Bradley Backing Pacquiao Off Him!

San Francisco, CA– There have been some atrocities when it comes to scoring boxing matches, especially in the last year or so. There was the Erislnady Lara “rape” by three now suspended judges in Atlantic City last June in the Paul Williams fight. The Gabriel CampilloTavoris Cloud fight went to the “wrong” guy in Cloud in Tex-ass. Most recently, Richard Abril all but shutout Brandon Rios in Las Vegas, and yet he lost. This evening, June 9, 2012, controversy engulfs the boxing game again as Tim Bradley got what could best be described as a “unpopular” decision over Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.


Judge Jerry Roth 115-113 for Pacquiao. (More on me and JR in a follow up article later) , Duane Ford tabbed it a 115-113 win for Bradley , a 5-1 underdog, while female jurist C.J. Ross had 115-113 for Bradley. There were some rounds that may have been hard to score but I don’t think the cheerleading by HBO’s Jim Lampley for Pacquiao helped matters. Boxing is the most self-explanatory sport on television. You don’t need to tell the viewers, “Good right hand, good left hand,” s*it, this isn’t radio. I think had Lampley not been shilling for Pacquiao, something he has been guilty of far more than the two alleged cases of Domestic Violence he has been implicated in.


With Lampley waving Manny Pacquiao “pom-poms” for 36 minutes, not mentioning the fact that Pacquiao missed a lot of punches and Bradley, while he had a “power shortage” was “touching” Manny with jabs, whether or not they were effective blows, they were landing. The outrage by the people who wagered money on Pacquiao (53-4-2, 38 KOs) was deafening to me as my phone “blew up” with texts and calls from the point that decision was announced, making Bradley 29-0, 12 KOs, for over an hour later.


Boxing historian Ron Marshall was livid. He didn’t see four rounds going to Bradley. Boxing writer Socrates Palmer was equally as surprised as he had Pacquiao winning. But then I got two calls thinking that while the decision was close, they had no problem with it going either way. A close friend, on the verge of an apparent Stroke, started swearing from the time I picked up the phone until I hung up on him some two minutes later.


Manny Pacquiao has been on the non-deserving side when it comes to decisions in Las Vegas. Last November’s Juan Manuel Marquez IIIfight, I thought giving it to Pacquiao over JMM was a “near” heist. All that being said, the man who hadn’t lost in seven years, was on the wrong end of a Split Decision over 12 rounds tonight.


Promoter Bob Arum, all this week he seemed to be knocking Manny Pacquiao. Saying he was one of the worst gamblers he had ever promoted, that Pacquiao was in the red with him before fights because of his gambling. If it was “body language” that Arum was dishing out to his schleps in the media, the language was not good for Pacquiao. Although Pacquiao hurt Bradley on at lest one occassion, I think the best body language of the night came from Bradley’s wife. Sitting there and looking like she was being force fed lemons, the lady didn’t smile much in 12 rounds.


If you were not the usually on the money Harold Lederman, and you gave Bradley a couple of the first six rounds, then maybe you could see his slipping by Pacquiao 7-5 in rounds. But if you didn’t think Tim won any early rounds, there was no way he won the 12-rounder. Although Pacquiao is thought by this scribe to have peaked athletically, I saw the flaws in the Marquez fight that to me illustrated he was “on the slide” and knew that it wouldn’t be Floyd Mayweather that beat him first, that some “unknown,” in this case Bradley would get a nod over him. As indicated in the Marquez fight, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are on “different” tiers when it comes to prizefighting.


When he was making his ascension in the boxing ranks, Manny had nothing but his “money” punch, that being the left cross form his southpaw stance. Tonight I saw him land one good right hook to the body, and one to the head, the rest, nothing but left crosses. Like the Marquez fight, but to a lesser extent, Manny Pacquiao was a one-dimensional fighter whose luck with the dice finally ran out in Las Vegas. I did not score the fight but the lean was to Pacquiao

Pedro Fernandez


  • Some of these comments are so retaded!!! If pacquiao landed so much, why didn’t he try to put Bradley away?!?!?!?! Pacquiao lasted 12 rounds with a guy who couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag!!!!! I’m sure mayweather would destroy Bradley within 10 rounds. My opinion is that pacquiao has been cutting back on his “supplements” and therefore looking pittyful. How does he go from knocking out 154 pounders to having trouble hurting Bradley???? I mean he did land a lot!!! Holt put Bradley on his back with one good shot!!! Eye opener guys…. Eye opener!!!!

  • Mr. Fernandez, you hit the nail on the head about Pacquiao. Pacquiao had a relapse and went back to his left hand for most of the night. He did not look confident throwing the right hook. Bradley may not have been punching hard, but he was body punching Pacquiao and jabbing Pacquiao – let’s face it, Pacquiao was tired. Last, Pacquiao was missing punching as well, and I believe Pacquiao was growing frustrated because of the missed punches (which may have also caused him to relapse to only using the left hand). I was surprised Pacquiao weighed in at 147 because I was expecting him to weigh-in at 144-145. In the rematch, Pacquiao need to cut back on his favorite meals and weigh-in between 144-145. Mr. Fernandez, the Pacquiao I saw fight against Bradley would not have a snow boat’s chance where the devil dwells in defeating Floyd. Peace out. E-Man.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He was too tired, out of shape, t complain!

  • Pedro,
    Pacquiao took the injustice in the stride and maturity of a real gentleman. He didn’t whine, compain, or badmouth (unlike you Pedro) anyone and still gave glory to God and I honestly admire him for such demeanor. So what’s the big deal, you are just adding insults to injury.

  • Thanks! PAC HATER For backing up me, plus Martin please don’t hate, everybody has a butt hole an opinion too!!!!

  • @PEDRO,

    I think the fight was fixed….although i had a feeling that pac was a willing victim, or he is into it…….but i could be wrong u know.

  • Pedro, as always, you’re entitled to your own opinion.

  • @PEDRO,

    When pac won against JMM III, u talk a lot about how boxing was fixed, but now that pac was on the receiving end of a bad decision, you seems to be quiet, u didnt even tells us how do u score the fight. If u want to clean up boxing, props to u, no matter u is on the recieving end of a bad decision……c’mon, u know it in yourself the fight was fixed!

  • Under the circumstances, everyone gets paid with a rematch except the other idiot in jail.

  • Pedro I sweat me and you must be the only people who have a clue about what us REALLY going on Bob Arum and Top Rank need to seriously be investigated I said this last year and I’m saying it again it is,so so very unfortunate to have to deal with this type of garbage that CONTINUES to follow Top Rank their fighters and Bob Arum it is a Mockery and disrespectful attemot to forever stain,abd pi r damage the integrity of the sport that,we all claim to love….whats more is that the media itself is buying into the bullshit hyperbole of Top Rank and they themselves continue to spew contemptuous bile on the character of Floyd “Money” Mayweather simply because they dont like him and its easier to focus the me on a “Loud Mouthed Black Kid” than it is for an ybody else. To simply dislike this kid for being an asshole is one thing but for tge media to continue to disseminate false information is quite another the media should also be held accountable fir the Mayweather/Pacqiuo fight because they dont tell the truth to tge fans in irder to maintain popularity and continue to shill their fictious stories for tge coin and nothing more…it is said that the media is,as mych a part if the failures of boxing as is, Top Rank Productions and Bob Arum… There is,so much more that,I can say….but Pedro has continuously articulated the,same arguments and all most if you do is turn a blind eye to the inevitable TRUTH….Manny may very well want to fight Floyd but Bob Arum wants no part of that,particular loud mouthed
    black kid from Grand Rapids, Michigan…..can Manny beat Floyd in humble opinion a, resounding No…..but unfortunately we will never be able to see it,as Bob Arum made sure if that last night….hopefully im wrobg,abd the fight can be made…..but I honestly done

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Had the judges done the right thing in November, then we’d have had Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez 4. But Manny didn’t, or his promoter Bob Arum didn’t, but neither man wanted Floyd Mayweather or the fight would have happened in March 2010 or on May 5, 2012.

  • "Dick"The Mick"

    Paco: I’m with you. If DLH beat Sturm, ,then Bradley beat Pac and Foreman beat Schultz and Briggs beat Foreman. What a f###ing joke. Maybe Arum has it set up for a big payday in November. In any case why the hell we all still so in love with boxing?? I think we are all being conned and we are going along with it. It’s almost as bad as Ali given rounds against jimmie Young and never landed a meaningful punch in that round. Count me out for the rest of the charade…….

  • The Pacquiao-Marquez fight was close and could have gone either way, while the Pacquiao-Bradley scrap is one sided. Now tell me who’s the real man between Pac and JMM after they got the wrong decision.

  • Everyone go outside and smell the air… The slight odor is what 100 million dollars worth of prize money smells like when it is set on fire and goes up in smoke… I’m actually GLAD that Floyd is in a jail cell right now, because if he wasn’t literally restrained by steel bars, I think there would be a ‘body count’ underway by now.

    If that fight wasn’t happening before, with 100 mil on the table, what do you think the chances are now that there will likely only be 25% of that now… Lesson to all fighters out there. If you are holding a winning lottery ticket; don’t hold onto it, CASH IT IN!!!

  • “What goes around comes around” mentality shows that you don’t know boxing. Do you actually think that this type of “justification” is good for the sport? It is CLEAR that you are more of a Pac hater than a boxing fan, and it shows your limited knowledge of the sport. You don’t give a damn about the integrity of the sport, and you should be embarrassed to post something like that in a public forum.

    In no way will I insist that Pac pitched a shutout. I’m just sick and tired of people bringing up Marquez on these forums. They miss the point. What I WILL say is that there was a CLEAR winner, just as Felix Sturm CLEARLY won against delaHoya, and as George Foreman CLEARLY beat Shannon Briggs. Anyone who will debate me OTHERWISE doesn’t know boxing. Here’s a tip: Watch the fight with the volume OFF. It will be apparent that it wasn’t as close as HBO commentators say — BUT there will be a CLEAR winner.

  • Konrad Gasparov

    Pacquiao made Bradley looks like an amateur.

  • even mayweather sr said pacman won the fight. from the stats to what’s obvious, manny won a lopsided fight. you’re off pedro.

  • I’m sure pacquiao gambled against him self and arum helped him with the judges.

  • Man if you TRULY FOLLOW BOXING and UNDERSTAND the POLITICS behind it than you KNOW what happened….this fight being rigged is about FLOYD…Arum Does NOT want that fight Manny isnt scared of Floyd but Bob Arum IS and he is Protecting his Cash Cow….They Have been Ducking the fight with Floyd and Lying to the press saying FLOYD wont make the fight………now….they make a fight with Bradley an set up the REMATCH and THE DATE in the contract….WOW……give me a BREAK……Before Floyd went to Jail he said he wanted to fight Manny in NOV….now they set up the rematch for NOV 4th……if you dont see whats happening right in front of your faces…you all need to kill yourselves !!!!

  • Former Boxing Fan

    Things like what happened last night are what’s killing boxing. That was one of the worst decisions I’ve seen in my life, ppv match or otherwise. Does Arum want to avoid a Mayweather match so bad that he has to buy three judges? Food for thought:
    The last two judges had indefensible score (one for Bradley and one a draw)
    You know things are bad when Lederman pipes up about one of the judges (Ross), I’ve never seen him do that before
    Why did it take Manny so long to get out? Was he getting instructions on the fall to come?
    Christ or not, Manny looked too calm for somebody that just got robbed in his face
    Even Bradley didn’t believe he won the fight. “Watch the tape” WTF? If you knew you won you don’t need f*cking tape! Manny is going to have hard time explaining this fiasco back home. If he wants to walk like a man again he’d better drop Arum fast like the flaming sack of sh*t that Arum is…

  • Ronald Wong is an idiot/knows nothing? Then why is he $600 richer today after betting on Bradley? Ronny boy gets the last laugh!

  • Gary Branndenburg

    Well, either the judges for Bradley are blind or I am a moron because I see no possible way this was a Bradley victory. I like both fighters and was rooting for Tim but what a bad final talley by two So-Called-Judges. Punch stats don’t tell it all but they sure tell enough to know this was One-Bad-Deal, delt by the judges.
    Maybe new blood will be good for the sport BUT not at the expense of a wining boxer such as Manny. There needs to be an investigation and this wrong be made right ASAP.

  • To the dude who scored this fight a draw. I’m
    Sorry bit you’re either a complete farking idiot or you never watch boxing(aka you know nothing). Bradley won 2 rounds and one was close. Either way if you scored this fight for Bradley you’re a complete moron or 2 of the 3 people who were paid off by GBP and or Floyd. Retards.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ron Wong and my buddy Benny from New Meixco bet on Bradley.


  • Your article was extremely hard to read. Due to the fact that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. There was fraud in that fight and unfortunately it seems that both parties were involved. Bob Arum wants to continue to make money and if his money pig won and mayweather was in jail how was he going to make it. Wasn’t it weird that Timothy Bradley already knew the date of the rematch and that Pacquiao lost one of the most controversial losses in his career and he was ok with it. Yeah new rule in boxing get out of Top Rank and never fight in Vegas. Period.

  • Close fight, i would have score it a draw. That’s why there was a rematch clause if Bradley would have won, which he did. Anyway Pedro, I put down one bill on this fight back in Feb. when it was posted 6 to 1 for Bradley.

  • You can’t be serious? Bradley at most won 4 rounds! The Marquez fight was controversial…this was robbery!, PAC peaked against Cotto.


  • Pedro ur way off man. How does a guy get out landed by almost 100 punches?? Most of which are power shots, gets walked down and toyed with most the fight and u can write he has a case? When I was watching the fight I was amazed at how pacman was toying with the best 140 pounder in the world. This fight wasn’t even close. Bradley landed nothing of significance. And was getting rocked when pacman chose to rock him. If I can say 1 thing I don’t even think many was in good shape. I guess they will do the rematch. Manny will come in rock hard at 144 and smoke Bradley like an NYC blunt. But now we can see why mma is killing boxing or boxing is killing herself!! This is nutz but at least dude took his L like a man and didn’t bitch.


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