Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA- Even though he won by way of a shutout on my scorecard, Manny Pacquiao’s stock value dipped a little with his blanking of Shane Mosley. There was no fire in the usually fiery Filipino, except for when referee Kenny Bayless gaffed and called a Mosley push a Pacquiao knockdown in round ten. Outside of banging his gloves together once, the recognized king of boxing just didn’t have any fire in his belly. Of course, fighting Joshua “Handcuffed” Clottey, a weight drained has been in Antonio Margarito and the Tupac Shikur looking (meaning dead) Shane Mosley, none of these guys were expected to be competitive and they weren’t.


Complaining of leg cramps, it is hard not to still consider Manny boxing’s best and #1, with middleweight champ Sergio Martinez if not 1-A, or a close second. The only reason Martinez is able to hang with Pacquiao in the “pound for pound” ratings is that he has fought and beaten excellent competition in Paul Williams and Kelly Pavlik, while Pacman has faced, Larry (Clottey), Curly (Margarito) and Moe (Mosley), the equivalent of boxing’s Three Stooges. Had Pacman not been spoon fed the past year, there would no disputing his holding the “P4P” title.


Because of both his inactivity and choice of foes, having fought twice since the Oscar De La Hoya farce in 2007, against the undersized Juan Manuel Marquez and the aforementioned Mr. Mosley, Floyd Mayweather is not even on my top ten list!

Pedro Fernandez


  • I am Pretty sure that people who hates PacMan very much had lost big amount of money since the PacMan started his boxing campaign in The USA. I will bet my last cents if that is not true!
    They can’t accept that! Lolz

  • Jon,
    Remember that Morales was weight drained in his 2 and 3rd fights with pac. Since then, Pac has used weight to gain BIG advantages of other fighters. What would have happened if EM was not drained? Stop making excuses for Cherry Picking Pac.



  • You guys are really hard on us “Pactards” just because we stick up for the man that is probably the best ever to play the sport of boxing! Honestly, I don’t see why Mexicans get so bent out of shape over Pac. The last man to have the honor of beating Pac is a Mexican, Erik Morales. The last man to give Pac a really tough close fight is a Mexican, J.M. Marquez. The whole hype about Pac being a “Mexican killer” is B.S. Mexicans should be glad to have Pac around, because his presence is a reminder of how good their own fighters are.

  • What’s up with all the double standard..Martinez is to big for Manny but its ok for team Pac to bend Marquez over hard..WTF! You Pactards are just of bunch of apologist..

  • mcmisszy ,

    Pac ducked Mexico’s Humberto Soto, and Mexican Juan Diaz many times.

    Pac only beat Old Mexican greats, then ducked the younger Mexican fighters, cause Pac is afraid to fight them.

  • Pac has only two real fighters to chose from; JMM and Mayweather. You can’t keep waiting for Mayweather so you have to make the fights that make the most sense. I don’t get this Bradley thing, I think he is a solid B fighter, Pac would wear him out at 140 or 147. I knew Berto was a fraud after the Collazo fight, Kahn is his stablemate and would get worn down in the later rounds, Martinez is naturally too big for Pac and would probably overpower him. I think Pac has reached his top weight limit at 147. Pac should really fight at 140, but I think he likes 147 so he doesn’t have to cut weight. Bottom line is that he should fight one or two more fights and hang it up; JMM and Floyd (if he ever decides to lace them up again).




  • Good points Jon but I think Bradley would make it a good fight if they fought at 140…He comes to fight and grows a lot of punches. I think pac beats him but I want to see it in the ring. Ortiz at welter would be a good scrap too given the size advantage of ortiz and his youth. Ortiz has a pleasing style to watch and seems rejuvinated by his move up in weight not unlike cotto and pac.It would be like the passing of the torch to th young lions IF they can unseat the living legend in pac.

  • Jon, unlike you I have every reason to believe Bradley style will trouble Pacquiao, so would Ortiz’s size,strength,youth and boxing doubt, Pac has proved us wrong when he moved up in weight but now that he has proven he can compete at welter l want to see how his dominant performances against washed up fighters looks against the hunger and energy of a good young fighter..remeber fight results come inside a boxing ring, you picking Pac to beat anybody put in front of him is your opinion not a fact..I’m no Pacquiao hater, I just have my doubts considering he’s fought accomplished fighters on the down side and in some cases comprimised as well..

  • Khan and Bradley are boring fights. Sorry. There is absolutely no reason to think Amir Khan would give Manny any trouble at all. Based on what? He went life and death with Maidina–so did Erik Morales, who Manny obliterated five years ago. And Bradley? Sorry, wins over Nate Campbell and Devon Alexander don’t have me jumping from the rafters from excitement.

    There is nothing wrong with these fights but they are hardly what you would call interesting, big fights.

    And yeah, Margarito may have been old, but how big was he when he came into the ring? 170 pounds? Mosely is old but would still beat a lot of guys. The destruction of DLH and Cotto, not to mention Hatton, was legit.

    That’s in addition to all the other good fighters he beat over the years.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ageed! Floyd ducked these guys. Jones is a confirmed Steroid cheat. U didn’t mention that.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Had Manny agreed to rabdom testing, they would have fought in March 2010. 11 of 15 Filipinos at the CCTV broadcast said he should have agreed to take the tests last year.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Would Manny be the draw if JMM would have got the deserved win in the 2nd fight?

  • Manny hit that groove when he proved all the doubters wrong he made De La Hoya quit, then ko’d Hatton the F out and in exciting fashion outslugged Cotto. After that we all knew who should be next but Mayweather never happened and I doubt it ever will. So now Manny is at the point where he fights for the biggest purse. Bradley, Berto or Ortiz wouldn’t draw what Pac-Mosley would. It’s all about prizefighting now cuz Manny is at the top and he can do whatever he wants. I’d love to see Manny fight Sergio Martinez, real dangerous for Manny of course. Come to think of it now, maybe a Cotto-Pacquiao II for the junior-middleweight title doesn’t sound too bad either.

  • Mr. Saito,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but who is the draw, Manny or Marquez?? You don’t dictate the contract details if you aren’t bringing the cash to the promotion. Marquez had his chance to put himself in position to call the shots. Watch the Floyd-Marquez fight again and you will understand why he has to fight at whatever weight Manny says. Plus, maybe he should win ONE fight against Pacquiao before he starts contract negotiations.

  • And all this talk of Manny ducking Mayrunner, lets put this to rest. Take a poll. I want odds on 75% and higher of Floyd ducking the fight. I would venture to say its 85-15. if he has that many fans left. Floyd Mayweather is cowering in the corner, knees shaking, thumb in his mouth, nothing to see here folks. Move on. We seen this act before when Margarito came-a-calling.

  • KP is 100% right on in his assessment of Jones and Mayrunner. After Castillo beat him, regardless of the crooked judging, and came close to beating him in the second fight, then getting stunned by Juday at 140, he became a cherry picker. When Cotto, Williams, and Margarito were standing at the top of 147, he retired. Jones actually fought everyone available to him, besides a Toney rematch, and the blame goes both ways there.

  • I agree that Pac should head back to 140 (a more natural weight for him anyway) to face the posse of young, hungry fighters who are waiting for him there. At welterweight, Pac gets “superfights” with guys who have huge reputations but who were actually more dangerous years ago while they were busy forging those reputations. At 140, Pac gets real fights with guys who are not as well-known but who are greedy for Pac’s glory and trophies and who are on the upside of their careers. Because they are greedy, they will not punk out like Sugar Shane, but will leave the ring like Spartans, carrying their shields or being carried on their shields. Among the young guns, Tim Bradley is the best opponent for Pac, but I don’t like the way Bradley uses his head as a battering ram; Pac would be well advised to agree only to a fight with headgear! There’s no point in Pac fighting Marquez, who really needs to redeem himself after slouching through the fight with Pretty Boy Floyd.

  • Reports that Manny will only agree to fight Marquez at 145 lbs demonstrate that doubt creeps into Manny’s mind at the thought of facing Marquez again. Manny can easily make 140 lbs, as Roach has previously stated that fighting one of the top guys at 140 is an option. Additionally, both Roach and Manny’s conditioning coach have stated that Manny needs to eat multiple meals to make welterweight. So,why would Pacquiao insist that the fight be at “145 and no lower” against Marquez? Hmmm, let’s think about that folks.

    What is puzzling is that as great a fighter as Marquez has proven to me, he has slowed down a bit. He got decked against Katsidiz, and the Baby Bull also put hands on him. So he has looked vulnerable and that should bolster Pacquiao’s confidence,but instead he utters “145 and no lower”?!?

    And thus far I have not even mentioned the fact that Pacquiao has projected a cloak of invincibility by fighting weight drained fighters. I truly hope that Marquez refuses to fight at any higher than 140 lbs. Maybe then we’ll see Paqauiao against Ortiz, Bradley, Berto or any other fighter that is not yet geriatric or has been weight dehydrated like a grape turned into a raisin.

  • Margarito was weight drained for Pacman and I guess when Rito beat Martinez…Martinez was “too green”. Cotto, Rito, and Clotty aren’t Mayweather leftovers…maybe Judah and Baldomir are but Pac shouldn’t go there. Marquez was Pac leftovers x2.

  • Pedro I’m no pactard. But let’s stop getting so carried away with the juicing stuff. Like I’ve said b4 when he was fighting 26&30 he would come in the ring at 140 and 144 respectively. Maybe he is doing super human shit cause he isn’t killing himself to make weight and is at full strength. Let’s not forget Hank Armstrong going from126 to 160 and doing his thing. Is he or isn’t he?? Only the test can say but I’m more for giving the man the benefit of the doubt. We spend so much time hating on the guy but truth be told he is decent and humble. And is never scared to throw leather. And who is he gonna fight that can beat him. Tim Bradley ain’t doing it. Maybe Floyd. He beat cot to already and I’ve said b4 and I’ll say it again Martinez can’t do it. FACT I like Martinez but u people r way too high on the guy. Yes he beat Paul and Kelly both of whom are slow as maple syrup. Who else??? Cintron lol. And manny been a hall of faker since his trip at 130 everything else is icing on the cake.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jones was caught with Steroids in him for the Richard hall fight. Again, Kev, failed to do your homework. Jones is a cheater, Mosley, Chavez jr, all these guys are getting popped, Pac does Super human shit and you think it’s a double standard.

  • The jealousy…the rage …. the hatred……what a life!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No, because marquez ia poor Mexican who won’t fight Guerrero, that’s his mandatory. Robert won’t fight Pac without testing, no matter how much money they offer him. Miss Mcsissry, you’re done here!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Look his head has grown, as has his body, he’s doing superman things, If he were Superman, he’d unlike you a keyboard punk, he’d walk in and tell Arum make the fight, I’ll take the tests and kick Floyd’s ass. Instead Manny whspers to Phil Am boxing after a 14 day window, Now they say they’ll take a seven day window, And because I know you are a pint sized dickhead, I will explain the Mosley testing with Floyd.

    He wasn’t given an 18 day window, he ws told to be ready on any day at any time for testing. So, he could have been tested on any of those 18 days. Pac’s people, and I almost want to say Punk’s people, they wangt a 14 or seven day window of no possible testing. Steroids can be used and leave the body in 4-5 days as can EPO.

    So why doesn’t the Congressman walk into Arum’s office and say, I’ll take the tests, bget me an extra $10 million and i can pay for that hospital I’ve been bullshitting the people in my congressional district about. I would never allow Floyd to make a mockery of me in public, but Manny has as 11 of 15 Filipinos at the Closed Circuit think he should take the tests and shut Floyd;s mouth. Only two reasons he wouldn’t in my opinion, he has something to be concerned about regarding what he is taking, or he is just a pussy! When you mount your attacks on me, remember, if your giuy is clean and he can beat mosley, he’d do it in a minute. Something is wrong here, and while I think Floyd is a big asshole, I think Manny has allowed Floyd to punk him by refusing the tests!

  • Manny this is the first time you disappointed me, I believe you did not give your best for the fans against Mosley. I want my $54.95 reimbursed to me.

  • The difference with Jones and Floyd was that Jones did actually fight most of the top light heavyweights, then moved up and fought Ruiz then fought Tarver. Floyd moved up to 147 and fought Judah, Mitchell(washed up), a past prime De La Hoya and stunk it out, and a slow as molasses Baldomir and Hatton. He then retired because for whatever reason(maybe because of Arum) he wouldn’t fight Margarito for 8 million, didn’t want to fight Cotto, and wouldn’t even slightly the entertain a fight with Williams. Then he retired. Once Paquaio started knocking some of these guys off, he came out of retirement and fought a fat and slow version of Marquez, and a somewhat legitimate version of Mosley (who in hindsight hadn’t fought in 18 months) and then basically went back into hiding. Jones actually could only been accused of ducking Michealcheski(won’t bother trying to spell his name), and I don’t blame him for not agreeing to go to Germany to go fight him. Floyd has carefully picked his foes for years, while Jones could only fight the guys available who just weren’t really that good. He did fight Tarver and you saw what happened there, but I’d have to say he has shown quite a bit more stones than Floyd and is generally more entertaining in his fights. Floyd just expects that he can continue to call himself the best pound for pound when in reality he’s only fought two opponents in the last 3 years, one was a lightweight and the other was a 37 year old who had only one meaningful win in years on his ledger, and looked bad against Mayorga and lost to Cotto. The more and more I think about it Floyd and his dumb fans irk me. What has he done in last year besides try to tarnish Pac’s image and get himself into legal trouble and fail to pay taxes? Nothing! He could have been a crusader and REALLY tried to clean up the sport and work with commissions to get them to jump on board for more stringent testing but he’s done squat. It just makes it appear he’s afraid of Paquiao. His point about random testing is just self serving. He doesn’t care one iota about the sport as a whole, only himself.

  • KP you bring up a good point I’ve been trying to drive home for some time now but no one seems to listen.

    The quality of opposition should be determined BEFORE the fight, not after. Allows me to explain. Fighter A vs Fighter B, going in are evenly matched, let’s even say the top two in their division. Fighter A is weight drained and Fighter B wins handily. I don’t believe this should take away from Fighter B’s accomplishment because this essentially gives Fighter A an “excuse”. No one told Fighter A to drain himself in the days leading up, in these mega fights, there’s plenty of time to prepare. If Fighter A is indeed so drained then why isn’t he moving up a weight class? If Fighter A is moving down a weight class (or a few pounds), he should be doing so because he feels he can still be effective. If people want to discredit the win, they should do it before the fight is made (and not pay for it). The extreme example is Benitex telling Leonard “I didn’t train for the fight”, is that supposed to take away from Leonard’s victory. If we use the weight drained argument, no one in history would ever have beaten a properly hydrated Duran. BS, it’s the fighter’s responsibility to show up as best he/she can and if they don’t then they got beat no excuses.

    My point with RJJ is that yes he did fight stiffs, arguably of a lesser caliber than Pacquiao, yet remained in the top lb 4 lb. Hence RJJ can still claim the spot then so should FMJ. I don’t necessarily agree with doing so but why punish FMJ when RJJ was rewarded for the same behavior?

    Last point, piggybacking off Jon. On the one hand everyone is beating the PED drum due to the rise through weight classes. Those same people clamor for a fight with Martinez. Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He should back to 140, fight Khan, Guerrero, Bradley & Marquez, Ans he should agree, NO MANNY SHOULD advocate random testing.

  • @Jon”Just one question: Who SHOULD Pacquiao fight?” Is not the question, the question is, who should he not be fighting. The answer to that is, he should not be fighting old, washed up, weight drained, damaged goods fighters and Mayweather leftovers.

  • Jones didn’t look phenomenal Toney was weight drained. Jones was great but fought a bunch of stiffs for years,kind of like Floyd in some respects. It appears to me after those two-tough fights with Castillo(don’t care what anyone says, he lost the first one and barely won part 2) he just cherry picked, except for Maybe the De La Hoya fight, even though he barely won that one. Floyd’s great, but hasn’t been all that since moving up past 140. Whats his career defining victory? Hatton? He won’t even make it into the hall.

  • Just one question: Who SHOULD Pacquiao fight? I mean, seriously? Who is there? Are people really foaming at the mouth for a Timothy Bradley showdown? Really? You can’t criticize Paq’s opposition when there are no alternatives. Boxing is a sport but it’s also a business. Pacquiao is 32 years old. He’s beaten all the contenders, all the up and comers, all the champions throughout his career. At this point in his career, if he’s going to train for three months and everyone is going to put on a big event, would you rather make $20 million with a name like Mosely, or Margarito, or $2 million for some no name?

    There is no one out there for Paquiao to fight except Mayweather.

    Boxing fans have no memory whatsoever. Just two fights ago Mosely KO’d Margarito and at that point, aside from Mayweather, he looked like the only real viable for fight for Pacman. Yeah he stunk up the joint against Mayweather and Martinez, but who else is out there for Paq to fight? Believe me, I had no interest in Paq-Mosely, but if millions of other people do, good for Pac and Arum. If I had some crap I could sell millions of people for $50 a pop, I’d do it too.

    Paq’s march up the weight classes has been incredible. Now people are saying that he should take on Sergio Martinez…that is patently absurd. Martinez looks like a huge middleweight. Paquiao started his career at 106!

    Take this Paq-Marquez fight. That’s another fight I have no interest in, I don’t think Marquez has a prayer. But millions of people will buy it in the desperate hope that Marquez can pull lightning out of a bottle. He won’t, barring a miracle, but Arum and Paq will make enough money to fill Fort Knox, so good for them. It’s not like Paq’s ducking anyone. I couldn’t really care less if Paq fights Marquez or Khan or Judah or Victor Ortiz or Randall Bailey. Like a good writer at another site said, I’m not tuning in until/if a Mayweather fight gets made

  • Floyd Mayweather, like Roy Jones almost has to remain at least somewhere on the list until someone beats him. Roy’s biggest win was in ’94 against James Toney, he looked phenomenal. Since then he didn’t do a lot but remained the top lb4lb.

    If you’re going to say Margarito was weight drained, couldn’t an argument also be made that Pavlik was battling alcohol thereby taking away from Martinez’s victory over Pavlik in the same fashion as Pc over Margarito?

  • PacMan also faces Morales, Barrera, Marquez – all hall of famers and beat them! He is called the Mexicutioner.

    Who else, other than Williams and Pavlik, did Marinez beat that is of great substance? Williams and Pavlik are not hall of famers yet.

  • He actually fought Hatton after De La Hoya. But yeah, he doesn’t deserve all the credit he gets from his delusional fans. I mean what has the guy done but stink out the joint everytime out? You could make a case for Martinez, but he did lose the first bout with Williams, while Manny didn’t lose more than 2-3 rounds total in his last three bouts against much naturally bigger men.

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