San Francisco, CA– The decision that took Manny Pacquiao out of a $50 million payday with Floyd Mayweather, his loss Saturday night to Tim Bradley, has been called a “rip off.” Call it what you want, but had the Las Vegas judges not given Manny a pass last November against Juan Manuel Marquez, I might be upset. Although I didn’t score the fight round by round, I thought Pacquiao had done enough to win. HBO’s Larry Merchant was my guest talking Bradley-Pacquiao on the Sunday “Ring Talk Boxing & MMA Hour,” which is the weekend wrap up show for both boxing and MMA.Click on the black arrow in the gray box above.


  • Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro , which was worse , the Campilo/Cloud robbery or this one ?

  • Well Folks (scratching my head),

    I scored the fight 117-111 for Pacquiao. I need to watch the replay without the volume to see if I can somehow figure out the judges in this one.

    However, I am going play the advocate for the judges. Pacquiao has to blame himself for not continuing the pressure on Bradley when Bradley was clearly buzzed in the first half of the fight (i.e. rounds 1-7). During the first half of the fight, Pacquiao missed out on golden opportunities to lauch uppercuts while an exhausted Bradley bent over blindly. Pacquiao had golden opportunities to throw right hooks to Bradley’s body while he had Bradley in retreat and on the ropes.

    Continuing as the judges’ advocate – during the second half of the fight (i.e. rounds 8-12) – the judges (including the judge who favored Pacquiao 115-113) may have seen Bradley’s aggressivenes (although injured), grit, body punching and jabs as factors to give most of the second half rounds to Bradley; Pacquiao was also going backwards at times, and he looked tired. Perhaps, as analyzed round-by-round in the second half, the two judges looked at the previously mentioned factors to award Bradley the rounds for a narrow victory; and the third judge’s close decision for Pacquiao. The judges do not have access to Compubox (thank goodness) after each round because they are supposed to objectively analyze the fight on a round-by-round basis (not by rounds collectively).

    Nonetheless, I still had it 117-111 for Pacquiao, but I think I can see why the judges had the scores much closer. Looks like Bradley is in a strong financial position now because “the bottom rail is up,” and Pacquiao has to chase Bradley before he can establish a bargaining position for a fight against Floyd. Peace out. E-Man.

  • @ Merlin and RMS…You folks are the reason Boxing can get away with this crap. You see and complain about a robbery plain and simple and yet in the same breath say that you can’t wait for the rematch (which means you will purchase it). Boy, PT Barnum (aka Bob Arum) was right about one of you (suckers) being born every minute.

  • lemme know when you get tired of feeling like a ‘hole for paying to watch PPV boxing despite already paying for HBO in the first place.

    said never again a couple years ago…vast majority of the time, prudent choice.
    this nonsense re-enforces the idea completely.

  • Nobody should spend a penny to see a rematch ,Bradley did not do enough to deserve one.Everyone knows who won the fight ,a rematch is just an insult to the intelligence of boxing fans.

  • I don’t think I’m going to be watching any more fights if these judges are scoring. The only reason I am going to watch the rematch is because I wanna see the old Pacquiao come back and get the knockout.

  • Jeffrey Schantz

    Again, regardless of who one the Pacman vs marquez fight they were exceptionally close. This fight was very clear in which fighter was dominant.

    Not similar in any way shape or form.

    You should be upset because you know it was a clear error and hurts Boxing.

  • The JERK above is why people hate Pac Nuts. They show no respect for Pac’s opponents and are just sore losers. I am loving all the pain the Pac Nuts are in right now. You A-holes earned it.

  • Obviously PACMAN won the fight — crystal clear.

    I am looking forward to November 10 PACMAN will unleash all his fury just like what he did with El Terrible Morales.

    Good luck Tim, you suck.

  • This is what drives away good fans from boxing….Should be investigated,and these judges banned for life………….

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