherweight. Certainly not in his mid 30’s. He tried to be vintage Pacquiao for the first 6 rounds, it wasn;t really the same but Bradley couldn;t handle it nonetheless. But after that he had to manage his energy like a fighter who’s not physically in paek condition.

  • I watched the fight the first time courtesy of Top Rank TV on a projector screen and it looked like Bradley edged him. Brian Kenny was calling the fight on Top Rank TV and he had Bradley winning as well. The camera for Top Rank TV was situated in a distant position as compared to the HBO camera crew who were right outside the ring. In essence they were totally different fights depending on what provider you watched. But after watching HBO Manny clearly won at least 8,9, or 10 rounds as the HBO version was much more definitive. The lesson is don’t buy Top Rank TV or you might make a fool of yourself like I just about did.

  • I always watch it without the sound. Sometime the kool aide these announcers are selling is way too sweet

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Watch it round by round and shut off the volume!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Tyrone, thanks for the nomination. I feel honored!

  • No, the fight was not “closer than we think”. All due respect, that’s not only bs but it is patronizing as well. It was a straight up robbery as the others you mentioned were. The problem with this one is that it happens to be with one of the top 2 p4p fighters right now. One does not negate the others. They are all bad for the sport. This one happens to be worse because it’s so prominent. You obviously have it out for Manny and that’s fine too but don’t think you’re getting one over on any of us when you try to say it was “closer than you think”. Many of us are pretty into boxing and we saw what we saw. I tried to give Bradley more and still only came up with 2 rounds and maybe 1 other for him. That is not a close fight by any stretch…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    If a Pac fan scores it a draw, JMM won. What’s killing me is that the Pacnuts are saying all the media went with Manny here. That’s OK, but when they, including Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire went with Marquez, they were wrong…… the world of Pacman. Truth is, Manny’s old and finished!

  • If anyone should be investigated, it should be Harold Lederman, with that ridiculous score of 119-109. Bradley won no less than 4-5 rounds.

  • Martin and Pedro The Great

    Both good points. We also need an entirely new commission. I’ll vote Pedro Fernandez to head up the new one but before he does he needs to supply us readers with his official scorecard. Unless I’ve missed it in the mix?

  • Former Boxing Fan

    Pedro, once again I agree with you 100% (except for the Pac-hating JMM was a draw IMO). Don’t get the Feds involved … they’re lucky if they can wipe their own ass. One suggestion thrown about I do like: have a supervisory panel of judges in an enclosed area with no extraneous audio (commentator cheerleading) and panoptic/360 view instead of having them ringside where the crowd or a fighter ‘s family can get to them. Another suggestion would be that judges be limited to being former fighters trainers coaches… people who know Compubox means shit. People who know what it’s like to get hit!

  • judges are too old to judge such a big event….their reflexes to see the fight as it is diminishes by age….they should impose age limit requirement for boxing judges….

  • The main problem with scoring is the judges sit ringside. Anyone that had been to a fight live will tell you it’s completely different. You only see 1/4th of the ring. Judges should be in a room with a tv where they can see the whole fight, not 1/4 as the are compltely missing out on the other 4 corners of the fight, and they don’t have access to instant replay between rounds. This in my opinion would cut most bad decisions unless the judges are actuall paid off in which case there is no cure for that unless it would be made easier to reverse decisions.

  • When the fighter himself doesn’t believe he won why should the rest of us? Bradley’s body language confirmed what we all know; BS decision. So, go ahead and say over and over the fight was closer than most think but if you aren’t scoring it Pac’s favor then your ability to judge a fight is suspect. Whether it corrupted, incompetent, goofy, stupid, retarded, drunk, high on crack or maybe the judges fell in love with Bradley after watching 24/7. No matter how you shake it———— it was poor scorecards.

  • in my opinion, i maybe wrong..when pacquiao and mayweather retire from boxing i guess boxing will decline drastically…these are the only boxers at present who could generate millions of ppv buys…love it or hate it but thats the boxers at present time who could generate even half a million ppv buys without involving either pacquiao or mayweather..

  • Hey Pedro they are going to be crying about this fight for decades, the same prize name (fighter of the decade) they gave an undeserved Pacroid. He should have gotten fool of the century instead!!!! I didn’t watch the fight & didn’t have to know it stunk before the bell rung. Pacroid & his flowers have only one person; make that two people to blame. Pacroid himself & ole Bob Arum. Pacroid for not being smart enough to leave Top Rank & Bob for pimping out his fighter for chump change. Let me put it this way, pacroid had a chance to make $40 million right, he choose not to take a fight he already stated he would do for less money. I don’t care if people think he deserves 50/50 or not, he stated on the record about taking less money so he should either shut TFU or think twice before opening his dumb ass mouth. Then he gets “so called robbed” and his promoter comments on how much money HE, not pacroid but HE will make on the rematch. Man George Bush can see through this crap & we all know his bread ain’t done at all upstairs. So to close this out I hope ole Bob keep pounding Pacroid even harder now since he is so blind to see the truth. As for his followers, stupid is as stupid does…….

  • I am not surprised by the judges’ decisions and neither should anyone else! It has been established and documented long ago that the boxing scoring system is horrible and open to external factors interfering, such as corruption. To see Bob Arum upset over the scoring after it didn’t favor his cash cow and demanding an investigation to bring fairness and legit scoring to boxing blows my mind that the lies and manipulation are in our face. I’ll support my claim by recalling Arum being part of a federal investigation for bribing IBF oficials, partaking in ousting YoryBoy Campus out of funds, etc…all serious systematic and corrupt issues by Bob “I was lying yesterday but today I’m telling the truth” Arum!!

    We the boxing fans need to do our part to communicate with our senators and congressmen to advocate for federal regulation on housing a boxing authority which protects the integrity of the sport and all boxers. We cannot rely on more of the same corrupt judging and flawed scoring system and still expect fair results. It will not happen!!

  • I have to watch the fight again because I’m in the minority where I thought a 115-113 score for either man was appropriate. I watched the bout on the Top Rank broadcast and was in agreement with Brian Kenny as were most if not all of the people watching along with me at the Boxing Hall of Fame. Many of the rounds were close and Bradley outboxed Pacquiao down the stretch. I would sure love to hear the judges speak on why they scored the bout the way they did and it might clear some things up. Totally shocked at the fallout regarding this event and how most people thought it was a landslide victory. Pacquiao missed a lot of punches but when he did land he was most effective. I just don’t think he landed enough despite what compubox says, or that he even carried as many rounds as people are suggesting. Tim also looked fatigued midway through either from lifting too many weights or perhaps being overcome by the moment or some of Pacquiao’ shots. He also went out of his way to avoid the head butts. Either way a rematch is definitely in order.

  • We all know De la hoya got the gift against Strum we get that but JMM and Manny were in close fights and Manny credit they fought 3 times!!! De la Hoya I dont even think entertained in his brain a Strum rematch… the way nice pic of Manny in the corner.

  • first of all, marquez vs pacquiao is a much closer fight compared to bradley pacquiao fight..if you wont agree with me on this one then i can say you that dont deserve to be a boxing expert pedro…on the other hand i guess you are right, some judges ruined a fighters life literally especially those aspiring fighters who loses there determination after experiencing a bad decision…being a superstar like pacquiao gives you an advantage on this kind of thing…superstars get too much sympathy from there supporters thats why when a bad decisions came in and involving a superstars you can say that its really a BIg deal its because of there supporters..but if you are unknown to the boxing fan and got screwed up by the judges i guess only few people will care making it not a big deal..P.S. im a pacquiao fan and on my observation i can see pacquiao is already not on his prime..he is declining…pacquiao on his prime will eat bradley alive..bradley doesnt belong in the elite level fighters..a well conditioned marquez will even eat bradley alive….

  • Pedro Carrero: I like your brainstorming. Thumbs up!

  • How about just getting better qualified judges? Solves all of the problems in my opinion. Judging is subjective though. Not everyone is looking for the same thing, and most that watch fights(fans) don’t know what to look for and don’t score rounds individually. You must do that before giving an opinion on who you thought won. Compubox numbers always end up effecting a fans opinion. They just have little to no merit when you score a fight over twelve rounds. You have to score each round as objectively and then tally your score. 10-9 is the same whether you outlanded your opponnet by 15-5 or 21-10 unless you put them on the canvas. Maybe thats what the problem is with the way bouts are scored.

  • Pedro-although i agree with 99%of what u wrote, i’d like to give my opinion on the statement that most judges have other significant incomes. In fact, i find the opposite to be true. Many judges rely upon the income they receive from officiating,which is just as serious a problem as your example. There’s an old saying by judges. “i dont want to judge all of the fights. Just the next one.” i do agreel that Pacquiao won this fight.

  • Hi Pedro,

    Here are some suggestions:

    (1) make boxing matches 13 rounds, to eliminate the absurd and (12) round draws. (This would have prevented the Lennox Lewis vs Holyfield draw, or Julio Chavez Sr. vs Whitaker draw. In combination with 13 rounds do one of the following:

    a. Let three voluntary judges in the boxing business do the scoring for televised championship and PPV fights. The judges could be ex-boxers, boxing coaches, amateur coaches, fight writers.

    b. Hire 4 judges. 2 judges to watch the fight live, and 2 to score the fight in a backroom with a 60 inch television screen, and no sound. The 4 judges turn in the scores.

    c. Open Scoring after 3 or 4 rounds. Its better for a fighter to know he’s being corrupted and losing unfairly, so he can change his strategy midfight.

    (d) keep the crummy three judges status quo. but eliminate any round score of a particular judge, if the judge was the only one to score a round one way, while the majority two judges scored the round the other way.

    (5)Give preliminary decisions to championship and PPV at the end of the fight.
    Also, turn in 3 anonymous but official scorecards from 3 additional judges that wont be counted but kept in a file for 3 days. Add a clause stating that all fights that are deemed contraversial by the fighting public reviewed within 3 days. The following week, any boxing match can be overturned if the 3 anonymous officials scored the fight differently, then the three judges who scored the fight live.

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