Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley

Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley

San Francisco, CA– Last Friday at the Northern California Retired Boxers Assn. monthly luncheon, the upcoming Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley fight came up, followed by my asking, “is this a competitive fight?” On paper, it looks like Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38 KOs) will paint Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KOs) like a picket fence. But are there any advantages Mosley at 39, has against a 32-year old Pacman?

Hand & Foot speed: Although Mosley had good snap in his prime and rhythm when throwing punches in bunches, the Pacman will have the edge both in both departments. Once possessing excellent footwork, Shane looks to get out sped by Pac’s ability to dart in and out, it might make Mosley look fast as molasses.

Punching Power: With Shane being the naturally bigger man here, one would think he has more “stop in his pop. But when you look at common opponents, most notably Miguel Cotto, you got to say that Pac, somehow, the little guy is the guy with more “stop in his pop.”

Activity: Although Manny has curtailed his appearances to twice yearly now, Mosley, who at 39, hasn’t been active much. There was the win over the “exposed” Antonio Margarito in 2009, then the ho-hum (nothing in the tank) loss to Floyd Mayweather last May. Oh, and the draw with Serfio Mora. Two fights a year beats three fights in 27 months. Advantage: Pacman.

Experience: Now, here is a department in which Shane Mosley has an edge, right? Went undefeated as lightweight champion in eight IBF title fights, fought Oscar de La Hoya at their peak, lost to Vernon Forrest twice, Winky Wright twice, Shane’s last stellar moment from this perspective was when he faced the aforementioned Miguel Cotto in 2007.

Chin: Both have good chins. Even!

Stamina: The mere fact that Pacquiao explodes in the middle rounds against bigger guys, this before finishing stronger than anybody but Juan Manual Marquez, edge goes to him and nutritional gurus.

Ring Generalship: Mosley, in better times would be superior here. But with cement now in each boxing boot, Pac will get him to do what he wants more than Shane will Pac.

Race: Manny hasn’t fought a Black guy that can be a “sticker & mover” in years. He has purposely avoided them because of that slickness! That being said, this is Mosley’s only hope, that his legs will carry him to and fro for 36 minutes.

Pedro Fernandez


  • OK, I’ve have about enough of all the Pac ball hogging!! You chumps ask is if Shane Mosley started fighting last year and yall only seen 2 of his fights?! WTF?! This man was beat by Mayweather, yes, and he really won that fight against Mora, although I thought he could have done more. He didnt tire in the Mora fight. He went to full 12 rounds. You punks get catch phrases and rehash them to be truth
    -he’ll will tire after a few rounds-
    -he cant pull the trigger-
    -he’s old-
    -Naz is gonna throw in the towel-
    blah blah blah

    Shane is gonna lay heavy hands on Pacman. Yall punks so caught up in Pacmania, that yall fail to see that he has a LIVE championship caliber opponent in front of him, ready to knock his head off. Yall act like he is just gonna stand there and be a punching bag, be target practice. Pac has been knocked out, so that is a stronger possibility than Shane being Ko’d, which has never been done. Take Pacman dick outta yall mouth and stop disrespecting the Great Sugar Shane Mosley.

  • @crewdawg; I have more Boxing knowledge on the tip of my finger than you have overall! How can anyone get excited over a fight where the out come isn’t in doubt? Manny bores me now I use to like watching him fight but now it’s the same old fighters doing the same old things. I want Manny to face something he’s never faced in his career…a fighter with speed and real Boxing skills. Having the money to purchase the fight is not the issue, the fight isn’t worth a foodstamp! I have stopped buying Manny’s fights years ago because of his refusal to fight AA boxers.Enjoy spending your disposable cash and garbage! As for me I’d rather stick it in the g string of a 80 year stripper with missing teeth.

  • Bigdig,

    That’s what happens when you play around with no-hopers, you give them a chance to hurt you. I’d like to see Pac fight a a worthy challenger in their prime for once. With no catch-weights, but I’m probably asking 4 too much.


  • Tech,

    Dzinzurik moved up for a chance at Martinez belt. Why would Martinez want a 154 belt, when the one he had at 154 was stripped from him? Plus, no one at 154 wanted to fight him to unify the 154 lb titles. The WBC and Top Rank wanted him to take the bait, so they could strip him of the 160 title. He didn’t take the bait, but they found a way to strip him anyway, and offer it up to another Top Rank fighter. Look for Pac vs Chavez Jr. at 160 folks. People will ride Pac, because that has been his M.O. for some time now. How many fighters have had to drop weight or move up for Pac? Larios (up 2 div), Morales (stay down one), DLH (drop 2 div), Cotto (drop 2 lbs), Margo (4 lbs), posible 3rd fight w/ JMM (move up 2 Div). At this point, Pac probably can’t make 140 without Roach complaining, but Roach always complains.


  • Pac should not cover up with elbows high and allow Shane to bang the body like he does in most fights. Pac “should” win but he always leaves a bit of himself in the ring as a sacrifice to entertain the fans….admirable from a fight fan perspective. Thats what makes his fights exciting…wether he’s blowing out the competition or not….Pac always leaves the ring bumped and bruised and it will eventually catch up to him.

  • Skerge: Agreed..If I think Pac should fight Berto at 147 and if he takes on a jr.welter, I hope he comes back down to jr. welter to do so…remember, dzinzurik did move up from 154 to fight Martinez at 160 but you don’t see anybody trippin about that, but guaranteed people will ride pacquiaio if he were to have Maidana or bradley move up to 147…Personally, i think Pac should drop down to 140 and take on all comers to wrap up his career if he can’t get Mayweather to fight…

  • Dencio,

    Though my time is precious, I watch all fights. I just won’t add to the Top Stank coffers. Plus, I get to remark about it afterwards.


    Yes, you can stream. You learn something new everyday, that’s good.


    I guess we’d have to wait on the fight stipulations, right? What weight, ring size, glove size, who wraps the hands and how good the inspector is, if they were coming off a KO loss. You know, the usuals.


  • Skerge: i agree they have a chance, but i’m pretty sure pac still wipes em both out…maidana pac would be fun to watch…kahn vs pac would never happen and i just dont see khan weathering pacs relentless attack..dont get me wrong, id love to see those fights but my money would be on pac…

  • Funny, how someone will watch the fight but not pay for it. Can you stream a PPV fight for free? If not, you will probably go to an establishment that charges to watch the fight. You are still paying there, unless, your definition of free is to mooch of people’s PPV buy. I guess we just figured out what “I would not pay for it” means.


    Thats what i said you’ll “WATCH IT”, did i mention that you’ll pay for it? If u really hate that match-up, free or not, why bother? It would be a waste of your “precious” time.

  • 1200Techs,

    I disagree, I think Berto and Khan can hang and have a chance. Even Mosley has a small chance (that’s why they cherry picked him, because the chance is minimal now).


    I said I’d watch it, but I would not pay for it, and I won’t.


  • Dencio, when it comes down to it, these supposedly “none viewers” are going to be the first ones purchasing the fight.

  • Crewdawg
    Tell that to skerge also. After he badmouthed pac vs mosley fight, he said he’ll watch it anyway.

  • Roberto rios,
    Let Nonito beat juanma & gamboa first, b4 he thinks of challenging pac. But…that would be a great fight if it happens, but right now, its next to impossible.

  • Sean, the only mindless person I can think off right now is you. Manny as a mindless puncher?! One, you are not a boxing fan, definitely one devoid of any knowledge of it. Two, you lack monetary means to buy the fight or three, you are just a Pacquiao hater. So, which is it? No one is forcing you to watch the fight. Do us all a favor, don’t watch it. I don’t want to read another asinine comment from you.

  • Skerge: Nobody has a chance against pac at 147 down except Mayweather!

  • Any writing Manny is a boxer puncher instead of an mindless puncher is clueless.This fight is a sham,scam and a waist of anyone’s hard earned money

  • It will be competitive in the first three rounds, but after that, it’s going to be the Pacman show. Stamina will be the big difference here. Manny’s output will be the same from round one to round twelve(if it last that long). Mosley will not be able to match Manny’s stamina and workrate that he needs to have a chance against him. Also, it will be hard for Mosley to set his right bomb if he’s constantly eating leather. I could see this fight going down like the Cotto fight, competitive for the first few rounds till Pacman starts dominating. Either way, the fight will be fun to watch, and I can’t wait for it.

  • How about u idiots request better fight cards. Like how it used to be. When u had 3 title fights and 2 rising prospects. Not this shit they feed us for 50/60 bucks just so 1 fighter can make all the money. Also I’d like to address how nonito left top rank because of manny hating on him!!!!!! They know that if they put him on the undercards nonito is gonna steal the show. I tell u what. If I was nonito I’d challenge pacman to fight at 135!!!!! He can make it and nonito could carry the weight. And I’ll bet nonito wins by decision!!!!!! Lol

  • I agree with most of the posters here. Shane will be competitive early, but Manny will enforce his will on him as the rounds progress. Shane will try to go after Manny full force in the first/second round trying to get a good shot (a la Mayweather) that can hopefully catch Manny and stop him. But of course, Pac (and Roach) will be prepared for that…To royce: While I agree with you to some extent that some boxing fans enjoy a ‘scientific’ boxer, it’s a minority and most certainly not enough to be able to put the necessary asses in the seats. That’s why MMA is so popular. Can’t imagine those folks going to an MMA bout to see a scientific fighter. Remember, no one gets up to get a beer when the home run hitter is up. Peace.

  • Pac fans are really dumb,

    They contradict themselves by saying Pac fights the best, then admit that the other guy has no chance and re-hash what Roach said about the opponent; “OLD, Can’t pull the trigger, Saw last 2 fights, has no legs, etc…” Don’t you guys understand that is cherry picking? Then, they come back with Pac wins because he’s ATG or GOAT, and re-hash the HBO cheerleader; “Pac punches from weird angles”, no he doesn’t. He’s a southpaw, if that’s weird, then you you don’t have enough experience. It must be fun, living in a fantasy world. Don’t let reality break you, when you wake up. If Mosley pulls the upset, Pac goes from hero to zero, like a Led Zeppelin.


  • Of course, Pedro, this will be a competitive fight in the early rounds, but Manny Pacquiao’s stamina and relentless offensive arsenal will come into play in the second half of the fight. Eventually, Manny will TKO SSM in the latter two or three rounds.

  • I can see Mosley with that guard up shaking that right hand gettting ready to throw then!pop pop pop in out goes Pac Man better yet let me do my Jim Lampley “Here comes Manny BAng BANG BANG BANG BANG ….This is Mosleys last dance lets be real he couldnt pull the trigger on Mayweather and couldnt do it with Mora Pac Man is going to have a field day.I aint buying this one going to go watch this at a sports but I am looking forward to seeing the prefight shows on CBS I think its a good look for Boxing.

  • Pac stops Shane in 8 rounds(Nazim jumps in to save a game Shane) HAPPY ST. PAT’S DAY TO ALL FROM DICK “THE MICK”!!!

  • Pacquiao will make B-Hop squirm when he puts Mosley into a boxing clinic. After about 3 rounds with Pac, Mosley will feel the stings of his punches he never received in his entire career. Huff and Puff will be Mosley’s only recourse to survive.
    Constant barrages of punches coming from all angles would make Mosley looked amateurish in his defense. He better train hard, because Pacman is taking him seriously and “no mercy” for age difference this time around.

  • I agree with nashingun everyone is complaining bout this is a payperscrew not worth the $50 but everybody will pay and watch anyways, so people stop complaining its got a good undercard with antillon vs sotto and wilfredo vasquez jr vs jorge arce..and mosley got alot to prove in this fight, i dont think he,ll win but he got power so he got a punchers chance to pull the will be good while it last..

  • royce,
    hahaha! go ahead bore yourself to death watching floyd jr dance pretending he’s tough yet only to survive on every round. SURVIVE, yes, you got that right! its not even close to being devastatingly fearsome!

    pacquiao on the other hand will beat you not only in footspeed, jabs or side to side movements, but he will kill ya with power punches in weird angles (which floyd cant do, and floyd fears). pac can throw rain of blinding fast powerpunches wont bore you. somehow it feels typical in pacquiao’s every fight he demolishes his opponents. while floyd would throw them solely to show he can still punch almost like one in every round!

    so what you call sweet science is a damn joke! jabs you think should win fights? its trash! so your boxing theology? its phony boxing.

  • ofcourse, this will be an exciting fight for sure! no matter others say mosley is old or cheater or waste of pay per view but i tell you everyone’ll still watch this fight. if you miss this you’re a fool! pacquiao wont bore you unlike floyd jr or hopkins or other boring black fighters. pacquiaio may demolish mosley but not easily, this fight will be a blast!

  • Otrbal, resubmit post but NOT in all caps please.

  • mosely is nothing but a comfirm cheater, no matter how you slice or dice it, he cheated and i doubt it was his first time, if this gut isn’t taking steroids still, then he might be taking epo, do they even test boxers for that? don’t matter pacman is going to knock him out!!!!!

  • Oh, and I’m Filipino, I’m not black, and I’ll tell you, American black fighters fight differently. They rely more on rhythm, speed, defense, evasion, set-ups…..

  • Just because finishers and sluggers are fun to watch doesn’t mean they’re better. Two drunk guys trading blows is more exciting than 2 olympic style boxers, but don’t tell me the two drunkards are better!

    That being said, Floyd and company may be boring but to people who watch boxing not only for the pain and blood but for the science as well, Floyd, Sweet Pea are very entertaining. And as for slick black guys, Pedro and B-HOP are right. American black guys fight differently, its a cultural thing, like Mexicans being known for brawling, yes its a stereotype but Lampley, Merchant, Steward, EVERYONE knows what a “Mexican style” fighter is and people even say Manny fights Mexican, so…. WHAT’S WRONG WITH SLICK BLACK AMERICAN FIGHTER?

  • With all these talks about Mosley being old, this isn’t going to be exciting. Whatever the results, Pacquiao is on the losing end. He wins, people will discredit it as Pac beating a grandpop. If he loses, people will try to discredit him again by saying that he was exposed by Mosley. The problem is, money is always a stumbling block for promoters. Nobody in the division has a proven marketable name other than Mosley; the rest has been defeated by Pacquiao. I don’t know if Berto is ripe enough. But sometimes, this business side of boxing keeps us from watching the fight we want to see.

  • I’ve already said that. No need to wait.

  • Pinoy Pedro. you gave the name a bad rap. Either you can’t read or you are delusional. Which is it?

  • What post are you referring to Wise guy?

  • This is one of the most prejudice comment ever. It just shows the writer is Filipino!

  • pretty solid breakdown by pedro..and to answer the question, i believe that it will be a good fight up until the 5th or 6th round…then the pacquaio show takes over..would rather have watched him against jmm at 140, berto or take on top 140 lbers..its obvious his team and him are setting sights on mayweather…manny and his team want to win more convincingly against shane..but please, no more retreads after this one or some bogus fight the fans really arent calling for…IMO pac has everyones number from 147 down..but hotdamnit, i wanna see him prove it in the ring like hes been doing for some time now…

  • Enrico, pretty stupid comment, but I understand this coming from a Pacnut. Rewrite your post and don’t use all caps please!

  • after pacman defeat sugar shane. what will be your alibi?…. pedro wake up!

  • pedro pedro pedro….you added an irrelevant criteria – “race”.

  • Pacman slaughters Mosely and Nazim Richardson throws in the towel to save Mosley from getting hurt in the later rounds. You heard it first here.. Then hopefully Arum can get with King so that they can put together Pac vs. Mayweather, this of course if Mayweather isnt still retired or hasnt hit another rent a cop or another baby mama..

  • Alaktrical Engr

    IMHO, if SSM trains really hard and come fight night he’s in tip top shape, it will be a UD for PAC..Otherwise, he will be KOd in the very first round by the ATG PACQUIAO!!! ”,)

  • slick boxers?? we don’t want to watch them. they are runners, boring and cowards.. look at guys like Cory spinks, Floyd the Fraud, etc.. we want boxers/punchers, finishers with big hearts.

  • This is the first time that I see RACE as one of the factors in predicting the outcome of a boxing fight. I don’t want to think that Pedro is a racist, maybe he is just influenced by BHop…

  • Pedro how could you forget Mosley’s epic battle to a draw some months ago with… I forgot the guy’s name.

  • There are lots of breakdowns of this fight. The new Ring has a detailed one. But ONLY Pedro would have that last category. Had to laugh when I saw it. . . like watching Bart Simpson unable to contain one prank.

  • In better times, yes. Now, no. Another useless Pay Per Screw.

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