Pacquiao & Alex Ariza

Pacquiao & Alex Ariza

San Francisco, CA– Nutrition guru and strength conditioning coach Alex Ariza has made quite a mark in his boxing tenure. He started getting props for his being with Manny Pacquiao during a period of time when the Filipino was making an historic romp
Wapakaman Would Never Run From Floyd

Wapakaman Would Never Run From Floyd

through a record number of weight divisions. “Double A” works with other fighters the likes of current WBO 130 lb. kingpin Mikey Garcia and Floyd Mayweather’s next handpicked foe Marcos Maidana.


Ariza has had his share of red flags working behind the scenes and in the corner. It has been alleged Manny Pacquiao was on Steroids and because of Ariza’s position in the camp, fingers were pointed at him. During the Maidana upset win over Adrien Broner, it appeared to some that Ariza gave Maidana “smelling salts” to revive him between rounds. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. came up dirty, Brandon Rios tested positive in China last year with Ariza on hand. While this is not a pretty picture, so what. My feeling is that Ariza knows his stuff and that you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.


So when Ariza said several weeks ago that “Manny Pacquiao refused to negotiate with Floyd Mayweather,” the residents of Pacland jumped on Ariza in typical Pacland fashion calling him a liar and worse. Freddie Roach said the same thing more recently as he lay the blame on Manny and promoter Bob Arum for not making the fight.


When you want something bad, be it athletically or of a cerebral nature, it’s all that matters. Whether it’s a mate, a car, maybe a way of life, if you want it bad enough you’ve got to make sacrifices and sometimes bold moves. When I had a point taken away for whacking on a guy that was “hurt and holding” me it was the only time I would ever lose a Golden Glove championship bout and it outraged me for almost a year.


Most guys fight in the Golden Gloves just to say they did, that was never my strategy as I wanted to win five championships in San Francisco like Mark Breland did in New York. (I got 4) Winning championships was my goal and with Manny Pacquiao having already attained championships galore, the only benchmark he needs to fulfill is a fight with Floyd Mayweather.


I jump fences in playing the “blame game” when one day I’ll be harping on Floyd, the next I’m rapping Pacquiao for not making this happen. They both are to blame.


One thing you do as a person trained in police science is that you study individuals. There are a few poignant moments in the three years that this fight hasn’t happened. The most notable have to be Pacquiao being asked if he wanted to face Mayweather, Manny put on a pair of sunglasses before answering to the affirmative.


Manny played Wapakman in the heavily panned 2009 Philippine flick. In that role, was never afraid of anybody or anything. When Pac said “The phone line is open” in response to if he would fight Floyd, I saw for the first time the body language of a loser. Deep down inside, I don’t think Manny Pacquiao really wants the Mayweather fight. Look for him to fight Juan Manuel Marquez if he beats Mike Alvarado next month. For if Marquez doesn’t win, Manny Pacquiao appears to be out of career options and he should contemplate retirement.

Pedro Fernandez


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  • BTW, where are Pac’s PPV #s?

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  • You know you’re losing a battle when you have to use many handles to make one single point.

    @dondon, I believe you’re right, they don’t want to fight each other (anymore). The reasons are why we disagree. But you’re right.

  • Killa, my race does NOT matter a iota. This discussion is not about race, it is about differing opinions. It is not about who’s right, who’s wrong or who can insult the other more. Now, if you had read what I write, you’d have seen all the answers to those question, hence the lack of response from me. My name here is toddling Killa, and I ask you to call me by my chosen name which is not excrement or turd as you write it.

    fact |fakt|
    a thing that is indisputably the case: she lacks political experience—a fact that becomes clear when she appears in public | a body of fact.

    Fact: Pac was given the fight multiple times and danced around the tests and other motives to not fight. These are facts and no matter how many times you try to distort them, they’ll still be facts. These are not regurgitated “things” from the Floyd camp, they are in public for you to see, everyone knows how many times Pac said he’d take the fight, and then asked for a longer cut out time, no tests, 24 days, 14 days, I would fight him but he’s going to jail, and then when jail time was postponed, oh I have a scratch, and then, oh the scratch is gone once Floyd was jailed. These are facts.

    So you think I am a “know it all”. Then let’s start discussing other things, anything you want, be it Science, History, Maths, Politics, Sociology, Medicine, anything you want, that’ll give you an idea of how wrong you are to call me a know it all, because then I’d show you how much I really know about any topic. Yeah, I know, know it all, braggart, call me what you want. I’m just not going to play ignorant when I have the knowledge to debate on any given topic.

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    PITIFUL, but imbecility has never killed anyone (although the acts of an imbecile have)…

  • Dont you guys think that both pac & pbf doesnt want to fight each other? They both have those excuses.

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  • These guys have such bad mouthes I smell the effluvial waft coming from the interstices.

  • By the way you sound like the Koch brothers hearing that Thomas Piketty is 5 minutes away.

  • Phones ontellect? Android phones? Or iOs ones? So he goes to the judge to ask for postponement, gets it, and then Pac says oh, I can’t fight anymore, and in your sick mind it is his fault. Have you ever been in solitary confinement? I haven’t, but if someone tells me it’s horrible, having heard it from others, I’ll believe the guy. Bomb, go back and read what you write, and if you have an ounce of intellect you’ll see that you’re full of hate (and crap). I don’t hate, I give you guys facts, I just happen to understand facts when most of you guys here confuse facts with opinions. Ex: Floyd got a reprieve from the judge to fight Pac, that’s a fact. Pac found an excuse to not fight, that’s a fact. The video on youtube? Your opinion, interpretation, nothing else.

    By the way when was the last time you met someone who can pretend to be an intelectual? Don’t you think that you can only “polish” arguments when you have the tools to do so? By the way the word is phony.

  • Turd this is the same Floyd that was saying he was dying in jail?? To get out early? He used. PAC as an excuse to avoid going in because he’s a bitch!!! He can beat a woman but can’t do 30 days without bitching??? There’s ur answer. Hate? Ur the only one hating baby. Ur blind to the facts. And u try to polish shit with ur phones intellect?? Ur the type I’m guessing about 35/50 years old and married at least 2x’s because no woman wants to deal with a know it all?? Be honest and answer if I’m wrong I’ll ask Pete to spam me forever??

  • Use your brain to make (informed) decisions, rather than your viscera to make (dumb) assumptions.

  • Killer, is it possible for you to have a debate with someone who disagrees with you without insulting them? I guess you so much navigate in excrement that you believe we’re all the same.

    To answer your question)s), yes, there’ve been MULTIPLE promoters through the years, each “owning” multiple fighters, or if you prefer, each having their own stable, as there’ve been multiple belts, each favoring one or another promoter, therefore some fighters. Now, when a promoter invests in one fighter, take Bob Arum, and sees a bright future for that guy, he makes sure that the fighter doesn’t get anywhere near a threat (for ex, Cotto vs Floyd, then Pac vs Floyd). To put it another way, you can create your own football league, making millions without playing the other league, as you know they have better teams than yours, while telling the press that your teams would run the better teams out of the field.

    You have to digest what came “from his own mouth” before you can understand what was truly said, but since that is stuck in your throat, which is only the beginning of the digestive system, your stomach and intestinal acids will never be able to digest/break down that “food” because your throat/intellect is not wide enough for that to go through/down.

    Hatred makes a man so blind, he’d never admit that his judgement is clouded. Perception skills? Pffft. Which ones are you talking about? To have those you have to be able to understand what you read. Another guy on this thread asked you: if Floyd didn’t intend to fight Pac, why did he ask the judge to postpone the jail time so he could fight Pac? And when the judge said OK, why did Pac suddenly have an imaginary “scratch” on his face that would need 6 months to heal? And why that same “scratch” suddenly disappeared as soon as Floyd went to jail? Care to explain? Maybe if took Pac’s manhood out of your throat, you’d have enough grey matter left to give a sensible answer.

  • No turd!! Because through the years there have been multiple promoters? And big fights always got done. U seem to be litterate and somewhat schooled. How do u blindly defend a straight up ducker. His resume is filled with so many big fights missed? More than he’s had. From his own mouth he( he doesn’t have to fight the toughest fight because he gets payed millions to take the least risk) that’s his true spirit. He has never said he wanted to fight pacman. And please don’t comeback with that BS stunt 40 Millie?? Please don’t make my perception skills wrong u seem to have all ur cards stop being blind dude.

  • G-Killa, in UFC Dana White decides who fights whom. Fighters don’t have a say (they can always ask to fight such or such guy, but never refuse). In boxing, promoters decide who fights whom, and in most cases they want to protect their investment (Arum with Pac comes to mind). So comparing boxing to ufc is the same as comparing North Korea to Switzerland.

  • Yes he has options. But the one option we the fans want to see he won’t oblige? And at that time 40 Millie wasn’t fair. U guys don’t know jack man!!! Cotto got his purse plus a 65/35 split Floyd’s way. U mean to tell me that cotto is a bigger star than PAC? Like I’ve been saying u guys just keep sucking on Floyd’s straw and he’s gonna feed u these slow handed and footed fighters. I love combat sports I’m a fan of fights more than fighters. I question how many of u really love these sports. Because if u did u would stop making excuses and talking about we know what’s gonna happen? And just do it. That’s why people love UFC!!!!!!! U can’t hide from the number one guy ain’t no tune up!!!! When Velazquez came back from rotator sugery he had to face dos santos!!!! When GPS came back he had to fight condit!!! Floyd’s is just doing a big farewell tour and taking all the suckers money with him

  • (alibis, alibied, alibiing) [ with obj. ] informal
    offer an excuse or defense for (someone), esp. by providing an account of their whereabouts at the time of an alleged act: her friend agreed to alibi her.
    • [ no obj. ] make excuses: not once do I recall him whining or alibiing.


  • Koncz was the one that gave the phone to Pacquaio. Mayweather offered him $40mil. Pacquaio turned it down, at the time everyone thought it was justifiable. Fast forward months later Manny’s PPV struggles to sell more than 400K. Wright turned down a re-run with Taylor for $5mil from HBO. Biggest blunder of his career, ever. Pavlik becomes king of the 160’bs and drinks his life away. Winky Wright could beat both Taylor & Pavlik in one night. Pacquaio will never get that offer again think about it. He ran out of options. Floyd can fight Lara if he is victorious against Alvarez, or even James Kirkland or even Thurman next May. Manny has run out of options even the The Snake Arum knows it.

  • And like I said I got tired of Floyd’s excuses!!! He basically spits in our faces with fights we don’t want? And u jockers keep buying these garbage fights. What is a prerequisite to get a Floyd fight?? Beat Andre berto?? Take the test, he’s on something dat a side meth????!!! Lol. He didn’t take my offer, his promoter?? He’s just like Ray Leonard who waited to see hagler slip? Then he wanted the fight. Same here b4 his show time contract is up he’ll take the fight because he sees slippage in PAC. But he didn’t want none in 2009,2010,or 2011!!! And at least ray fought hearns, Benitez, Duran in their prime? Ur boy never done dat???? Is Floyd bad yes he always has been. But he’s an insecure little boy. Shows it by his ways. And like I said in round six of the Judah fight he asked am I winning?? He wasn’t even sure? Stop being biased and hold the man accountabile. So we can stop talking about this bs and see them throw down????!!!! Real men don’t fight with their mouths

  • U people make me laugh. First toad I said watch Floyd from his own mouth say he is worried about his health and ect!!!! I’m not making an opinion it’s coming out of his mouth. Also when Floyd did his pr stunt manny told him 50/50 which at the time was fair. How u gonna ask the 1a boxing star to take a lump and no ppv?? That’s smoke and mirrors boys??? And I had defended Floyd on this site for years. But the more I saw this all unfold I’ve seen him as an o protector. He always has some bs about not taking the fight. Let me ask u jockers who has said or called out whom?? I’ve seen PAC on numerous occasions say yes I wanna fight him. I’ve never seen Floyd do anything of the sort but make excuses. Yes PAC has his faults. He should’ve been more humble and accepted the random testing. But like I said why should a superstar in his own right give in to any bodies demands? As an athlete I’d take it as an insult u accuse me of doping. But humility can move mountains. Say what u will. Of the 2 only one man has chased greatness and dared to take on the toughest fights. Like I said. How many hall of famers on each mans resume? PAC beat MAB, when Barrera was feather champ. Beat Marquez for the ring 130 beat DLH when he just barley lost to Floyd. Knocked the haggis out of Rickey hatton at the weight he was champ? Kicked the reggae ton out of cotto years b4 Floyd went tooth and nail with him?

  • @Da Bomb: When have you ever heard of a scared man challemging the man he’s supposed to be scared of? Not only in the press but with a personal call also. When Floyd was scheduled to be locked up why would he ask the judge to pardon him so he can take the fight? We all know what happened then. Seems your the one who needs to get your facts together. You dislike Floyd so much that you would disregard Manny’s own trainer saying Manny was taking something suspicious, it was their fault the fight didn’t happen and Arum wants the fight to be Manny’s last, why do you think that is?

  • @DaUnKnown Comic ….Haha..yup…

  • opinion |əˈpinyən|
    a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge: I’m writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance | that, in my opinion, is dead right.

    fact |fakt|
    a thing that is indisputably the case: she lacks political experience—a fact that becomes clear when she appears in public | a body of fact.

    opinion |əˈpinyən|
    Floyd is scared

    fact |fakt|

    Pac refused proposed tests and fight

    I know, people are gonna jump all over me accusing me of “one up” them, but there are only two ways to “one up” someone: facts and intelligence. Since I’ve been profusely accused of not being intelligent, facts are what is left. Case closed.

  • … And he did not counter with a 50/50. He told the press that he wanted 50/50.

  • Bomb, let’s revert the situation. What a set of stones you have for blindly defending Pac. Comb the web, youtube et all, from Pac’s mouth, not yours or mine, but his, running scared from Floyd, changing excuses by the minute, from scared of the needles to superstition, to the need to know the exact time and days the testers would show up, to 30 days, no, 24, no,14, no, 24 again, to the need of a outdoorstadium (ok that was arum, but same shit), to running to the press to say “he only offered me 40 million (when he never made, and never will make that money), instead of replying with a counter offer. That shows a man scared of another. If he truly wanted to fight he’d have negotiated something better. If Floyd is so scared of Pac why would he initiate negotiations directly with the man? And if Pac wanted it so badly why didn’t he seize that opportunity to corner Floyd into a no return corner?

    But your bias, sorry, hatred is so huge that you need to choose to believe an interview on youtube to make an opinion. You can call the Mayweathers anything you want, but please never use the word ELOQUENT to describe them, with the exception of Jeff. See, the myriad excuses from Pac are all documented for everyone to see and make a judgement. What you call fear and excuses from Floyd are OPINIONS from people like you who really hate the guy. Just OPINIONS, and opinions in the words of the venerable Clint Eastwood, are just like an asshole, everyone has one.

  • Da UnKnown Comic

    @Techs. You mean Lamont Cheaterson.

  • Yes he did counter he said 50/50 at the time he still hadn’t been robbed in the first Bradley fight. Where do u get ur info toad?? Just because u keep repeating a lie will never make it the truth. It’s just amazing u have the stones to defend Floyd after all his BS. Like I said check ur YouTube and see Floyd scared of PAC. From his own mouth? Not urs or mine. But ur so blinded by ur bias that u won’t admit the truth even if it smacked u in the face and told u it’s name? I’ll put my left nut that u love Obama too?? And all his lies and bs is the republicans fault. But hey if u like ur plan and Dr u can keep them!!! Sike!!!

  • PJ, don’t waste your time bro. Most of these guys become completely irrational as soon as they hear the word “may weather” and are unable to put 2 and 2 together and find 4. What you just said is a prime example. Ariza is a bitter man lying about Floyd, while 50 is the truth teller. Gullibility engenders hatred, which in turn engenders ignorance (and we could swap the order of those).

    Since I take a lot of flack for telling stories that get on these gents psyche, here’s another one to illustrate how gullible people will believe ANYTHING that will make them feel good: a simple man who could barely read or write came to America in the early 1900s, from Cape Verde Islands. His English, at least in the beginning was close to inexistent. Yet he build a church, a house of prayer, changed his name from Marcelino Manuel da Graca to Bishop Charles Manuel “Sweet Daddy” Grace, and started his ascent to a far better life, on the parishioners’ dimes. Sometimes, in the fire of action, when his English faltered, he kept going in Capeverdean criolo, which the “sheep” deemed the “language of God”.

    Needless to say, the guy died a millionaire, with properties around the world, churches everywhere and still thought of as a semi god.

    Today’s Sweet Daddy Grace goes by the name of Bob Arum.

  • Whats funny is people will say Ariza was fired by Pac and Roach and he is just bitter and that is why he is saying stuff. But when 50 and Floyd ended their friendship 50 was coming out with stuff about Floyd being scared of Pac and everybody was like see that is the truth when in fact it was more of 50 being butt hurt by Floyd. As you can see now 50s venture in promoting is really not going so well.

  • I do not see the reason to consider US as a required stage to fight, in order to be a “real champion”. Are we sure that US is the land of the best champions today (other than Mayweather)? I think this thinking is wrong, US is not longer the center of boxing world, only the business around it.

    The lower wight classes are dominated by hispanic fighters, while most of the middle/upper weight classes are dominated today by East Europe fighters. This logic can be reversed: shouldn’t the US fighters fight abroad most of the time to be considered real champions?

  • And to be fair, cmon pedro, it seems europeans get a break whereas pac doesnt? Hatton, Calzaghe, Michelzewski(ie think Roy Jones), probably some more non-americans I cant think of right now, win titles or become names in other countries, then go back home and make a ton of money with the belts never daring to come to the USA until they milk their titel for all its worth, until either a top ten contender will go into their back yard, and they get paid big bucks to lose the titel. Think Winky Wright, Jeff Lacy, and alot of asian lower weight classes. Or get paid big bucks to come to the states and lose the title to an American.

    At least Pac was different and fought everyone not named Mayweather here in the states, and didnt just go back home to milk it. He easily could have but didnt

  • Pedro, remember when every pac article would get at least 40 comments in what seems like ages ago. some would even get 100 plus until you had to delete them. i mean asians from all over the globe were spending their hard earned money in internet cafes just to comment on a local bay area message board. hey pinoys where are you now. I hear crickets lol!!!!

    But seriously im a pac fan, just not a fantatic. and it will be a sad day when pac calls it quits. Cmon pedro youve got to admitt Pac has been good for the game, on a global level.

    And one day both Pac and May will have to admitt, that not fighting probably made their careers last another 2 xtra years for big money, before they cash in and fight once and for all. The not fighting has kept the trains going. Just my opinion

  • I think the article says that when and if you want something really badly, you go for it, so to just blame Arum is to admit that Pac never wanted the fight really badly. The “line is open” but when he got a call from Floyd he refused it. Now, one can say that he got offended by the offer, but negotiations are meant to “extirpate” as much as you can from your opponent. Did he make a counter offer? Did he say I want more, and I want this or that? No, he ran to the press and said I got insulted, therefore there won’t be any negotiations going forward.

    And last I checked promoters work for fighters, not the other way around.

  • The thing is, though, Pacquiao ALWAYS looks passive and “not confident” when talking to the mainstream media, it’s the way he is. I don’t think you can place much stock in his body language. I think Arum and Floyd are more to blame. I don’t think Manny cares who he fights and I don’t think he’s ever been too selective or involved in the process. He just OKs the opponent(s) presented.

  • Pedro, the think is he NEVER wanted the fight (him or Arum, same thing).

  • It is hard to believe to every words that Ariza will say when it comes with anything that pertains with Manny Pacquiao or Freddie Roach etc…He was dumped my Pacquiao. So therefore he is just sour graping.

    I don’t think he is not interested in fighting Mayweather. In fact, I think he like to fight Mayweather, with the money that will come out of it, is definitely a no brainer. Unlike Mayweather, he is not afraid to lose. And not mention the chance to beat his rival, is very tempting for him.

    Saying that he is not interested in fighting Mayweather is simply not supported by logic. With Ariza saying it, it is definitely doubly wrong coming from a polluted source.

  • Pedro…Lamont Peterson requested extra VADA testing in the Khan rematch and in an ironic twist, gets popped for elevated levels of testoterone which gets the rematch canned…

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