New York, NY – Significant members of the media and hundreds of fans flocked to the exquisite Light House Ballroom at Chelsea Pier in New York City to witness globally recognized international pugilist icon Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs) and highly decorated three division former champion Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KOs) address the public in regard to their upcoming mega fight._MG_3348


In a luxurious atmosphere, promoter Bob Arum verbally displayed his admiration toward both athletes, which in essence; became the theme of the day. In a refreshing change of pace from common pre fight build up, there was no trash talking, no altercations, no frills; just professionals that are all business about their sport. Such adequate was on display when legendary trainer Nazim Richardson showed respect for his fighter’s adversary stating; _MG_2946“if you don’t like Manny Pacquiao, you don’t like boxing…maybe you don’t like people in general”. Therafter, master trainer Freddie Roach mentioned that they are cognizant that Shane wasn’t “up” for his last opponent (Sergio Mora, draw 12) and they are expecting the best from Mosley’s vast repertoire come fight night. When both fighters hit the podium to offer their sound bytes, more of the same acknowledgement of appreciation toward each fighter was the evident. After the conference, a delicious luncheon was held where I was able to catch up with both combatants and their trainers to ask some questions regarding preparation for the fight. Here are the highlights from the interviews I conducted:

_MG_3063Shane Mosley

JS: Shane, what facet of Manny’s game concerns you the most?

SM: I have no concerns, he’s a fighter and I like that. He will fight, he will bring it, and he’ll come with it. He’s a warrior and I like that.

Nazim Richardson

JS: What is Pacquiao’s biggest weapon?

NR:  His dedication. His discipline.  


_MG_3452Freddie Roach

JS: Where will training be conducted?

FR:  Four weeks in the Philippines, four weeks in Los Angeles.

JS: Not to look past Shane, but who do you guys want as a next foe?

FR: I want Floyd (Mayweather), Manny wants Floyd, the world wants Floyd.

JS: Has Sergio Martinez been discussed?

FR: Yes, it’s a fight we wanted but it ain’t gonna happen at 160.

_MG_3115Manny Pacquiao

JS: What aspect of Shane’s style are you going to be aware of the most?

MP: His hand speed. He has very good hand speed and foot work. His power.

JS: If successful on May 7th, what’s next?

MP: I will return home to the Philippines to rest and see what’s next after I relax.

JS:  Are there any fighters you admire or enjoy watching right now?

MP:  Myself (laughs).

As always, stay tuned for my preview come fight week!

Photography by: Mike Liddle

John Signorella


  • this should read

    JS: What is Pacquiao’s biggest weapon?
    NR: well, well, well, his fear of needles

  • I was looking through some of my old boxing magsand on the year end review by the ring 2007. It had the pics of wlad klitchko, Marco Antonio barrera, Oscar de la hoya, miguel cotto, Prettyboy Floyd Monet Mayweather!!!!!!!!!!! And Manny Pacman Pacquioa. Now what hit me was pacman was at130 lbs. Since 2007 he has obliterated barrera, cotto, and del la hoya, and he is on the verge of fighting PBF. I know there are some questions about ped’s but I don’t really think so. He used to come in at fight night for 130 fight at 144 and so he really isn’t cutting and is a lot healthier now. As much as I love to talk shit about Pacman and trust me it’s only to piss u pacoffs off. I have to appreciate the man the myth and living legend that is Manny Pacman Pacquioa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he and PBF get it on and leave boxing for the better. For the sport and their health.

  • Wow Freddie Roach is so full of sh*t. Didn’t Martinez want the fight @ 154? Of course he did but Freddie would much rather toss BS in the press like the fight is so unreasonable when he knows it isn’t and if he really wants Mayweather why not cut the BS and submit to unrestricted testing.

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