Pacquiao Hammers Rios

Pacquiao Hammers Brandon Rios

San Francisco, CA– I was thinking about it over the weekend.  Who has had a greater impact on the world stage than undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather (47-0, 26 KO)? Only one boxer:  Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KO).


Granted, Floyd may have a zillion times the amount of money Manny Pacquiao possesses, but it hasn’t bought or garnered Mayweather the international respect that has been bestowed on Pacquiao as both a boxer and a man. Especially not the latter.


People don’t know that Floyd does charitable work that he doesn’t seek credit for. But being an elected Philippine Congressman is hard for anybody to top, let alone the native of Grand Rapids, MI, Mayweather. Even with that undefeated mark and a thousand championship belts, a lot of people scorn Mayweather and I don’t think the Pope would see him but he probably would make himself available for Manny.


Manny had a string of fights, win, lose, or draw, that in the eyes of a good number of fans were more entertaining, and in two cases more damaging, than Mayweather’s wins.  Manny destroyed both Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley, while Floyd won decisions.


American fans, people from south of the border, Asia as a whole, European followers of the sweet science:  there isn’t a demographic Manny Pacquiao has not conquered. Mayweather cannot say the same. His Pay Per View numbers are on what some say is a steep decline and Showtime loses money with each of his fights.


If you compare the 475,000 Pacquiao-Brandon Rios pay per view buys to Mayweather-Saul Alvarez doing close to two million two months prior, you’d think Mayweather really is king when it comes to popularity. But don’t let that be a gauge as Canelo was responsible for the majority of buys.


Although he has gone from Catholic to being “Born Again” via Christianity, the one time cock fighter has allegedly kicked his gambling habit, quit drinking San Miguel beer, and no longer has any thirst for flesh outside of the Pacquiao household. Word has it he prays as much or more than three hours daily. The anti-condom platform from which he stands is dangerous period and I wrote a separate story about that a while back that I will link below.


There simply hasn’t been a fighter since Muhammad Ali that have made more of a social impact, meaning outside of the ring, than Manny Pacquiao. Granted he might not be MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow, a Rhode Scholar, but my hope is that Pacquiao continues to utilize the good common sense he has thus far in representing his people.


When the passing of Nelson Mandela occurred in South Africa, the thought came to me that Manny is on his way to becoming the Philippine Nelson Mandela. Whoever is the next elected Philippine President, he or she will undoubtedly be the predecessor to Manny Pacquiao.

Pedro Fernandez


  • The numbers for Pac fights also don’t get confirmed for a few of his fights. But what is being reported on is normally pretty correct. Rios has a bigger fan base than Guerrero. Rios fights in front of many people. Guerrero can’t carry a main event. Any time I see him fighting half the arena is empty. Personally I don’t see how a fight with a big name fighter like Pac is gonna hurt PPV sells. It still comes on the same time as if they where fighting in America.

  • I’m still optimistic about this fight happening. Manny commented that there is an 80-20% chance that this thing will happen. Besides we only have to wait this week or at most next week for an announcement regarding this fight, right? It won’t be long now until we know If Manny is correct. Hopefully, it’s right on the money. Cross my fingers.

  • @JackAlexander The fact that Manny, Arum, Ariza, Espinosa, and to an extent now Floyd are commenting tells me one thing. They better agree fast or this thing ain’t happening. What you are seeing now is both sides trying to win the war of words and trying to win the fans over via the media. You know why? Because when the fight doesn’t come to fruition, they want to be able to point fingers at the other side. See, as long as things were silent, there was a chance we had a fight. Now, I think we are looking at May/Cotto and Pac/Khan.

  • According to Pacquiao himself, in an interview with a major filipino news network, the kinks in the negotiation for a fight between him & Mayweather had almost been ironed out. He said that we should expect a positive announcement this week regarding the long-awaited & much anticipated encounter. So for all the die-hard fans out there of both fighters, in the words of Michael Buffer, “LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUMBLE!!!”

  • I would think that for either pac or mayweather, the better fight, business-wise, is cotto, lineal middleweight champ, who both have beat and would be expected to beat again… even long-term, picking up middleweight belt (no catch-weights, please) could be more significant than fighting each other at this point… and then, if one of them does have the middleweight belt, and the other hasn’t lost bad, they can still fight each other before 2015 is done for even more $$$… pac should just make the deal with cotto and screw mayweather…

  • It is hard to tell what the true PPV numbers are because Showtime never confirms Mayweather’s PPV numbers. In fact, even before Mayweather left HBO, his PPV numbers were not being confirmed by HBO. Brandon Rios, and Algieri were fights outside the US and neither fighter has a strong following. At least Maidana and Guerrero had big previous wins that could help sell the fight. For all we know, Mayweather’s PPV numbers could be worse than reported because Showtime refuses to confirm them.

  • Not sure how you think Floyds PPV sales would be dropping faster than Pacs. Pacs PPV sells basically fell off. Floyd also has carried PPVs on his own. Pac did terrible numbers with Rios. Rios has a bigger name than Guerrero and Floyd did around 900 thousand PPV buys. From his first fight with Maidana to the second fight the PPV numbers improved. Pacs 2 fights with Bradley, his PPV numbers dropped. PPV numbers for Algieri was terrible.

  • Given that this article is about “outside of boxing influence”, it would be very hard for Floyd to reach the levels of Ali or Pacquiao because Mayweather is a convicted beater of women. Not just once, but various convictions for domestic violence. He simply has plead guilty and avoided prison. In fact, the public has been extremely lenient on Floyd. Michael Vick abused dogs and people wanted him dead, but Floyd beats up women, beats the mother of his children in front of them, beats security guards and bouncers, etc and the public has not cared.

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