RECORD LABEL SAYS PACMAN REFUSES TO HONOR CONTRACTyou-know-you-re-filipino-when-from-philippines-youre-manny-pacquiao-pcaman

San Francisco, CARBM Records, a reggae and rock record label, their lawyers say they are in possession of a signed contract with boxing’s king and Philippine Congressman Manny Pacquiao. According to Steven J. Cooper, lawyer for RBM, Manny has refused to honor certain clauses in his contract, including his not doing the 12 songs RBM has paper on. Cooper says, “We don’t want a war with Manny Pacquiao. We want him to settle this case. My clients need to get paid and Manny is an honorable man.”


Cooper told Joseph G. Lariosa of the Philippines Today newspaper that “Kareoke Manny” is supposed to be in Torrance, CA, one the Los Angeles suburbs, for a Deposition in the case in early February. The way RBM is playing this is that they gave Manny a foot of rope, he took a three instead and has hung himself as far as this case is concerned. Let’s see, signed contract, exclusivity and all the while the Pacman is singing on TV and RBM, well Cooper says they are being hurt financially each time he does so.


In this instance, I’m going to have to go with the audience being hurt just a little bit more than RBM Records. As for as “Kareoke Manny” Pacquiao, I can’t see where he has a legal leg to stand on here. He signed the deal in September 2009, took the $40,000 US and never looked back. RBM is claiming $10 million in damages. Talk about poor management or advice, $40 K for 12 songs with one the hottest sports attraction in the world? From this transaction alone you can tell that Sydney J. Hall, the Burlingame, CA attorney who brought Manny to the US to fight, is no longer involved. That being said, expect at least a $2 million settlement as Pac has little choice but to pay up!

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  • so whats the latest news bout the rbms lawsuit againts pacman?

  • hahahhahahha

  • Badboy, you’re an idiot or just misinformed. The case was dropped against Manny’s foundation. Learn how to read buffoon!

  • this is old news… come up with something new! this case has been dismissed already..

  • Pacquiao lawyer said RBM they didn’t deliver the final installment payment before he can start recording. About time Pacquiao kick Michael Koncz ass! Not one of Manny’s business deals in the U.S. didn’t pass through Koncz as his business manager!

  • This is not surprising at all. I have read many a repot on Manny and one thing always comes to the surface. Manny loves to sign contracts. Remember the Delayhoya vs. Arum contract dispute? It seems manny will sign anything as long as you throw some cash his way. Now I don’t know the specifics of this case, but manny is notorious for this. I’d love to be a salesman in his hood. Exteneded warranty? sure. Undercoating on my car? Why not. If you search history you will find that alot of atheletes that grew up poor always have three things in common.
    1. They take part and sign up for everything and therow money around too easily
    2. They have too many so-called friends and entorages
    3. They end up broke at the end
    I hope this does not happen to him, but don’t bank on it. Besides manny isn’t the best signger anyway (Just ask Jimmy Kimmel)But he sings better than I do.

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