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San Francisco, CA– If you still think that Manny Pacquiao doesn’t deserve the bulk of the blame for his declining status in the boxing world, you’re not looking at this through an unbiased eye. The word coming out of Las Vegas is that the Filipino icon may fight Juan Manuel Marquez late this year. If this comes to fruition, it’ll be their fourth fight against one another. After losing, albeit controversially to Tim Bradley a fortnight ago, Pacquiao really has few options on the table.


First off, Manny and promoter Bob Arum want nothing to do with Floyd Mayweather. Let me correct myself here, Manny might be willing to fight Floyd, but Arum wants no part of having “to kiss” Floyd’s butt during negotiations and hear him “dog” Massa’ Bob afterwards, especially at the post fight press conference. If Floyd were to win, and think he’s about a 4-1 favorite right now, Bob Arum might skip the post fight press conference as Mayweather would berate him in a manner Bob has never before experienced.


Besides, Arum isn’t dumb and realizes that Pacquiao-Mayweather would not be competitive and that his guy would in all likelihood be embarrassed. The skill level, even with their ages, Pacquiao is 33, while Mayweather is 35, is not even close. If you didn’t see it in the third Pacquiao-Marquez fight, of which a majority of the media felt Manny lost, then you certainly had to get the message after the Bradley fight.


It doesn’t matter how you scored the Bradley fight, a majority of people, like the Marquez fight where Manny got a gift, felt Pacquiao beat Bradley. Even so, he looked old, went back to being one-dimensional and took so much time off during a number of rounds, that whether you want to believe it or not, Pacquiao allowed the fight to be close and eventually go to Bradley. There was no fire in his belly, Manny went back to his “money” punch, the left cross, and if he wasn’t as old and had the fights he’s had in the last ten years, you’d have thought this was the “green” Pacquiao, when in fact it is the “old” (age wise) Pacquiao.


Having watched the fight a second time, it was very close, not the rout that HBO’s TV evangelist Jim Lampley made the fight sound. But setting that aside for the moment, why would Pacquiao even fight Tim Bradley? I mean, it was a “lose-lose” situation for Pacquiao, no matter the results.


The fight people wanted to see was Mayweather-Pacquiao on May 5. But Manny, after saying he “would have fought” Floyd May 5, but that he was going to jail, became the Marcel Marceau of boxing in that he became a mime after Mayweather’s sentencing date was delayed until June 1. The fact that Manny did the mime act after Floyd called his bluff is telling me that he really didn’t want the fight.


After the controversy over the Pacquiao victory over Marquez last November, that was a “hot” fight, one in which both parties could’ve made a boatload of cash. Next to Manny and Floyd, Pacquiao-Marquez 4 was the hottest fight out there for Manny. But he instead listened to, followed, bowed for, whatever he did with promoter Arum, Pacquiao instead went with Bradley, and like Marquez in the minds of the masses last November, got burned on two scorecards. What I can’t understand is why anyone, outside of Arum who promotes Bradley and Pacquiao, who else would want to see Pac-Bradley?


Now while the live gate was good, as 13,229 paid which translates to $8,963,180, the Pay Per View numbers have yet to be reported. But if the object of prizefighting is to make the most money possible per fight, why then did Pacquiao get a $6 million guarantee, while Bradley got just a million less at $5 million? Surely a fourth Marquez fight, coming off the November encounter, would have meant more money, sold out the MGM Grand and did in the neighborhood of 1.5 million PPV buys. Thus, why even face Bradley, who is not known outside of the boxing cult?


Then we get the unexpected decision for Bradley, and now Pacquiao’s value, whether you want to believe it or not, has dropped. Coming off the win over Miguel Cotto, Mayweather’s stock rose a little. In the meantime, we have Manny (or Arum, or both) not wanting anything to do with Mayweather, a Bradley rematch although not out of the question, is the third option, with the second being Juan Manuel Marquez in November. Marquez, now 39 and over the hill in the minds of many, seemingly has Pacquiao’s number and would be far more intriguing than Pacquiao-Mayweather, for every astute boxing pundit knows that Floyd is AAA, while Manny in his last five fights has dropped to AA. Had only Pacquiao agreed to “random drug testing” for a March 2010 fight with Floyd, after EVERYTHING else was agreed to, we wouldn’t even be discussing this today.

Pedro Fernandez


  • I meant: 154 is the biggest “Farce” of a title…”


  • Mario,

    Why are you comparing what Floyd did with all the Fighters you brought up? Many of the “titles” Pac won are just that “titles”. He beat the true 140 champ in Hatton (that’s true), but it can be argued that Hatton only remained champ, because he avoided and blatantly ducked Whitter. At 147 Pac beat Cotto for that “title”, but Cotto won a vacant belt, he did not beat the champ for it. 154 is the biggest face of a title that Pac “won”. That Title was Martinez’s, and it was stripped from him because the WBC conspired to “GIVE” it to the winner of Pac & Margacheato, two fighters who weren’t ranked at the weight. Martinez wanted to fight Pac & Arum told him he had to move up and fight Pavlik first (to soften Martinez up for Pac), when Arum saw the beating Sergio put on Pavlik, that fight was scrapped. The WBC then violated their own rules and stripped Martinez. I can’t prove Arum was involved in the stripping, but the motive is there. Only his fighters were allowed to fight for the Now vacant “title”. I’m sure their will be another “star” fighter who has rules bent and broken, fights at catch-weights, weight-drains opponents, or fights them after they’ve won vacant titles for him to “win” 9 or 10 titles. This is Boxing, anything can happen.


  • @PEDRO

    “You guys are just pissed off because your only hero has grown old and tired!”

    This is what u said right???

  • SKERGE no i wouldn’t call you a hater and you are 100% right about pointing out the facts , since we are on that topic, here are some FACTS, floyd is undeafted at 43 and 0, hmmm but rocky marciano did that first and went 49 and 0, joe calzache retired undefeated, ricardo lopez retired undefeated wight 50 fights, floyd mayweather won titles in 5 weights, hmmmm but tommy hearns, ray leonard and oscar de la hoya did it first, as a matter of fact, hearns, leonard, de la hoya, pernell whitaker, leo gamez, roy jones, manny pacquiao won titles in 4 weights before floyd, floyd held the lightweight title and years later won the jr middle title but roberto duran, whitaker and de la hoya did it first, now manny pacquiao is the first and only flyweight champ to win the 130 lbs title, first fly to win 140, 147,154 lbs title, first and only fight to win belts in 7 weights, first and only fighter to win belts in 8 weights, no opinions but those are hardcore facts and those are records held by pacman that probably will never happen again!!! so what is more impressive 43 and 0? seen it before or 8 division champ, first time ever!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    My hero, the Pacnuts hate me. You are a buffoon!

  • @PEDRO

    “You guys are just pissed off because your only hero has grown old and tired!”

    We still have, donaire, young guns like melindo, cuello and nietes. Veteran Villoria is still a champ. Pac is not our ONLY hero, he’s just the best Filipino out there, although i agree that he has grown old, tired and also lost the hunger and passion, also, boxing is not his only “bread & butter” now.

  • Dondon and mario,

    I’m not a hater, I just toss out facts and throw my opinion out there from time to time. Can you say (based on their last performances) that Pac is P4P better than PBF at this point? PBF moved up and fought Cotto at his best weight (unlike Pac), and Pac struggled against a guy who moved up in weight and that he was supposed to (according to the “experts” and Roach & Ariza) KO before the 6th round. Am I a “Hater” because I point it out?


  • Antonio,

    Floyd Sr. is saying that because he knows the Pac vs PBF payday just got smaller. Ridiculed is a strong word, perhaps you don’t know what it means. I saw no ridicule of Pac by Bradley, just extreme confidence. On the other hand, Team Pac ridiculed Bradley. Roach, by saying he was another Hatton, saying he saw nothing special about him, and predicting an early KO. Ariza, for saying Pac had sparring partners better than Bradley. That my friend, is Ridicule.


  • Boohjep,

    Bradley should return the belt, when Pac admits that the belt he won at 154 was rightfully Sergio Martinez’s belt that the WBC stripped, and GAVE to 2 fighters who weren’t even ranked at the weight (Pac and Margarito).


  • keeneen,

    I don’t believe Bradley clearly lost the fight. If that were true, there wouldn’t be this “controversy” in the 1st place.


    I stand corrected then, Pedro had it for Pac (but not by a lot). I had it for Bradley (but not by a lot). A draw would have been OK in my book too. I seriously doubt Pac fans would have accepted a JMM victory last Nov. I know a lot of Pac fans had JMM winning, but die hard Pac fans said at best it was a draw, or that they would have accepted a draw.


  • your A HATER!!!!!! ha ha ha, doesn’t matter manny’s 8 belts in different divisions is MORE IMPRESSIVE than floyd’s 43 and 0 record, because 43 and 0 has been done before again and again but nobody has and probably never will win titles in 8 divisions again!!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I don’t agree with the “Pac-hater” tag. You guys are just pissed off because your only hero has grown old and tired!

  • SKERGE is just a certified pac hater, just read some of the old topics here.

  • @skerge, go read up on the critics of pacman in the past. mayweather sr, one of the biggest critics and haters of pacman even said pacman was “well in control of the fight” and that pacman won.

    as far as what comes out of roaches mouth, that’s just that. pacman never said he’d ko bradley nor has he disrespected bradley. if anything, bradley is the one that has ridiculed pacman.

  • I have no doubt pacquiao lost to bradley. Close fight, yes, but bradley deserved the split decision.

  • keenan,
    Of course the WBO is going to say Pac won, why wouldn’t they? Do you know how the sactioning fee’s work for these organizations? It’s a percentage of the purse. Who is going to get a bigger purse in their next fight, Bradley or Pac? If Bradley clearly lost, why are there many RESPECTABLE journalists who saw it for Bradley? Pac fans are pissed off because Roach promised a KO and Pac couldn’t deliver (again).


  • Manny lost some of his greatness in the ring. Its obvious, with the clean shots on Bradley’s jaws, the manny who fought Cotto would’ve knocked out bradley in round 3. Yet Manny was able to smoke Bradley, not even close. WBO and fans worldwide knows it. Bradley, return the belt.

  • @Periong

    We are objective at analyzing boxing, and pac clearly won the fight not by a big margin, but clearly won the fight. Had JMM been declared the winner last Nov., we (pac fans) would have accepted that decision cause it was really a close fight.


    PEDRO said ” I’m of the opinion Manny won, but not by a lot. “

  • @skerge get over it, bradley clearly lost the fight. and the wbo and the world knows it. even pedro isn’t that crazy to say bradley had it won.

  • I am a true-blooded Filipino from Negros,an avid boxing fan and keen observer of boxing, my late father being a boxing promoter since time immemorial. Casting sentimentality aside, Pacquiao lost his last fight against Bradley soundly. He was outboxed and outpunched by Bradley from the start. Pacquiao’s unorthodox-street-brawl-style of boxing finally meets its match against the pinpointing-methodical- Olympic-style of boxing displayed by Bradley (reminiscense of Mayweather. I find no cogent reasons for my “kababayans” furor for the loss, Bradley beat Pacquiao fair and square. I thought, so too, that Pacquiao may have lose his last two earlier fights against Marquez but HE WON, miraculously ! Let’s be objective in analyzing boxing and not be carried by our emotions and cash losses!.

  • Let’s not forget also that Pacquiao still has that defamation lawsuit against Mayweather. What’s up with that? Pacquiao and his people don’t wanna see Mayweather simple as that! Of course Freddie Roach wanna see it happen, he wants to get paid! Don’t forget Freddie Roach left Pacquiao to train De La Hoya to fight Mayweather, instead of training Pacquiao to fight Jorge Solis! Roach don’t care about Pacquiao, he knows Mayweather would whoop Pacs ass but he wants to get paid just like Arum and everybody else around Pacquiao. Roach said that he couldn’nt pass up the opportunity to train De La Hoya for Mayweather. The opportunity he was talking about was the money he was gonna make! Freddie Roach is probably the only person in Pacs camp that don’t mind putting pacuiao in the ring with Mayweather! They’ve done a good job though of making it look like it’s Mayweathers fault though! They make me sick! Great article Pedro!

  • One last thing (again,

    We all know Bradley has a big head, but damn it Pedro, you are correct in pointing out Pac’s ever growing cranium. Bradley’s head looks like it can orbit Pac’s. All anyone need do is look at the weigh-in when they are face-to-face.


  • keenan,

    Do you know what Staggered means? Here you go:
    staggered: past participle, past tense of stag·ger (Verb)
    Walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall: “he staggered to his feet, swaying a little”.
    Continue in existence or operation uncertainly or precariously: “the council staggered from one crisis to the next”.

    The only time I saw Bradley Stagger is when he twisted his ankle on that very spongy ring designed to slow him down, and that was after he made Pac miss about 4 or 5 punches. I guess you believe Lampley when he said those punches landed, and then told you what fear Bradley had in his mind. One last lesson, just because I’m in the minority doesn’t mean that the majority is right.


  • Pedro you are amazing, i have not once said anything anti black once on your website, ever. i was just comparing paquiao and mayweather boxing accomplishments. where the heck did you get racial about this?? just wondering? so if i say ray leonard was better than roberto duran or vise versa, does this make me anti panamanian or anti american, please don’t take this the wrong way but i am suprised you are in the journalistic or media business when in this kind of business you should have your facts right, so the record race has nothing to do with it, i was comparing accomplishments,

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Mario, this had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Manny blew the chance to get a “rusty” Mayweather in March 2010, when he wouldn’t adhere to “random drug testing,” this after all of Manny’s demands were met. And before you try and clown Floyd for the first Castillo fight, he beat him with ease the second time around. Did Manny ever do that to Juan Manuel Marquez? End of story, take your anti-black, anti-Mayweather banter somewhere else!

  • skerge says, “When I look at a fight, I look at who is landing “effective” shots and controlling the fight with their punches.”

    effective punches? pacman had bradley stagger many times. not 1 punch hurt pacman. you are in the minority.

  • Pedro,

    One last thing. Was I the only one who found it disrespectful that Max Kellerman was asking loaded questions to Bradley about his win? I know people took issue with Bradley’s responses by saying things like, “Well, Bradley isn’t even sure that he won.” But Kellerman had completely set him up with those questions. For those that don’t know what a loaded question is, look it up (Pac fans).


  • Pedro,

    Good article. I also believe pac has been slipping in his last few fights. T. Hauser has a great article about Pac & Bradley & their careers leading up to the fight.—bradley-pacquiao-in-perspective
    I won’t spoil the read, but he does point to the contradictions or hypocrisies surrounding Pac over the years, much like you do & have done. I think Pac’s slipping is more evident now, because he faced a “Young Lion” with skill. Unlike they opponents he’s faced these last few years. I too thought it was a close fight, and had Bradley edging Pac (let the Pac haters chime in, and more on this later). For those who use Compubox to refute, first know this, Compubox is scored much like Olympic boxing with a few guys pushing buttons on punches they think “landed”. What is a “landed” punch? That too is subjective. It could mean a “landed” punch on the shoulder or arms, or a punch partially blocked by the guard of a fighter. But for those who insist on it’s credibility, check this out:

    When I look at a fight, I look at who is landing “effective” shots and controlling the fight with their punches. Pac did neither well in this fight. I think it’s funny that Lampley chose to show rd 7 on his show to defend Pac, because I scored it for Bradley. Bradley unloaded a combo in within the 1st 15-20 sec of that rd (like he did in all except the 1st), landed some pot shot to the body, backed pac off when he need to with the jab and made Pac miss. Sure Pac landed 2 big clean lefts, but Bradley took them well & wasn’t hurt. I also thought it was funny that Lampley was telling the viewer what Bradley was thinking (I’m parphrasing here); “Bradley is worried about Pac’s power”, “Bradley is thinking to himself, What did I get myself in to.” Really? Jim Lampley can read minds now? Then the HBO Pac cheer-leading crew rip the judges for their age. Lampley goes on to say that Lederman is the best scorer by far, never mind that Lederman is 72. Getting back to the fight, Pac looked tired during the 2nd half of the fight, and to me it was apparent that he was trying to steal rounds (Compubox #’s support me). Just like I had Hagler beating Leonrad, you can’t fight for the last 30 seconds or minute and win a fight.

    I believe Chavez is PEDing it too. BTW, couldn’t Arum get a smaller ring for Chavez? It was smaller than 18X18, & a championship ring is supposed to be 20×20. If Boxing is rigged, you best know it is for Top Stank fighters.


  • people seem to have forgot floyd had the flu in his fight with cotto.

  • I think it is more that his desire is waning. I don’t think he could mentally get up for Bradley. Bradley is a good B-plus fighter, but he has no drawing power at all. There was no way this fight was going to draw big PPV numbers because you have to have a marketable opponent on the B side. Floyd fights names and not the toughest competition. I think Bradley was a good, young, hungry, undefeated fighter and Pac won the fight easily. I don’t think it’s slippage, I think it’s desire. Floyd looks like he is slipping a little also; he got hit more by Cotto than any other fighter I’ve seen except Castillo. He also was starting to get tagged by Ortiz before the head butt. And by the way; all fighters slip as they get older (ALL OF THEM), it’s just the natural progression of things. With that being said, it’s still a great thing to see a world class fighter try to adapt and overcome the slippage and still compete at a top level. If Pac is slipping, what does that say for Bradley? The only fight out there for Pac is JMM or Floyd. I’m personally tired of seeing Pac and JMM (maybe the crybaby can finally get a decisive win after four tries); but I would like to see Pac vs. Ortiz. That would be an exciting fight.

  • Pedro Fernandez


  • funny how your other article said manny was losing steam in boxing interest when his numbers are on par.

  • I do think Manny is losing some steam. As to when he was red hot after the cotto fight. I think he should do an HBO fight in exciting fight against let’s say Frietas. Would be good as long as it last. Then get ppv on a strong card. Then maybe negotiate PBF60/40 split. But that would take us until the end of 2013. These guys should both be ashamed of themselves. They have deprived the sport and the fans of this fight. And it’s not the fight it was in 2010 because those guys are gone. Pedro also I see Floyd slipping he is starting to lose his legs. Like Roy Jones b4 him. He loves laying on those ropes now. I give pacman the advantage in that fight.based on his quick feet and hands. He isn’t gonna get tired and hits harder than PBF. But we can all say what we want the fight may not happen. This is more Luda than ludicrous!!!!!!

  • good stuff pedro! keep it 100 and no! jr refuse to piss test again.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No, Martinez will figure him out. The weight issue is crazy. 20 lb advantage, a person could get killed or seriously hurt. I’m not sure but I think the IBF has a rule that you can’t gain tons of weight after the weigh in. I could be wrong. As for Chavez: Did he take the post fight drug test?

  • Pedro:

    What do you think about Chavez vs. Martinez? Martinez is much more talented and skilled, but Chavez would have a big advantage in size if he comes in at 180 lbs. I really like Sergio, but he had some trouble with the size of his opponent in the early rounds, then figured him out and KO’d him. Do you think Sergio’s age is starting to catch up with him?

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