Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


San Francisco, CA– Being the biggest international boxing star since Mike Tyson, Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao has handled the responsibility that comes with such recognition in a classy manner. While there are those that oppose him politically in the Philippines, the Congressman is a sure bet to run for President in 2016. Truth be told, Pacquiao has few detractors in his homeland when it comes to his boxing prowess. The naysayers, they point out two early losses, both stoppages when Manny was in his pugilistic infancy. On the flip side, millions of Philippine citizens adore Pacquaio to the point where he is probably second in popularity among his people, and that only to the possibly fictional biblical character Jesus Christ. This is not a debate on religion, but there are a lot of people who think religion is indeed the opiate of the masses. That being said, Pacquiao is a devout Catholic who has really cleaned up his act, this after having a girlfriend disapear from public view when rumors of her pregnancy spread faster than a sunami in the 7,000 or so islands that make up the Philippines. Having screwed around myself, I realize that men and women, religous or not, do commit infidelity. Unless you’re a Priest abusing young boys, I don’t have a problem with people having a fling.


Although some of you question my admiration for the Philippine Congressman born in Genral Santos City, there is little you can legitamately knock Pacquiao for. Yeah, he should have taken the blood tests and fight Floyd “Big Mouth” Mayweather in March 2010, and yes he has fought a string of men that could be considered pugilistic skid row residents, mainly Joshua “Handcuffed” Clottey, this instead of taking the blood tests and fighting Mayweather, and then his making the disgraced Antonio Margarito scale 150 lbs. for a 154 lb. title fight. But like the aforementioned Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali before him, this is what the boxing business is all about. Fighting the lowest risk opponent for the most cash. It has always been that way, with the exception of the 1980s and the likes of Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Marvin Hagler and a few others, the best has always tended to duck the best.


While there are still plenty of people wanting to see Mayweather’s mouth meet Manny’s fists and visa versa, the interest in the fight has rendered some fight fans impotent when it comes to the match up. One year ago, Mayweather would have been favored. Now, some 14 months later, the oddsmakers feel that Mayweather’s being 34 years of age, having fought but thrice in four years, that he no longer merits being favored over the Filipino phenom. Skill wise, if it boiled down to pure boxing science and skills had they clashed in March 2010, Manny would have probably been out boxed from bell to bell. Now the general consensus is that Mayweather’s time off, his age, his big mouth, and the fact that the Pacman has gotten stronger physically, they now feel that Manny has the bigger set of stones and in a close fight, something that probably would have not been the case 14 months ago. Some experts think Pacquiao might run Mayweather out of the ring.


On Saturday night, Manny takes on Shane Mosley, a fighter who in his last fight had a draw with 154 lber. Sergio Mora. Before that he lost 35 1/2 minutes of a 36 minute fight with Mayweather in May 2010. At 39, with legs that haven’t looked good since Vernon Forrest nearly decpaitated him in their first outing nearly a decade ago, Mosley is like a car that has run out of gas and is sputtering along on pugilistic fumes. That being fact and not conjecture, Manny Pacquiao’s streak of being unbeaten since thst razor close loss to Erik Morales in 2005, will continue umimpeded. That being said, Pacquiao will fight two or three more times at the max and retire to get ready for his presidential run in 2016. While I wish both men good luck and hope that neither man gets hurt seriously, the miles on Mosley’s boxing pedometer prevent him from winning this fight, let alone make it competitive.


I’m willing to bet that more people watch Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley on television than go to church this weekend in the Philippines!

Pedro Fernandez

Pedro Fernandez


  • YOu know Pedro, you are just a human….Filipinos are Gods soldiers…. remember the rosary the Pacquiao wears before the fight… Filipinos pray to God during the fight.

  • May the Lord Almighty the giver of your life PEDRO FERNANDEZ BE GRACIOUS AND MERCIFUL TO YOU, He who gives u strength and everything. Repent for what u have said about Jesus whi died on the cross for YOU.
    Do you know what john lennon of Beatles said before? That they are bigger than Jesus!!!!!and what happened next to them after He had said thery’re more popular than Jesus. I knew that you really know the story of beatles and how their life ended. Know that NO ONE CAN COMPARE TO GOD.He is supreme!!!!
    John 3:16 meditate that word.May the Lord enlighten ur mind and be gracious to u, for He is good. He is willing to forgive u if u will ask forgiveness and accept u if you come and draw urself to Him.

  • wow…so you have decided I made a grave error for what? Presenting an alternative point of view? What a singular and CONCRETE thinking this “award-winning writer” really has!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Max, you’re making a grave error here.e threw 400 to 500 less punches than normal. And you don’t want him taking tests? Floyd pushed the trsts, Robert Guerrero won’t fight him sans tests, Nick Charles, fairest guy I know, he said if Pac had nothing to hide, he shold’ve taken the tests. 500 less punches vs. a guy who wasn’t thtowing. I smell **** here!

  • in every story, there are two sides…hell. sometimes there are many sides.People are always writing., “If Pacquiao would have just taken the test
    “. Well what if Mayweather would just agree to fight him test or no test .We all know this s-called blood test is not part of the boxing commission’s policy but rather a personal demand from somebody who appears hell-bent to find ways not to fight a legitimate threat to hand him his first loss.

  • and pedro… do you go to church? at least the filipino people does…

  • so now that manny won over mosley… i am guessing that pedro will pick on it too, and mike plunkett, i am not a fan of pedro, pedro is the one who think he is god that he can judge anyone even the great people of the philippines. you are not greater than any filipino pedro if this is your attitude.

  • For the record,Jesus Christ cannot be a “possibly fictional biblical character,” that is,unless you’re willing to discount the writings of Jewish and non-Christian historians such as Cornelius Tacitus,Suetonius,Pliny,Tallus,Phlegon,Mara Bar-Serapion,Flavius Josephus,Lucian of Samosate,among others,who recorded their accounts within the first hundred years of Christ’s crucifixion. Whether Jesus was who He said He was, that IS open to debate and personal beliefs, but anyone who claims that Jesus never existed is clearly betrayed by their bigotry or ignorance.

  • Mike Plunkett

    Oliver, “useless article”? Lol. You’ve been lit-up brother. Pedro’s article is a success if it stimulates somebody to the point of blowing a fuse and becoming worked-up enough to respond. Consider yourself a fan….and you WILL be back for more. 😉

  • Tim Tebow an American NFL football player who was born in the Philippines, when his parents were planting their chruch 25+ years ago is building a hospital for kids with is OWN MONEY, and didn’t have to run for congress in order to pretend to want to help people. TEBOW is the real deal Manny is a PHONY!!! BTW, why hasn’t Pacroid broken ground the hospital he promised in his province the dude is a FRAUD. Every fight is fights is coming off a loss

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Because when you know you can’t beat somebody, why take a beating to prove yourselof right? How about you vs Mike Tyson in his prime, or maybe both the Klit bros on the same night. Call me what you want, but I won the titles, you have a computer. Big difference!

  • Pete the Sneak

    el mariachi, I agree with you on the Church and replacing God issues comment, however with all due respect my man, I think what got John Lennon was more an act of a deranged MO’FO named Mark David Chapman more so than God striking him down. Peace.

  • Pedro, I have been visiting your site since it was named – I believe that was the name? I have enjoyed your behind the scenes recollections and, generally, found your work entertaining. I have not always agreed with what you wrote or your opinions. But, so what? How interesting would that be? However, it hasn’t been until about the last week that I felt the need to post responses to your articles. Lately, your attitude has been horrible. I don’t recall you responding to comments that have differing opinions with such vitriol. Why the need to get so personal? Even your articles are just becoming more desperate at grabbing attention, bordering on ridiculous. Your are becoming a very pompous, arrogant, intolerable know it all. Won every street fight? C’mon. Not verifiable and who cares? There is no shame in losing as long as you take the challenge. Why not fight Zack Padilla? I could go on, but I won’t. Let’s see your response challenge my manhood,credentials,intelligence etc.

  • Pedro, I see your point but avoiding going to church and replacing God are separate issues. By the way, you compare your comment to John Lennon’s…look what it got him!

  • …watch the pacman fight than go to church in the PI that is…

  • Ha ha ha! I like that you put hJC’s name under the picture, I couldn’t figure out who he was.

  • “Well, at least you’ve got yourself a mate who puts Pacquiao ahead of God.”

    My wife is high class Filipina with a four year degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. I met her here in States working in a very good job. And she would go to church during the week as she never misses church!

    So knock off the bullshit Tony!

  • Pacquiao will NEVER be more popular than God in the Philippines or anywhere else for that matter..But I still wouldn’t bet against Pedro in regards to more people will watch the pacman fight than go to church this sunday…

  • why compare God to pac? Jesus Christ, fictional? wht’s wrong with you?

  • why compare God to pac? Jesus Christ, fictional?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I thought it was decent. More than one Filipino was going to skip church, she admitted such. it wasn’t a put down, just like John Lennon saying the same thing about the Beatles. You’re just a thin-skinned fool who lacks reading comprehension, for that I feel sorry for you. In PI, Manny is God and will probably become President. Get over it and find something to bitch about that is worthy, like Universal Health Care for everybody on the planet!

  • really pedro? this is all you wanna say about filipinos now? what the hell is wrong with you? your just using manny and the filipinos for your useless article,i know this is your website and all but it doesnt give you the right to insult the filipinos like this, man your way passed above your head now.

  • Ron, I’m generalizing, I’m not saying ALL Filipinos.
    Well, at least you’ve got yourself a mate who puts Pacquiao ahead of God.
    Good for you!

  • Tony – My wife is a Filipina and God fearing and goes to church every weekend but I think she would miss church to watch Manny fight. I just asked her now and she said “Of course I would miss church to watch Manny fight!”

    Maraming salamat sa pagbasa mo.

    English translation for others, “Thanks a lot and thanks for reading.”

  • The Philippines is a God loving and God fearing country, much more so than the U.S..
    The Filipinos will not allow Pacquiao to take the stage over God.
    Using the name of God in vain is taboo. it is obvious that Pedro is a non-believer in Jesus Christ. That’s his right, and that’s his loss, too. Pedro’s headline that Pacquiao is more popular than God in the Philippines is not backed by facts but by personal convictions.

  • I agree Ali should have given Foreman a rematch in 1975. Dont forget Larry Holmes ducked Greg Page, Micheal Dokes, Gerrie Coetzee, and he should have given Mike Weaver and Tim Witherspoon, and Carl Williams rematches.

  • I don’t think fighting someone three times is ducking them and I thought Ali won a close decision in that one, pulling it out in the last round; I saw it live, closed circuit. Can’t remember where, San Francisco civic Auditorium? I remember feeling confident before the announcement of the decision that Ali would win.

    The only fighter Ali ever remotely ducked was George Foreman. KO’d him in 8 in October 1974 and by March 1977 (when George lost to Young), STILL had not given him a rematch.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Norton, after the third fight. Ali told Norton right in front of me. “That last one, I think you got that me in that one.”

  • Jimmy Clifton

    Whom did Muhammad Ali duck?

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