Is this Manny Pacquiao?

Is this Manny Pacquiao?


San Francisco, CA– To begin, Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather is deader than Tupac. Yet the promotional folks surrounding Pacquiao, they continue to feed pabulum to the gullible boxing media that the Mayweather fight is their #1 priority. Please! All promoter Bob Arum wants to do is extend the Pacquiao gravy train as far down the financiaL track as he possibly can. When I told you that Shane Mosley was next, the Filiipino’s many minions assailed me for punking out Manny because Manny is picking a “name” fighter with a faint pulse.

Or is this Manny Pacquiao?

Or is this Manny Pacquiao?


I flat out stated that if you believe Mayweather is afraid of Manny, you have to also come to the same conclusion that Manny Pacquiao is running from Juan Manuel Marquez, period! There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that Manny wants no part of the aged Mexican counterpuncher. That being said Mr. Congressman, how could a fighter of your stature be so light in the scrotum?


Pacquiao-Marquez III is the biggest fight going outside of Mayweather-Pac. It would do more in a live gate, beat any other fight on Pay Per View, so why is Manny looking to fight all of The Three Stooges in a row. First there was Larry (Joshua Clottey), then Moe (Margarito) and now Curly (Mosley). What cracks me up is that few people have a problem with Manny serving them dog kibble for $50 bucks, instead of the hamburger steak he and Marquez would be.


Seeing Manny Pacquiao is one of my Facebook friends, I put the question directly at the Filipino icon, are you afraid of JMM? If not, why won’t it be you and him in 2011? Manny, the politician will likely defer to Arum, who handles todays media much like Picasso’s work on canvas.


There I go, using that C word and the I word in boxing, something I thought Manny Pacquiao had a great chance to restore, at least in the minds of 60-70% of the public that think boxing is fixed anyway.


But Manny’s not into the fans, he’s not into forwarding the sport of boxing beyond himself. Like Floyd Mayweather refusing to fight him for the sake of the game, the same can be said of Pacquiao. If Manny was concerned with legacy and greatness, he’d fight Marquez and settle the unfinished business. instead, Manny will piss on the fans, like Mayweather, and fight a 40-year old man at a weight he hasn’t made in years. Yeah, Manny’s showing us his balls, unfortunately we now need a microscope to see them!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Are you mr saito, Pedro? My comment was based on his last post criticizing paquiao opponent as if he already know the results before the start of the fight. Have I said that paquiao is more superior technically, no Pedro. Are u drugged.where did you get that conclusion. As a matter of fact I believe that donaire is technically a better boxer. Thenproblem with u is your wishful thinking. I just don’t know why you want paquiao to loose a fight . You want him fight Martinez, you want him for Marquez at 140, now you want him for donaire at 118or 120. Let’s add Ivan caldron to the picture and have manny be drained more. How about that? Are you happy? But the thruth is you will not be happy, for paquiao will keep on winning maybe for the next two years. Just smile after two years Pedro. Bless u.

  • Hey dodie, you cited “technical” in your rant here. But yet you can’t see how superior “technically” Donaire is to Pac. I wish they were close in weight as Donaire beats Manny at 118 or 122! ND is just too small to fight any bigger. As for Mr. Saito, anybody that grabs the name of such a wrestling God in Japan, is all right with me!

  • @mr saito
    please be informed sir that the delahoya fight is not on paquiao terms. its the call of gbp. and for you to critizise paquiao for something he is not resposible is plain anger. on fight with cotto, clotty, marg, and hatton, these fights are made bacause both parties agreed on the terms and conditons. the are no boxers that will enter a ring knowing he will loose the fight. thats the reason they are in training. if you question the ablity of a fighter who looses some weight, how about a fighter who gains weight? have you seen jmm when he fought pbf? the problem is that it doenst happen to paquiao, and you think there is something fishy going on because hes the only person doing it right now. if this is not difficult then ask martinez to fight shot fighters at supermiddle,lightheavy or heavyweight. ask hm to fight holifield.(old washed up, and shot) but the fact that this is not happening means it is not easy to do. if you cannot love the guy and be technical about your commets, just shut up..PEACE

  • Margarito weigh in when he fought Mosley and Cotto were 145 and 146, respectively..
    Margarito weigh in at 150 against Pacman….if Margarito weight drained against Pacman then what did you call Margarito condition when he fought Cotto and Mosley weigh in 146 and 145,respectively????
    Margarito was the one who gained the advantage as he added +5pound of pure muscles and 17pounds weight advantage aside from 5inch height and 6inch reach advantage against Pacman…his weight helps keep him from standing…..

    Cotto weigh 145 when he fought Pacman.
    Cotto weigh 146 when he fought Clottey…1 pound difference?Big deal?
    No signicant difference…..

    Golden boy fight was held at 147…Not a catch-up weight…Both of them agreed at that weight at WW…..and Golden boy prepared for that as he hired his own nutritionist to track his weight condition……

  • there is no legacy fighting a slow, old Marquez……fighting Marquez is like fighting Jorge Solis again……its going backward in your career…..

  • Marquez fighting above 135 is a big joke…..He struggled against a bum and a loser Katsidis…He’s getting hit too much on his puffy face at 135 by unrated fighter….How much more above 135 against an elite at higher weight…He’s an overhype fighter by fighting Katsidis who old Casanayor KO and beaten by Diaz….Both Casa and Diaz were beaten by Marquez…So, why fight katsidis where there is no sense and legacy fighting him…..Why not fight the top dog at 135….Soto, Guerrero and Chris John….Guerrero who KO Casamayor and Casamayor KO Katsidis…..Chris John who outclassed and schooled Marquez and Soto who Marquez ducked for years…..above 135, Marquez will suffer the most humiliating defeat of his life…..Khan will oubox him…Bradley and Devon will KO him in 1st round……Pacman will put him into grave….

  • there is no legacy fighting a slow and old Marquez who only good fighting bum fighter Katsidis…..Marquez should fight the top dog of 135 like Sotto, Guerrero and a rematch against Chris John who schooled and outclassed Marquez….Marquez has no business fighting above 135….a bum and c-class fighter Katsidis hits Marquez too much on his puffy face…How much more a complete package in pacman will inflict on Marquez that night….Marquez will be carried out in a stretcher…..Its a mismatch…..I want either Floyd or Martinez….

  • Scared? Don’t be silly Pedro. I don’t have a fear of PAC losing. I think it should be respected that he puts himself at risk where his chances of taking a loss increases by facing tougher challenges, rather than evade challenges by picking on little guys.

    I’m actually showing a bit of compasion for JMM. It’s a catch 22… I honestly want JMM to get the payday but don’t wish to see him dominated AGAIN! Look at what Floyd did to him. PAC would do a lot worse to this blown up, faded version of JMM.

  • Hardknocks, Did I think Emelda Marcos had big feet? What does ancient history have to do with the fact U are scare for your man to fight an old slow Mexican fighter. Oh, the shame!

  • in all honesty a lot do want to see the fight but most know the outcome. PAC won’t get an ounce of credit for beating up JMM and that’s the biggest issue with making the fight. The financial gain is gonna be there….JMM and PAC have loyal fans and with PAC’s popularity on full blast the situation is gonna do numbers. But TRUE fans of the boxing don’t want Manny in a cake walk. They want to see Manny tested which has been hard as of late. The last test PAC had ironically came from at prime 130 JMM yrs ago. Differnt time, day and age for both fighters…ones at his peak the other on the slide. Sure they can milk the fans of their PPV dollars just to fatten their pockets but I honestly think PAC wants a challenge. And I don’t think he feels JMM presents one at this stage.

  • Pedro….did you also think JMM balls shrunk when he ducked the immediate rematch with PAC? Sure the fights were close but there was a winner. PAC. The draw as you know was extremely lucky for JMM. it allowed him the opportnity to hold his title in contraversial fashion and avoid the rematch with Manny.

  • Pedro,
    I just wonder why you always find a way to degrade Pacquiao or are you just trying to stir a controversy?

  • Though I must say, I’m not very high on Alexander as a possible Pacquiao opponent.

  • On the definition of a shot fighter: There are tangibles and intangibles to consider here (see below in no particular order):

    DLH: 1) Freddie Roach had trained DLH for the Mayweather bout, and after that bout Freddie said “Oscar can’t pull the trigger anymore” 2) DLH was suffering from a rotator cuff injury on his left arm, hampering his vaulted jab and left hook 3)DLH looked old in his fight against 2-lbs Steve Forbes 4) DLH was weight-drained, dehydrated and weak due to the “catch-weight” clause by the Pacquiao fight. Roach himself stated after the fight that “he knew DLH was done when he saw the needle marks in DLH’s arms – from intravenous fluids being administered to rehydrate him = DLH WAS SHOT FOR THAT BOUT.

    Margarito: 1) Had suffered his first KO under Mosley’s right hands 2) Had been suspended from boxing for over a year 3) Had fought at 154 lbs and looked mediocre against Roberto “La Amenaza” Garcia, whose opponents in the four fights prior to Margarito had a combined record of 64-34-4. Margarito won via UD against this guy. 3)Margarito had to make a “catch-weight” for the Pacquiao fight of 150 lbs, a weight he had not made in almost two full years. = Margarito WAS SEMI-SHOT FOR THIS BOUT (perhaps at a higher weigh limit he can still be competitive).

    Hatton: 1) Had been KO’d by Mosley, then won a unanimous decision against Juan Lazcano in Manchester (did not look good and bout was far more competitive than the scores indicate), he then KO’d Malignaggi and looked good doing it. = I don’t consider him as “shot” when Manny beat him due to his positive showing against Malignaggi; but he fought an asinine fight against Pacquiao. I give credit to Pacquiao here.

    Cotto: 1)Weight drained, had not fought < 147 lbs since 6/10/2006, then 11/14/2009 had to come in at 145 lbs for Pacquiao (yes, 2 lbs make a difference) 2) Had been brutally beaten by Margacheater 15 months before 3) Had split with his long time trainer and uncle, and for the Pacquiao fight was trained by a relative rookie trainer = Cotto WAS SEMI-SHOT FOR THIS BOUT

    Conclusion: Manny has probably improved some, but not as much as it appears by his latest bouts. I believe a well-prepared, relatively fresh and talented fighter, fighting at his natural weight will give him fits. Here I am talking about Bradley, Alexander, Khan, Ortiz, Berto…guys with decent speed of hand and feet, fresh, and at their natural weight.

  • Thanks, Dodie as you make solid points! Pedro

  • Thanks Pedro for that. So what do u see after Marquez lost to may weather? How about katsidiz? Haw about hopkins? How about Rafael maquez? How about pavlic? The truth Pedro is that we cannot determine if a fighter is his former self before ther fight. It is after the fight that we can say that it might be over. So nobody knows even both camps doesn’t know this. So every fighter who wins in the ring fair and square must be given some praise and respect. If you cannot praise a guy don’t thy to give him a below the belt shot. After all we all know that in boxing it’s foul.

  • Pedro
    correct me if im wrong, but when martinez was asked if he would fight pac of pbf, at what weight would he be willing to do so, and Martinez answered that the lowest he could do is 156, that means its out of pac’s limit, but i think pbf can easily make 156.

  • OK, when a fighter is on the decline to the point that he is a mere shell of his former self talent and ability wise. Things he once did with fluidity, is now either impossible to do, or slow. When a fighter sees an opening and can’t get the shot home, AKA pull the trigger. Other fighters their chins, once durable turn to less than. Their legs don’t have the bounce and speed that they once did. He was held on even grounds by a guy he would have killed a while back, example Mosley and Sergio Mora.

  • You’re not getting it my friend. Don’t name names. Just give us a technical description of your shot fighter. Some boxers, prime at 20s, marg maybe, some at 30s, maybe Martinez, some 40s, maybe bhops? Some not having their prime at all. You’ve been doing boxing half of your life, so I guess u are more technically inclined to answer such things than casual fan like me. At least when I read an article of Pedro I already have a basis of what he is trying to imply. Cut the crap,be straightforward. Because if you cannot be technical about it then you don’t have a place in boxing, Hollywood will suite you up better.

  • Oscar 4 Manny, Ali with Spinks, Holmes. Marg, to name a few sir.

  • Assuming PAC fight Martinez and lost, so it’s the end of the story. Get back to welter. Cased closed. What I’m asking you is your definition of a shot fighter. You are not answering it. It’s a simple question. At least the next time I read your article, I already have a basis on what your trying to imply, by doing so I can response technically and not emotionaly.

  • No, but Manny is the 154 lb champ, a title they took from Martinez. Sergio can make 154, let Pac defend his title at the weight!

  • Why don’t you ask may weather to fight klitchko? It’s the same thing or ask Martinez to fight haye? Dumber! Besides you said he is the best there is. That’s why I’m saying give me a clear definition of a beaten fighter. Not judging him from his last fight. Because if that is the case then we are to judge a fighter prior to the fight and not after. It should be before the fact and not after the fact. Did u get it Pedro.

  • I bet you if Martinez will go down to 147 lbs and fight Pacquiao, he will be beaten just like yesterday’s newspaper. I hope Martinez fights Cotto and we will see how he will fare with Cotto…..

  • Dodie, Dodie, dumb Dotie, Martinez and Marg were like 10 years ago! If Pac is so super, have him meet Martinez at 154 and he’ll end up like Paul Williams!

  • Hey sati, do you know Muhammad Ali? He lost and the he won and then he lost and then he won again. Can u give us a clear definition of a has been fighter? Assuming delahoya won, assuming hat ton won, assuming cot to won, assuming margarito won, what will you say? To Pedro, what can you say about Martinez, lost to margarita before. If you are to write Pedro, use your head, if u have one, don’t use your heart for it will make your report biased and unfair.

  • Seggie, Why did you not add, insecure, jealous, ego maniac?

  • Mr.Saito: I’ve been saying that all along…bring on Berto, ALexander or Bradley…anything less…..is uncivilized! And damit, fight these guys at there optimum weight. go down to 140 and clean up or fight berto at 147.

  • I don’t think pacman need to prove anything to Pac-haters (like that dumb Mr. Saito and Pedro) because nothing will satisfy them pure and simple. It will just be waste of time converting them from Pac-haters to Pac-fans. Pedro aside from hating the guts of the PacMan, PacMan is an Arum guy and we all know how Pedro hate Arum and all the people and things connected to Arum.

    PacMan doesn’t need anybody to prove that he is greatest boxer at the moment and, arguably, of all time. He already did.

  • Having met the original Mr. Saito, Olympic wrestler and pro star, I have to say the son of Saito is right on spot here! The Pacbutts will dodge this comment, watch.

  • On Pacquiao being an extremely improved fighter than he was just 2 years ago – Based on what?

    In the last two years Pacquiao has fought:
    – Oscar DLH (weight drained at the catch weight, part-time fighter full-time promoter)
    – Ricky Hatton (after Fatton had been starched by Mayweather)
    – Miguel Cotto (after Cotto has been given a gruesome beating by Maracheeto, and at a catch weight)
    – Joshua Clottey (Clottey barely threw punches)
    – Antonio Margarito (after being KO’d by Mosley, being suspended and away from the ring, and at a weight-draining catch weight)

    So has Pacquiao really gotten “much better”; or has he just looked improved in the last two years due to catch weights and well timed bouts against his opposition?

    I want to see what Pacquiao looks like against fast, in-their-prime fighters (Berto, Bradley, Alexander, Mayweather, Khan, heck give me Victor Ortiz). If he beats these relatively young fast fighters with ease, I will join the Pacnatics fan club.

  • great piece and very true. this guy is that the stage where he will run from all meaningful fights while fighting guys that have no chance on PPV while the squares gladly pay $50. the ones that act like JMM isn’t deserving are a real waste of time. Mosley isn’t deserving now and neither was that piece of shit, Margacheato.

  • Pac and Marquez would always give a good fight and thats what counts. I would rather see Pac fight Marquez III than any other fight, bar Mayweather. Conceding that Pac needs to drop 4 pounds to make a Marquez fight “more even” is crazy. It’s an excuse, like saying that Pac struggled in the Marquez fights cause Pac struggled to make weight. Marquez is a good fighter period. I don’t think the couple pounds would make a difference in the competiveness of the fight. If Floyd lost the additional couple of pounds in the Marquez fight it would not have made a difference. If Marquez gets offered a fight with Pac at 147 he should take it…it’s his lottery winnings and he’s earned it. Marquez can come in at 135 or 137 and maintain his speed and agility. Pac is capable of conceding weight, so is Marquez……The issue is really what wait Marquez comes into the ring at. Pac has pretty much came into the ring at the same weight (on fight night) at close to the same weight since the David Diaz fight.

  • Fu**, no nothing fans bring up the past. Bring up the two fights, they were close, exciting, and THAT is what the majority of fans prefer over Mosley. Don’t talk about Chris John, etc, talk about Pac running from this little old slow Mexican JMM. Shame on Manny, but the Pacbutts deserve more blame because they are sheep, they follow Manny, and Manny follows Arum.

  • HardKnocks, whether he is better is not the question at hand. Is BUT their fights were razor close and exciting and for Pac to pass him up, to me, shows that Pac’s balls are shrinking

  • @Roberto rios

    But to be honest I’d prefer Berto just cause he is young strong fast and hungry. It’s time to give some young guys a shot. Not so long ago nobody knew manny when Barrera gave him his shot. U gotta give back to the sport


  • Pedro, do you honestly think JMM presents more of a challenge to PAC than Shane? Shane is a more dangerous foe and actually a better boxer. Maybe not as technically sound as JMM but he’s definitley faster and more athletic which helps. I wonder what your angle is becuase if you truly wanted to see PAC in the best fight possible you wuoldn’t be pushing so hard for JMM. You’d be pushing a fight with Berto or PWill or even Sergio.

  • I think PAC really doesn’t want any parts of JMM. Not b/c he’s afraid like Floyd is afraid of PAC or afarid of losing, but simply b/c there’s really not a lot of gain in beating this version of JMM. he’s struggled against far lesser foes like a 37 yr old Casa and a limited Juan diaz and most recently a very one demensional brawler in Kats.

    As a fan I want to see any fight that equals fire works and any fight that PAC is in and any fight that JMM is in usually equates to a great action packed fight. But at the end of the day JMM should NOT be the front runner for landing this fight. BERTO should unless Floyd, Paul or Sergio are probable.

    JMM only deserves the fight based on his tenure and what he’s given us fans in the sport of boxing. But he’s fighting at 135 now which is where he belongs at this stage of his career and he’s on the slide. Moving up past 135 only makes him a shell of his current shelf which isn’t anything close to what he was 4 or 5 yrs ago.

    Calling some of the top Welters the 3 stooges isn’t respectful to them nor the sport. Josh, shane, Cotto and even Marg are considered the top welters in the game outside of PAC and Floyd. To downplay their status to bring up JMM is not only wrong, it’s completely transparent. JMM is a great 135 lb fighter but that doesn’t mean he’s a great jr Welter or Welter.

    Berto at this point has the best chance in actully presenting a challenge for PAC even thought financially he would generate the least. If PAC wanted to go the MONEY route he’d just ok the fight with Shane and do what MOST believe will happen…PAC beating up on 39 yr old Shane who was already exposed by Floyd.

  • A talk of PacMan afraid of JMM is nothing but a bs….PacMan doesn’t need JMM while JMM need PacMan badly. He was beaten twice by PacMan. He was knocked down by PacMan four times. JMM was beaten by Chris John for a mere purse of $35,000. Toyed by Mayweather like a spoiled kid for twelve rounds.

    All JMM needs is a big payday as a retirement money. And it’s up to the PacMan if he will fight this whiner one more time. But if PacMan did it is just to shut that whiner’s mouth up.

  • Trainsoft ur soo off pacs gonna do this pacs gonna do that. Pacs gonna spank ur baby oiled butt. Get over it!!!! Fact is pacman fought 24 rounds with Marquez and lost the majority of those rounds. Yes he got some knockdowns but no ko. Jmm has never been koed so when u retards say he will ko jmm where do u get that from???? Oh he is bigger?? He is faster?? He is more technically sound?? That’s what u fools said the last time they fought and what happened?? When they were reading the cards pacman and all u pacfools were all praying telling god that ull give up drugs, masturbating and all the worldly things for the W!!!!! But look u didn’t keep ur end of the bargain. Ur still pulling ur branch!!!!! And ours with ur nonsense

  • From a fight fans point of view, Pac should fight JMM. I actually think Mosley is a more dangerous fight at 147 than JMM at 147 because of his power and willingness to trade shots. He has a punchers chance. Remember styles make fights. Pac can’t and will not keep Mosley off him with a jab, so Mosley will have an opportunity to trade with him; and who knows what will happen. If I was Pac, and Floyd is not available, I would fight JMM to shut him up. If they fight at 147, Pac will tax that ass and possibly stop him. But on the real, Pac does not need to fight Mosley. If he is going to only fight a few more times, make them count.

  • Additionally, I’d even propose Pacquiao-Kotelnik as a more even fight than any of the re-treads … never gonna happen due to business considerations, but from a boxing perspective it’s valid. After all Kotelnik shows no signs of being in decline – in fact looking better than ever and I seem to recall that he just recently performed very well against a dynamic, powerfull southpaw who threw alot of punches…

    I’m sure if people objectively re-watch Kotelnik-Alexander after re-watching Merquez-Diaz 2 & Marquez-Katsidis, they would come to the realization that the 140lb fight was contested at a much faster time signature and perhaps a higher combined level, revealling somewhat brutally the extent to which JMM’s defensive reflexes have slipped …. the Alexander punches which Kotelnik mostly slipped or blocked were coming in with way more speed & juice than stuff that was landing on Marquez.

  • Pedro, did i hit nerve.. If you anticipate Pac beating Marquez at this point then why bother..? Oh thats right, cause IF they did fight and WHEN Pac does BEATDOWN Marquez, you can write more articles that discredit Pac wins..

  • Because if Pacquiao-Marquez III even remotely resembles Pacquiao-Morales III, all the cynics who called for the fight in the first place will turn around and say he picked on yet another worn-out old fighter who didn’t have the physical tools to compete with him.

    Now it’s true that Shane Mosley is not really a better alternative at this point. But the solution isn’t to go with Marquez instead.

    I would want to see Pacquiao meet Berto next. Opinions of Berto`s true level are all over the map, but three things must be unanimous: absolutely nobody can offer the argument that Berto is not in his absolute physical prime, or that he is even remotely ring-worn. (Clottey also met that standard, but Clottey was a certified non-finisher with a loser`s psychology. That`s clearly not the case with Berto)

    In fact if you throw out all the other aspects of ring craft and look at it only in terms of raw speed and 1 punch power, Berto is physically more dangerous than even Mayweather.

  • Shane says he signed to fight Pac!

  • 1200 techs, you said pretty much what I said earlier. Great post. Marquez deserves this fight if the Mayweather fight doesn’t take place, and Manny has improved since their last fight and Marquez has slipped.

    Also, you made a good point about the catch-weight fight with Floyd, but remember that Floyd refused to weigh in on fight night, so we don’t know what Floyd weighed coming into that fight. I’d like to see this fight at 140 too, but does anyone believe that Manny’s going to agree to that? I read an article today where Arum said that the Marquez fight has to be at 147, or there will be no fight. 143 sounds fair to me.

    I also read today where Arum said that he’s more concerned about picking an opponent for Manny who’s more familiar to the casual boxing fan and he doesn’t give a damn about who hardcore boxing fans like ourselves think Manny should fight next. So I can now see where Pedro saw between the lines and it’s now clear to me that Arum wants Manny to fight Shane next. Also, Shane is a free-agent, which means Arum could sign him and that way, Arum would make more money for himself because he would be promoting both fighters. What a selfish, greedy pig!!!

    One last thing: I’m a Manny fan. I almost always order his PPV’s because to me, he’s the most exiting fighter in the sport. I refused to order his last PPV against Margarito because I felt that Margarito should have been banned for life after what he tried to do against Mosley. And I truly believe that if Margarito were a mid-carder, who couldn’t draw money, he WOULD have been banned for life. My point is if Manny agrees to fight Mosley, who is clearly washed up, I won’t be buying that PPV either because I expect better from Manny. He needs to silence those who think he lost to Marquez twice, go to Arum and demand that this fight gets signed, and fight him for the third time.

  • Look trainwreck247, I anticipate Manny romping over JMM at this point and time. I just wonder why are you guys so frightened of a old counterpuncher? You’d rather fight Mosley, and nobody will care but the selfish Filipinos. How about Manny do something other than filling his pockets and at least take on a little challenge. We know he spent $6 million US to get elected, that turned out to be about $20 per vote. He’s made money fighting two of the Three Stooges, Larry (Clottey) and Moe (Marg), let him make Marquez AKA Curly and beat him soundly, not with controversy as it was in both of their prior matches.

  • Give Marquez the 3rd fight at 140-147 and watch Pacman spank Marquez. Then will see an article from Pedro that reads “Pac gave Marquez the 3rd fight when Marquez was aging” It never ends with these haters..

  • Arum and pac say they won’t fight below 147. WTF? Pacquaio is the king of catch weights. Getting them when they are killing themselves to make weight. Now why can’t we turn the table around and have pacquaio kill himself and lower his weight to fight Marquez? I think someone is running like Gayweather. LOL

  • I think the post total alone is proof positive that Mayweather aside, Juan Manuel Marquez is the most intriguing match.

    The most significant difference between a JMM fight and Mayweather is the fact that I know Marquez WANTS to fight Pacquiao… Mayweather is a great tactician, great talent and I absolutely respect him for what he is great at but he’s also a guy with a BIG-MOUTH and equally BIG resume of guys he should have fought at a certain time but didn’t. a

    As I’ve said in the past… May’s act is BORING. Say what you want to about Pacquiao, his act is ELECTRIC!!! Pedro wrote about Manny retiring and it was a good read but the guy who REALLY needs to retire is Mayweather.

    Bring on a third JMM contest and let May go onto something that really motivates him because Boxing clearly hasn’t for a good EIGHT YEARS now.

  • They are both running. The Truth has never further from……the truth..YOU truth and the rest of your Pacbutts, you are scared of JMM, an old man, because deep down inside you know he might have Manny’s number. Especially with drug testing. You Pinoys are still for that, right?

  • I flat out stated that if you believe Mayweather is afraid of Manny, you have to also come to the same conclusion that Manny Pacquiao is running from Juan Manuel Marquez.

    No, you do not have to. Pacquiao already fought Marquez twice. Mayweather fought Pacquiao never. There is a difference.

  • JMM’s stock went way up after last weekend’s fight. The afterglow of Pacquaio (forgive the Don-KING style rhyme) gave JMM’s showing extra importance (any ratings on it?) But he still has to overcome the crap showing against Mayweather–that’s what’s killing the deal.

  • 1200 Techs, good read!

  • Mr. G: Marquez agreed to a catchweight of 144 with floyd so why not? I don’t think pac walks around under 144 like ur makin it sound like..At the day of the margs. fight, he weighed in at 148.You know what,a 138 catchweight might be enough to even the odds and it would be good to see team pac concede to an advantage for a change..Based on saturdays fight, Marquez gets hit way to easy these days and I still say he gets starched by pac at this point. I know styles make fights but the pac and marquez of 2007 are not the same fighters anymore. Pac seems to be faster and stronger whereas Marquez is slower. I’m a marquez fan to and would love to see him get a pay day, but I think he’d seriously get hurt if he fought pac above 140..In the end, Marquez should get the fight with Pac before Mosley though..His 2 matches with pac were foty candidates plus he’s on a better winning streak than Mosley.

  • No erniepep, it doesn’t!

  • You guys are making up excuses because you don’t want your guy to take any risk, like Clottey, Marg & Mosley. Where’s your pride?

  • Pacroid loves draining washed up old fighters but can’t face them on even terms. Pacoward, Pacroid, Pacfraud….it goes on and on.

  • If Pac were to fight JMM and win by UD or TKO, I’m sure the argument would then be “Well JMM is not a young slick black fighter”. It really doesnt matter what he does or who he fights he has now fallen into the FMJ syndrome. That being nothing is ever good enough.

    I for one wouldnt want to see a Mosely fight, Mosely isnt deserving. Pac should fight Berto at 147 or maybe Bradely or Alexander. I think a fight with JMM is not needed, why have a trilogy when it’s not 1-1. Like others have said and I agree with, calling Pac a coward if he doesnt fight JMM even though he has fought him twice already is idiotic. So if Pac were to beat JMM and then JMM calls for a 4th fight, I guess Pac would still be a coward for not accepting a 4th fight. When does the name calling stop, well we know the answer to that is never.

  • Well you dribbled it first, Pedro, that it took Pacman 4 years for a rematch, I was just incorporating Marquez refusal on said rematch to have occurred sooner, does it make me silly?

  • And fight Pac for free?


    Do any of you guys comprehend basic writing? I said, there are people who felt he won both, that being said, just another Pinoy looking for an easy way out, hah Seg?

  • Pedro if you believe and others believe that JMM beat Pacquiao twice in their previous bouts, what’s the logic of a third bout? And if Pacquiao fans like I do believe Pacquiao beat Marquez twice in their fight, what’s the logic of a third fight? I see none at all except to satisfy those Marquez fans who just hope, just maybe, Marquez will pull a surprise and upsets Pacquiao…well they are dreaming.

    If Marquez and his team will agree to a terms that Bob Arum will put up for the fight to happen, then this fight will takes place. But Marquez has to agree to Bob Arum’s terms if he really want the fight to happen.

  • So why then is Manny leaning to Shane? If your Pinoy God is God, how come he’s running from an old slow man?

  • ernie pep,

    WITF does that have to do with Manny fighting Marquez now? Do you realize how silly you are in posting that dribble?

  • Pedro, Bob offered Marquez and his team $750,000.00 for the rematch with Pacman but they refused it so, they ended up losing to Chris John for $30,000.00 championship fight. I feel Pacman would agree to 144lbs.catchweight as Pacman would always weigh 144lbs. during actual weigh in. If they fight at this weight, I would favor Pacman to not only knockdown Marquez again but probably will annihilate him and totally retire him from boxing with $$$$$$$$!!!

  • By fighting Pacquiao, Marquez is selling his soul to the devil. In exchange for his biggest paycheck, JMM is willing to enter the slaughterhouse.

  • Also Pedro why do u post most of these comments???? Is it to get us boxing purist riled up from the asinine post from some of these dunces???? People who wouldn’t know a left hook from a fishing hook. Idiots who think a bodyshot is a drink!!!! Damn Pedro spare us from this drivel!!!!!!!

  • Talk about instant revisionism! Wasn`t it right here just a few weeks ago that Pacquiao was accused of DUCKING Shane??? Now suddenly Mosley is not good enough and represents a soft touch!

    Seems whenever Pacquiao calls a bluff, the doubters immediately move the goal posts to invent a new standard to discredit whatever he does next.

    People try to de-value Pacquiao’s wins over Hatton because Hatton a few rough moments against Juan lazcano made him “shot”? Yet now Pacquiao is supposedly ducking Marquez who just got dropped and went life & death with Katridis… Lazcano was a way better fighter than Katsidis.

    I can see some legitimacy to the crticism of Pacquiao for 4 of his last 5 fights coming against guys that many people percieve as being on the decline – but those people should be proposing Berto, or a winner from the Khan-Maidana & Bradley-Alexander contests as solution to the trend.

  • Juan Manuel would already have his third fight with Pac Man if it wasnt for “NACHO Berestein”this is the genius who had Marquez turn down $750,00 to fight Manny for a 3rd time, to go fight Chris John in Indonesia for….drum roll please….$65,000.I believe he is the reason Oscar came in to the fight to light against Pac Man and couldnt rehydrate properly…I personally would like Juan to get the fight at 140 but Pac Man earned the right to call the shots.Hell he even earned the right to have a soft touch fight if he would like,but lets be honest here without MR Temporary Vacation Money Mayweather I think he runs through Marquez,Mosley and Berto.I think Manny proved what he had too already If Maywether doesnt step up. If he wants to fight Mosley first and get a bigger payday than he would fighting Marquez I say go for it…..Money Mayweather would do the same thing!

  • Efrain did u watch Mosley gettin his azz taxed by Money????? That was a beating!!!! Richardson threatened his several times to stop the fight. So where is that from???? If not Floyd I’d like to see Berto. For the reasons I stated above. And what did I say P.Diddy??? He is improved he is bigger bla bla bla!!!! They said that the last fight. Just like Norton gave Ali hell so jmm gives pacman hell. Period!!!!!!!

  • Pedro, you make some good points, but I don’t agree with your main point. I agree with you that Manny shouldn’t waste his time fighting Shane Mosley. Shane struggled against Max Kellerman…. I mean Sergio Mora, and he just got whipped by Floyd before that. And I also agree that if the Mayweather fight doesn’t happen, then Marquez has to be the next fight for Manny because there are some people(I’m not one of them) who think Marquez beat Manny both times.

    Now the part that I have to disagree with you about is that Manny is somehow afraid of Marquez. At this point in their careers, why would he be? Look, Manny is a much better fighter than he was when the fought 2 1/2 years ago and to me, Marquez has slipped since then. And you talk about who Manny has fought lately, look at who Marquez has fought recently. Marquez struggled against Juan Diaz in their first fight, lost every round against Floyd, no shame in that, he beat Diaz again, and against Katsidis, he struggled early, but came back to stop him. Other than Floyd, he fought 2 guys who were brawlers with no defense, a style that’s tailor-made for the counter-punching Marquez. In most of those fights, Marquez took way too many hard, power-shots. Marquez may be a great counter-puncher, probably the second-best in the sport next to Floyd, but he’s not a great defensive fighter.

    Look, I’m a Marquez fan, he’s a GREAT fighter, a first ballot Hall of Famer, but he is 36 years old, and father time is not too far away. Back to Manny, why should he rush and make the Marquez fight? Why not do everything possible to make the fight we all want to see, against Mayweather? If that fight is as dead as disco, then I get it, then make the Marquez fight.

    And I’ll say it right now: If Manny fights Marquez again, Manny will stop Marquez this time, and it won’t last more than 7 rounds. Marquez takes way too many punches, and we all know that Manny can hurt Marquez. Manny will finish him this time, and possibly send Marquez into early retirement.

  • How many years did it take Manny to agree to a rematch? 4? And with the razor thin closeness, some people had JMM winning both fights, so why are the Filipino people so ready to make excuses for Manny.


  • If Manny was campaigning at 135, then bring on the Marquez rubbermatch. But there are several weight classes that seperates them to make this possible. I pick Marquez to beat anyone at 135 but anything higher than that will be greatly pushing it. I just don’t view that matchup as logical. Other than Floyd, Berto is the best match for Manny. Marquez may want to look into fighting Guerrero at 135

  • I don’t know why all the JMM fans are saying Pac is scared to fight him? They already fought twice (I never heard of any other fighter that fought someone twice be considered scared). At 147 Pac has a tremendous advantage. Granted, JMM is a hell of a technician and a first ballot HOF fighter, but at 147 he may get stopped by Pac. JMM has the style to give Pac a hell of a fight, and at 135 or 140 he may even win an outright victory, but at 147 he’s toast. I still think the fight will happen. The reason JMM is pushing for this fight so bad is because he knows that’s where the money is. JMM is starting to sound like Bhop chasing Roy Jones around for 10 years.

  • 1200 Techs,
    WTF, a catchweight of 144. And mind you that is with them making him do things in training to add weight. Manny showed against Margarito that 144 is what he weighs if he just walks in and steps on the scale. He should easily make 140. If there is a any catchweight it should be at 138. I still think that is very reachable for Pac. All those claimingf that he is a full fledged welterweight, I’m callin’ BS because Manny still has not weighed in over 145 which shows he is not cutting weight for his fights.

  • Of course pacroids its not going to drain himself to fight anyone. let alone for Marquez. the coward filipino has always been the one entering the ring with all the advantages. he forced Morales to figh at 130 knowing he couldn make weight no more. the same happened with de la hoya making him fight at a weight he hadn’t fought in years. with cotto was the same case.
    his excuse about Marquez not been a big draw, its jus an excuse. I’m pretty sure some one told him about the PPV numbers of Marquez vs Mayweather. those number doubled pacquiao numbers vs punching bag Clottey.
    I’m sure of one thing, the only way pacquiao will accept to fight Marquez is forcing him to fight at 147 with a ridiculous clause stating that Marquez has to weight no less than 145 lbs. and if he does he will charge him 2 million dlls, per pound, wich we all know will make Marquez heavy and slow.

  • Yeah, but both fights were razor close and good fights. Manny, or Arum, or both, are afraid of JMM>

  • Didn’t Pacman already fight Marquez twice? You make seem as if the guy is running for his life.

    Pacman went up in weight to fight bigger and stronger opponents. Give the dude some credit.

    For the record I think a Pacman- Mosley showdown would be a waste of time. Mosley needs to hang them up.

  • One prob. if he were to fight marquez is at what weight? Marquez has proven himself at lightweight but i don’t see pac draining himself to go back down to lightweight..at 147, pac starches marquez all day, 8 days a week..If ur a marquez fan, aside from a big payday, why would u want to see that? If it’s a grand finale for marquez, i guess u can argue for him to earn that last pay day..but make it happen at 140 no more. or how about a catchweight of 144 like when he fought floyd?

  • Haha, funny article. Damn that was one extremely ugly broad!!! I don’t think that Arum will make the fight. Arum and the roidster are afraid of JMM and Arum’s cash cow will be quite discredited if he loses to the supposedly over the hill JMM.

  • I now understand where Arum is coming from and where he is going. Arum is protecting his prime business asset and maybe i will do the same if i was in his shoes. Arum clearly knows that Pacquio will be humiliated by both Floyd and Marquez and will avoid these fights at all costs. He will only want Pacquio to fight Floyd in 2012, he wants to make as much money as possible with Pacquio and will only let him fight Floyd as his last fight, then Pac will retire. All this talk about Floyd being scared of Pac is crap, the same as this stories that the PAC Marquez fight “no one wants to see it”. These 2 fights are the fights that will make the most money and Arum knows that.
    what i can say with confidence is that Pac will never fight Marquez again for fear of embarrassment and will only fight Floyd last and then he will blame the pressure of being a member of parliament “whatever his role is in Philipines” for his loss to Floyd

    Watch the space

  • I don’t care for comments that refers to a boxer as bitch or questions his bravery. I prefer a persons opinion layered with facts and a learned savvy of the sweet science.

    Here’s how I see it: Pac should fight Mosely next, Pac vs Marquez will be the third time and as with most other third time combatants with each subsequent meeting it becomes less of a war than the first time. Pacquiao fighting Mosely will be a new experience for the fans. Mosely a master technician, he has fought the best and has not yet, taken a beating. Mosely is an elusive boxer that can stand there and mix it up and not get battered. Shane Mosely lacking only in one area, he lacks real punching pouching power, and thus the reason for not having reached his moniker, Sugar, as did Robinson and Leonard.

    Mosely stood toe to toe with the hard hitting Miguel Cotto, and although he lost by a spit decision at the end of the fight Shane looked the least battered by mucho lumps. And, I’m not even going to mention the boxing lesson Shane gave Margarito.

    For the money it would be wise for Pac to fight Marquez, but being that Marquez is the one who needs the big payday, Pac should have him come up in weight. Marquez is in no position to dictate. One final word, Mosely or Marquez the Pac-man wins.

  • Marquez beats a non ranked C rated fighter whos already been beaten by Casamayor and J. Diaz and now Marquez and his nut huggers wanna scream 3rd fight with Pacman.. haha Marquez should fight Hatton or the winner of Bradley-Alexander first cause Katsidas was just an amateur waiting to get exposed..

  • You’ve got to be kidding. Marquez would get destroyed. He just fought Katsidis at 135, Manny is a natural welterweight now. Manny has improved immensely since they last fought; Marquez has gone down hill.

    He was knocked down by Katsidis. Paquiao would take him out in under eight rounds.

  • Pac weighed in at 144 for his last fight at 150. He can make 140 easy. He might even be able to make 138 since he is so into catch weights. I am sick of Pac fighting people wher he has all the advantages. Being the cash cow doesn’t mean you get everything you want. If you look at his per fight earnings, you will see Floyd is the cash cow between them but all he asked for was a little drug test and Pac looked for a reason to get out. I was on the fence about Floyd after not entertaining the fight last time around but after Pac’s advisor admitted that they still had not agreed to the testing this time around… I would love to see this fight with JMM at a catch weight of 138! That is what I call pound for pound

  • Are you kidding?? Pacquiao already whipped Marquez twice. Had Burt Clements scored the first round of their first fight correctly, Pacquiao would’ve been rightfully awarded the decision. Pacquiao is way better now than when the two met in their 2008 rematch. If Mayweather is unavailable, then Pac should go after the young bucks like Berto, Alexander, Bradley, or even Saul Alvarez. A third fight between Pac and JMM would be even less competitive than JMM’s challenge of Money May. Have a great week.

  • Trainsoft 69 what are u talking about. Marquez would be nada without PAC on his ledger? U have a three division champ. And hall of famer with quality wins. Now do I think he beat PAC in any of the 2 fights NO!!!! If the first fight would have been scored properly then PAC won and I think PAC won the second by one point. U can’t win a fight bouncing up and down on the canvas like a superball. But with that said he can beat PAC if he puts it together. Styles make fights and jmm will always give PAC he’ll. Everybody said how PAC improved from the first fight how he has a right hand and all the bullshit they’re talking now. And what happened a razor thin fight. Now people are spittin how PAC will ko him??? Jmm has never been koed by nobody even pacman for 24 rounds. No disrespect Rock ur still my man. But if he don’t fight Floyd I wouldn’t mind jmm. But to be honest I’d prefer Berto just cause he is young strong fast and hungry. It’s time to give some young guys a shot. Not so long ago nobody knew manny when Barrera gave him his shot. U gotta give back to the sport

  • Sourgraping Mr Fernandez?, doesn’t make sense for JMM to fight Pacman at 147, he’ll get slaughtered and c’mon Pedro JMM is trying to taunt Pacman to fight him by saying that he’s avoiding him, stop the trash talk and put more action JMM, and you’re just going to ride on Pacman’s drawing power at the PPV, c’mon dude.

  • Let’s just remember because it is still early and they are going for that retired guy first(mayweather)If they choose Marquez and the fight is at 147 I hope there is no complaining.The question is how many people feel Marquez has a chance against PacMan at 147…I cant see it. Im not a Marquez hater by no means(I got up and bowed to the screen after his performance in the second round Sat night)I just think Pac Man will do him in at 147 or 140.

  • By the way, Katsidis was tailor made for JMM. Action fighter with limited skills (he hasn’t learned to throw a proper straight right yet; my 11 year old daughter asked me why he was punching like that). I knew when they signed the fight that it was a KO waiting to happen. JMM is a master technician.

  • I think they will make the fight. The fans don’t want to see Pac fight Shane, and Berto is not as well known to the general public which will hurt PPV numbers. The most sensible fight is JMM if Floyd does not want to fight. According to Fanhouse, Pac will not fight anyone below 147. Herein lies the problem for JMM. As we saw with him against Floyd, JMM can not carry 147. He’s slow and ineffective. At 147 I thinkk Pac might knock JMM out. The best weight for the fight should be around 140 – 142. Pac wants the advantage of fighting at a weight were he doesn’t have to cut down. Pac is the cash cow so he can stipulate what he wants. JMM knows that this is his biggest payday and may adhere to the demands. Hell, who else is JMM gonna fight? He can step up to 140 and challenge some of the top guys there, but he won’t make the money like he will with Pac. I think the fight will get done though.

  • Take Marquez out of Pacs resume Pac would still be where he is at.. Take Pac out of Marquez resume, Marquez wouldnt be known for much.. Funny how after Pac destroys an opponent their is always someone to discredit him. Pac has fought Marquez twice, Floyd HAS NOT FOUGHT PAC at all. Thats the difference.. Without Pac Marquez is NOTHING…. Be honest with yourself.. Marquez is nothing without Pac in his resume..

  • He is full of shit, period!

  • Manny Pacman said when he was interviewed on TV that a fight between him and juan manuel marquez rematch would not click or earn in pay per view, so what do you think guys? lol

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