San Francisco, CA– There was a time when renowned sports attorney Sydney Hall was calling me on the phone and talking up this fighter from the Philippines, a guy named Manny Pacquiao. Having heard about Pacquiao from different people, they all said he had peaked at 112 lbs. in winning the WBC flyweight title. Now with Pacquiao fighting at 122, Hall told me that he had enough confidence in Manny that he’d put him in with anybody!


Jinky & Manny Pacquiao Arrive in Dallas - Courtesy

Jinky & Manny Pacquiao Arrive in Dallas - Courtesy

With two weeks notice, Pacquiao steps in to face and destroy Lehlohonolo Ledwaba in Las Vegas in June 2001. With no fanfare, Pacquiao wins his second title in impressive fashion. The only time Pac looked less than stellar at 122 was against the “dirtiest player in the game,” the late Agapito Sanchez.


Ah, the African nicknamed “Hands of Stone” wasn’t the second coming of Roberto Duran, thus people reserved judgment on Pac. The November 2003 blitzing of Marco Antonio Barrera, that fight put Manny under the bright lights where he still stands today, only bigger than ever!


You can cite his not so fantastic performances with Juan Manuel Marquez if you want, but styles make fights and Marquez will always be a difficult opponent. Outside of that, Manny Pacquiao has beaten almost everybody to within an inch of their lives. The prolonged beating of Oscar De La Hoya, this was one in which Oscar never landed a punch. Ricky Hatton, he went in two sans landing a punch worth remembering.


Miguel Cotto, here was a fighter nobody wanted to face, Pac stops him, albeit at 145 instead of 147 lbs. In a world not unlike the fight game, Pacquaio entered politics and after one setback at the polls, is now a Congressman in the Philippines.


Man, that’s a long way from a gym on 16th St. in San Francisco, CA where I met the Pacman the day before his fight with Agapito Sanchez. Having been humble from the start, Pacquiao’s beaten everybody he’s faced since 1999 and become an international star of iconic proportions. Simply put, the Filipino has done more for boxing than any fighter in decades.


Jackie & President Kennedy Arrive In Dallas

Jackie & President Kennedy Arrive In Dallas

This coming Saturday, Manny faces Antonio Margarito. He is supposed to leave Dallas virtually untouched as he did earlier this year with Joshua Clottey. But there was a November day some 47 years ago when President John Kennedy thought the same thing. We know there was a conspiracy to take out JFK, are there people conspiring to do the same to Manny Pacquiao? You know there are. Thus, the question remains, is Manny safe in Dallas? No, not until they raise his hand.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Have you consider starting an monthly news letter. It would take your site to its potential.

  • Although it might appear so on it’s surface, there’s little, if any skill deficit in this fight. Both guys through fluid combinations (and many of them) and have good footwork. Neither fighter has great defense as they are both very hittable, but when it comes to head movement, PAC has a distinct advantage in that department.

    Similar skill level aside, PAC’s skills are accentuated by his superior athleticism. His footwork seems so much better because of his natural ability to move so much faster. His volume punches seem better because he punches with so much velocity and blazing speed.

    In this fight, I do have a real concern for PAC; it’s that he’s hittable. For PAC to win, he has to force Margarito to reduce his punch count by making him reticent to through combinations. I want to believe that PAC, as the worlds best active fighter, can do that. However, if Margarito has close to the same durability as in the Cotto fight, we may have an upset on our hands.

  • speed, power, and footwork is gonna kill margarito. u remember that hatton look on the canvas? i’m gonna enjoy the same look on margarita.

  • garbage “fight.” who cares about paying $50 to watch margacheato get knocked out again. already been done before. maybe 2 years ago this would have been interesting but margacheato has already been exposed as garbage. not interested in another top rank in house show especially when we already know what the result will be.

  • @Jrock09 Mosley hits harder than Pac?.no way!.he can’t even put cotto’s ass

  • Aside from a lucky punch, Manny needs to avoid Rito backing him up, getting his hands on him, tying him up, mauling on the inside, etc. Rito is decent at grinding dudes down.

  • For those who are saying this is a one-sided fight for the Pacman, please don’t forget the danger of a “lucky punch”. I just hope Margocheato won’t be lucky enough to hit the Pacman.

  • 1. Remember the suspiciously inaccurate weighing scale used at Pac / DelaHoya Fight.
    2. Remember that USADA chief said that Manny is a suspect. And that Floyd requires random test until the day before fight time, and that the blood test taken at Mosley/Mayweather fight was 18 days before.

    There will be all sorts of dirty tricks to pull down Manny.

    Read the article yesterday? Manny did not fight for those two bantamweight classes, w/c makes this fight virtually Pacmans’ 10th WORLD TITLE.

    Nobiody in history can do what Pacman do. He is the real greatest boxer of all time.

  • The only way Margarito could win this fight is when he comes in weighing less than 160 lbs. If more than that, he will be a sitting duck. He will be plodding and too slow to counter Pacquiao’s punches. Pacquiao will only need a one-two punch then side step to win against Margarito.

  • Pedro you are over the top with this analogy, but I LOVE it. Someday we will have to have a civil discussion regarding just how those curtain rods Oswald claimed to have brought to work that day resulted in the death of the President of the USA, and why exactly any of a million folks with a motive to see JFK’s demise would have chosen such a loser as Ozzy to associate with in a complex conspiracy.

    All that said, you are a fun guy to read, you know your stuff and anyone who remembers and appreciates the Legendary Roberto Duran in historical context certainly writes with authority!

  • It makes sense because Margarito has the advantage. He is bigger, taller, and stronger than Pacman.

  • How ignorant Pepe, learn to comprehend, that means understand the words on paper before you.

  • He beat Erik like a drum twice after, thus he bet everyone he faced!

  • margo s the only cheater here but he already served his punishment while manny had never ever been caught using EPO or your so-called A-side meth time & time again for his entire career…your accusations are baseless albeit moronic…get a life homo, better yet go to boy FMJr & help him find his balls!!!!

  • I would like to point out that Manny has never been down with a head punch from my recollection. And people tend to forget he has a champion’s Chin. Should this fight go the distance, it would be all Manny. I just think the power of Pacquiao is underestimated but I think the main thing to look out for is, Is MArgarito too big for Manny’s punches to knock him out and Is Manny Pacquiao vulnerable and likely to get knocked out with a Margarito uppercut. At a style standpoint, MArgarito has the advntage and also with his size and reach but Manny has speed and everything else so this will be exciting to watch while it lasts

  • Those uppercuts will be Margarito’s bread and butter in this fight with Pacquiao.
    Clottey had some luck connecting those uppercuts even though he didn’t use it frequently. Early on, I think Margarito will try to utilize his longer reach advantage by jabbing. His sparring partners said in one the interviews that they were working on improving Margarito’s jab. Don’t be surprised if Margarito will change his fighting style and will just jab, jab, jab and then when Pacquiao tries to sneak in between those jabs, there you go, the uppercuts from Margarito. Cotto had some success with those jabs before he was lured by Pacquiao into a brawl. Margarito will not engage Pacquiao into a brawl and I’m afraid this will not be an exciting fight to watch.

  • All of the above comments are mere speculations. We will all see who is the best fighter this Saturday. To those who still think Pacquiao cheats because of PED,
    they are as envious and delusional as the Fraud. The proven cheater in this case is no other than Margacheato who will be hitting the canvas like a log before Round 5.
    Pacquiao is three times faster with combinations than Mosley. We will see how
    he chops down the tall tree. It is much easier than uprooting a stump.

  • Floyd not coming out of retirment unti manny declines. Just cope with it. He is a scared guy operating from his opponents primes. Was totally amazed and shocked he could defeat a shot fighter like Oscar De La Hoya so considerably that he cried when he won. Couldnt believe he had sufficient to beat Hatton a club fighter so considerably he threw a social gathering in the ring. Then he resolved that was too scary and close so he went the senior circuit with fat slob JMM and Shane Mosley next to make confident he wouldnt be so emotionally anxious about dropping the fight.

  • Floyd “the all-natural superfeatherweight and grandpa executioner” Mayweather………

  • @coolraul: you’re nonsense! I bet your head is hallow enough to put some more trash. Anyway, Pac will KO Margo in 3!

  • What is a recycled fighter, specifically? Cotto is now a top rated fighter at 154. If he can take another belt in convincing trend, he’ll be in the leading 10 p4p of all boxers and one particular of the most marketable names out there.

  • Floyd not coming out of retirment unti manny declines. Just offer with it. He is a scared guy operating from his opponents primes. Was absolutely amazed and shocked he could beat a shot fighter like Oscar De La Hoya so considerably that he cried when he won. Couldnt imagine he had ample to defeat Hatton a club fighter so substantially he threw a social gathering in the ring. Then he resolved that was as well scary and near so he went the senior circuit with body fat slob JMM and Shane Mosley subsequent to make sure he wouldnt be so emotionally apprehensive about losing the fight.

  • Great article! I enjoyed reading your article a lot. Way different from what most writers write. Thanks, Pedro. Hope you’d write more articles than this. Just one note though, he didn’t beat everybody since 1999. Morales was able to score a UD against Pacman.

  • “Why should any fighter who’s been banned because he was wearing Plaster of Paris in his gloves be allowed to fight?” De La Hoya questions.

    The answer to De La Hoya’s questions can be answered in a simple phrase — Pacquiao facing Margarito in the ring is a hobson’s choice

    Read more:

  • never under estimate an opponent. learn them right! margarito may be slow but he can punch, he can knock pac out. this is one risk manny loves to take, fight a giant. though sometimes fight gets ugly and you loss but its not the end of the world. for manny, if he loses then he can go on with his life as a congressman from zaranggani. no sweat. but ofcourse, we all expect a good fight, a good show this month.

    for the assassination thing? i think its too much for a hyped up show like this. no one would even think manny is as important and special as kennedy…

  • I think Margarito will give Pacman a hell of a fight in earlier rounds but the more skilled and has more speed fighter will prevail in later rounds….

  • John Lennon was shot dead by an obsessed fan. No one ever thought there was going to be be an attempt on John’s life. I welcome Pedro’s article, it’s precautionary measures. A U.K. Publication writer wrote similar topic some few months ago.

  • heheheh PAc Will KO Marga in 3 rds.

  • As Oscar said when asked after the Pacman fight if he will fight again, rough quote – “Obviously, against a fighter like Manny Pacquiao, there is another day”. What he meant was that since it was Pacquiao who beat him, it didn’t mean he could not fight anymore, he just got beat by a superb fighter.

    Now if Oscar lost to a lesser opponent like Baldomir for example, then it was time to retire :)

  • coolraul are you mayweather sr?
    you must be dreaming, pacman is never tested positive. Margacheato is a proven handwrapped cheater. Also floyd is xylocain user which is banned from other states except las vegas. That is why he won’t fight outside las vegas.

  • Pacquiao is an amazing athlete, hands down! Great wring Pedro, keep it up! Straight to the point.

  • Pacman will win. I can’t wait to see them fighting.. Pacman’s opponent always think they can beat manny and they will going to give manny the hardest fight of his life.. This thinking makes filipino fighter much more stronger and cautious in all of his moves.. Well I believed Manny will stop Margo at 8 and feel his power and after the fight he will accused Manny on roids… LOL..

  • How stupid to compare Manny to JFK,this how low boxing reporting is now?

  • I look at it this way ,Manny is the arrow and Magarito is the target. When done right the arrow always hits the target!

  • I think the only way Manny loses this fight is if he doesn’t stick to his gameplan and tries to slug it out with Margarito early. The one thing that Manny is vulnerable to is uppercuts, and Margarito’s best punch is the uppercut, especially his left uppercut. Manny has to be careful of those uppercuts because Margarito throws those uppercuts at the end of his left-right combinations. I still think that Manny will be too fast for Margarito and should stop him late, but he must avoid those uppercuts.

  • One roid cheater vs another hand wrap cheater. Who is better cheater. Time will tell. They should let Margacheato wrap his hands in whatever material he wants to wrap them in and let pacroid take whatever EPO, ROIDS he wants and fight. Let us see who wins.

  • Keep dreaming. Margarito is going to look like Frankenstein. He won’t be able to hit Paq in the you know what with a tennis racket. HIs 10 pound weight advantage will mean nothing as he continuously misses every single shot and eats 20 in return.

    I’ll be shocked–shocked–if it goes past six.

    Cotto was a quick fighter, Hatton had good speed, DLH has good speed, they were all made too look lumbering and obliterated. Margarito is about half as fast as any of the above fighters. He’s going to get drilled. It’ going to be fugly.

  • Jrock09,

    You analysis is dead-on! That is to say, it’s in lockstep with my take on the fight, so it has to be right, right? But seriously, while Pacquiao has a decided speed advantage, and is a volume puncher, Margarito has a granite chin, good power (even without loaded gloves), and is a volume puncher. Pacquiao hasn’t faced a volume puncher for some time now. I’d be curious to see how he reacts when the other guy is constantly swinging back.

    If both men come in and fight like they’ve fought in the past, this fight could potentially garner fight-of the-year honors

  • Jrock09, I agree with you….Margarito has a shot. The other fights where Pacman fought “bigger, stronger” opponents doesn’t figure in here when matching styles. Cotto and Delahoya do not fight with that style….use your size and strength and overpower your foe…they tried to outbox Pacman. Hatton fought with the “bigger, stronger” style but he was not bigger or stronger than Pacman. When Hatton and Pacman locked up in the first round and Pacman pushed Hatton backwards, I knew it would not be good for Hatton. Margarito definitely fights “bigger, stronger”….he definitely tries to overpower his foes. The height and reach of Rito might not figure in his advantage cause Rito comes forward giving away his height and reach advantage. It will be interesting and I’m expecting an exciting fight.

  • I’m a Pac fan, but styles make fights. I actually believe that Margarito has a good chance of beating Pac. Margarito is hungry to redeem himself and he seems focused, if Pac is not on his game he might get KTFO. Marg was big at welter, let alone having a catch weight of 150 for this fight. He might come in the ring at 160. Good big guy vs. a great smaller guy. Any way it goes, it should be an action fight. Remember, styles make fights. Mosley had the physical attributes and style to smash Marg, but Mosley punches harder than Pac. If Pac can’t make Marg respect him, it may be a long night.

  • Manny has been great for the past decade, but let’s not forget that he was out-boxed by Eric Morales in 2005. We all know Manny knocked out Morales in their next two fights, but he did beat him.

    When Manny fought Morales, Manny was a one-dimensional fighter. No defense, and he had only one punch: that hard left hand. He was, in a lot of ways, a left-handed Ricky Hatton, who could punch. But Manny went back to they gym, Freddie Roach worked with him, and helped make Manny a more complete fighter. Manny can now box, he can now knock you out with either hand, and his defense has improved tremendously since his first fight with Morales.

    As for these political comparisons, Manny reminds me more of Alexis Arguello in terms of his involvement in politics, and the way they move up in weight and are successful. Arguello tried to be a 4-division champ by moving up to 140 to fight Aaron Proyr, and we all know how that turned out. I don’t think Marga-cheato will be the guy to beat Manny, but if he decides to do something crazy and fight for the Middleweight title after this fight, the extra weight will probably be too much for Manny. Hopefully after this fight, Manny will move back down to 147.

  • This fight is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It’s amazing what people will lap up if it’s promoted right. Mararito is a competent fighter but is on the slow side. Pacquiao will hit him 500 times before he can take a step back. This is going to be a one-sided bloodbath of epically ugly proportions as long as it lasts. It’s the most uneven pay per view I’ve seen since Tyson – McNeely. This fight is a total, total joke. Margarito is going to get utterly annhiliated. I was watching him train on Youtube, he looked like he was moving underwater. It’s going to be a massacre.

  • Good blurb here Altria.

  • Mr. Fernandez,

    This post might get me banned, but I would be remiss if I didn’t write this: I realize this is your website and you are free to write whatever you’d like. But, I find it a bit reckless that you would liken the assassination of an American president to a boxing match in which a dominant fighter faces a significant challenger (and therefore, a significant risk) simply because the fight is taking place in the same city in which the assassination took place.

  • Not that the last five shut out fights were against wimps or as easy as the results suggest, but heck, after you lose decisively against a beast like Pacquiao, you may as well call in sick with the old “the dog ate my preparation” and get out of town.

  • He must think all boxers look alike…lol

  • The Jinky/Manny, Jackie/JFK parallel was truly Kinky!

  • It was Marquez, and it did him no good against Mayweather.

  • I saw where Pacman drank his own pee. He must be one bad dude. I ain’t messing with no dude who drinks his own pee.Frank

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