Jorge Show Stealer Arce

Jorge "Show Stealer" Arce


Los Angeles, CA- All of the outrage of Manny Pacquaio’s (53-3-2, 38 KOs) dominant decision victory over “Sweet and Low” Shane Mosley Saturday night on PPV is unwarranted.  Anyone with half a brain that follows the sport knew that Mosley had little to no chance to be competitive, let alone pull off the upset. Those who thought Shane would be able to make a fight of this were dreaming!


The fight itself was disappointing, but Manny won every round and at least appeared to try to finish off a fighter who was totally unwilling to engage.  On a positive note, former light flyweight (108 lbs) and super fly (115) champion Jorge Arce (57-6-2, 44 KOs) put on a thrilling performance in winning the WBO 122lb title from unbeaten titleholder Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. (20-1-1, 17 KOs) by 12th round stoppage, a bout that those in attendence of my fight party really enjoyed. Purchasers who thought they somehow were heisted by the terrible main event deserved what they got. I paid my money for the PPV, but invited friends over and had a great time. Being in the company of friends and with the aid of alcohol made me forget how friggen dull the main event was.  So if you expected Mosley to somehow to start throwing some 80 punches a round, when he normally outputs 40 to 50, that in his prime of a decade, you were either smokin’ some good weed or got caught up in the hype.


It is getting sickening having to be asked time and again who will win between Paquaio and Floyd Mayweather. This is beginning to remind me of the arguments that go on still to this day on who really won between victor “Sugar Ray” Leonard and Marvin Hagler (Leonard won via 12 round split decision to take Hagler’s middleweight (160) crown). In hindsight, at least they fought.  I am starting to feel not-so confident that Pacman-Floyd will ever happen. Regardless of which side you are on in relation to how or who’s to blame for negotiations falling apart (or in Floyd’s case they weren’t negotiations), as I’ve stated many times, both guys could fight me (or Pedro Fernandez) or both of us in the same night) and still sell a crap load of PPV buys.  


This is one of the major hurdles in making this bout become a reality. When the mainstream media only decides to put boxing on the highest stage when either Manny of Floyd fights they are doing the sport a disservice. This in my opinion needs to stop.  If so much emphasis wasn’t put on Mayweather’s undefeated record, or Pacquiao’s deceiving eight titles in allegedly eight different weight classes (lets get real, only four of those are lineal titles), I think it would be better on the sports image to the mainstream public. More emphasis needs to be put on competitive matchups, where the results weren’t mailed in ahead of time.  One major problem with the mainstream sports media is that when it covers boxing, the majority of the sports journalist assigned wouldn’t know a left hook, from a fish hook, thus they lack any knowledge beyond it’s premier performers, and at the same time have very little personal interest in boxing. I myself only wasted time on a 300 world article on the aforementioned fight because in my mind Shane Mosley is more name than fighter at this stage of his career.


The reality is Floyd’s resume is thin as a welterweight (147), and Manny has lately been fighting handpicked pushovers.  The only difference here is Pcaquiao enters the sqared circle more than once a  year, and Floyd basically sits on the sidelines only making headlines when getting arrested.  When mainstream media only focuses on two fighters who basically don’t appear to be meeting in the ring anytime soon instead of some of the other bouts that can be made, the future of the sport is in dire straights. Media moguls continue to worship these two fighters by giving them a get free passes, they keep chiming that in reality no fight in the general public’s mind matters beyond Manny-Floyd.


However the spin doctors, whether they be promoter Top Rank, Mayweather, the general sports media, and the fighters psychotic and maniacal fans will continue to tear up message boards with the same old tired arguments. In what may be the first time in history the two top fighters in the sport are currently in the same weight class, and for this fight to not happen isn’t just a major blow to boxing but sports in general. The reality is, Floyd has only fought twice in the last three years( versus lightweight (135) champion Juan Manuel Marquez and “Sugar-less” Shane Mosley) and is almost irrelevant at this point. Pacquiao who actually fights more than once a year has pretty much ran out of legitimate opponents that the public will accept from this point forward.

Kevin “KP” Perry


  • MP should fight Paul Williams (who is also damaged goods, but would give him a very good fight. Before Paul lost to Martinez, MP wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pe.)

    Speaking of Martinez, doesn’t SM campaign at the same weight class as Antonio Cheatarito? If MP wants to claim all these titles, he should at least try to claim a few of the titles legitimately.

    At least Tito tried to go for glory. Tito legitimately tried to fight the best. MP wants to fight these handpicked dead men. Plus, what’s with the blood test? Blood testing will make him weak? Why does the media ignore that the statement makes as much sense as saing MP is greater than Sugar Ray Robinson?

  • Dodie, It shows your lack of boxing knowledge with your first comment. Arce never fought Donaire. I love Manny and he’s an entertaining fighter, and I usually defend his honor, but lets be real. Every single one of Manny’s last 4 foes were coming back from a significant loss. Cotto, Clottey, Margarito and Shane. I picked Paquaio to beat De La Hoya unlike a lot of other writers who thought he had no shot. So to be honest the wins were great but you can argue that all of those guys are damaged goods. Your blind love for Paquaio is obvious.I at least can give the guy credit but at the same time be honest about the value of his accomplishments. He got a gift belt against Margarito and there’s way too many belts nowdays…four in every weight class. When guys like Armstrong fight there was only one champion per weight class, so as far as I’m concerned this 8 weight champion nonsense is something thats used by promoters to sell their fighters. Same goes for Mayweather and his claims about all of his belts…at least though he beat Mosley when he was the champion.

  • Its nice to see that arce won the fight. Because if not, then maybe just maybe those learned analysts will say, i told u arce was over the hill, not the same fighter after the donaire loss. But now, what? What can you say? Is he a shot fighter? An over the hill one? The problem with writers nowadays are better understanding of the science of the game, just because u have a picture with the greatest and you rub elbows with the stars of the game does not give you a green light to be a writer/critic. If the feat of mp of having won at eight or others say four division, then name somebody who started at bantam and ended at welter status or the same stuff? Armstrong? Almost. Barrera, morales, marquez? Handpicked? Shame. Delahoya? He picked mp. Its was ablunder on the golden boy. As my memory served me right almost every writer picked dela hoya. Even the huge betting odds were on delahoya. Maybe diaz, maybe clotty, but not ricky and cotto. Anyway what can you say of miguel cotto now? That he has regain his streght because of new training? But during the loss to mp, you are saying that hes not the same cotto………………to be continued

  • Arce is tailor made for Rigondeaux. I don’t think he’d last three rounds. Too small and too straightforward and easy to hit. When Rigo decides to sit on his punches he’s brutal. And he’s a terrific body puncher and most Mexican fighters are pretty soft in the midsection.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Mike told it was the luckiest day of his life!

  • The ironic thing is how arce lost to carbajal. And it seems like he went full circle. Rigo would be good all action fighter pressing and defensive genius with pop. Hope it happens

  • Let’s just hope that Arce doesn’t fight a whole lot more. I’m really glad he got the victory last Saturday. But he has been in a ton of wars. He should avoid Donaire at all costs. Maybe a rematch with Darchinyan or a fight against Rigondeaux. Then call it a career.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Stick it in, your ear. My guys have better things to do rather than deal with you. You are not liked hee, take a hike!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He’s not retired yet sir. Instead of trying to throw rocks at me, why don’t write something to Dear Abby?

  • @Pedro.. if you rank Pacman not in the top ten list. You don’t have idea and no knowldge about boxing….

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He’s not in the top ten yet!

  • I agree with El Chicano…fights are won inside the ring..people need to stop with that sh!%…it sounds like some of the mayweather fanboys that do all of may’s fightin!

  • @SKERGE: That doesn’t answer the question of Pac being too big for JMM but Martinez not too big for Pac

    @Pedro: Ok obviously you do not think much of Pac, that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion but to put it in perspective, where do you rank him in the lb 4 lb of all time (please note that many boxers who may be on this list campaigned primarily in one or two weight classes so consideration should be given for moving up). I am curious to see who you’d rank ahead/behind Pac

  • RingTalk, when are you going to start talking about the Super Six this weekend? Andre Ward vs. Arthur Abraham, definitely an interesting night of boxing. Apart from the rubbish this weekend (not including the Arce / Vasquez match), the rest of the month and next month are shaping up quite nicely.

  • It remains to be seen how Pacquiao looks against youthful enthusiasm, energy and hunger at 147..we already know he looks good against accomplished fighters who are clearly pass their best and in some cases a fight or two removed from a serious ass I ask myself how much of Pacquiao’s accomplishments is an illusion at doubt, Manny has proved us wrong when he moved up in weight but now is time to fight some young hungry lions since we know his effective at welter..I don’t want to hear the nonsense that Bradley/Ortiz are not ready,if your good enough to win a title you are ready..spare yourselves the trouble of winning these fights for Pac on the internet, fight results come inside the ring..

  • Pedro, whether you like it or not, pac’s legacy is pretty secure..he always comes to bring it with whomever “they” put in front of him. Now the” three” stooges have been beaten battered and bruised, which fighters do u think pac should fight next and at what weight?

  • 1200 Techs,

    “regarding making jmm step up to 145…complete bs! pac out of his own mouth said he’s willing to fight at 140..time to put up or shut up!”

    Right on! Boxing Fans (and Pac fans, but won’t happen) should have ac keep his word. Pac plays too many weight games.


  • StickItIn,
    Actually, JMM did not start @ 126, he started at 122 and he turned Pro at 20. Pac stated at 108, and he was 16. Pac wasn’t even full grown yet. Before you awe at pac’s awesomeness, remember he was KOing Pinoy men as a teen.


  • Pedro Fernandez

    putting the fight on was shady. Doesn’t Manny have any pride or manhood. Im expecting his next opopent to be salvador sanchez seing he built a reputation beating on dead Mexicans.

  • Mosley appeared to be hurt and it looked like manny started to go for it once the bogus knockdown happened…in ur opinion, u think it was shady pedro?

  • Good thing we don’t manage Pacs career. By the time we were finished with him he would be fighting for the Light Heavyweight title and looking like James Toney.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    It was a love fest. People thoght the fix was in.

  • I know the size difference is huge and arum would prob. never do it but if pac stepped up to martinez ( pedro suggested a catchweight of 152 before) but i say go for the glory and do it at 154! but realistically these are the fights id want to see pac in most:
    ortiz@ 147
    JMM@ 140
    Bradley@ 140
    Khan@ 140

    regarding making jmm step up to 145…complete bs! pac out of his own mouth said he’s willing to fight at 140..time to put up or shut up!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Pac fans only utilize the numbers when it favors Pac.

  • I find that in Boxing today, the more a fight is hyped by the Promotors and by the blinded media, the worse it actually is. This is why a main event Pay-Per-Screw has mostly horrible fights, while the best fights sometimes are on the undercards, or are un-hyped non PPS fights.

  • Akbar, I never mentioned Barrera, Morales, Diaz or Hatton or any names period. Your reading comp stinks. Manny fought Barrera and Morales years ago. I obviously wasn’t referring to them.

  • @david villarreal wait a second. Pac is too big for Marquez (Pac Started at 106/112, Marquez at 126) yet he should fight Martinez, a 160 lb’er? Somehow the math isn’t adding up for me

  • Pedro, have you ever seen two guys tap gloves after a knockdown? First time I ever seen it and this happened not once, but twice (after Shane’s “knockdown”)!! Pac is stupid enough to fight whoever they put in front of him good or bad. Case in point fighting the Mexican trio nearly back to back to back when and now fighting a no-hope Clottey, slower than cement Margarito, and Old Man Shane. He needs to put that its up to my promoter crap to the side.

  • I think Robinson had the natural body size and could handle extra weight to fight in the upper weight classes on an equal or nearly equal level with his opponents. Pacquiao is at a manufactured body weight 145 lb(not implying PED’s) and is probably close to the maximum weight he can be and still stay fit enough to fight at his peak level. A move to 154 would be a bad move for Pacquiao simply because he is too small to compete especially against someone as good as Martinez who would be the only one financially worth fighting.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Mayorga? Timing and weight. Ray Robinson never demanded Joey Maxim to cut off an arm to make weight. U Pac fans lack acumen period.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Cause its true? You bought the glove tapping love fest and you’re mad cause he threw it in your face.Sound about right?

  • Why has boxing fans, Kevin Perry is a typical one, bash each other by bragging that they know everything while others has only ‘half of their brain’?

  • Exactly! I’m tired of this nonsense topic… The only way that makes this topic stop is Pacquiao must retire. He has money and fame! The only fight that hanging in him is only Floyd Jr. They are talking and blaming Pacquiao for not taking Blood Testing. The only way to make this fight happen is Floyd Jr. The only words we need is to say him “YES” I will fight Pacquiao. No More No Less. The Fight will happen. Clearly, Floyd Jr. has no interest in fighting Pacquiao that’s why we (boxing fans) are also hanging. I know Floyd Jr. wants to fight back but the problem is…. Pacquiao is still there.

  • David, I think you don’t know boxing. Martinez capaigns @ 160 while Manny fights @ 147 and 150 but struggled to make his weight above 145. How can you say that Martinez is a legitimate fight for Manny?

    Just to remind you Manny is also a human not Superman!

    Manny has proven everything, that he is almost out of sight..

  • The author calls Barrera, Marques,Morales, Diaz, Hatton, Dela Hoya, Mayorga, and Mosley handpicked pushovers!

  • I’d love to see it to but get real! Martinez is a middleweight. Paquaio is a welterweight. Bob Arum won’t let that happen. I am talking about legitimate opponents that he’d actually consider facing. Martinez would have to cut off an arm and a leg to get the fight.

  • Pac vs Jmm, bradley, or khan at 140
    Martinez vs pac at 154
    ..a win over martinez at 154 would top a win over mayweather and would make pac a boxing diety!

  • Good points KP..I did the same thing at my house and my friends really liked the arce vs vasquez fight….Truth be told, why even talk about mayweather?..He’s in a situation in which he might not beat this time around! As much as like to see mayweather fight in the ring, im not gonna start talking about damn what if calzhage fought carl froch? He’s retired right, third times a charm? I simply moved on. Other fighters deserve attention and if pac is serious about fighting, then maybe him and his team need to think of more competitive matchups and give the fans what they want..we now know pac is a serious threat at welterweight.I dont know any damn person that thinks jmm could hang with pac at this point, how much worse would it be if they fought at 145!

  • david villarreal

    You are totally wrong on that Pacquiao has run out of legitimate opponents that the public will accept. Sergio Martinez is more than a legitimate opponent, as a matter of fact he is a real threat to Mr. Pacquiao. Pacquiao has fought at 154 before and Sergio Martinez even offered to meet him at catch weight. I dont hear a beep from Pacquiao or his promoters about Sergio Martinez. I have heard many boxing fans mention that they would love to see that fight. I guess they would rather fight the lighweight champion of the world Juan Manuel Marquez who is who is 12 lbs. lighter. Mr. Arum trembles with fear just with the thought of somebody beating his cash cow. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are two of my favorites fighters of all time and i truly enjoyed their epic battles like we all did but at this time i think there is too much of a weight difference. Pacquiao has gone up in weight and has been effective and Marquez still can make 135lbs. easily. Thank you so much for the opportunity of some feedback as boxing is my life and passion.

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