Some Boxing Judges Are Clueless!


San Francisco, CA– Judge Jerry Roth emailed me within an hour or two after the event to tell me that I had confused his Manny Pacquiao scorecard with the dame, C.J. Ross and that I needed to change the numbers around to reflect that he voted 115-113 for Pacquiao. It was Lewis and Duane Ford’s identical 115-113 scores for Tim Bradley that gave Tim the win and has the sports world abuzz with talk of boxing even in the mainstream media. The bad decision was so “hot” Saturday night that it was “Trending” Sunday on, a leading Google story, hell everybody had a story on the fight and most people, 90% of you in a two-day poll thus far believe Manny won the fight, while 7% went with Bradley and somewhere around 3% thought it was a draw. I’m of the opinion Manny won, but not by a lot.


As I’ve told you previously that judging, good judging requires total concentration, which is tough for some people. It requires that you focus on everything and anything except the infamous “Fan Man.” If the late James Jarrett Miller were to fly into the ring again, as the “Fan Man” did for Evander Holyfield-Riddick Bowe II fight in 1993, I’d understand your lapse. But if you’re thinking about your boyfriend, girlfriend, dinner afterwards, you’re not doing your job.


I’ve already raised the point and suggested a Figure Skater type of scoring, and that didn’t seem to register with a lot of you. There’s been talk here about going back to having the referee as the single arbitrator. Now today, I’m going to expand on a couple of other ways professional boxing could improve their ability to score a match.


Now this might tick off a number of boxing fans that have certain tickets, but I think having the judges on the same horizontal level would allow them to see more. If you don’t like that one, here’s what Historian Ron Marshall suggested. Marshall, the world’s leading purveyor of signed boxing books said that you need to get three sound proof rooms in the back and let the three judges watch via a live TV monitor. That way, they wouldn’t hear the noise of Jim Lampley screaming (cheerleading), the fans, be distracted by anything. I don’t like judges that look into corners.


When I see judges looking into corners, following guys back to their corner, anything other than watching the two men engage in their three minutes of battling it out. It should not matter if a fighter is cut. That is not the job of a boxing judge, he or she scores the fight, what is happening in the corner has nothing to do with you scoring the fight. You almost have to turn yourself into a Zombie and just concentrate on the fighters that are fighting. Don’t look at the corners, don’t watch the referee warning an individual between rounds, this is of no concern to a good judge. If a referee wants you to take notice, he will take away a point and you’ll know it. That’s not something you can miss.


Having watched one judge carry on a conversation for an entire three-minute round one time in a title bout held in California was the worse behavior I’ve ever seen. I’ve also watched judges that can put themselves in a zone and not be affected by noise, be it cheers, boos, or hissing. But that is nearly impossible to do, to block out everything, especially if you’re watching a great-action packed fight and between rounds, there’s stuff going on in both corners. Again, this is not an easy thing to do. So maybe the “Secret Booth” scoring might be the best, but I think it’s got the last chance of becoming part of the norm. But raising the seats to where the judge can have full and undivided attention on the same horizontal plane. That could work!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Open scoring has been attempted time and again over the years, and has been rejected primarily for the potential of the fighter leading on the cards to shut down offensively and protect his lead.

    I suggest trying Open scoring for a few major fight on the pay-per-view level and see how it plays out. Fighters headlining PPV cards should be above doing something like that because they are supposed to be the best of the best. Bottom line is, judges would be held immediately accountable, and because of that, would be more likely to concentrate more on scoring the fight.

  • Scott Granville

    Lewis? Who is Lewis? did he/she score the fight?

    I’m not at all surprised that after going after bad judging over the years in a great way, you didn’t really defend Manny with any intensity. To compare a close practically even fight in Pac vs JMM III ( a fight btw I thought JMM could have won but was razor-thin close) to Manny’s dominating win over Tim is really not surprising. I really think you (could) do a great job exposing bad judging, and this article had excellent suggestions that this sport needs, but be real! This should be the fight that YOU use as the perfect example of corruption and change! Use it Pedro, use this time in an ugly sport to help change it. I’m a fan, not a Pacnut. I’ve flown to Vegas to watch JMM fight. I’m not a fan of the overly talented Mayweather but he may be the guy that gets drug testing more widespread, and you’ve been big contributor with that. Kudos. But seriously be real and use this as a platform for change, you are missing a chance to expose these crooks on the back of one of the worlds most popular boxer/politician!

  • to be a champ, you gotta beat a champ. that wasn’t even close to beating a champ.

  • Chuck Giampa at 69 is now retired as a boxing judge. Duanne Ford, now 84, is still judging. Giampa had judged around 2,000 matches including 178 title bouts. His score for Pac-Bradley is 118-110 for Pacquiao. Although expressing respect for his ex-colleagues, he asserts that there’s no way Bradley could have won this fight. Bradley is an actor, not a puncher. Even in his best rounds he failed to connect telling blows. I can’t imagine how thick-faced he is now to wear that belt. Not his fault ok but like dela Hoya n Ward said Bradley should give that belt back to the rightful winner.

  • Yes. This is the real Chuck Giampa. I scored the fight 118-110 for pacquiao.

  • it’s becoming increasingly apparent that bradley is a protected fighter.

  • Let the press row be the judges in a major fight. It would be harder to pay them all off.

  • If that is the real Chuck Giampa I would like to say I always thought you were a great judge….By the way just curious how did you score the fight?

  • The bottom line is the judges made millions by declaring Bradley a false winner. Ask these judges straight out, if they gained $$$$, and watch their bank account grow over the next month.

  • Benjie Esguerra

    The score of all the 3 judges are identical. Was it just a coincidence, or fixed?

  • Why not make the reporters at ringside earn those pricey seats and have them judge the fights, they unaly have it right more times thane judges do.think they won’t mind because they are already are unofficially judging the fight, all they have to do is make it official.

  • We have witnessed fights recently that were controversial because of bad scoring by the judges. To name a few, Donnaire vs. Vasquez, a wide margin for Donnaire became a split decision only. Abril vs. Rios, a draw or split decision win for Abril became a split decision win favoring Rios. The latest is the Pacquaio vs. Bradley, where Pacquiao was perceived as a runaway winner lost to Bradley by split decision. Also, there’s the Khan vs. Peterson were the latter was proclaimed winner due to point deduction. So what really influenced the outcome of these fights, poor judgment or poor eyesight by the judges?

  • Ramon S. Antolin

    They have the best seats in the arena but the three judges who scored that fight seemed to have already a preconceived judgment for that fight! To make the scoring very close so the contrast between winning & losing scores will not be obvious! They thought that they can conceal what they have done, but millions of people watched that fight! Even the most ardent critics of Pacquiao knows he really won! Only these 3 judges whose scores does matter saw a very different fight from what the millions saw! Maybe they wore glasses with OPTICAL ILLUSION EFFECT! That instead of seeing Pacquiao connect power punches, they saw Bradley instead! Maybe some dancing $$$ signs are in front of their eyes!

  • manny is much more and more popular bcozzz of what american mafia did to the peoples champs..
    that fight shown to the whole world of what kind americans attitude they have.they do all dirty wrong doing at all cost to win the war…..xsample war agains VIETNAMES AND JAPANES…

  • Having sat in the judges seat for 30 years, I experienced my share of criticism, so when I knew i scored even a round wrong, I admitted it. So in addition to purpose and importance, let us not forget that all officials must be held accountable for their poor performances. More on accountability later. Chuck Giampa, retired judge and now boxing consultant.

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